“What Games Mean to Me” by Ian Miles Cheong

Reading all of this may disappoint you or it may not. But it is what I believe.

Some of my recent tweets about not dehumanizing gamers got a lot of attention in the past few days. I’ve been asked a lot of questions on where I stand on several important issues. I’ve decided to write this post to clarify where I stand now because I’ve spent the past couple months thinking about my beliefs, where I stand, and what gaming means to me.

I’ve been playing a lot of The Witcher 3 recently, and in doing so, it’s given me ample opportunity to reflect upon my thoughts and actions over the recent past. The Witcher 3 is in many ways represents what makes me a gamer. Expressing this through words and getting lost in digital worlds means everything to me.

I lost sight of what I cared about the most: writing about gaming experiences. I let myself get absorbed by Twitter drama and ideological warfare, forgetting about the games that inspired me. When I saw the two reviews of The Witcher 3 that fixated on how it wasmisogynist and sexist, I started thinking more about representations in the media. I’ve always believed in critiquing media instead of condemning it. I believe it’s possible to enjoy any media without demonizing those who do, or its creators.

To go along that vein, I read reviews and op-eds condemning Life is Strange for being written by male writers. Life is Strange is a great, well-written game–I’ve said as much in my own review of the game’s first episode. Among the condemnation I read of the game was that men are incapable of writing good women characters. In addition to Life is Strange, the recently released Mad Max: Fury Road proves otherwise yet still received similar complaints. I just can’t endorse these complaints: Imperator Furiosa may well go down in history as one of the best-written female characters in the past 20 years, and she was written by a man, George Miller.

Similar condemnation was levied upon Joss Whedon for his direction of The Avengers: Age of Ultron in the movie’s depiction of Scarlett Johansson’s character, Black Widow. Given the ferocity of the rage against Whedon, anyone unfamiliar with his work could easily be led to believe that Whedon was part of the problem rather than a solution. Surely if you dislike how a character is written personally–finding qualms with her weaknesses and complexities as a character–it still doesn’t justify saying she’s worse than no effort being made to include women or portray them as complex individuals with agency.

Over the past few years I got swept up in the social justice movement. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with social justice at an idea, but as a movement, it’s a different story. Despite having ideals, it’s easy to get lost in a mire of insults and dehumanizing attacks when engaged in a heated “battle” over social media. It’s nice to feel like you’re winning an argument by pounding the opposition into dust, but in doing so, we often dehumanize others destroying any opportunity for discourse. This is my sin.

I contributed to an atmosphere of intolerance and aggression.  It may seem hypocritical for me to rail against “outrage” in recent tweets. I sought something to oppose. I found a variety of issues to be outraged by because it gave me a sense of purpose. I was crusading for a cause, fighting for a noble goal. Wherever I saw “injustice” and microaggressions, I pounced–even in situations where there was nothing to pounce upon. It was the principle (of whatever issue I was opposing at the time) that mattered, I’d lead myself to believe. And yet, I find myself asking now how these issues even matter when it caused hurt to others. I am sorry If I’ve ever hurt you.

I believe some criticisms were credible. For example, when it comes to Pillars of Eternity and the transgender joke that missed the mark, I think that it was within reason to have the backer change it. It offended some people who deal with really horrible discrimination. They should have a way to not live in a world where their gaming experience reminds them of this. However, I cannot support shaming the backer who thought it was funny, nor Obsidian for leaving it in. Attacking individuals over petty disagreements is unacceptable. Tolerance is the cornerstone to public discourse; in this case, it got changed pretty quickly and why did Obsidian have to be dragged through the mud even further?

At the inception of GamerGate, regardless of the movement’s origins, many gamers were painted with broad brushstrokes as “obtuse shitslingers” and “wailing hyperconsumers”, demonized for the crime of liking video games. I joined in the chorus of dehumanizing voices, attacking my fellow gamers. I was completely intolerant. I was being an ass. I had lost my way. I had no right to dehumanize nor attack gamers as a whole.

It’s common for my personality to seek something to oppose–something to rally against, to be in opposition to. That’s who I am, and it’s not something that’ll likely ever change. However, coming to terms with myself and recognizing this as a facet of my personality allows me to channel my drive into more constructive endeavors. Instead of attacking people and dehumanizing them in the process, I will strive to be more positive in my approach and engage with others on a human level, seeing them not as problems to be tackled but people to work with. After all, we’re all stuck here together on this planet and no amount of wishful thinking about going to Mars is ever going to change that.

(original source: http://stillgray.com/post/119992928665/what-games-mean-to-me)


Courtesy of: @atlasnodded
Courtesy of: @atlasnodded

  1. Mother of God…first Harper and now Cheong. Are these people finally growing a conscience after almost a year? It’s funny, the people who aren’t actually gaining anything from attacking GamerGate are starting to back down and admit “maybe I was a dick”.

      1. There was that data that was released that proved that majority of harassment wasn’t GamerGate. Wasn’t nearly the level of confession that Cheong here went to but it did happen. I’m still extremely skeptical about her, but it does show her disposition weakening.

        1. Oh yeah, I saw that report on One Angry Gamer. I thought you meant something else happened with Harper, sorry about the confusion.

          1. No apologies necessary. Matter of fact, I’ve not hardly heard anything about her since that incident, so i probably would have done the same thing if someone else had mentioned her.

    1. Gamers are where the money is. Being popular with the SJW crowd doesn’t pay the bills.
      Movie Bob learned that the hard way. Perhaps Cheong has realized this.

      1. Bob didn’t learn. He signed a deal with ScrewAttack to make content as a third party. He pissed so many people off that ScrewAttack made him post a disclaimer on his videos stating he’s a 3rd party content creator and his views are his own.

        1. Ouch. I always thought he was a decent enough film critic when he was focused on that, but Jesus are his politics toxic. He has this thing he keeps saying:

          “There are two kinds of people in this world, thinkers and believers.”

          That load of bullshit sums everything up about the way he thinks. The people he likes, everyone who agrees with him, is a thinker. The people he doesn’t, people who might disagree with him about anything, isn’t.

          Here is a bit of wisdom for anyone who wants to take it. Any time some begins a sentence with: “there are two kinds of people in this world,” you can safely bet that what ever comes out next is going to be a giant load of crap. There aren’t two type of people in this world. There are seven billion types of people in this world and they are all combinations of thinker and believer.

          1. It depresses me, to be honest. I used to follow him off and on when he was on the Escapist. His writeup of ‘Futurecops’ was fucking hilarious 🙂 I even agreed with him that excessive shit talking was pretty poor sportsmanship. Sadly, he’s gone #FullMcIntosh now.

            And just for fun: there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t 😀

          2. When people do the “two types of people” thing, it usually meant to be a humorous and light observation. We chuckle and nod and move on. But he means it seriously. Plus, he tweets that meritocracy is a right-wing concept, thus proving he has no idea what he is talking about most of the time.

            McIntosh is a completely different animal, as I’m not sure if he’s an idiot or a fraud.

          3. Actually, there are roughly 90 types people in the world, which are increasingly more accurately categorized and understood in the halls of modern neuroscience and behavioral psycho analysis.

            But that’s neither here nor there.

      1. Actually, i heard about those 2 things on the same day, i believe from someone in the comments, so i kinda jumbled them together. As for the more recent one, shitty people are shitty people. Before the digital age, loud annoying feminists like Harper were just seen as bra burning psychopaths, what changed is the refinement of Social Media. When there were only 2 or 3 that you could chase off years ago, now they can band together and collaborate online. They’ve formed an echo chamber,so when their narratives are called out, a few of them can play “feelz medics” while the others shout down the attacker. The only way this is going to be entirely resolved is by finding a way to uproot their deathgrip in colleges where they’re bread and stategically placing special rules in social media that allows their right to free speech but cracks down on gang bullying of an individual…which of course won’t happen unless we can get a non-extremist in a place of power at twitter or something which i don’t see happening anytime soon.

  2. The biggest “problem” I have with this is…I don’t know how genuine his new attitude is.
    *Edited because I posted something that was completely incorrect*

        1. You’re proving the difference between the sides here: We’re willing to admit we made a mistake and apologise.

          So many of the Antis are too proud/arrogant/stuck up/stupid to admit when they’re wrong about something.

          1. except Ian just did it, he apologized for his actions but not his views, I can accept that, because it means we can talk and rationalize

  3. hm, alright – seems fairly reasonable

    wonder what made him come around? Social justice getting a little too nutty?

    1. My guess is when they attacked Joss Whedon for Age of Ultron and Brianna Wu for having a cup of coffee with the “enemy.” He probably realized it was never about video games in the first place and more about egos and intolerance of the slightest mistake.

  4. While it certainly is nice to see things like this take form, at the moment that’s all it is. I’ll be waiting to see the substance, and I do hope he can deliver on that end.

  5. Well. In all honesty, I think that was about as much as anyone could have hoped for in terms of a wide-ranging apology. There’s definite “mea culpa” in here, and I think it should be appreciated.

    I would appreciate it even more if Ian were to help in the following months with repairing some of the bridges he’s assisted in burning. If he chooses to do so, I would be happy to help with that effort in whatever way I can.

  6. He looks to be shaping up, but I still think we should proceed with caution with him. He still needs to answer for his Neo Nazism. It’s one thing to hold certain political beliefs, but it’s quite another to tell a Jewish person that you hope the Nazis you idealized killed his parents. As I said previously, if he associates with us but fails to do that, the antis are only getting more ammo to compare us to Nazis (and knowing the mainstream media, they’d probably jump on that despite never mentioning a thing about Cheong when he was on the other side).

  7. I know it’s not Gaming, Movies, or Media related, but no mention of ShirtStorm? That was some utterly nasty BS. A woman designed a shirt for her scientist friend, and he was attacked and driven to tears the day he made a huge scientific breakthrough because of angry idiots. Seriously, if you are going to attack a man for stupid reasons, maybe find out it was actually a woman who designed and made the shirt in the first place.

    I think it’s good IMC saw a bunch of “outrage” at stupid stuff, and finally (broadly) called them out on it. Maybe others will open their eyes and grow up too.

  8. WOW. Just…wow. I am impressed how IMC didn’t mince words, make excuses, or pass the buck. He admitted his faults and took his medicine like a man.

    I guess I can feel for him, since I was on the verge of becoming a SJW, just before GamerGate began. It make me realize that one side isn’t always right, that there are shades of gray in the world, and that just because someone doesn’t hold the same beliefs and values as you doesn’t automatically make them horrible people. Social Justice in and of itself is a noble goal, but unfortunately, it’s been co-opted by hyper-sensitive children who get easily offended and “triggered” by reality, and by con artists who use it to line their pockets and stroke their egos.

    I can only hope that this small wave leads to a tsunami that spurs other Kool-Aid drinkers to put the cup down and cleanse their palate with a nice cold glass of reality.

    1. I read it three times just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Sure enough he seems like he genuinely is apologizing for his past misdeeds. I’m so shocked by his apology I’m still reading it a 4th and 5th time.

  9. Ugh, I still don’t care for him. Plus, didn’t he lose all manner of relevance ages ago? I recall him being “blocked for following the wrong people” and “no longer being part of the cool kids club”. Plus, frankly I’d be suspicious of another DeviEver in fat, asian, neo-nazi clothing.

  10. Much better actually I think I’m still cautious cause thats who I am but if this is all honest then good for him.I think this might be a very important realization for him personally.
    I doubt we could ever be friends but that isn’t needed as long as people can respect each other.

    1. I think he’s seen it, but is just going through one by one. It probably keeps his feed from blowing up immediately as well. If he unblocked me, I would say it’s coming around to just about everyone. Time will tell, of course.

  11. I’m curious. What has been the reaction from those who Cheong used to align? I remember Kluwe and others comparing Gamergate to Scientology for how the movement aggressively attacks deserters. Has stillgray’s article been met with a respectful nod?

    When you’re in a cult, it’s a freaking hard thing to admit that the cause that you heavily identified with was wrong on something, or has drifted from your own personal values. People you got to know so well and even enjoyed conversation with can suddenly seem nasty, petty and deluded in retrospect.

    However, the proof of any pudding is in the eating. Over time we’ll see where he leans when the pressure is on him. Cults don’t make it easy to leave and they are aggressive when you try.

  12. Like many have said before – good for him. We don’t really need to trust him, because there is nothing to trust him with. There aren’t any gamergate secrets, evil plans or hidden weapons. We don’t use blockbot software or have a secret mailing list. We have no financial ties to publishers/developers other than being regular customers.

    What he can do is just look at things objectively and not spew the SJW narrative.

      1. I keep asking if they can change it to Wednesday. But since I am a lowly female… no one is willing to listen.

  13. This is how I see it.
    Ian chose a side. He picked the “progressives”.
    The cost involved was alienation of his audience, his site, Gameranx tanking, and lose of credibility with Gaming community. The plus side is the he got to join in the cool hipster echochambers.
    He only started getting angry when he found he was on a blocklist.
    Surely at this point he realised for the sacrifices listed above, he was not getting the one thing he was trading all of those sacrifices for (ie joining the cool hipster echochambers – because they effectively barred him from there)
    So what’s he to do? Say “To Hell with them then, I am not risking my site and reputation. I will apologise to gamers for my choices ”

    To which I say…..”Nine fucking months. Don’t tell me this was an error. I would have a hard time forgiving 9 weeks. You made your choice and chose a side.”

    Make no mistake Ian will not be the only one to try this shit. Joystiq won’t be the only firm to close, Leigh and Kym Crawford won’t be the only ones downsized and forced to freelance.
    It all starts from here. We were not supposed to last and we were supposed to let them define us. In a war of attrition, we win and they lose.

    So that in mind, IF we all rolled over and let them take control, do you think Ian would give a shit about us or do you think he would be marching in lockstep? He’s trying to save Gameranx.

    1. We don’t need to trust him, at all, however…

      Don’t you think that he should be given a second chance? At the very least, let’s see how this works out. I mean, if any of us were on the SJW’s side and then realized “oh shit, this stuff’s horrible” and tried to apologize, wouldn’t we want a chance to make amends?

      1. I agree with Philip Weigel here, we shouldn’t trust Ian, but we should give the man and anyone else who stops being dicks to us and apologize for their actions. I think we should accept Ian’s apology and be thankful for this, give the man a break and sort shit out.

        1. Nope, I disagree.
          Nine months. A couple of months to get the big picture – IF you are ill-informed or stupid. I don’t think he is either.
          In fact, I think he is smart. Truly.
          He felt betrayed by the SJWS and their blocking him. HE that was supported them and HE that had his site suffering for his stance.
          Then he weighed it up. The risk and reward. Smart play is to distance himself away from SJWs and apologise.
          I think it is tactical. He, like others to come, will realise that Gamergate is not going anywhere and they have no answers. No moving forward or back, just a slow grind of attrition. So he is choosing a better option than being ground under Gamergate’s heel

          1. Even smart people can be led astray by those who are truly charismatic.

            How do you think Bush Jr. got to become President? Even smart people voted for him, he was pretty charismatic, even if he was, at times, a complete moron.

            Same with Obama, he got in on his charisma, nothing more.

            Maybe he’s just playing us, but, don’t have your heart set in stone, you don’t need to trust him, you can accept his apology and just watch to see what he does.

            You don’t need to like him, trust him or even believe him, but if none of us can at least give him an honest chance at redemption, then we’re no better than the SJWs.

          2. I disagree.
            These people by their willingness to shit on their audience and brand us as nastily and aggressively as they have over 9 months speaks volumes of their own character.
            THAT is bad enough, but then to be soft or fickle with them?
            Okay, forget Ian for a second. Let’s say in nine months time more than JUST Joystiq closes or downsizes. Let’s say that there are plenty of freelancers now unemployed BECAUSE of the positions they took and how they in effect cost their companies millions, by alienating their audience.
            What then? We accept them all back when they say “Whoops! Sorry about that whole you guys are worse than anything imaginable, my bad.”
            I mean they too may seem sorry and willingly turncoat. By let’s face it, they would be rather motivated too.
            The only difference would be that they turned later (As I say, I think Ian is smarter and gambling on this being accepted).
            Is there anyone you wouldn’t like back into the fold if they “repent”? Why? If they ALL came back, would you want them among us? What will stop them doing it again down the track and perhaps organising better or learning from mistakes?
            Nope. All this is not what I personally want. It may well be what you want. I think that they need to be run over the top of. They wanted a scarlet letter to be a gamergate supporter, let’s give one to them. Let it serve as a reminder to them and all that want to take over the culture and dictate terms to us.

          3. Forgiveness and compassion are the only weapons that actually work against mob rule and might-makes-right. I personally have a horrible time forgiving people, but I’ve seen the alternative fail too many times in the past five decades to think anything constructive can come from it.

            I do completely empathize with your frustration, and suspicion, Ross. I have the same feelings myself.

          4. Not saying you need to forgive him either. All I’m saying is give the man a chance to show that he means what he says.

            To repeat: No need to trust, believe or even forgive him. But give him a chance to show that he truly means what he says. If he goes back to the old ways, you can go “knew it!” and you’ll have full right to rub it in my face forever.

          5. Why on Earth would I “rub it in your face”? You have a different opinion.

            I personally think Ian WILL behave. That wasn’t my point. I don’t care if he does or doesn’t.

            He is not really in a position that he can get back in with them. He was blocked by some, got the shits with them and then turncoated.

            So now he helped create an awful situation and helped push an agenda for 9 whole months and…what?
            “Ooopppsss…I may have been in error? I may have made a mistake in baying for your blood? Maybe my audience IS actually worth something to me? Perhaps mob that announced you dead months ago was both a little unfair and their pronouncements were premature? You mind if we hang out still. Catch up about old times? Like that funny time I turned against each of you? What a riot!”

            Not for me.

          6. I guess I can see your point, and you’re right, I don’t want this situation to happen again, but I will accept his apology, I won’t forget what he did though, but I’m not going to treat him like Randi did.

          7. In all honesty. I wish him no good will but I will not seek him out. His apology is worthless to me, and I laugh that he is copping it from Randi.
            Randi fighting Zoe or Chu or Wu or Kluwe or Bobby Oliveria would be better but I will laugh at him copping it.
            IT’s a matter of degrees. There are bigger fish to fry fry. He He (like him or loath him) has been effectively neutralised. There are bigger wildebeest to hunt.

          8. There is something in what you say here Ross. I agree that there is a tactical element to this. I also think that Cheong made an accurate explanation of why it took nine months. Think on the essence of the SJW as explained by Chu. “Mindkill myself,” to purge unthinkable thoughts. When you do that you also purge the ability to critically examine those thoughts and motives.

            Perhaps being handed his hat at the Hipsters Honeycomb Hideout was the impetus to re-examine his choices, and the motives behind them. However it came about it did happen it seems Mr. Cheong took a Baloney Detection Kit to his views and sorted himself out. I may not trust him yet, but I can respect the fact that he was willing to examine those aspects of what he’s said, and done critically like an adult. I can accept the apology for what it is, an apology.

            I like many others will be watching. I don’t expect Mr. Cheong to suddenly start marching lock step with the #GamerGate side of this, but I expect him to apply that same critical thinking, and reasoning to things going forward. This is why we watch, because facades eventually crack, and if this is a trick of some type it’s going to show sooner or later. In the mean time apology accepted Mr. Chrong, now kindly step aside. The boss fight is still on.

          9. Sorry Ross, but you’re wrong. The prospect of redemption is an extraordinarily powerful weapon. IMC will probably spend a good bit of time redeeming himself to gamers, but at least he will know he’s not trapped in the SJW twilight zone.

            This is where we prove ourselves to be the better people than the SJW cult ever could be.

          10. I disagree.
            An extraordinarily good weapon comes by leaving them with no retreat and no way of making inroads and grind them underfoot.
            The weapon is history. People EVER thinking that attacking us in the same way will see the effect. They will not question whether Gamers could defend against such incursions. They will not think they are too soft or that they will be able to get away with it. More than that they will not think “Let’s mount a campaign because IF we fail we can just apologise”
            Redemption is overrate.

          11. Slavery lasted for a few hundred years in America yah? So should the slaves and their children use your logic and paint american people with a broad brush and never let go forever?

          12. False equivalency, I think you know this. I could point it out but I am sure you know where it is too.

          13. Point it out. Literally point it out so I can become extremely salty. If I am convinced, I’ll be salty. If I am not, than I’ll just be meeh and discard the arguing in this vein due to the mere fact that life is always busy.

            Otherwise, my point here (thank you to Real Libertarian for pointing out the analogy sucks and is varying in difference) is that if we hold the grudge, continously hold it, it sends a damned message that WILL stay far longer than anything else. Negative messages always win against positive messages. Human’s love negativity over positivity for some idiotic reason. (Personal experience, I do not have any research or studies to back this up so dismiss it as you see fit.)

          14. If in 1865 the slaves of the Old South rose and started hanging “Massa” from the nearest tree, I wouldn’t call that evil in any large sense.

            See the difference is the chattel slaves and plantation aristocrats of America are long dead & buried, here on the other hand we’ve got the war still raging.

            Ross is still being too hard*, but your analogy is completely wrong.

            *As long as Ian follows the rules, we should let him keep his site, Gawker, Vox, and the LWs on the other hand must burn.

        2. Cameron: yes. we do not get revenge in this life. sometimes we think we do, but we don’t, really.

          “Be on your guard! If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. “And if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.”


      2. I do not lack conviction. Never have, but 9 months out I would question how the Hell I could have been SO wrong and for SO long.
        It’d take more than apologies. I would have 9 months of damage to undo and bridges to mend. I would be doubly my efforts to bring down the other side.
        Maybe that is just me.

        1. ” I would be doubly my efforts to bring down the other side.
          Maybe that is just me.”

          One word. Vindictive.

          That’s not a wise man’s approach. You sound smart, but you lack perspective. As most people said, you don’t need to trust him, you don’t have to like him all of a sudden, you don’t have to do anything. Just observe, like everyone has done until now. That’s the second chance people are talking about. The first steps have been made, attention has been pulled. amends have started. For now you only have to observe and convince yourself if it’s true (or not, whichever the case).

          I would also like to kindly point out that your thought process is almost as strict if not JUST AS strict as the one you are describing (albeit in a more civilized tone). Not everyone changes at the same rate, learns at the same speed, understands with the same ease or analyses things in the same way. That’s why we have disagreements in the first place.

          It can take academics years to agree on small things (don’t even get me started on philosophers), yet you expect him to have “figured it out” much earlier. This thing started BECAUSE people were dehumanized, let’s try and not continue that trend.

          Our experiences shape us, slowly, over many years, yet you expect him to change in just a few weeks because of your own convictions. Personal values are not lost over night lest we forget.

          A “trigger” (yes i used the word) must occur, one that is strong enough to induce self-reflection despite these personal values. The more headstrong a person is, the less perspective the person has, the stronger the shock has to be.

          Just look in the mirror next time you have these thoughts. You might start looking like Ian a few months ago if you keep it up, and maybe, just maybe, not surely but maybe, you’ll end up being the one run out like you wish him/them to be. Maybe then, you’ll understand how much a second chance means.

          1. Well apart from the pseudo-psychlogical barb at the end, I did not find your opinion objectionable. I think descending into righteous condescension really ruined it for you.

            The fact that I did not find the rest of it objectionable is not to say that I agree with what you said.

            I came onto Gamergate in a bit of a convoluted way. I am NOT a gamer. I did not know who was who and it was early October, things were mad. It took me 3 days madly researching before I had an idea of what was going on.

            At that point I was that impressed by the tenacity, resolve, intelligent and values of this group that I threw in with them entirely.

            I’ve seen what incursions into other spheres by these types of people is like.

            You may think I am too hard, I think you are being too soft. It’s simply difference of opinion.

            You aren’t about to suggest echochambers or hugboxes be introduced for Gamergate are you? No? Then as a simple suggestion drop the righteousness and psychoanalysiS. Having a different opinion doesn’t suddenly make you right, me as bad as them or give you monopoly of truth…it’s simply two people sharing different perspectives on something. Coming at that with an idea that there is one way to view it and that is your way, is pretty close-minded. Coming at that with condescending condemnation is rather poor form

        2. I think there’s something to be said about cults and groupthink, though it’s not like your argument is spindled from thin-air. Could be a little of column A and a little of column B. Regardless, he’s fairly “irrelevant”, but the very finite part of me that wants to believe in the concept of people redefining themselves through self-examination would like to think that he’s had his fill.

    2. Regardless, if we offer no neutrality, forgiveness, no second chances we have become what we fight, just under a different banner. Be skeptical, but give him the opportunity to redeem himself. If he is sincere this is the change we have been demanding, if not he isn’t going to get a third chance.

    3. We are gamers, we’re Alive & here to stay, we didn’t leave him !!!, he left us!!!, granted he called us names & tried to paint us as something that we are not, but it is becoming obvious that gamergate is here to stay, it does represent the consumers/customers, at the core, we’re the tip of the iceberg, we’re about ethics, fairness & professionalism in journalism + much more ( ie free speech & freedom of creating ) we are not here because we hate women & minority’s, not by long shot, my friends ( heck!! a big number is women & minority’s, #Notyourshield ) we don’t hate them because they are wrong!!!, we have a problem with them because they want to force us to be wrong as they are, you don’t have to love the guy or to sing coom bye with him, just live & let live.

  14. It’s fine that he stops writing shit about Gamers. But the last 8 months he has been an ass. Let time tell if there is any backbone left in him.

  15. I have no love for the guy, but I am willing to let him be if he wants to change his ways. Not saying we should trust him or like him at all but we are better than the SJWs. If he can change, if he will change. Let him. Only time will tell. Also lets be real. The SJW will likely start eating him alive.

  16. Trust is like dust, it takes time to build up. As for forgiveness, I can give that at least.

  17. I don’t completely trust IMC yet, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He shed SJW-ism and blew its head clean off its shoulders. It takes genuine self-reflection to break that curse once you’re afflicted by it.

  18. This will probably bite me in the ass but I will accept his apology. I actually had a similar situation where I attacked my friend for something he said. It wasn’t him he just said something that ended up pissing me off and he happened to be in my path. I was mean hateful and any argument I tried having was lost. I was able to step back and see what an ass I was being and I apologized to him. I know what it’s like to see what an ass you’ve been and try to take back everything you said. I will still be cautious and he is probably just jumping the sinking ship but for once I want to be optimistic.

  19. Guys, before you get yourselves all worked up into a frothing desire for IMC, let’s not forget he’s peddled influence well before Gamergate, GamerANX and whatever else. He’s an opportunist, and I doubt he’s changed his stripes, just his target group of marks.

  20. There’s still a lot of resentment floating around, and I can understand that. But here’s the thing, ladies and gentlemen: if we offer acceptance and redemption, we can peel people away from the SJW host as they come to realize what a shit sandwich they’ve bought into. There may be others who feel like they can’t go back, that they can’t make amends.

    Let’s show them the way out. Not by forcing them to stay in a cult that exists to pad pockets and fuel outrage, but letting them come back and join the wonderfully deranged mosh pit that is gaming.

    Yes, they’ll have to own up to their actions and foolishness, but forgiveness is a tactic that SJWs cannot comprehend nor fight. Yeah, I know, I sound a little preachy; chalk it up to nine years in a Catholic parochial school 🙂 But it’s still good tactics.

    1. I would like them all ground under our boot.
      They had their chance. Seeing the light 9 months later when they realised they can not win is BS.
      Nope, in another nine months, there will be plenty try to flock back, dishing out dirt on their friends, and offer various platitudes. do we want them? Honestly?
      We need to give them no room forward and no room backwards and slowly inch forward as we have. The inevitable will not be nice but very necessary.

      1. Ross, i’m sorry but you are 100% wrong here. Gamergate is about many things, one of which is acceptance… someone like you comes along and tells us that we should give them the boot, that’s not right. If someone on the Anti side wants to apologize for their actions, I think they should be given a second chance, if they fuck up again then fuck them. Ian Miles Cheong finally did something brave and right for once, for that I think he deserves a second chance and we leave him alone… but still keep an watchful eye on him just in case of a threat.

        1. Is that what I did?

          I certainly shared my honest opinion, much as you are doing and I think you are wrong much as you think I am.

          The difference between us is that I don’t mind the fact others have slightly different views.

          I am not a fan of hugboxes or echochambers.

          So I came along and told to you had to what? How about being a little more honest and respectful and call it like it is.
          “Ross shared an opinion I did not agree with”

          See the difference?

          1. Not that I’d like to enter this argument, but what is “I would like them all ground under our boot” supposed to mean then? If a slightly different view is somehow wrong can he not point it out? You may not be trying to say that you would prefer GamerGate is your personal army, but you certainly seem to be asking someone to fill those (indistinguishable) boots.

          2. I would like for all the people who (and let’s not call it a difference of opinion) that smeared, lied, insulted and misrepresented gamers and the people supporting Gamergate, not be able to disassociate or disown their part in things.
            For all their efforts to sour.
            For the price they pay for the lies, and Jackboot tactics to become the Scarlet Letter they sought to brand on us. ( and wouldn’t have hesitated in doing if we had not pushed back as well or as hard).
            I want this to be a testament and an instruction manual for dealing with ideological bigots, and contrast and yet encourage those that have had their spaces ruined by these ideologues ( coming, atheism spaces, sci-fi, etc)
            That is what I would love. I would love these cretins forced back into the deep dark corners of Tumblr

  21. Cheong needs to retract in the venue where his unethical journalism occurred – so, Gameranx. And if he can’t publish a retraction on Gameranx, then he needs to explain why.

    1. He was one of the strongest “gamers are the devil” folks. I accept his apology but that doesn’t mean I will ever support him in any way. He burned that bridge and pissed on the ashes.

  22. …So he actually did it.

    To write an apology even if it clearly goes against the very core of his being, I can respect that. Time will tell if he is sincere, or if this is just another ploy.

    Always forgive, but never forget.

  23. I will say this changes my opinion on him. I’m not dismissing the past, but I’m treating it more like a Peace Treaty to stop a war. Still tension between the two but it is atleast some nails and lumber to help rebuild the bridge.

  24. It’s not the apology but how he apologized that shocks me. It’s very… un-SJW like. Yeah, yeah I know it’s not a term but still have to admit this caught a lot of us off guard. If he is willing to change his ways I say I’d be willing to give him a chance and see where this goes from here.

    There might be something specific that led to this change so I understand some of the skepticism. Or maybe he probably just wanted out from all of this and wanted to make amends. At this point it’s anyone’s guess what he might do from here, quite possibly could drop some secrets or something.

    1. The writing was very clear, concise and on point. It was the exact opposite of so much writing I read from the left now. I don’t know what the hell they are teaching in college these days, but it sure isn’t good writing and communication skills.

  25. Look, I get that there are a lot of people out for blood in Gamergate. Sadly, I’m just not one of them. If someone sees the error in their ways, who am I to stagnate that? I remain cautiously optimistic about this change in character.

  26. Ralph! To answer your article the other day asking what we think about Witcher 3:

    It apparently saves lives

  27. “It’s nice to feel like you’re winning an argument

    That’s like somebody who’s never smoked weed talking about how high they got last night.

    “It’s common for my personality to seek something to oppose–something to rally against, to be in opposition to.”

    How shitty one’s life must be to always have to be fighting something. Why can’t you just live and be happy?

    I’m still not entirely convinced he’s straightened up. As he admitted he’s been part of the hate machine since the beginning. Personally I think he knows GG is winning and has been for a while and is trying to do some severe damage control to try to save his ass. I could be wrong. It depends on his behavior over the next several months.

  28. Gamergate is soooo winning!!!! Really the list off accomplishments are miles long. Everything from Game reviews being more realistic (on average,) to the exile of Leigh Alexander and Kechura, to addition of new ethics policies and disclosures, gamergate has fought and is winning the good fight. We still have to deal with subtle influences of trying to tell developers how they have to make their games. If developers wants bouncing boobs in their games its up to gamers to vote with their dollars and not for bloggers and culture critics to try and shame and censor them. We obviously still have that fight.

  29. “It’s nice to feel like you’re winning an argument by pounding the opposition into dust…”
    Lol wut? Maybe he’s speaking of experiences prior to GamerGate? Cause I’ve never seen him do that during my time here.

    Anyway, good on him for apologizing. Don’t fully trust him, but gotta respect how he’s trying to right his wrongs.

  30. This is…I don’t even know what to think. Okay, I’m all about giving people a chance to correct mistakes. If you sincerely understand that you were wrong and apologise well okay then.. However, I remain sceptical. Proceed with caution.

  31. I’m glad to see this change come about. While there’s some people who I think are completely irredeemable (Kuchera the kunt and that drunk fucking clown Leigh Alexander) I had hoped that some more of these aGGs would take a more rational look at things. I do believe some were simply misled by the SJWs into thinking they were fighting for the right side. I admit, I didn’t think I’d see someone as deep in it as Ian to do a turn around like that, but even having the maturity to admit as much and apologize absolutely shocks me.

    Nothing says to trust him completely right away, but his apology does appear to be genuine. Hopefully this is the first step in many other aGGs dropping their weapons.

  32. I keep hearing “I’m glad he apologized, but I don’t trust him.” I don’t get it. Honestly, what do you need to trust him for? Are you looking for a babysitter?

    1. He’s a journo, he needs to be ethical, we don’t trust him to do that.

      If he continues on this path, most of us will, but needs to show he’s trustworthy first.

      Trustworthy to follow the rules of course, I’m not going to buy any explanation besides “SOCJUS is not paying the bills” without a lot more evidence.

      1. Oh, file this one under herrr derrr for me. This Ian Miles Cheong character I didn’t follow very closely and didn’t realize he actually was a journalist. Maybe its because at some level I haven’t considered anyone a journalist since 2003.

  33. Sargon said it best when he pointed out that so what if its a trick? They will have proven we are reasonable and willing to forgive by doing so.

    Oooh, that’ll really show th’ world what monsters we are. That we can be duped into demonstrating a behavior they’ve painted us as incapable of having. Take that Gamergate.

    Fine. Trick away at your leisure Ian. Render us powerless with your ninja-like manuever of us publicly accepting and not harassing you. We await your burn.

  34. I am withholding judgement for now. If he is honest then it won’t be any more effort on his part (past unblocking) to prove himself, he can continue writing and talking as he is now. If he is dishonest then it will take effort. He gets a second chance from me but it will take time.

    Since he has been a very vocal SJW for 9 months I think some people wanting a month of scrutiny is warranted. I won’t be one of those people since I don’t have the energy to dig into everything anyone says for inconsistencies (normal tipoff that a lie is being told). I also expexct a minor amount of incosistency as he is, I am sure, still in the process of letting some dogma go.

  35. I hope very much that Ian is genuine in all this and isn’t just jumping sides because he sees that GG is winning. I know it is possible to escape Social Justice because I did it. I really hope that is what is going on.

  36. Frankly he’s just salvaging whatever he can. I’ll bet it’ll come out that after the whole bomb threat in DC the other top SJWs started distancing themselves from him and fast. Outright abandoning him he probably didn’t have the echo chamber and chorus of social justice he had to take a moment to step back and look at the hole he dug for himself, how he ruined all relevance he had, how he humiliated himself, made himself a joke.

    Yet he still doesn’t get it. Obsidian is done, no one will back another Kickstarter and no Publisher is going to hire them after their getting in bed with Feminists and social justice and it blowing up massively in their face. Their lead developer belongs to Something Awfu a site that regularly doxes and harasses people, where he promoted his game and took feedback for it.

    Whedon wasn’t chastised for how they portrayed Black Widow he was chastised because he didn’t have her support Anita Sarkesian in the movie, massively down voting neckbeards using her super hacker skills because for the same reason they told him to take down his twitter account, the producers weren’t going to enrage their target demographic and potentially cost themselves millions. It never would flop, it’d make it’s money back and then some, but they’re greedy. They want people to see it again and again, then buy the blu-ray combo and angry consumers don’t do that.

    Joss Whedon is out of the social justice click because he dared to write good characters. He dared discuss real women’s issues of being sterilized and how it hurts a lot of women around the world. He dared not be a first world feminazi.

    Witcher 3, well that’s a long rant in and of itself going far beyond just misogyny, but frankly it probably stems from them getting in bed with Feminists and then backing out when they realized Anita’s camp didn’t sell games nor did social justice and feminists buy games. Remember how Ciri was so awesome that if they ever made DLC for the game they’d make more content starring her? Over 40 hours of DLC is announced and not a single minute will be Ciri. She exists solely to pander in that downgraded mess.

    So Chu is abandoned by his click, he’s ruined his image, his reputation, so now he’s one of the gamers again. The same gamers that he happily declared dead, misogynistic, women haters, ect. Chu isn’t sorry, he’s trying to salvage his career because social justice people are on the way out, slowly, but steadily. Gamergate is winning, has won a lot of it’s battles, so Chu jumped ship plain and simple. Anyone who thinks he’s serious or has learned anything is a fool, but his apology never the less serves as an excellent piece of ammo against the anti gamers, and for that I am appreciative.

      1. Well dang, mixed them up. It’s hard to keep track of all them with all their different nick names.

  37. Gotta give him props for recognizing the problem and owning it. That’s one less person pushing narrative and one less person sitting in their ivory tower attacking gaming and gamers.

  38. While I know some people are having a hard time forgiving the guy, I’ll just remind you that some people like Great Guru Blue Whale had drawn the line in the sand as far as Ian is concerned.

    Because you have to keep the bullshit narrative going!


  39. Don’t know if it’s worth anything, but here’s what I observed in IMC.

    During the entire time, I didn’t have the feeling he was the kind of nutjob that aGG is mainly comprised of. He did spout some strange kind of horseshit, but that was pretty much it. On many occasions he was supsiciously quiet, when other #SJW were throwing their hissy fits and dogpiling on people.

    I don’t know how old IMC is, but I wish he finds a direction for himself in life that takes him far away from the usual #SJW insanity. Maybe he really made the 1st step in that direction now. In the long run, he might become an ally who defends freedom of expression and transparency out of conviction.

  40. I think IMC had one of those revelation moments thanks to Witcher 3. Some of what he says, I would think might apply to many of the anti-gamergate crowd, especially the part where he notes he joined in on the demonizing of gamers. It reads to me like he got swept up in everything, wanting to “belong” without ever really sitting back and looking at what he was saying or doing. Now that he’s had time to reflect on things, and look back over the past nine months or so, he’s come to the realization that while trying to solve the problem (as Social Justice Warriors often do) he instead became part of that problem. He’s got a long road ahead of him, and burned many bridges in that time; and from the way he’s been handling things, I think he realizes that. More so, I think he realizes that it’s going to take some time for gamers to trust him again, and while he will bounce back, there will always be those who simply can’t take what he says seriously. I applaud him for taking these steps though, since it takes a great deal to step up and say “I was wrong.” More so considering the ramifications he faces from the SJW crowd. IMC is right, Social Justice is a good thing. However when it becomes a movement, it moves from being a desire to see equality, and a near on religious crusade.

  41. What is there to forgive? What a strange choice of words. He’s neither friend or family and we never had a fight, so stop it with the appeals to emotion.

    With so many people writing on the internet I’ll just read whoever interests me the most. Someone being dumb, childish and unprofessional and (much later) apologizing for it is not going to guilt me (?) into wanting to follow him. I can only see it as a net negative.

    This petty drama is frankly embarrassing, and he has only himself to blame for getting involved in it in the first place instead of just doing his job like a well balanced adult would have done. Sadly the gaming world is full of manchildren who’ve never done an honest day of work in their lives, so that must sound like an alien idea.

  42. Oppositional defiance disorder, it’s a thing, perhaps IMC has it and perhaps many other SJWs have it as well, but at least IMC seems to recognize he needs to monitor and stay away from such behavior.

  43. I’ve sent him a nice e-mail when he published the apology, thanking him for being honest and I’ve also apologized to him for whatever jokes I made on him. He also unblocked me on Twitter. If people are sincere, I’m always willing to forgive and also apologize from my side. And his apology and behavior afterwards was sincere.

    It’s just hilarious how people accuse us (GamerGate) of being harassers and yet, we have forgiven Ian en mass simply for stop acting like an ass and updating the ethics policy on his Gameranx webpage. After all, we are about ethics. I haven’t seen anyone within GG circles to make fun of him in any way. And I think he’s not receiving any annoying tweets or messages from GG side since his apology. I mean, it’s not rocket science. Be respectful to us and we’ll be respectful to you.

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