I had been trying to spend more time on the subreddit I setup lately, which is called SJWsAtWork. After Twitter suspended the account I had made for it, due to false spam reports, I kinda got out of the habit of posting stuff over there. Last night, I made a new account (@SJWAlert) and then went to post some new stories on SJWsAtWork itself. One of those was a link to Vox Day’s new site, SJW List. I had no idea this would be a controversial move, but it ended up getting my entire Reddit account suspended.

Honestly, Reddit is sort of a shithole, so I’m not too broken up about it. Still, I’m kinda pissed for the small community we have going on over there. I’m still going to continue posting with my new account, and I will get put back on the mod team by one of the other mods, but it’s just annoying. There was no sort of warning at all, just a straight permanent suspension.

Anyway, head over the the GamerGate forum on Voat. I also have a place there too, and I’m going to start posting more. It goes by the same name as the subreddit, SJWsAtWork. Voat let’s you do pretty much whatever you want, provided it isn’t illegal, and I actually like the setup better than Reddit itself. So, check it out if you are so inclined.

I’ll be back with more soon, including my thoughts on the Stephen Fry attacks.