Earlier today, Richard Spencer’s upcoming appearance on the campus of Auburn University (Roll Tide, by the way) was cancelled. They said they feared for the safety of students, ya know, the usual bullshit.

Citing security and safety concerns — and the possibility of “civil unrest” — the University canceled his visit in a statement issued Friday afternoon.

“In consultation with law enforcement, Auburn canceled the Richard Spencer event scheduled for Tuesday evening based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors,” a University spokesperson said in a statement.

Just now, Spencer put out a video where he says haters allegedly called in all sorts of threats, including a chemical weapons one, which Auburn took seriously so that they could take the easy way out and cancel his presentation. He also noted that he had hired extra security on his own dime and had paid the fee to rent out the Foy Hall Auditorium, the same place where Milo Yiannopoulos spoke last fall. I guess they see Spencer as more likely to cause a violent reaction. Regardless of their justification, it’s bogus.

As Richard notes in the above video, this isn’t really about himself, the alt-right, or other associated figures. It’s about free speech as an ideal. The banning “problmeatic” views, which we’re seen a lot of lately, threatens the whole nature of public discourse. And Spencer is a pretty open guy who seems to relish debate with people who disagree with him. Why not come and challenge the guy to his face…with questions and rhetorical combat instead of threats and violence.

Seeing what the left has become as of late is truly sickening.