Man, someone tell me not to go to sleep like that again. What the hell? I thought I had the biggest story of the day covered, but then Reddit came out and started censoring their site. You’ll notice the theme of the day is censorship. So, what happened over at Reddit? Here’s the rundown for those of you unfamiliar with the recent developments:

From Reddit:rAI9JFT

I would predict that as well. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t co-sign every subreddit that exists. I did enjoy NeoFAG, though (among today’s deleted). It was a community dedicated to mocking and exposing the deplorable behavior of NeoGAF as well as its despicable founder, Tyler Malka. It appears the exodus to sites like Voat is going to begin in earnest now. As Big Randi would say, Reddit chose this bed, now it’s time to get fucked in it.

I have my small subreddit that I’ve neglected over the past couple months. KotakuInAction is still going. But for how long? The Verge tried to tie us into the worst groups on Reddit in their new piece. They clearly want us out, and I know they aren’t the only ones:


I’m one who thinks we should fight until the very last minute. Don’t cede any ground. Still, it would be unrealistic to say we shouldn’t start making plans to abandon the site. They want to go in a different direction, and this is likely just the beginning of the censorship. We’ll see what happens in the weeks and months ahead, of course.

On a side note, the Reddit community is asking why the cesspool known as ShitRedditSays is still allowed to continue. Surely if “harassing behavior” is to be punished, they should be the first to go, right?

Not according to Reddit:


(h/t @WTFMagazine)

Here’s more from the Twittersphere:

I’ll keep this story updated throughout the night as more comes in. Lemme know what you think about this latest round of censorship down below. Is it time to abandon Reddit altogether? Or are you like me and think that we should fight it and make alternate plans at the same time? KotakuInAction is a valuable megaphone (lol, Leigh) and I don’t think abandoning it right off is necessarily the right call. But, that’s why I’m asking you.

I’ll be back shortly with a FullMac rant.


UPDATE: It looks like something is going down over at KotakuInAction:

  1. ,,,dear god,,,all those salad-dodgers are going to start dancing any minute now,,,take cover or deep shelter wherever possible everyone,,,stay frosty and avoid bridges and underpasses…

  2. Never been one for reddit, but this is just fucking sad.

    Pao you’re a fucking bitch. The Internet is not anyone’s safe space and certainly not the ‘front page of the Internet.’ Take your corporate feminism and shove it up your fucking ass!

  3. Never give in. Never surrender. Fight to the very last. If it gets as bad as Jim says, we have the option of starting our own sites (with blackjacks and hookers!) If Twitter and Reddit and these other sites decide to smother themselves and turn into an eternal Hugbox like Tumblr, many of us won’t stand for it and would make our own sites. See, that’s the thing about the internet, anyone can make a website and it would be more than easy enough to find people to code it. There is no losing this war, unless the government steps in. The worst that could happen is only losing the battles. We lose Twitter, oh well, a replacement can be made. The only issue there is that we get professional people to handle it, so you don’t get issues like on 8chan where an admin or board owner can go on a powertrip. Make a set of principals by which to run that site and stick to them.

  4. Man Kotakuinaction is on fire right now and the fire rises on reddit. I think we should keep options open but also tease the idea of jumping to the competitor like the 4chan migration so reddit will start realizing who their user base is. It has been up in the air if Kotakuinaction will get banned or not I kind of want it to just so reddit sees what happens when you kick the hornets nest. If they thought Fatpeoplehate got them a lot of flack they have no idea what they will unleash. Also got a huge boost from the planetside 2 subreddit.

    1. Most people on KiA are waiting for them to ban the sub before they go somewhere else, when it happens it’ll be all over. But for a huge boost? You’re right. On KiA 5k active subs yesterday, 4k right now, half a million page views
      between the 8th and 9th. 37k subs yesterday or the day before, nearly
      38k subs today.

  5. Never really frequented Reddit. Never started any subreddits or commented on any threads so if they want to shoot themselves in the foot, they can be my guest.

    Remind me; 8PM London time is what time EST?

        1. Sorry, but that’s wrong. Most of the time London is 5 hrs. _ahead_ of New York, (it varies for a few weeks because Daylight Time & British Summer Time don’t change on the same date), so 8pm British Summer Time is actually 3pm Eastern Daylight Time. (The sun gets to London before it gets to the States.)

  6. ” Still, it would be unrealistic to say we shouldn’t start making plans to abandon the site.”

    KiA has been talking about alternative platforms in case something like this could happen for as long as I can remember. Why or how they haven’t done so is beyond me, Reddit was revealed to be a bigger version of NeoGAF ages ago.

  7. We need to fight back against SJW tyranny. Now they shut down websites, next they will send us in prison for internet comments. We cannot let these people run our society.

  8. From Alum’s Breitbart article at
    “The crackdown came after a week of censorship on Reddit, including the mass deletions of links to media stories and even satirical cartoons
    concerning CEO Ellen Pao. There was also a bizarre incident in which a
    moderator of a gaming community demanded a user write a 500-word essay
    on trans acceptance before being unbanned. The user’s crime was using
    the word “trap”: a common, but not derogatory, term of Internet slang to
    describe crossdressers. Despite protestations from transwomen who said
    they were not offended, the moderator refused to relent.”

    That gay bashing swine Admiral Akbar……always knew the googly eyes bastard was up to no good

  9. My opinion: Everyone should abandon reddit as quickly as possible. I understand and agree with the idea of never abandoning a battlefield, but I don’t see how it applies here. In what way is having KiA hosted on reddit rather than on Voat hurting Pao and the SJWs running that site into the ground? What’s there to battle over when the company is already led by an SJW professional victim who’s been shown in court to be a fraud?

    On the contrary, continuing to provide reddit a userbase merely legitimizes them and teaches them that there are no consequences to their actions. They need us, we don’t need them. They’re betting on the idea that they can get rid of just those subreddits they don’t like, and that only those users will leave (or will just go to other subreddits) and nobody else, so that they can keep their user base while getting more SJW support. They need to be disabused of that notion. The consequences dished out should be swift, merciless, and unmistakable to investors. Let reddit Digg its own grave.

    1. Because the longer as we fight, the longer we have to warn people/teach them how to recognize SJWs & what alternatives there are to Reddit.

      Plus purging KIA is going to hurt, FPH might be larger then us, but we have better connections with other subreddits (PCMR for instance), we have journos/lawyers/executives with us, and we’ve shown not only that we’re willing to fight hopeless battles but we can win “hopeless” battles.

      We’re going to be purged no matter what, but the longer we hold out the less damage we take during the migration (as more & more people move to Voat our visibility rises) and the more damage Reddit takes (as more & more people are redpilled, the amount of people willing to torch Reddit & run increases).

  10. I would say the trick is to do that, together with a good migration tool that even translates your followers over as they move too, so that everyone can find each other on the other side. If someone could do that, Twitter would die quickly.

    Problem is, people don’t WANT to do that, because Twitter isn’t actually profitable.

  11. This. I can already feel the crosshairs on KiA, among others. My guess is they’re planning a slow purge of wrongthink from the site, start off with subreddits that talk about hate and narrow it down more and more until everyone else falls in line.

  12. Subreddits have no “behavior”, because they are not sentient beings. Instead, they exist as reference points for redditors to congregate and speak about specific ideas. Redditors, being sentient creatures, engage in actual behavior.

    The subreddit is the idea, not the behavior. Ergo, deleting whole subreddits is indeed a matter of going after ideas, not behavior, and Ellen Pao is a big fat fatty fat-fat liar.

  13. She’s a stupid gook who, like most 1st gen Asian Americans, is easily indoctrinated with SJW narratives because “education” is above all, even common sense. Since she has some clout outside of Reddit she can cause problems in the real world (like her ban on wage negotiations because “pay gap” could be spread to other companies with SJW minded CEOs).

    For the sensitive types: I am Asian but also a 5th gen American so people in my family knows what horrors can happen if such bullshit behavior is left unchecked.

    1. Some fag is removing my comments on related videos because I highly doubt the uploaders give a shit about me using “gook” or “chink” so I’m guessing the one above will be the next to go. Fucking assholes wanting to bring fascist shit here after generations of people fought hard to leave it behind and keep it away from their new homelands.

  14. This reminds me of the time I thought I was all cool when I laid down on the ground with my feet kicked up on the swing set at recess and my hands behind my head without a care in the world… Then I smelled something foul, soon after I realized I was laying in dog shit. My pimp style = Not on point. Kinda like this censorship hot garbage. I added to the hashtag.

  15. Never cared much for Reddit anyway. They want to commit sepuku, I won’t deny them the ability.

  16. The only reason KIA is still there is tactical…if you would ban it right away along with the rest we would be full on allies…

    That risk would seriously fuck with SJW plans…give it a few weeks/months though…

  17. Posted two post and one of them i can only read when i am logged in
    Dont ever going to use/read reddit again
    I dont get why people use a tool that is know for deleting/shadow banning,there are so many sites/fora u can use that dont do any deleting

  18. Well boys and girls, I guess someone needs to stand up and…
    *puts on the sunglasses*
    Fight the Paower

  19. As much as I fucking detest reddit and Pao, the subreddits in question are notorious for actual harassment. Reddit doesn’t allow posting identifiable information, doxing, witch-hunting, or harassment and that is exactly what subs like fatpeoplehate did (though I don’t understand why r/neofag was scooped up in this, too). Take pictures of people in public and then putting them online and making memes out of them and harassing them and attacking them is not merely “offensive”. If you’re obsessed with hating fat people, then hate them. Just leave them the fuck alone. Being shitty saying shitty shit in a shitty sub is one thing. Bringing real world people into it and posting their identities is a step too far.

    If it weren’t for them doing that sort of shit, I would be totally cool with fatpeoplehate and all the stupid ignorant shit those mouthbreathers have to say.

    Also, apparently r/whalewatching was temporarily banned today for being a spinoff of fatpeoplehate. Only problem is it is an actual long-standing subreddit about actual whalewatching.:

  20. I applaud it, because after almost a decade of hating that worthless piece of shit site that has supplanted so much of the rest of the real internet (while making money off of said real internet), maybe this is the start of its demise and we can go back to forums and communities and stop giving the internet one or two single failure points like facebook and reddit.


    If people wouldn’t just discard useful technology, we wouldn’t need reddit or facebook or digg or anything else. Before the web, we had Usenet and IRC. Usenet and IRC are distributed. Nobody can shut you down. If we had remained with these methods of communication, no corporation or activist group could stop anyone from saying anything they want in any community about any subject they want.

    Frankly, it’s time we go back to that.

  22. -We will not ban distasteful speech.
    3 years later.
    -Any and all speech that we find distasteful or opposes our viewpoints will be banned.

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