#ReportGate: SJWs Unite to Ban Gun Groups From Facebook

#ReportGate: SJWs Unite to Ban Gun Groups From Facebook

Earlier today, I was on Twitter minding my own business (OK, probably not) when MisterMetokur tagged me into a tweet…

I had no idea what he was talking about, but after examining his thread I could see that this had to do with gun groups on Facebook and the progressives who are trying to take them down by hook or by crook. This includes groups who don’t even sell guns. Luckily, they do seem to have at least one high profile defender within the Facebook hierarchy

Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s director of engineering, has become an advocate for gun groups within the company and has helped reinstate gun groups. As also reported by Drange at Forbes, some of the groups Rossi has helped rescued from removal have continued to be forums for private gun deals. Rossi also became the leader of a secret group of administrators for gun pages called “Admin Contact.” According to Forbes, in February Rossi wrote to the group’s members: “I am 100% laser focused on getting your groups back to you so you have a chance to get them to comply with the new policy. It is my sole freaking purpose in life until it is done.” His efforts have helped many groups get out of what’s known as “Facebook jail.”

But apparently that’s not going far enough when it comes to protecting the millions of rule-following gun owners on Facebook. The anti-gun nuts have setup groups dedicated to completely eradicating guns from Facebook altogether. The guy who tagged in MisterMetokur for help eventually spoke to me. When he did, he sent along this document…

We’ve got bombshell news for the gun community.

Spread this far and wide. My friend has uncovered an organized conspiracy of trolls working 24/7 for months to take down THOUSANDS of Facebook pages, groups, and personal accounts for being even remotely related to firearms. Even going as far as compiling names of all persons in gun groups (doxing).

Remember months ago when Facebook made private gun sales a violation of TOS, and how mysteriously thousands of groups and pages started being taken down that weren’t even selling firearms? Well we’ve uncovered the rat’s nest responsible for this campaign of targeted harassment..

Here are some articles discussing the organized trolls taking down the gun community:
1. https://archive.is/ypdVg
2. https://archive.is/4EsTq

Spread this Mega file far and wide, here’s all the evidence compiled by https://twitter.com/AGleaks that shows the group, its members, “confirmed kills”, and dox attempts—>

Here is one of the ringleaders (scroll his timeline to see for yourself them gloating over thousands of “confirmed kills”: https://twitter.com/monteiro

These guys are so sick that they even went after paintball, Airsoft, and hobby discussion groups. Even took down groups for POSTING A PICTURE OF A GUN. It’s insane and they’ve gone too far. Do what you must to spread this info. Saddle up, rally your crew. Send this to /k/, /pol/, GamerGate, everyone in your community that has been affected by these vile trolls.

How can you make your pages secure? Try pre-emptively blocking as many of their member lists as possible. Also go to your page settings and block anyone outside the US from being able to see your page. The “shocking” revelation from all of this is that a lot of these trolls are east/west coast elitists and foreigners from Australia and the UK. They even have journalists from ITV and MTV among their ranks! This is a huge scandal. Targeted and wrongful harassment campaigns of gun owners is discrimination. Send this to everyone! These sick fucks INTENTIONALLY TARGETED MILITARY MEMBERS TOO.

This is #ReportGate, share that hashtag with every post concerning this

Here’s some of the photographic evidence of the anti-gun activists and their efforts. By the way, the hashtag they’re using to talk about all this over on Twitter is #ReportGate.

Keep in mind, I took out a lot of posts where they targeted individual users…

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I don’t know what people can do other than follow the preemptive blocking policy and keep a eye out for more behavior along these lines. Hopefully some more outlets pick up this story as we move along as well.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Botiemaster

    Well well well, lookie here. We gots us some old age faggotry going down, thinking they’re being all edgy and shit. Time to deal with this! ♫ Go go internet rangers! ♫

    • Melissa Michelle Wray

      You cucky amorphous internet rangers!
      …I’ll see myself out now.

  • Kellen Joel

    that guy’s the kind of asshole I hate the most- a smug asshole.

  • iain davis

    i get my FB account unbanned in 2 hours. i don’t think ill bother logging back in. not much point to it really.

  • derram

    We need to be doing the same but everyone is fine with being the target.

  • Ty Thompson

    Paintball is awful popular, wonder where everyone is moving to.

  • Mr0303

    How pathetic are these people – wasting their time reporting gun groups to Facebook. This is some awful form of virtue signalling no doubt. The real issue here is how quickly Facebook responds to these mass reports – no doubt an automated system.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Well, will be fun to see if mine gets hit as it has a lot of posts about my collection of things shooty and stabby.
    I look forward to pointing out to the cockweasles at Facebook that the last time someone used a East India Pattern F Musket in an act of terrorism they were being shot at by an Englishman with a Martini Henry – both of which are on my timeline – and Queen Victoria was still on the throne.
    I guess I had better tell my mates in the militaria collecting community and air rifle clubs to watch their pages.

  • Adam Kokesh

    There’s gotta be a way to turn this on them by finding something they’re doing to report or just flooding the reporting system so they can’t do anything or both.

  • Typical

    What a bunch of faggots.

  • DisneyVillain

    So glad I never kept my FB account for long. I only had one for like five minutes and it was to see a pic of a guy I was friends with in World of Warcraft. As soon as I saw, I deleted my account. And this was before I knew of this SJW crap.

  • Gary Adams

    Are they violating any FB terms of service? Like erroneously reporting? Filing false charges? Anyone ?

  • InternetsAvenger

    Quinn: (707) 889-2645

  • JasonC5

    Facebook turned off my privacy settings after some feminists/ non feminist women and their white knights complained about various things en mass after my calling out bullshitters in the stunt industry and the double standards thereof. Then the NYPD got a hold of my posts about the mayor and paid me a visit due to problematic postings while not illegal could “influence” my followers in doing something. Facebook left my privacy settings blocked out and thus people could come in and see everything they want. What I learned is that speech isn’t free even if it’s not illegal or not an imminent threat. I also learned that all women and white knighters use shaming language to those that call out feminist bullshit. Disqus also did the same when the NYPD wanted to look further into my posting history.

  • Have A Nice Day!

    Time to leave fagbook.