I had been trying to spend more time on the subreddit I setup lately, which is called SJWsAtWork. After Twitter suspended the account I had made for it, due to false spam reports, I kinda got out of the habit of posting stuff over there. Last night, I made a new account (@SJWAlert) and then went to post some new stories on SJWsAtWork itself. One of those was a link to Vox Day’s new site, SJW List. I had no idea this would be a controversial move, but it ended up getting my entire Reddit account suspended.

Honestly, Reddit is sort of a shithole, so I’m not too broken up about it. Still, I’m kinda pissed for the small community we have going on over there. I’m still going to continue posting with my new account, and I will get put back on the mod team by one of the other mods, but it’s just annoying. There was no sort of warning at all, just a straight permanent suspension.

Anyway, head over the the GamerGate forum on Voat. I also have a place there too, and I’m going to start posting more. It goes by the same name as the subreddit, SJWsAtWork. Voat let’s you do pretty much whatever you want, provided it isn’t illegal, and I actually like the setup better than Reddit itself. So, check it out if you are so inclined.

I’ll be back with more soon, including my thoughts on the Stephen Fry attacks.

  1. i love the stephen fry bit…a celebrity starts getting tired of them, so they redouble the assault rather than back off? i guess they need to maintain the ego bubble above all else…

  2. They’re DDoSing it now since they couldn’t get the ISP to pull it.
    It’s the same old Modus Operandi.
    False report to isp.
    If that doesn’t work attack payment processor.
    if that’s not available spam with CP and attempt to freeze domain
    If that’s not possible DDoS

    1. Hasn’t worked so far:
      – Report to ISP went nowhere. Moved to another host for scaling and behind CloudFlare for protection.
      – Don’t use a payment processor. I’m funding this out of my own pocket for now.

      – Locked it down before CP spam. Didn’t allow media uploads in the first place.
      – They’re trying the DDoS, but CloudFlare and my server setup are mostly handling it (with some down time and slowness, but not KOed).

      I’ve got DB backups and spare servers. We aren’t going to go away.

  3. I’ve gotta stop using reddit

    nah just kidding

    I’ve never used it

    but an SJW list sounds like a great idea, surprising it’s not a thing already

  4. Reddit, I only use it because work doesn’t block it and they have a pretty good user base for sports games. Your site and reddit are two of the only ones they don’t block. Sports are locked down bad at work, you help get me through boring times. The trials and tribulations of an office jockey 😉

    1. “it’s a shitlord echo chamber”

      Of course you like Voat. Everyone loves an echo chamber where they cannot be challenged and are rewarded with imaginary points for adhering to the shared ideology of the chamber.

      Ban incoming from moderator of a site that is whining about bans elsewhere in 3, 2, 1…

      1. Yeah, nice projection mate. People don’t get banned here, we aren’t infantile tumblrinas terrified of differing opinion.

        “Talk shit, get hit” still applies though.

  5. So I’m sure this is the part where people run around screaming that KiA is cucks cuz they were careful on what was posted so the sub wasn’t banned. And of course Ralph learns that the hard way…

      1. Speaking of which, did they hit Judgybitch as well? I was having a hell of a time connecting to it the other day.

  6. I wonder if the SJWs on the list might be offended at being called non-public people, after going so far as to sign open letters and such. What do they have to do in order to get noticed??!?

  7. While we’re on the subject of SJW tactics:

    BREAKING NEWS: Trumptardz are now doxxing people because MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, BITCHES!


    Following his HUMILIATING curb-stomping in Colorado, the Orange Buffoon reported to his slobbering zombie hoard that “Lyin’ Ted” put some sand in Trumpie the Clown’s cooch and IT HURTS, MOMMY, IT HURTS! One Trumptard responded by POSTING THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES of Republican caucus officers, some of which were retweeted hundreds of times.

    Oh, and then there’s that other favorite tactic of the SJWs: the DEATH THREATS:

    Now, let’s have a moment of brutal honesty. The Gelatinous Cartoon Slumlord has only one person to blame for his Colorado Faceplant: and that person is Donald “Ground game? Dafuq is that?” Trump. Oh, sure, he could shift some of that blame to his STAGGERINGLY INCOMPETENT CAMPAIGN STAFF, but who in that crowd keeps bragging about how he always “hires the best people”?

    The Trumptardz here at TheRalphRetort have been supporting America’s Crybaby because they think (with no factual support, I might add) that electing the Stampy-Foot Billionaire will somehow be a YUUUUUGE poke in the eye to the SJWs.
    I have been making the counter-argument that the Short-Fingered Vulgarian IS, in fact, an SJW – or, at least, has enough in common with them that it makes no real difference.
    Let’s tally up the similarities:
    Compulsive liar? Check!
    Bloated, yet heinously fragile ego? Check!
    Whiny crybaby? Check!
    Cowardly bully? Check!
    Over-inflated sense of entitlement? Check!
    Dumber than a box of hammers? Check!
    Intolerant to the point of psychosis? Check!
    Reflexive projection of his flaws onto others? Check!
    Addicted to social media to the point where he thinks he OWNS it? Check!
    Routinely accuses people who disagree with him – without a shred of actual evidence – of everything from being Nazis to committing federal crimes? Check!

    Of course, some of the Trumptardz here will respond with, “But…but…what about the protesters! Trump gets ATTACKED by SJWs, doesn’t he? Doesn’t that prove that he isn’t one of them?”

    No, it doesn’t. Everyone knows SJWs will attack their own at the drop of a hat. Even Brianna-fucking-Wu was dogpiled by former allies when she stepped off the plantation.

    1. You’re an idiot. There was no curb stomp of Trump in Colorado. There was only a tyrannical suspension of the PEOPLE’S right to vote. They’re utter pussies in Colorado.

      1. Yeah, this bernie voter reminds me of SJW lites in KIA. Also the facts about the matter are the GOP establishment left trump of the ballot in colarado because of how desperate they are for him not to win. That alone should show that Trump will be an effective politician imo.

      2. Sorry, Trumptard, over 60,000 Colorado Republicans caucused on March 1st. There was no “suspension”, no loss of any REPUBLICAN’S right to vote in the REPUBLICAN caucuses.





        Trump got his ass kicked in Colorado because he’s a moron who thinks all he has to do is fill a few stadiums, rile up the crowd and they’ll make him President. That’s not how it works. That’s NEVER been how it works in the U.S.

        You Trumptardz really need to stop listening to America’s Crybaby. You’ll look less stupid that way.

        1. You fucking fascists are all the same, thinking if you lie enough, folks will start to buy your bullshit. There’s no denying there wasn’t a vote to be had by the public. Which means – brave yourself for it – they denied the public a voice, which is actually Constitutionally illegal.

          Dumb ass.

          1. Primary elections are not required to be “open to the public”. Neither are caucuses. Only general elections (you know, the one that’s held in NOVEMBER) are available to all citizens of at least 18 years of age.

  8. I got banned entirely from reddit for posting Jake Rapp personal info to KIA. Now that may be considered “doxing” to SJWs, but the information was very publicly available, because it comes from his “poly lifestyle coaching” business, the “headquarters” of that business are his house. Anyway, reddit is an SJW site through and through, but it is large and there are a handful of subs which are not SJW and which are constantly on the verge of being banned, off the top of my head they are mostly r/european, donad trump subreddit, MRA/Mens right and Pussy Pass Denied. I think the SJW admins at reddit are going to start banning r/european first because of “Islamaphobia” and then the other ones will follow. Ironically even tumblr can have conservative opinions although they are rare, so reddit is now more SJW than tumblr.

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