For the most part, the police and military presences today in Washington DC did an admirable job of keeping thing in check. That’s not to say there wasn’t violence and a ton of property damage, because there was. GotNews covered it in detail, and we also showed some of it live earlier today on our inauguration stream. One of the better videos of the damage comes from Cassandra Fairbanks over on Twitter…

The next video shows how that damage happened…

People have also been physically assaulted throughout the day, which Ms. Fairbanks also attests to…

A limo also got a raw deal sometime this afternoon. What did that poor luxury vehicle ever do to you, anarchists?

But one of the bigger stories to come from the afternoon concerns white nationalist leader (I think that’s the designation he prefers) Richard Spencer. He was also reportedly punched as he made his way around town. Given his media exposure as of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually recognized him…

I imagine we’ll see some more madness before the day is over. Hopefully no one gets killed…unless they need to be. I wouldn’t rule out one of these psychos trying something truly insane.


UPDATE: Damn, this was a little nastier than I thought. He took a solid blow. This was the second hit, according to Spencer. The first one was a punch to his left eye. The Periscope is linked below, followed by footage of the second knock.

  1. Can’t wait till those Antifa’s get their just desserts. Oh I can hear their screams of agony as they are plunged into the cold hard embrace of eternity. 2017 is going to be a fun year >:)

    1. Antifa is fucked because they’re on the FBI’s radar now. If you’re a fringe political movement actively involved in habitual criminality and you get on the FBI’s radar you’re done. The FBI will infiltrate your cells, gather evidence on half your membership, lean on your leaders and ultimately purge your asses. That’s basically been their MO since the prohibition era.

  2. The SJWs and whacked out progtards don’t understand at all what Richard Spencer is. Richard Spencer is the Ghost of Christmas Future, he represents the end result of continued identity politics in the west. Want to have a few million Richard Spencers running around? Just keep pushing identity politics and it’ll happen.

  3. They hide their faces behind masks, no different than the KKK when they took to the streets. These people are not protestors, they are just domestic terrorist working towards anarchy followed by some form of marxism.

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  4. It’s disgusting how much they like themselves, I saw a video of antifa being introduced among some protesters and they were welcomed as heroes to much gratuity and applause. Heroes for what? They hide behind masks and have a habit of targeting anyone they feel like (I’ve seen them punch a woman in the face for not leaving a public space when they demand).

    Ultimately what they are is a bunch of thugs who locate people they deem to be political enemies, and then behave violently and thuggish to win a Pyrrhic victory in the short-term (whilst developing a reputation as a politically feeble entity, like terrorists). If they lack the self-awareness to realise this is fascism at its most basic level, then they are very stupid indeed, or as I just said, they just like themselves so much that they’re having too much of a good time to see this.

    1. That’s mighty nice of them to introduce the leaders, I hope that video gets forwarded to every LEO at all levels.

  5. Must be so brave to be a beta man titted lefty

    Over weight fuck blind sided a man talking and couldn’t even knock him down, let alone out

    Probably hadn’t eaten is fill of tofu dicks for the day

  6. It could’ve been an happy slap against someone wearing a suit jacket and tie who was therefore not an anarchist. I mean, Richard Spencer looks so perfectly average I don’t think an antifa or anarchist would recognize him off hand.

    BTW, the New York Times reports that the DisruptJ20 group that got so much attention before had only about 150 people.

  7. Ya know, I always considered Star Bucks and the folks who go there to be mostly liberal yet they get the windows knocked out. Go figure.

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