GUEST EDITORIAL by Candy Jam (Steam)

Praise be the sweet buttery baby Jesus, there is sanity. As most readers will know I recently did a hit on the strange nonsense of liftshopping. Well, as it would have it a senpai of mine, Tenaflyviper, shared my article. Then, Tumblr users took charge (shocking, I know). There’s now a Master List of users that have been sent to the FBI. And the little spoiled shits are scurrying about trying to find sanctuary on Tumblr as we speak.1

Of course though this means we have an array of excuses for lifters to hide behind. As past readers will know, I made note that the lifting community seemed entirely comprised of women. Teenage girls to boot. So the cries of leave the innocent little girls alone has been thrown around. After all, precious little girls are never responsible for stealing and thieving. It’s all about the PATRIARCHY! Oh, and yes…you always gotta throw that rape culture in there. It’s a classic pity play. Well too bad so sad for you. I use my face down card, Badass 80s Gal. She takes all hit points with Logic and Facts!2
But wait, there’s more! Apparently another tactic is to claim Role Play. This is a practice common to the Tumblr. Though many roleplayers are calling foul to the entire ordeal. I mean hey who wouldn’t? But it does make for some interesting reading. The biggest sayer is a brat who, I kid you not, stole a kitten from a shelter. Then she went on to steal supplies for it. I mean, doesn’t it look all happy curled up in the corner?3

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And as stated before, the master list has been sent off to the FBI, as well as to staff of Tumblr. Although seeing how they’ve yet to do anything about it, that’s likely going to be ignored. This of was met with cries of panic as many of the primary lift blogs bolted. Though the concept of an IP address seemed lost on them as they put up change URL PSAs. They also deleted some of the boastful posts they had out up. That doesn’t really matter, with Tumblr’s reblog system (if reblogged, op deletion or deactivation doesn’t matter). But let’s all let out a hardy Ha Ha at their feeble attempts.6 7 8 9

It’s almost as if they are slightly self aware. Like there’s a glimmer, a faint hope of grasping what sh-


Ahh well, nevermind. Well, let’s wait and see how deep they dig this hole. I’ll update as it goes on. Hopefully to trial, I’d love to see the media try to spin this one.


UPDATE: Tumblr has responded, and they’re not going to step in:


Thanks for reaching out to us! We realize this content may be very upsetting, but we also highly value freedom of expression and freedom of speech. And, while a given activity may be illegal, content showing such an activity is generally not illegal. This is how news reports and documentaries are able to show illegal activity, for example.

In such cases, we strongly recommend that you block the user(s) in question.

Blocked users can’t follow you, can’t see your posts on their dashboard, reblog your posts, like your posts, or do anything else with your posts. You also won’t get Asks or Fan Mail from users you’ve blocked, and you won’t appear in their search results. Find out more about blocking users here:

Thank you for taking the time to share your concern with us.

Tumblr Trust & Safety

  1. Good. Serves those self-righteous little shits if they get their sticky-fingered asses in jail. I can’t wait to see them try their usual excuses in front of a judge.

    “The Man” isn’t being so much as bruised when you steal that $50 bra from Victoria’s Secret. The only people getting hurt are the employees who take a hit in their paycheck to pay the cost of the stolen item.

    I don’t see how you can eat a $200 dress. I mean, you could, but you wouldn’t get much nutrition, and you might choke on it.

    Well, then I’m sure you’d be willing to give all your money and material goods to those that are more oppressed than you. It’s only fair, right?

    1. for your last point I would have gone with. I hope the rest of the group thanks you when they are subject to more “oppression” thanks to your sticky fingers.

  2. So, basically Tumblr is A-Okay with posting confessions of criminal activity, but will do nothing to the criminals?

  3. I don’t know what baffles me more. That it took one of the site’s users to report evidence of illegal activity being posted to the authorities or that Dumblr didn’t do it themselves when they were fully aware of it.

    1. Tumblr has the most useless staff of any site I’ve seen. They’ll shadowban users like Logicd because people find him offensive (he posts actual facts and statistics) and maybe they’ll bank someone if they post child porn or something, but they won’t do ANYTHING to the SJWs who dox and send death threats and all that other bullshit.

  4. Well I see the tumblr staff is as useless as always, but the salt coming from the lifters is amazing.

    The lifters are currently:

    ☑Anally Annihilated

    ☑Rectal Rekt

    ☑Butt Blasted

    ☑Ass Damaged

    ☑Booty Bruised


    ☑Rump Ravished

    ☑Posterior Pained

    All the symptoms of being unbearable faggots who can’t deal with the fact that they knowingly broke the fucking law and were stupid enough to BRAG about it on the internet and got reported to the authorities for it.

    I’m going in to the nearby mall tomorrow after work to alert the help desk so they can spread the word to people running the stores.

  5. Freedom of Expression?! Is this a damn joke?! Since when is stealing shit and posting it online freedom of expression?! No wonder Tumblr is full of deranged morally bankrupt SJW’s, because the people that run it are just as crooked!

      1. That’s true, but it’s still stupid that Tumblr won’t pass on the information to the authorities. They are openly admitting to crimes and sharing information on how to commit them.

        1. As far as tumblr is concerned, it is a really really dangerous game, to start reporting,
          What would you do… Report ? What if its a roleplay, a mistake ?
          Wll you investigate yourself ? Are you a skilled investigator ? Are the evidence enough for a case ? If this is a mistake, how will i be hold accountable for it ? Is it my duty as a Tumblr staff member to do that ? It is my duty as a citizen though. But when im working, i’m not a mere citizen. I have power over lifes, and taking this decision could do harm to others, to me or my company. Should i cross the line and hope i didn’t took that one decision that was “an abusive censorship” ?

          It’s the Lawyer duty to defend its client. Even when its guilt is clear. Sometimes, your job come with a moral duty to stay neutral, where any common sense would tell you otherwise.
          This is what free speech is. A constant struggle NOT to cross the line.

          1. I don’t see how this applies here. I’ve seen bizarre roleplays, but one about shoplifting seems really strange to me. Who honestly roleplays shoplifting with detailed information on how to shoplift and posting pictures of items they claim to be stolen. If people are openly admitting to committing crimes, it deserves to be reported and investigated. They only pulled the roleplaying card AFTER they were called out for it and needed some excuse for the things they’ve been posting, because they sure as hell can’t feign ignorance of the laws since they have detailed information on how to not get caught.

          2. I see your point, but it is not us to decide what is or isn’t “plausible and solid evidences” nor it is Tumblr.

          3. No, but these people have CLEARLY said they’ve done it. That alone is enough that it should be forwarded to the authorities to investigate. If it really is roleplay, they’ve got nothing to fear.

          4. It should be forwarded to the authorities, and it had been, by a public user of tumblr.

            Tumblr staff, shouldn’t be forced to leave its neutral stance to take part. If the matter were already reported. This is why they gave this answer. They “can’t” stop the culprits from talking. They won’t. They maybe didn’t say “call the cops !!” but that doesnt mean they didn’t mean it. Its just, they just can’t go around, throwing accusation. Because no matter how HARD the evidence look. If they do that, one day…they’ll make a mistake. And it will be ugly.

          5. No one is saying they should throw around accusations. Where are you getting that from? I’m saying, there are people, active on their site, practically shouting from the rooftops “LOOK WHAT I STOLE, EVERYONE!” and any responsible staff member of a site should forward that to the police. “Hey, there’s this guy on our site who says he’s stolen over $3000 worth in merchandise from the local mall. I don’t know how true that is, but you might want to look into that.”

            If I posted an image of a dead body in this comments section seriously claiming to have killed someone, I would 100% expect Ralph to report that to the authorities. Because they may not be required, but that would be the responsible thing to do. Site staff or not.

          6. Yes, and he would be doing the right thing. But ralph isnt a company that duty is to provide a free speech platform. He allow everyone to speak freely, but that is not the purpose of his website.
            But i understand we don’t agree on that. It’s ok. I think when a company in charge of a public social platform start to interfere with the content and nature of the media, it is a slippery slope.

          7. We. Are. Not. Talking. About. Free. Speech.

            We are talking about people brazenly bragging about stealing. End of story. Tumblr should have reported it to the authorities and not said a word about it either way. Let the police deal with it.

          8. I disagree, its not tumblr team duty. It actually is about free speech, because by acting, they suppress their right to free speech, and freespeech doesnt mean anything if someone is silenced. Even if its a little shoplifting turd…

          9. Holy shit. No one is talking about silencing anyone. I’m talking about Tumblr doing nothing more than forwarding information to the proper authorities. No more, no less. How is this concept difficult to understand?

          10. Because, as i said, if along the steps of this procedure, the cops don’t find the victims, or can’t made them press charges against the culprit.. tumblr could risk being sued for defamation. And since its not the tumblr team duty to interfere, even if it’s the “morally right” thing to do, they’ll get into a world of troubles.

          11. HOW WOULD IT BE DEFAMATION? They’re not making a public statement making a list of people by name saying they’re all dirty thieves, they would be FORWARDING INFORMATION TO THE POLICE.

          12. Oh, it wouldnt be a public statemnt from tumblr. But eventually, it would be known to the shoplifters, who’d then take this chance to land a low blow to save their asses. But since its all public, Tumblr staff didnt need to do a thing. Someone reported the thing. And all is okay now. I just don’t endorse the hate toward the staff, who did the rit thing by staying neutral.

          13. How is reporting a perceived crime, where someone admits to committing a crime, to the police defamation?

          14. It isnt, as long as said crime happened, and charges are pressed, and culprit found guilty.
            Because if any of theses step fail, then they’re not guilty, so, they’ve been wrongly accused.. And so, it is defamation

          15. I don’t believe they can be sued for reporting a crime to the police, if the police fail at some point to press charges. The law system is fucked up, but I don’t believe it’s that retarded.

          16. Yes, i understand why you would say that. but until someone have been proved guilty, he’s not. And he have a right to defend himself against any moral, social or physical prejudice made by people or group who “wrongly” accused him.

          17. Why do you keep bringing up irrelevant shit into this? I wasn’t saying anyone didn’t have a right to defend themselves.

            Fuck it, I’m done. I’ve wasted enough time on this bullshit. Tumblr should have reported these people, end of story.

          18. I would also like to add that, free speech is a concept revolving around the right to say something without fear of retaliation from powerful entities. By interfering with this, tumblr staff would be silencing the voices of anyone who would fear that “this is not a place where i can talk freely” be it culprits, psycho… Or totaly normal people just scared of being reported to authorities.

          19. So you’re telling me that if I go out right now, kill someone, post a picture to tumblr bragging about it, they SHOULDN’T report me to the police?

          20. No, they shouldn’t
            This is a public platform. If you post theses pictures and admit your crime, USERS will report you in less time that it take for a sane person to realize anita sarkeesian is full of shit,

          21. That is stupid as hell. They should be required to report admitted crimes to the authorities.

          22. Admited crime doesn’t make a crime. A victim pressing charges does. Its maybe a bit weird, but its the law. The tumblr staff would take a hell of a bet, reporting them… Because if they’re wrong, they’ll be in so much shit…

          23. Yes, it is a good reason. But im happier knowing a user reported them, instead of the tumblr team.
            Every team that control a public outlet should remain neutral. Its not a news media site,with bias and political view.. Or a blog with ideology.
            They’re litteraly the guys who build, clean and paint over a big, white wall, in a public square. You can’t expect them to be held accountable for whatever is tagged on it. And if they get in trouble for not doing anything, theyll start painting over stuff people wrote on the wall, just in fear they’d get into troubles again, ^^

          24. Anyway, if you don’t mind, it has been a interesting debate. But it’s pretty late for me, and i’d like to take some rest. Have a good day.

          25. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech doesn’t cover theft or criminal activity, however if you know a crime is being commited and is withholding evidence and not assisting authorities you’re a criminal yourself, if tumblr is obstructing investigation they are accomplises, if you know of illegal activity you are required by law to report it. That said it’s downright illegal for tumblr not to report the users activities to the police, but letting the material stay up is fine since they are right about it being documentation and information. It’s wrong for Tumblr not to report criminal activity

          26. Yes, i think you are right. but i do believe there is more than just one “level” of criminal offence.

            still,There is no evidence withholded, so that’s good.

          27. I think, if i had to explain my “stance” with one picture, i’d use this one of a Black police officer standing to protect a KKK white male activist.

            There’s moral duty, civic duty, professionalism duty and so on.
            What is sometimes “right to do” may not look like it is “rightfull” nor does it need to enjoy “doing it”

          28. I think that’s a good picture, but Tumblr still has to report them to the authorities, it doesn’t mean taking down their content, it just means reporting them, it’s law that they have to inform authorities of criminal activity if they know about it, if this shoplifter blog is all parody, where they actually buy it but say they stole, they should add a note to clarify, it does not mean the police should storm their house with a swat team, but have an officer over to talk with them about what they are doing.

            Your picture btw also shows that the police officer is doing the right thing.
            1. You don’t arrest/attack people based on association.
            2. You don’t subject people to mob justice.

            There’s a similar more popular picture somewhere out there of black nurses treating a KKK member

          29. FWIW: Tumblr is under no legal obligation to allow free speech – they are a private company, not a government entity.

          30. Its ok though… They’ve already been reported by a user. I don’t see why nor how, beside every other logical and ethical reasons, tumblr would interfere in the matter.

          31. I certainly agree that the situation could be considered by some as “murky” regarding Tumblrs responsibilty here. What is odd to me is that lately online social communities have proven they have no problem banning/censoring/etc content for far less compelling reasons. Why Tumblr would suddenly take the “high road” in a far more damming situation is…. weird.

            I would agree that any action Tumblr could take would be complicated given the circumstances.

            I would think that a statement of “we’ll look into it” (whether anything came of it or not) would have been a better response to the report than “we value freedom of expression/fuck off” type of reply.

          32. I think its best they didnt say “We’ll look into it” because, it its just something said to “appear less murky” then it doesnt help report to the police and it let the user believe “he doesn’t need to report anything, tumblr staff’s looking into it…”
            While stating they value expression of speech, it leave the user aware of what need to be done if he want stuff to happen. And it worked. A user went on and rekt all of them so good its awesome.

          33. Except you have been wrong all along, websites can be held liable for illegal material or acts posted on them that they do not was very well publicised in the case of 4chan being contacted by the Feds because of child pornography being posted on there, if they didn’t hand over the revelant user information they could have been charged with obstruction of justice, possession and spreading of illegal material
            Now while this case isn’t exactly the same it shares enough similarities that if they wanted to the authorities could pull exactly the same card and make it work with fumble since precedent already exists since the 4chan example is far from the only one just the one most people here would be familiar enough with to understand

          34. Because child pornography material is illegal and posting it is a crime. This is not child pornography. There’s nothing more than picture of objects and posts of peoples saying “i shopliftted it,lol” it is not us, nor tumblr to make the assumption that it is genuine.
            It is our moral duty to report something we think is wrong, its tumblr staff role to stay as neutral as its allowed to.

          35. You very, very clearly don’t understand either ‘free speech’ or defamation. Free speech only applies to *government* attempts to stifle speech, not ‘any powerful entity.’ Any website absolutely can put any limits they like on the freedom of their user base. If tumblr decided tomorrow to ban the word ‘blue’ from the site, they have the legal right to do so. And a person can’t sue for defamation based on things they actually said. If you started posting signs around my neighborhood claiming that I kick puppies with zero evidence of such, I could potentially sue you. But if I described to you how much fun it is to kick puppies, then showed you pictures of sad puppies that I claimed to have kicked…yeah, I can’t sue you for going to the police or telling others about that conversation. Even if it is later proven that I’ve never kicked a puppy in my life. That’s just not how shit works. You’re really making yourself look incredibly ignorant here.

          36. there’s no need to be mean or uncivil. I may look ignorant because i didn’t manage to explain my point. Don’t blame tumblr staff for the shit done by people on it.

          37. Freedom of speech is a principle, not a legal right.

            You’re confusing the entire philosophy of free speech with the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

          38. i’m not from US. that may be the reason my view on free speech is based on philosophy principle and not on the US constitution.
            Thank you A real Libertarian for your precision.

          39. I see you skipped where I added that I chose that example because it was familiar to more people, posting evidence of crimes or hosting them without reporting to the authorities can still be turned to obstruction of justice if they feel like pursuing it. 4chan was tapped over far more than just the CP over the years and always it was the same story cooperate, turn over information as they find it or be charged for hosting and having knowledge about it but not reporting it. The important difference is hosting it which makes them more liable than someone who just happens to see it on the site while trolling

            This I might add was never openly announced by the police, it always came from the mods or moot so either tumblr is being smart and playing dumb or is being very dumb and waltzing into their own cage

          40. These fucking people have stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. How in the absolute FUCK can this be considered protection of freedom of expression?

          41. I’ve never said it should give any protection of some sort. But it should be tumblr staff duty to stay neutral. Neutrality as a company doesn’t mean inaction.
            Who’s to said one or more of the staff didn’t actively anonymously reported them while not endorsing it as “Tumblr stance” ?

            I think this went too far though. There’s too many layers in this matter and i can’t give all the answers.

            I just think that, everytime a public speech platform “owner” of any kind try to stay officialy neutral about it’s content, it should be respected.

            When the owner of a public speech outlet start to take stances, it is never a good thing. It might seems morally right, until there’s a mistake or bias…then the owner’s control over it’s public speech outlet become dangerous.

            it is our duty, as users, as citizen, to act and report it. Not theirs as a company.

            I understand and respect your stance. I don’t want to make you change it.
            however, I have to stand up and say “No, they did the right thing” EVEN if i think tumblr is a helldump of crazy weirdos.

            In the end, it doesn’t matter that much what their official stance is. Someone reported it real good. No one here can know for sure if any of the Tumblr staff had a hand in it.

  6. Lol… “Hey someone over there is breaking the law!”

    “Now, just look over there and you won’t have to see it!”

    Seriously…a scientist wears the wrong T shirt loses his job. An entire online community steals and we’re told to look the other way.

      1. Exactly 🙂 that’d be a shame if they didn’t feel like they could freely speech and not share their story.

        i’m sure now, there’ll be plenty of “guys in uniform” wanting to ask them questions.

    1. I betcha that if a dude created a blog to brag about how many women he’s raped, the (in)competent Tumblr authorities would close it faster than a speeding bullet.

  7. I don’t know what’s worse:

    1) The pathetic tumblrinas attacking someone exposing their illegal activities – and trying to paint themselves as “victims” somehow.

    2) Tumblr basically blowing the whole thing off, even when provided with evidence of criminal activity.

    3) Said tumblrinas trying to convince people they are just “role-playing”

    4) Same “lifters” going on to say that law enforcement shouldn’t go after them for theft because there are rapists & murders to catch.

    The mindset and audacity of these tumblr fools is almost beyond comprehension.

  8. Tumblr team is right not to meddle. Its not their job. Their only job, is to provide a public space where people write stuff.
    So, lets not be the “butthurt” SWJ here.

    Either you want a staff to do selective deletion of post… And look at how it worked well with reddit.
    Or you want a staff who never engage about the content of the posts, as long as its not against the ToS.

    You can’t hope to fight against people like ellen pao, all the while blaming tumblr staff decision not to step in.

    Thoses idiots were dumb enough to post online, they got reported. Thats that. Tumblr won’t delete a thing and its good since there’ll be plenty of evidences. Problem solved.

    Don’t take the fight over the tumblr staff because, lets face it.
    If tumblr is such a cespool of hate and angst, it’s because no posts get censored…ever.

    But its still here for everyone to report.

    1. I’m certainly no lawyer (and I haven’t read the Tumblr TOS), but wouldn’t blatant criminal activities be against their TOS?

      We’re not talking about freedom of speech with a statement like “I don’t see anything wrong with shoplifting”.

      We’re talking about Tumblrinas actually shoplifting and detailing the particulars on a Tumblr blog.

      1. Let me put it this was.

        Tumblr staff has a duty to provide a free speech platform.
        Tumblr staff could take a moral stance about this, but then, it’ll become a case of “conflict of interest”

        tumblr staff has a duty to NOT take a stance and censor a post based on its content.

        Its up to us, who are not part of Tumblr staff, to report such things, and not blaming it on tumblr staff.

        Its a bit like blaming the taxi driver because he took a criminal inside his car. Is it the driver duty to arrest a criminal ? To investigate about a customer he found suspicious ?

        I don’t make the rule. Tumblr can endorse a more active role in “censoring” posts… But then, who’s going to be censored next. . . Gamergate ? See my point ?

        1. I don’t agree that your analogy reflects what we’re discussing here.

          The issue here – at least to me – isn’t morality at all.

          The issue in regards to Tumblrs inaction is a legal one.

          The “lifters” have – by their own admission on multiple ocassions – have stolen goods from various stores (some of them named) and posted the items on their blogs.

          This is a crime & and in at least one case a felony.

          There is also more than a little information regarding how the crime(s) were comitted and advice on how to commit more.

          What legal reason could Tumblr have to allow this to go unreported to law enforcement?

          I can’t imagine that Tumblrs TOS doesn’t have some stipulation regarding criminal activity in it.

          1. Well, i do agree my analogy isn’t the best.

            But, my point is that most of us are not supposed, allowed nor skilled in investigating, making a case, building solid evidences. Its also important to remind ourselves that if there is no plaintif, there is no crime.

            From that, the Tumblr staff is like you and me. They’re neither supposed nor competend to do such things as “investigate a case, find the victim, determine if itll engage prosecution, and so on”

            Tumblr could at least report then..they can at least do that, right ?

            But what if it’s a joke, a scam, a mental illness, an account hacked ? Do you really want Tumblr, or any other social platform, to start report stuff that seems suspicious ? How long untill there’s a mistake ?

            It may seem weird, but its illegal for a defense lawyer to provide the accusation lawyer evidences of the guilt of it’s client. If it was not obtained frommthe client itself.thats part of the “every one deserve a fair trial, no bias.” and such.

            My point is that, it might weird that tumblr don’t interfere. But by doing so,it’ll mean they’ll use censorship the way kotaku, polygon or anita sarkeesian does… To play social justice vigilante.

  9. I don’t think I ever stole anything, even when I had a genuine necessity for things I couldn’t afford (food/clothes). Still I fail to see why I should be outraged by a bunch of privileged teen girls stealing panties when there is so much more bullshit going around. I don’t even see the big connection with the SJW here, tho I don’t really know the lifting “subculture” or use Tumblr.
    Also I am anti censorship, and I fully agree with Tumblr’s decision here. SInce when are we like SJW to try and censor shit we don’t like or get outraged over petty bullshit?
    I’m going to respectfully disagree this time, sorry.

    1. Back in Part 1 it was explained that a lot of them try to explain it as them “stealing to survive” because they are underprivileged (of course they’re mostly from rich areas and a lot of them admit they steal on impulse):

      And of the course the difference is that:

      1. This is illegal, not offensive, but outright illegal.
      2. Tumblr isn’t helping with reporting them to the cops.

      Now, reason 1 can easily be argued as not enough to pull it down, which is very fair due to how easy that could be abused.

      Reason 2 on the other hand looks a lot worse, these Tumblrinas have publicly confessed to committing felonies, it would be nice of them to help with the reporting.

      1. I can’t really base my judgement on “how it was explained” because it’s only a single source which is biased. Doesn’t mean that it’s wrong but I would genuinely need to check out those people on tumblr to get a real sense of it, one screencap of someone saying how they do it because they are poor doesn’t really connect with patriarchy, privilege, feminism and all that jazz.
        1. So? Should videos from surveillance cams on news and youtube be removed? What is exactly wrong in seeing someone doing a crime? Why should it be censored?
        Hell it’s even better if it’s up there for everyone to see, if it was removed immediately people who now want to stop it wouldn’t see it in the first place. By not being removed, shoplifting gets more exposure and shoplifters are digging their graves even more. If it was a crime of a sensitive nature, like someone being sexually abused or murdered then it would be another pair of sleeves where you censor to protect the victims dignity, identity and emotions of relatives. But this is not a crime directly committed against another person, and then again, imagine if footage from police brutality would get censored for example and gained no exposure.
        2.We don’t actually know that, they are only saying that tumblrinas involved have the right to confess to a crime, not that they didn’t report. And tho it’s easy to judge on the company, hell I didn’t report it either and I know about it, and it’s not even my company so I have nothing to lose. In any case, if I didn’t misunderstood, they did end up reported.

        Thanks for always explaining shit to me and good discussions, you are a great guy.

        1. They don’t just put up evidence they did it, they also put up guides on how to commit the crime.

          1. How to get the RIFD that trigger the alarms off.
          2. Best places to hide stuff (like putting something in an empty coffee cup so if they missed an RIFD they can dump the evidence in the trash/most employees don’t think to look there).
          3. What stores have the least security/what stores have odd security polices that can be broken.
          4. A lot more.

          On one hand it provides an excuse to crack down on legitimate uses (pretty much everything is illegal somewhere and it could be taken to things that are merely disapproved of instead of illegal), on the other hand you don’t want that type of info circulating.

          It’s a matter of “benefits of cracking down on bad behavior” vs. “unintentional side-effects of the crackdown”.

          1. Yes I can see how that is a bad thing, and it certainly is from a moral perspective, but if I were to base what should be done on my own moral compass then it would be something that isn’t coming from a place of objectivity and that is something I tend to avoid. There are still places where you can learn how to make a bomb, or the best ways to kill yourself (and I am certain I ended up on some list now when I went to check it out to see if it’s still a thing xD).
            Instructions on how to commit a crime are certainly at best a grey area, it would be hypocritical of me to condemn them since I also used those same instructions in educational purposes, and they were also part of my official college education because you have to know certain methods to counter them. You can’t stop and shouldn’t stop the spread of information but you can inform the RIGHT people (in this case shop owners/salesmen).
            Yeah some things are fucked up, but if someone is committed censorship won’t stop them, they will just find another place to get their info, and you will still be left with a fact that someone/something was censored and I am simply in full support of the spread of information, whether I like the certain information or not.

  10. Wonder how tumblr would feel if someone was posting “look at all these murders I committed ” with bodies on the floor.

    1. Appparently, even though it’s illegal, you can post illegal stuff. Fuck it, whilst you are at it rape a small child and post that to

        1. How is that when the individual posting the evidence/information has admitted to comiting the crime?

          We’re not talking about the news reporting a burglary, we’re talking about the actual criminal here…

          1. Could be a liar, could be a joke, could be someone else using the account, could be mental…theres so much possibilities and you want a company wich duty is to provide free speech platform to step out of its role and judge ?
            And after that ? How long until tumblr staff make a judgment mistake ?
            Who will be unfairly censored ? Who will be wrongly accused of something ? Who will Endorse responsibility if something goes awry ? Tumblr taff are not cops, investigators, judge nor lawyers… They’re citizens, like you and me. But with a duty toward their job. They don’t have to like it… But if your work involve a social platform, you better be damn sure to thread carefully, for the line between freespeech and censorship is easily crossed

        2. So if i post someone raping a child, i won’t get done for posting Child Pornography? I’m pretty sure i’d get V& for that

          1. Being sued for posting an illegal sex picture and being sued for actually partaking in id sex picture are two entirelly different charges.

            It is not a crime to write on a piece of paper that you murdered someone. It is a crime to murder someone. Theres a clear difference.

          2. Ok. I am actually begining to see your point (begrudgingly. i liked my arguement) But tumblr should turn in such a blatant confession to the Police

            Writing that you killed someone is not a crime but it will be used as evidence that you killed someone. These posts are evidence of a crime, Which the Police should investigate. tumblr should report to Police after recieving a complaint about criminal behaviour. Then the Police can decide If Real, crank, or mentally ill. By All means keep the posts up until investigation is complete

          3. I do think its our duty, to do that. As it had been done.
            I believe tumblr have a duty NOT to get involved, because they control the platform, they must remain as neutral as possible to avoid all risk of being sued for having “tempered with online evidence”

          4. Sued by whom? The postee or the police? If the postee, then so what, Let em sue, they’ll lose. I Can’t See the Police doing anything to tumblr for forwarding a complaint. Btw I’m liking our little arguement, debating is fun

            Ps. Tumblr has a duty of care to users and employees, so They have to get involved If a complaint is made

          5. I meant “sued” by the postee, in case anything goes wrong, for defamation.

            Hell, even if they ARE guilty, and ADMITTED they did it. If the police don’t manage to convince any of the victims to press charge, Tumblr can be sued by the postee for defamation.

            Ps : thank you, i too enjoy this conversation.
            Pps : Yes, Tumblr have this duty, but remaining neutral is also a duty. So well, im not sure i will step there and argue about wich one should be prioritized. I have no idea. I just wanted to remind everyone here that it is not a bad thing they didn’t censored the posts… It’s exactly against that kind of censorship most of GG is fighting against on other platform. 🙂 so lets not throw them rocks because they allow the scum of this earth a public place to be dumbasses in front of everyone to see.

          6. The police go to the shops Ask the owner If any of this stuff has gone missing. Shops will defo prosecute, If They confessed as you suppose, then Open and shut case.

            Back to work now, thanks for debating, i’ll look back in every so often.

          7. Been a pleasure, keep fighting the good fight.
            Ps: wanted to add. You’re right about the procedure. The point is that it has to be done that way,in that order. Not only because it’s the legal way, but also because “charges” could be debunked if any of theses step weren’t properly made.

          8. If only All cases were Open and shut eh. Thanks for being civil, had fun. See you Next debate.

        3. No one is saying posting evidence is a crime, but if you’re posting evidence of your own crime it sure as fuck needs to be investigated and not just shrugged off. I can’t believe you’re defending that. No one is saying what they can or can’t post, we’re saying it’s irresponsible of tumblr to not forward EVIDENCE of a committed crime to the authorities for them to investigate.

          1. I know, i don’t even like tumblr. But, if the tumblr staff isn’t competent at detecting “evidence of a crime” and that it goes against the idea of a free speech, public platform, how should i ask them to act on presence of “plausible proofs” assuming its not just an ellaborated hoax or roleplay and then fight against censorship other website are using to silence whoever doesn’t stand in line ?

          2. The problem with that is that these people are literally saying “Look what I stole today!” That is admission of committing a crime. There is no way around that.

          3. Yes, but could be a joke, could be mental.
            Also, in the law, there is no crime, if there is no plaintif.
            Its up to the police,after the report, to find the “victims” and convince them to press charges.
            And only THEN, can theses admission of a crime be used against the criminal.

          4. Wut? People have been arrested for posting shit to Facebook and YouTube before. Why are you so adamant on defending this? How does a whole community with hundreds, possibly even thousands of posts all make the same, unfunny joke? This isn’t ceiling cat or “I herd u liek mudkipz” it’s a vast amount of people claiming to steal, posting pictures, with how much money they “saved,” which stores to target and how to get away with it. You’re really going to tell me that this is all just some stupid joke that THAT many people have been doing for however long this trend has been going? You’re going to tell me that ALL these people just suddenly happen to have the same mental illness that causes them to steal and brag about it? Kleptomania doesn’t work that way, Kleptomatic people take shit without even realizing it, they don’t go home and brag about how much money they didn’t spend on it.

          5. I defend the Tumblr staff, from being attacked because they wanted to remain neutral, because i believe its what people in their position of power over this public social platform should do. Stay neutral.

            I don’t defend the users of tumblr, whom i don’t know nor care… But, fighting against censorship and for freespeech means you have to enforce the difference between a provider of services and its users.

          6. No one here is talking about fucking free speech. God damn, get that through your fucking head. No one is trying to censor anyone, no one is trying to stop these retards from making their posts, no one is trying to get the posts removed. I am saying Tumblr should report CRIMINAL ACTIVITY taking place on their site to the authorities.

          7. Don’t take me wrong, i believe theses little turd deserve every inches of jail-time they could get. But if you begin to hold responsible the team who provide a free speech public platform for whatever shit every dumbass do and say on it, you’re going to eventually shut the team down or force them to change their ethic…. And that’s how censorship start.

  11. To be 100% clear here, I’m not advocating censorship of any kind – by all means leave the incriminating blogs & posts up as evidence for authorities.

  12. Next up: rapists film and post their actions, and Tumblr repeats its position on “freedom of expression”.

  13. Brb, starting a child porn tumblr blog, because photos of illegal activity are apparently perfectly fine and not evidence at all.

  14. The expectation that they not take responsibility for their illegal activity is pretty much the height of benevolent sexism. Because they’re female, they think they deserve respect, understanding, allowances and a hand-wave of any wrong doing. Any questioning of them or their actions is an act of misogyny to them, and they should have their motives understood.

    Nope. You commit a crime, you take responsibility. That’s the double-edged sword of equality.

  15. When a GGer makes an oblique comment he gets banned, but SJW abuse is met with, “well, you can just block them.

  16. NOW they value freedom of speech?

    For fuck’s sake, what the hell is WRONG with these sites?

    To be fair, if you let them post evidence freely it helps the authorities to track then down

    1. I’m right there with you.

      Let’s ban someone for disagreeing with a SJW or using crazy things like “facts” and “logic”.

      Shoplifting teenage girls from comfortably wealthy homes boasting about their crimes and encouraging others to do the same???

      Absolutely fine because “Freedom of expression”

      1. “evil overlord” now recruiting minions, see the word, meet new and exciting people, help conquor everything. Just saying maybe the world needs a ruler and im not opposed to being the one ruling with a iron fist.

  17. LOL. Every type you post an article on this, I immediately thing of Alex Lifschitz and ZQ on a “shopping spree”

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