OK, before I go see Jurassic World, I have an update to do on the recent goings down at Reddit. If you’re not caught up on that, here’s a short primer: Their lunatic SJW interim-CEO (Ellen Pao) went on a rampage and deleted some boards. In response, the user base has been rebelling in every way imaginable, with many of them talking about leaving Reddit altogether (thus spawning the #RedditRevolt hashtag on Twitter). Since this went down, there have been many more flare ups, board deletions, and SJW shenanigans. Let’s get started so I can make this movie in time to come back and review it. 

First point is, this has done nothing but help GamerGate so far:


(KiA passed 40,000 subscribers just a short time ago.)

The Reddit alternative that has gotten the most play so far, Voat, also seems to be enjoying things:

As usual, the media misses the story. It has nothing to do with loving FatPeopleHate. It has everything to do with censorship. Who decides the line, and when it’s enforced? If it’s a radical ideologue like Ellen Pao, then I’m not comfortable with that:


Pao has a livestream going on today, with comments. That should be a barrel of laughs (10AM PST is 1PM EST. The rest of you, figure it out yourself. lol):

Don’t forget, Big Randi has Ellen’s back:

Also, a small subreddit dedicated to whale-watching (yes, real whales) has been getting hit by SJWs trying to sabotage their subreddit. Why they’re doing this, I have no idea:

There’s one or two more things that I will come back and add later (as well as any new developments, like news from the stream). Right now, I have to get to Jurassic World. Expect a review up by 3PM EST. Then, I will likely pass out from exhaustion. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

  1. Oh joy, censoring the internet? What could possibly go wrong?!

    Oh, this backlash.

    Well, lol.

    If I remember correctly, didn’t Pao also institute that no one could request/suggest higher pay at reddit?

    1. Strange to think that if only ZQ hadn’t filed that DMCA against Mundane Matt everyone would have forgotten about her after two weeks.

      The Streisand effect is real and even if it isn’t, you don’t get to run around using copyright law to censor people. TotalBiscuit

      1. Or if she’d, you know, kept her legs fucking closed, we wouldn’t be discussing her at all.

        1. I really don’t want to hear who she’s been sleeping with. What makes me disgust her is the way she used WizardChan to get attention for her game. Who the fuck abuses people who are already suicidal, it’s like a bully picking on the smallest and weakest kid in class.

          1. Desperate mentally damaged people who need constant attention that’s who. The only reason we don’t hear from her at this point is she has what she wanted…money. She’s got that rich moron of a boyfriend to mooch off and you can bet your ass that when that relationship goes sideways she will figure out some way to walk off with a sack full of cash which will likely be blackmail hush money from dear old dad

  2. That the media has latched on to the fatpeoplehate getting banned sis absolutely no suprise, considering it makes for a great headline for maximum clicks.
    That they’re also storming the gates of r/whalewatching doesn’t suprise me either. But really, what really gets me, is that they think everyone leaving is a good thing.

    Sure, it leaves them with an echo chamber, but it also leaves them with a really poor echo chamber. Internet revenue is fueled by clicks, not by the zeal of your posts.

    I also like how they assume subscribers= people that agree with them.

    I’m not a reddit user, but I do know people that are. I can guarrentee though, I never will be.

    1. At this point the biased media coverage works in our favor. When Reddit users see the media lie about the conflict, many will make the connection that the media have also been lying about GamerGate.

      Pao got her head so far up her own ass, she can’t even tell, those against her wan’t her to ban their subreddits. Since widespread censorship will make it so much easier to get everyone to migrate to Voat. Once the investors see Reddit lose 50% of it’s traffic they’ll jump ship, and that will be that.

  3. Rander Harpi thinks vexatious litigants are superheroes. Not just coronary arteries clogged, but now affecting cerebral arteries.

  4. Voat is looking for donations. I think this is legit, and they need the money to buy hardware and pay for traffic. If you can, please give them some.

    Unfortunately revolutions aren’t cheap.

    1. The thing that baffles me about all of this is they’ve been seeing a ramp-up in traffic for weeks. So why are they suffering such a massive outage? They should have already transitioned to a cloud-based infrastructure like Linode or something, where they could scale in nearly real-time and have ridiculously cheap resources at hand.

  5. somebody had best tell rich from reviewtechusa he is being a fucking idiot because this shows the ugliest attitude of the dickheads at reddit. You should also tell him, his comments on the trolls being trolls is completely fucking inaccurate.


    1. Fucking faggot at ReviewTechUSA. A lot of their articles suck and I’m surprised they’re still around.

    1. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

      How many fat people work at Reddit? Now, how many Black people work at Reddit?

      Hint: It’s located in San Francisco.


    Reddit’s admins have quietly instituted overlapping content filters on /r/All to prevent posts vilifying pao or repudiating fat acceptance from even making it onto the listings.

    No doubt the next claim will be that the “majority of reddit” condones this blatant censorship.

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