But I thought our adversaries were the only ones who got these types of threats? Tell that to American McGee.

  1. What a bunch of wonderful people. There is just nothing stopping their double standards in the name of JUSTICE!

  2. This is a bit unrelated but I thought I would have fun sharing this story and I want to see the looks on people’s faces when they read this. I finally got around to watching the Winter Soldier. I’ve been meaning to do that but unfortunately it kept on getting backed up. With Age of Ultron coming out I finally got around to it. Now to the story. I figured why not I’ll watch Bob Chipman’s review of the film (I didn’t when it came out because I didn’t want the film spoiled even though the Hydra twist was already revealed to me 🙁 ). I thought that I would enjoy it because this was before he was crazy right? Nope. He goes about how the film is a giant middle finger to the Bush administration…….really? Ok in the film we have giant ass drones in the sky with sniper rifles pointed at every “potential” target based of a list provided by a shady government organization that has everyone’s personal details on record. Yeah I didn’t think that could be any clearer which administration it was giving the finger to but apparently I was wrong. Of course remember the left is never at fault right? It’s always the right’s fault. Both parties can never be at fault for the same bullshit. After watching that the stupidity almost made me want to vomit.

  3. Why did the guy call American a “fenian”, that’s an Irish term I wouldn’t expect any yanks to know…weird.

  4. At least one of the old “Masters of Doom” legendary crew has the gumption to speak for his creative medium. Hats off to American McGee!

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