OK, before I go see Jurassic World, I have an update to do on the recent goings down at Reddit. If you’re not caught up on that, here’s a short primer: Their lunatic SJW interim-CEO (Ellen Pao) went on a rampage and deleted some boards. In response, the user base has been rebelling in every way imaginable, with many of them talking about leaving Reddit altogether (thus spawning the #RedditRevolt hashtag on Twitter). Since this went down, there have been many more flare ups, board deletions, and SJW shenanigans. Let’s get started so I can make this movie in time to come back and review it. 

First point is, this has done nothing but help GamerGate so far:


(KiA passed 40,000 subscribers just a short time ago.)

The Reddit alternative that has gotten the most play so far, Voat, also seems to be enjoying things:

As usual, the media misses the story. It has nothing to do with loving FatPeopleHate. It has everything to do with censorship. Who decides the line, and when it’s enforced? If it’s a radical ideologue like Ellen Pao, then I’m not comfortable with that:


Pao has a livestream going on today, with comments. That should be a barrel of laughs (10AM PST is 1PM EST. The rest of you, figure it out yourself. lol):

Don’t forget, Big Randi has Ellen’s back:

Also, a small subreddit dedicated to whale-watching (yes, real whales) has been getting hit by SJWs trying to sabotage their subreddit. Why they’re doing this, I have no idea:

There’s one or two more things that I will come back and add later (as well as any new developments, like news from the stream). Right now, I have to get to Jurassic World. Expect a review up by 3PM EST. Then, I will likely pass out from exhaustion. I hope you enjoy my efforts.