Pretty much everything has been said already about the recent events that led to the death of Korryn Shandawn Gaines until more information is released by the Baltimore County Police Department so anything to more to add would only be conjectures at this point.

The police report from her previous arrest on March 10th, 2016 has been made public.

It mentions the charges that were pressed against her and also a detailed record of events as told by the arresting officer, Officer O’Connell.







The pictures are not clear, thanks WordPress, but the original PDF is available through Scribd.

Here are some of the most important details:

Page 1:

Baltimore County Police Department
Report Type: Incident Report
Date/Time: 03/10/2016 16:05
Arrested suspects: 1
Other Persons: 3
Vehicle: 1
UCR Disposition: E – Adult Arrest
Situation Found: A12 – Disturbance
Case Status: EX – Clear
City: Randallstown
State: Maryland
Investigating Officer: O’Connell, P.
Most Serious Offense: Offense Code: Disorderly Conduct
Attempted/Completed: Completed
Offense Code: Resisting Arrest
Attempted/Completed: Completed

Page 2:

Offense Code: Littering/Dumping
Attempted/Completed: Completed
Suspect: Known & Arrested
Last Name: Gaines
First Name: Korryn
Middle Name: Shandawn
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 137
Ethnicity: Black Non-Hispanic
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Small
Teeth Descriptor: Missing
Clothing Description: White Dress
Injury: Injured

Page 3:

Other Person: Child
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 4
Ethnicity: Black Non-Hispanic
Other Person: Child
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Age Range: 0 to 1
Ethnicity: Black Non-Hispanic
Other person: Interviewee
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Black Non-Hispanic
Vehicle Year: 2008
Make: Toyota
Model: Camry

Page 4:

Body Type: 4 Door
Vehicle Color 1: Silver/Aluminum
Involvement: Suspect
Towed: Yes
Reason For Towing: No Insurance/Tags

Narrative Information: (I deserve a raise for that. Ralph)

Page 4:

On 3/10/16 at 1616 hours Officer O’Connell was on routine patrol in marked police vehicle 211 in the area of Pikeswood Dr and Liberty Rd. Officer O’Connell observed a silver Toyota Camry with a rectangle piece of cardboard where a license plate should be secured.

Officer O’Connell conducted a traffic stop on the silver Toyota Camry. When Officer O’Connell exited his vehicle he was able to read what was written on the piece of cardboard. The rear piece of cardboard had the following written on it: “Any Government official who compromises this pursuit of happiness and right to travel will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right and freedom.” A piece of cardboard on the front of Defendant Gaines vehicle had the words “Free Traveler” written on it. I asked the female driver who was later identified as Defendant Gaines via her Maryland driver’s license why she did not have any tags on her vehicle. Defendant Gaines advised me that I did not have the right to pull her over and insisted that I identify myself. I asked Defendant Gaines for her driver’s license and registration. Defendant Gaines advised me I do not have the authority to ask her for any information. I asked Defendant Gaines if the vehicle was registered and once again she advised me I do not have the authority to ask her any questions. Officer O’Connell observed two small children in the back seat of Defendant Gain’s [sic] vehicle.

Page 5:

Officer O’Connell asked for another Officer to respond to my location at which time Officer Dolan #5606 responded. Officer O’Connell repeatedly asked Defendant Gains [sic] for her driver’s license and she repeatedly told Officer O’Connell he was breaking the law. Officer O’Connell advised Defendant Gains [sic] that if he was not able to identify her she would be placed under arrest. Defendant Gaines then gave Officer O’Connell her Maryland driver’s license.

A check through MVA of the VIN of the Toyota Camry that Defendant Gaines was driving revealed the vehicle was listed to her and there were no tags listed. The check also revealed the vehicle was suspended for VEIP. The check did not reveal any insurance information. Officer O’Connell asked Defendant Gaines about her insurance at which time she continued to be belligerent and advised she might have an old insurance card.

Defendant Gaines was issued citations and a must appear form. Defendant Gaines advised she did not want the citations or must appear form. Officer O’Connell placed the citations and must appear form inside her vehicle. Defendant Gaines threw the citations and must appear form out of her window.

Officer O’Connell advised Defendant Gaines that her vehicle was being towed and she needed to get out of her vehicle and get her children out of her vehicle. Defendant Gaines advised she was not going to get out of the vehicle and she would not let Officer O’Connell “steal her car”. Officer O’Connell advised defendant Gaines if she did not get out of her vehicle she would be placed under arrest. Defendant Gaines advised she was not going to get out of her vehicle and that Officer would have to “murder” her. While waiting for the tow truck Defendant Gaines was asked multiple times to get out of her vehicle all the time advising she would not and we would have to make her. While waiting for other police officers to respond to the scene Defendant Gaines took her infant child (redacted) and held her on her lap. Defendant Gaines also advised her 4 year old son (redacted) to sit on her lap which he did.

Officer O’Connell once again asked Defendant Gaines to get out of her vehicle and she replied she would not. Officer O’Connell advised Defendant Gaines she was under arrest. Officer Ross #5475 had to hold back Defendant Gaines arm in order for Officer Hanes #5442 to safely remove the infant child from her arms. Defendant Gaines had to be physically removed from the vehicle at which time she put up a fight. Defendant Gaines was screaming during the arrest and not allowing police personnel to place handcuffs on her. Because of Defendant Gaines’ behavior a crowd of people gathered to watch. Defendant Gaines repeatedly yelled to the crowd of people that she could not breath [sic] and to “record this” while police were placing her under arrest. During the arrest and because Defendant Gaines was resisting her finger was cut causing her to bleed. Defendant Gaines asked for a medic at which time a medic was requested by Officer O’Connell.

Page 6:

Medics from Liberty Rd Volunteers Fire Station responded to the scene and transported Defendant Gaines to Northwest Hospital.

While waiting for the medics Defendant Gaines was screaming to her son to fight and bite Officer Dolan who was watching over him.

After Defendant Gaines was released from Northwest Hospital she was transported to Precinct 2 for processing.

Defendant Gaines’ vehicle was towed by Windsor Towing.

Both children were released to custody of their grandmother.

The two piece of cardboard were seized and packaged per departmental policy.

I have to admit the description of events sounds terrible. I’m sure some of her supporters would say she was set up by the police because she was black.

Well, that could be a possibility if she didn’t make her 4 year old son record the incident with her cell phone.

The video includes some weird intro that shows her general state of mind, the police reports and her own 20 minutes-long recording of her traffic stop.

Finally, some random tweets: