If just been sitting here chilling all evening, trying to get some gaming in. But since I just saw Tech Raptor put out a story on the Reddit meltdown that’s happening as I type this, I figured that I might as well follow suit. Why not serve the site instead of sitting around on Twitter? It really is astonishing what’s going on with Reddit, though. several high profile subreddit have switched to private in protest of company policies, and tons of others all following suit. Here’s some graphics so you can see the severity of the situation:



This all seems to have come to a boil when Reddit employee Victoria Taylor got shitcanned today. I had never heard of her, but apparently she was integral with the AMA’s and just generally an awesome person. It sounds like someone fucked up bigtime by doing her like this:


More from Victoria Taylor:hHBZMdu

I have no idea what Jesse was talking about right there, but it was pretty funny. I did mention him earlier in another article, but I had somehow missed this AMA. More from Tech Raptor:

Earlier today on Reddit, users have alerted all over the site that the immensely popular subreddit r/IAmA went private, along with many other normally default subreddits that are currently unable to be viewed by non-admins and anyone who isn’t an approved submitter.  Reddit user Diotic currently has posted a running list of “darkened” subreddits that is being actively updated at this situation unfolds.  This appears to be the latest issue Reddit has had since new CEO Ellen Pao took the reigns of the site and banned other, massively popular subreddits.

Explanations on the site include a post on subreddit r/OutOfTheLoop from user karmanaut explaining that well-liked admin chooter, aka “Victoria”, has been fired from the site.  According to karmanaut, “Victoria” was the go-to admin for the higher profile IAmA participants, ensuring verifications that they were who they said they were and actively administering the ongoing IAmA sessions.

Like the headline says, the place is up in flames. There’s still all kinds of stuff breaking as we speak. When we find out more, this article will be updated. I’m also pretty sure the mainstream media will pick up on this conflagration as well. Stay tuned.

MORNING UPDATE: Here’s more from Reddit & Twitter. It looks like Pao has seized control of r/pics at this time. I only assume more of that type of thing is coming down the pike. A petition is also going around calling for her resignation. It has about 15,000 signatures at this time. All kinds of stuff is going on. I expect news to be breaking the rest of the day. I’ll keep this post updated throughout.

(Breitbart story from Allum Bokhari, Cryptosphere, Forbes, BBC, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Inquisitr)













  1. Dang, this day just keeps getting better, first the 2nd Part of Milo’s article on Harper, and now this. I chose a good day to drink.

    1. It’s always a good day to drink! Unless you’re scheduled for the AA meetings.

      Did you know they have anti-drinking policy?

      1. Shit, I will just hide my vodka onto a water bottle or my Shnaps onto a bottle of coke and/or Dr.Pepper.

  2. It’s already obvious, but if Pao is fired, it would definitely serve as a huge example that the internet’s not buying into the bullshit anymore.

    1. The bind Reddit (as a corporate entity) is in is that Pao has been ginned up into Joan of Silicon Valley, the Righteous Martyr who fought the Big Bully Boyz of VC and even though she lost completely, she’s still a winner and her cause was just and she’s the bestest, blah-blah-woof-woof.

      Put another way, if a white man was the CEO of Reddit at a time when the place was self-destructing, he’d have been commanded to fall on his sword already. But Pao is untouchable because of the myth built around her in defiance of reality. When the SJWs have diligently fomented the false narrative that women are being hunted by Internet rabble, it’s impossible to turn around and dismiss one no matter how at fault she may be.

      IOW, if Ellen Pao had infected the Reddit network with a virus that erased everything and melted the hardware because she was trying to make a MySpace sparkle GIF, they’d find some neckbeard who posted a mean word about a girl to make the scapegoat.

      1. Remember: The Almighty Dollar is more important than a few whiny brats on the internet. If Reddit isn’t being financially hit from Pao’s takeover already, it will be soon. They’ll drop her like Skrillex drops the bass.

        …It fucking hurt to type that simile…

          1. It’s not about money for SJWs; it’s about JUSTICE! (Or more accurately “just us.”) A white cishet male CEO who presided over a meltdown like this would be cashiered yesterday, but Pao is a woman AND a minority AND has been elevated into a sacred martyr figure and even if she costs them fortunes, the SJWs know they’ll be eaten alive by other SJWs if the make her suffer for her failure. As I said, they’re in a bind.

          2. Of course their whining has a tendency to make it to the leaders of this country because of the heavily biased media.

        1. If it makes you feel any better, my buddies and I all use “drop the bass” as a way to say “take a shit.”

          “If anybody’s gotta piss, make it quick because I’m about ready to drop the bass.”

        2. They’ll hurt even more when Pao drops the discrimination suit on them, too. The tipping point where even that suit is less painful than Pao in control hasn’t happened yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

    2. Thats the dilemma though they will piss off every SJW whose agenda they have been pushing by doing so…

      The fallout would be epic though!

    3. Unfortunately, firing a loud angry feminist would be a PR disaster, especially with so many gender ideologues in the MSM and Internet press. I think Reddit have dug themselves into a very unenviable position by putting a moron like Ellen Pao in charge, and they deserve every hit they take.

      I’d like to see them fire her, I really would, I just can’t see it happening.

      1. I don’t think it would at this point, the userbase clearly hates her, she has made misstep after misstep. Now is the time to can her

      2. They won’t get rid of her. As far as the rest of the media is concerned, all of this is STILL just a bunch of rape-happy sexists and racists acting out on reddit.

        1. I (unfortunately) have to agree with this^

          They aren’t going to fire Pao nor do they give a shit about the user current user base.

          Reddit seems to be purposely angering current users to drive them away.

          I can only guess that they expect to pick up tons of SJW type folks as they drive out “undesirables”.

          As far as it not being a good idea, when has Pao – or any other SJW – done anything that made sense?

          I fully expect a statement from Pao saying that “this is (somehow) a win for Reddit”.

          I’d love to be proven wrong…

    4. I’m with ralph on this one, she was probably brought in to take the brunt and deal with these core changes to reddit, later on they will fire/end-contract/retire her with a nice paycheque (as thanks for being the scapegoat) while a newer slightly less obviously company person is brought in to “rebuild the damaged trust and provide support to our valued mods and community” (as long as they adhere to the one strike and you are out rules enforcement introduced by Pao).

  3. Nice, hope they will fire her ass.. that would teach her that sjwing and bussines are like driving an alcohol.

    1. I would think it would be closer to pure sodium (or some other Alkaline Metal) and pure water.
      after all being a SJW is about double standards, doing mental gymnastics to a level that it could be Olympic event, & calling everyone else shit, browbeating and bullying them into submission until they are repeating the mantra “I am shit, thank you o generous mistress for enlightening me”, the very basic of business is about trying to keep the customer happy regardless of your personal opinion’s so that they continue to give you (and not your competition) money.

  4. I avoid reddit whenever possible – it’s too easy for me to lose 3 – 4 hours of my spare time just browsing around.

    So forgive my ignorance, but what does a subreddit going private imply?

    1. >”So forgive my ignorance, but what does a subreddit going private imply?”

      It’s effectively offline to the public. Only the moderators can see the sub. The lights are off and the door is locked.

      1. So what does this mean for the mother reddit website, and the general public. Does it hurt reddit? Does it hurt us? How?

        I’m not a reddit user myself, so I’m honestly confused about the cause and effect here. I’d love to be enlightened.

        1. Well, basically if enough of the bigger sub reddits go private, then Reddit begins to lose visitors since there is no content to view or post to. Loss of visitors means loss of ad revenue.

        2. If a big and well known subreddit is offline, the users might migrate to another site providing same services.

          Creating another subreddit and making it big takes time and money, and hosting servers aren’t exactly cheap.

          That is at least from my understanding of it.

  5. Reddit knows very well what Ellen P is doing so dont blame Ellen P for what is happening but blame Reddit and stop using it

  6. This is fascinating. Scrolling through the list of darkened subreddits, it was like the reveal of the Imperial starship in the opening of Star Wars – it just kept going!

  7. If I were ANY compny I would keep Pao “interim” forever. Cuz you know as soon as you make her permanent she’ll sue you for something.

  8. Of course, this is being portrayed in the press as more hateful racists and bigots and sexists being mean to sweet little innocent Pao.

    1. I’d like to know who is saying that, given that there’s half a dozen + articles from major media outlets saying quite the opposite. They’re very dismissive of the June revolt, sure, but otherwise they’re not defending this one. I’d like to know who is putting the Superman 3 spin on this.

  9. My nephew (such a nice kid) alerted me about this before I went to bed. I don’t go on reddit but, my god, looking at that list of subreddits that went “dark” is astounding. If that place wasn’t an inferno before, with Pao banning subreddits, it is now.

    Hopefully. Hopefully, those doing this in protest continue sticking to their guns. Right now they have reddit by the proverbial balls and can show just how much of an incompetent dumbass Pao really is.

    My god, where is Jim Ross to announce this action going on?

    1. To my understanding it’s something like a temporary employee, it probably makes her easier to fire

      1. then why don’t they do it? she is clearly destroying reddit. even GHAZI OF ALL PEOPLE SEE IT!

        1. I dunno, I don’t really know what it is. That’s really only an estimate. It doesn’t sound like a permanent position to begin with

    2. An interim CEO is someone who fills the position of CEO between permanent CEO assignments. Basically… the first CEO leaves and the position becomes open, so you have someone to fill in the position until a permanent CEO can be hired because the corporation cannot properly function without someone filling the role. Pao is said fill-in.

  10. They cannot rehire Victoria. And I doubt she would accept the job seeing how easily they just fired her in the first place. Would you want to work for a company that wants you gone first chance they get? Let reddit get nuked and let Voat become the new reddit.

  11. 1. STOP GATHERING EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY AND FORUM AROUND ONE FUCKING COMPANY/SITE. This is what fucking websites and forums are for. Hell, this is what Usenet is for. Nobody can dictate what goes on, because you only impact a single site or forum and they can move. Or on Usenet, the world just fucking routes around it. Stop letting Reddit censor and dictate what occurs for the majority of the internets fucking forum communities by STOPPING USING THESE SITES (including Voat).

    2. Reddit has hijacked /r/pics from the mods that made it private.

  12. If Voat is smart, they will grab Victoria at 2x reddit’s pay. After they scale up due to the huge traffic spike.

    #Occupy railed against the banksters that blew up their banks, yet got bailed out and paid themselves bonuses.

    This is the SJW equivalent. Pao is an Asian Woman claiming harassment, so she gets bailed out and even after destroying Reddit will probably get a bonus. The SJWs ruined #Occupy, but this is what they replaced it with – the same thing with a different target.

    Pao is “too big to fail”, at least for the SJWs and their white knights.

    What happened to “meritocracy” – oh, it is too threatening, Github had to get rid of it.

    1. It is a mistake to think like that. She is an idiot and could have come from any heritage. Ellen Pao’s stupidity in no way diminishes anyone who happens to share a few similar genes. In short, her bad decisions are hers and hers alone, they do not reflect on you.

      1. Yeah, I know, but when I read about maniacs like Mao and Pao, I feel a little “Chinese Guilt”, if that’s a thing.

        Yeah, it’s just as dumb as White Guilt, but shit if we humans don’t cart about emotional garbage all day.

  13. Today the Magic: The Gathering subreddit went private. This is very suspicious, especially since today was the day that all the cards from the latest set were revealed, thus making it one of the board’s busiest days.

    It probably stems from the comments from yesterday’s revelation that one of its better players, Zachary Jesse, was given a lifetime ban fron playing Magic without explanation, leading most to believe that it’s because of his sexual assault plea from quite awhile ago, that he came clean on 6 months ago after he was outed after making the top 8 of a big Magic tournament. Ironically, a lot of the people coming to his defense were pillorying Jim Davis, the guy whose OpEd at StarCityGames was removed for the unspeakable crime of saying that we should treat women in Magic like any other player. And none of them seem to mind that Geordie “Final Solution for GamerGate” Tait is still working at SCG. And all of them wonder why women don’t want to play Magic.

  14. And the ass-kissing has already started with /r/Iama, /r/science and /r/gaming coming back up. Their reasons are bullshit – “we got assurances from the admins that great change is coming!” – and a total disappointment. What a bunch of cowards.

      1. Their explanations are all pinned posts in each subreddit, and they include links where appropriate. It’s fucking pathetic.

  15. Let it burn, come back to the chans

    They should have never tried to oversocialize text message boards in the first place

  16. Damn! Why did they hire her in the first place? Name one decision she has made that was an absolute cluster fuck. Also reddit being run by people in SF that’s a recipe for disaster right there. Won’t be surprised if they end up throwing her under the bus.

    1. She was put in place as interim CEO by the outgoing CEO and seems to be placed in that position until she gets canned.

  17. I think if I were someone running a Reddit competitor I would be on the phone to Victoria like right now. I would higher her to do for me what she did for Reddit, and I would let the internet know.

    To the folks who Reddit: Respectfully, it’s time to send a message to Pao et Al. Give them a taste of an exodus that will send their value crashing. Don’t just make your subs private, pick up shop, and leave. Scour clean your boards and leave them a message on each one.


  18. Just for the record, it is now over. /r/IAMA which started all this — and many others following suit — returned from “private” mode after no more than 24hrs. Gosh, such a big show of strength against reddit… nope… a bunch of cowardly pussies. This should have gone on for a week or two. Not merely a single fucking day.

  19. This is a gem from fortune.com talking about Pao and her hubby, who ran a variety of bankrupt wall street ponzi schemes, based off shore, and being investigated by the SEC – Pao decided to sue her employer right around this same time. Hrmmmmm Cash Flow problems you c unts? The SEC probably levied your US held bank accounts. I bet it would look bad if you tried to withdraw all that money from your off shore bank accounts… So let’s just sue everyone so we can keep that US cash flow coming!

    This article hits home, and makes her and her hubby out to be nothing more than liberal/ivy educated frauds. The very type of pathetic, ivory tower, limo liberal POS that are plaguing our society right now.

    Nearly four years later much has changed for Fletcher and Pao — though not for the better. After achieving coveted positions in the rarefied world of finance, Fletcher and Pao each filed sensational lawsuits that now jeopardize their careers, no matter the outcome. Fletcher, 46, sued the iconic Dakota apartment building, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, accusing the board of racial discrimination after it questioned his ability to pay for an additional unit in the complex. The lawsuit triggered a series of events that ultimately led to the bankruptcy of one of Fletcher’s funds and investigations by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Then, just as Fletcher’s predicament was intensifying, Pao, 43, sued her employer, the venerable venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, for sexual discrimination, alleging that her superiors ignored her complaints of maltreatment by some male colleagues — and curtailed her career for raising the issues.


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