Good morning, and welcome to another day of hilarity and hypocrites here at The weekend was a bit slow, but we did do some pretty epic streaming. I’ll talk about that a little later this morning. I’ll also hopefully have my UK video montage done sometime today as well (by tomorrow evening for sure). But, enough with the rundown. Let’s get to the funny shit! Where shall we begin? Well, the salt storm Ricky Gervais caused with his jokes about Caitlyn Jenner last night seemed like a very good place to start. Slate already has an article out about it, saying this proves that the era of jokes about transgendered people were over.

My question to you is: why? Even if you think those jokes are offensive, guess what? A lot of offensive shit is funny. I lost some weight awhile back, but I’m still a bigger gentleman (lol). Comedians make fat jokes all the damn time, and I laugh when they’re funny. They also make jokes about race, women, and all that other fun shit, too. My favorite comedian of all time, Richard Pryor, routinely pushed the boundaries in all those areas. Many others regard him as the greatest as well. He would probably be hounded out of show business today. That’s how fucking bad it’s gotten.

I’m glad Mr. Gervais is continuing to push all the right buttons. Radical activists don’t get to decide what’s funny and what’s not funny. The only people who get to decide that is the general public. While his jokes may not have went over in a room full of pampered celebs (although many of them did, even there), I can guarantee you that Joe Sixpack loved seeing all these rich, spoiled, out-of-touch elitists get roasted for one evening out of the year. Fuck sycophantic comedy, I want a little bite with my humor.

Here’s some of the reactions that I personally collected from Twitter, along with a few more from The Daily Caller’s post on this…

(Yea, that shithead clearly knows comedy.)

Sounds like a damn good time! I might have to watch the replay, at this point.

At least someone still has a sense of humor left…

It’s sad when people have to try to sink their ideological claws into comedy. But I hope they continue. As we’ve seen over the last 12 months or so, comedians continue to flock to the anti-PC cause. They know what’s funny and what isn’t, plus they can smell the fascism from a mile away. All you’re doing is bring more people to our side, assholes. Keep up the good work!