OK, I’m about to go record the new interview with Candace Owens in about 30 minutes. Look for that to drop tomorrow morning at the latest. We have a lot to cover, so I’m sure you will all enjoy it. But first, let’s talk about this feminist library over in the United Kingdom that’s about to shutdown if they can’t come up with an extra $36,000 per month. A lot of rich, white feminists have voiced their support for helping it stay open, but as far as I can tell, they’re keeping their wallets closed.

In fact, the article cited a tweet by Gloria Steinem that they claimed voiced support for the fundraising effort, but when I clicked the link, I saw this:


That doesn’t look like much support to me. Then again, I’m a patriarchal shitlord, so maybe I’m missing something. It’s not that I expect old Gloria to fund the entire difference out of her own pocket. But a few thousand a month could really help their cause…if she cared enough. It’s a little bit harder to put your money where your mouth is.

And that’s what the whole thing boils down to, cold, hard cash. From the story

But the library, which currently has about 20 part-time volunteers, has been under threat since around December, when the council announced that its annual rent would more than double, in part to offset funding cuts.

“The council has a moral and legal duty to ensure it gets best value for its assets for the residents of our borough and given that we have had funding cuts of £47 million [around $62 million] and the building is a valuable asset in a zone 1, central London location, we can no longer subsidize the rents and have asked for the open market value rent,” Councilor Fiona Colley, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for finance, modernization and performance, told Women’s eNews in an email.

Thanks to the campaign, the council has now given the library, which Colley calls a “valuable resource,” until November to sign the new lease or move out. The rent increase was initially supposed to go into effect March 1.

Colley said the building that houses the library had a 20-year restriction that required it be used by the council for community organizations. But that has since expired and income from these properties helps pay for local public services.

You would think with all the millions flowing into diversity initiatives that money could be found to save this place. Eh, I guess there’s not enough room for graft for people like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn. It’s a little more difficult to steal money with a library than with nonexistent “anti-harassment” initiatives and YouTube videos. If you’re a talking head feminist you live by a certain creed: if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

    1. …and it needs to be bank rolled by some kind of external provider, because nothing says female independence like an unpopular and unproductive vanity project kept afloat by checks from wealthy parents/husbands/government subsidies in order to occupy and patronize narcissistic kiddults while they pretend to save the world.

  1. That name “Fiona Colley” sounds like the name of brutal patriarch if ever I heard one. SMASH THE SYSTEM!

  2. Maybe they can ask Anita for…


    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t finish that sentence without laughing. She’ll gladly use feminists to fatten her wallet, but she won’t give a single dollar to return the favor.

  3. feminists are very generous, and brave with other peoples money and other people’s safety otherwise they are just a lot of hot air and noise.

  4. Just to add a little perspective to this story, according to a story on the BBC website, which can be confirmed through a number of other sources, between 2010 and 2016 343 UK public library services were closed down, of which 207 were based in dedicated library buildings and 132 were “mobile” library services.

    8000 library staff (that is ONE QUARTER of the total) have lost their jobs as a result.

    In 2016 a further 111 public libraries are scheduled to be closed down.

    Those are public libraries which serve the general population, not a minority clique of 50% of the population.

    So yes, the whining lardass crybullies of Southwark can go fuck themselves – pay for your own obsession you selfish professionally outraged twats.

    1. “Those are public libraries which serve the general population, not a minority clique of 50% of the population.”

      No way. Here are the stats for the UK from a poll of 1300 UK women.

      Only 14% support feminism.

      For women in their 20s only 8% to 9% called themselves feminists.

      36% of the “youngsters” said the battle for equality was over before they were born.


      1. which bit of “a minority clique of 50% of the population” didnt you understand?

        50% (roughly) of the population are women
        Feminists make up a minority clique of that 50%

        hence “a minority clique of 50% of the population”

        Its called english mate…. try comprehending it next time eh?

  5. Why don,t they just do what any useless leftist group in the US does and demand that the leftist politicians give them more taxpayer dollars to combat this “Evil War on Women” ! Which of course the leftist politician will gladly do, as it is sometimes difficult to continually come up with ways to waste taxpayer dollars !
    And as a bonus, said leftist politician will get his face on the News for rescuing the poor abused , discriminated against women from their MYSAGONIST OPPRESSORS !!!!

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