We’ve seen so many attacks against free speech lately, that it’s hardened me. But when 8chan got flat out stolen from owner Fredrick Brennan (Hotwheels) tonight, I was stunned. They didn’t boot him off his service like they did me. They actually seized his fucking domain name and refused to give it back. I’ve been following the story all evening, and waiting to see some type of conclusion. I’m happy that I did , because I can now report that the site is back online, and available at 8ch.net and h.8ch.net. The second “weekend” address is working better for me as of press time. I’m sure the other will be back to 100% in a few hours (could just be a problem on my end as well).

As I’ve said since the very first columns I’ve written on GamerGate, the other side doesn’t give one shit about free expression. They claim liberal ideals, but are in truth more like fascists, than any type of liberal (modern or classical). They don’t like our country. People like bin Laden are seen as freedom fighters. The French terrorists attacks are something to be mocked over a $22 latte. The scene really is appalling right now. These scammers are quite comfortable with displaying their contempt right out in the open. Why shouldn’t they be? It’s not like it’s hurting them in terms of dollars earned.


The SJWs celebrated for a brief time this evening on Twitter. But like all their “victories,” the party was short-lived. As long as the Internet is not turned completely into shit, sites like 8chan will continue to bounce back. They can’t even keep me down, much less a site with the the kind of demand that Hotwheels’ creation has. So, I’m not too worried…for now. We have to stay vigilant though, and protect the Net. Fuck the NSA, fuck SOPA, fuck PIPA, and fuck anything else that threatens our online freedom…including SJWs.