Brianna Wu is going to get stomped hard with this whole “lemme run for Congress” gambit. It will give us all plenty of laughs, though, and that’s the best part. Wu is running against Stephen Lynch, a guy who has been in Congress since 2001 and has never lost a race for his seat. In fact, he’s held two different seats due to redistricting. He was “primaried” back in 2010 after voting against President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act. He faced off with Mac D’Alessandro, who used to be the New England political director of the Service Employees International Union. The SEIU, one of the most powerful unions in the country, spent $300,000 supporting his candidacy. The Boston Globe endorsed D’Alessandro as well.

Congressman Lynch beat D’Alessandro by 30 points in the primary.

As I said, Wu doesn’t have much of a chance. But why does the nutter think there’s even a slim chance of victory against a proven winner like Lynch in the first place? Well, for one, he’s anti-abortion. And given the ultra-liberal bent of his state, Massachusetts, he’s somewhat of an anomaly.  So, you would think that so-called progressives would be chomping at the bit to support Wu’s run, right?

“Calling me the least liberal member from Massachusetts is like calling me the slowest Kenyan in the Boston Marathon.” – Rep. Stephen Lynch 

Wrong. True, some Twitter activists and radical feminist retards are backing Batshit Brianna, but any Democrat with a brain can see Wu’s credentials are paper-thin. A recent demolition put out by Paste Magazine is worth everyone’s time. Some key excerpts are in order…

Before we get to that, though, there’s the issue of her alleged credibility. According to Wu, the defining trait that makes her qualified as a member of Congress is her experience dealing with the alt-right as an opponent of GamerGate…

This is being treated as the prime hook to entice voters. One need only look at her website to see this. Emblazoned in large bold letters is the statement “She Fought the Alt-Right and Won”.

What exactly constitutes “winning” against the alt-right in this scenario, however, is unclear. Considering the movement still exists, is still harassing women and one of its architects just got a comfy position in Trump’s White House, nobody can really say what exactly Wu “won” in her battle against the alt-right. She may be speaking about her personal success, considering her bevy of media appearances and large following gained after the harassment, but that will most likely be of little comfort to those who are currently facing the brunt of the organization.

Yes, I was always unclear about what it is Wu is claiming to have won as well. The alt-right is still around. Hell, even GamerGate is around, albeit in a somewhat diminished capacity. I was glad to see Paste call out the ridiculous nature of her slogan right at the outset of their piece.

There’s much more where that came from, however….

One of her stated goals is to give a larger focus to the tech industry…

[W]hat benefit does investing in the tech industry give to the average Boston citizen? None, unless you happen to be one of Wu’s friends who works in the tech industry. The question of what part of the budget Wu would slash to benefit her coworkers is currently unanswered, but the answer doesn’t really matter. The fact that she claims to be an advocate for women’s rights while also expressing her desire to divert funds to the (predominantly white, predominantly male) tech industry should speak to her lack of credibility as a feminist. Plus, since tech isn’t a market that’s particularly welcoming to those without expensive degrees, supporting its expansion into areas where it isn’t particularly large or needed is ultimately a pro-gentrification stance.

Huh. It’s almost like this entire run is all about Brianna and not about the citizens of the 8th Congressional District of Massachusetts. Oh, and Wu thinks working people are rubes who deserve no respect. I’m sure that kind of attitude will help topple working class champion Stephen Lynch. In fact, if the Democratic Party had adopted his positioning, they probably wouldn’t be in the sad shape they’re now in. But Wu wants to take him out because he doesn’t support abortion and is insufficiently supportive of transgender rights.

Makes sense.

Paste goes on to note that Wu has supported taking away federal dollars from states whose public officials sabotage liberal projects like the Affordable Care Act (which again, Lynch himself voted against). Brianna has since deleted some of the wacky spiel, but nonetheless gets taken back to the woodshed.

According to Wu, those in conservative states, regardless of who they voted for, deserve to have their education and healthcare taken away from them as “leverage” against their public officials, who probably don’t care about them to begin with. This would benefit no one, and would only hurt the working class in these states.

That’s not all, either. Wu would later defend Twitter user Melinda Byerley regarding a post she made about middle America…

Wu’s defense of Byerley’s statement lines up with her previously expressed ideology: That everyone in conservative states is a dumb bigot. Never mind the minorities that are suffering in these states, the fact that they live there means they deserve to suffer too.

The majority of Wu’s campaign has been focused on women’s rights and her self-stylings as a progressive, but when looking at her policies that don’t directly relate to women’s rights, they are virtually identical to the conservative platform she is allegedly running against: Pro-gentrification, support for big industries with only a cursory acknowledgement of smaller businesses, and deliberately taking away from underprivileged and marginalized Americans solely to spite her political enemies. Wu’s campaign confirms one of two things: She knows nothing about politics, or she’s content to use the poor as pawns. Or, to put it bluntly: She’s either an idiot or actively malicious. Both are likely, and both are equally troubling.

I know some people will be of a mind to dismiss the Paste post due to the ideological leanings of the publication, but to me it goes to show that even “thinking” progressives are of a mind to reject Wu’s run. That doesn’t bode well when it comes to Wu’s chances for success. Oh, by the way, apparently, Brianna plans to release an ad later today. I will either update this entry or do another one when it comes out. It’s sure to be hilarious, knowing what I know about Wacky Wu. I can only imagine what claims we’re going to see come out of that garbage fire.


UPDATE: Oh wow, Harmful Opinions got a hold of a link to the ad while I was writing this post. Even though Wu hasn’t tweeted it out, apparently the dumbass left it publicly searchable on Vimeo.

It’s just as cringeworthy as we expected.

I stood up to the alt-right during GamerGate, and I’ll do it in Congress, too. – Brianna Wu


      1. If she had a melt down would she start accusing anybody at the conference of being Gamer Gate supporters?

        Would this press conference have to be live?

    1. Lol – John Flynt keeps playing the Woman Card, seemingly not realizing that it makes his status as a biological man fair game.

    2. When you’re forced to move out of your rural town because you can no longer afford to live there, then you will understand the downsides of gentrification.

        1. Austin, Boulder, some towns in Oregon, Washington. It’s a kind of “liberal gentrification”, where well-off libs from populated cities move to these places, usually because, often, they’re college towns and they seem to think they’re with their own kind.

          Of course the greatest example of all is Aspen CO, which 50 years ago was nothing more than winter ski resort town, filled with rural folks and seasonal ski resort workers.

          1. Every ski resort can say the same from 50 years ago, you should have seen summit county back then. Or how Berthoud Pass was gravel until the late 70’s. There was a car that was swept off of the road there in the late 60’s that wasn’t discovered until the mid 70’s.
            But resort development isn’t gentrification. Gentrification is improving an existing community. Pricing out the natives from already existing homes.

  1. Is she completely retarded? Oh wait… we’re talking about Wu. Of course she is. Anyway, showing herself riding her motorcycle is probably the stupidest thing she could put in an campaign ad. I’ll give her some benefit of the doubt, and hope that maybe this wasn’t meant as a final product, just a rough draft.

  2. “She Fought the Alt-Right and Won”
    “The Internet Ruined My Life”
    Pick one. Btw with Wu running for congress and Zoe becoming a man (or something) in close succession, what happened to Anita?

    1. she picks the same choice, whatever is convenient at the time, while banking on the notion that linear time does not exist

    2. I believe she has lost at least 95% of her relevancy. She’s washed up, a has-been. I don’t even bother to look her up anymore. Probably by the end of the year, I will forget she even existed.

    3. She dumped the guy who did all of her thinking and writing for her, became a fat fuck, and has been utterly unproductive with her time and money.

    4. Sarkeesian is in desperate need of a fresh drama of her own that she can garner sympathy from. She can’t say anything controversial on Twitter like she used to, because shes on their “Trust & Safety” Council. This has had the rather ironic effect of, for example, her being forced to tweet a gif of her eating popcorn when Milo was banned instead of crowing how he deserved it like the others did. Also, it seems apparent she’s dropped the more blatant anti-Trump statements since its been pointed out that political activism is banned under the terms of the 501c3 that FemFreq operates under. And Ordinary Women has been a failure compared to the Tropes series, but then again they were just simple history lessons instead of highly subjective and inflammatory diatribes being passed of as objective and academic. She’s irrelevant right now, and long may she remain so.

      1. You made it sound like being a member of the Distrust and Censorship Council might be a form of oppression to her

    1. The AIs invented a new form of power generation a few years ago and lost interest in the red-goo pods. Now the lone robot octopus left in charge of the obsolete system is just turning up the “general craziness” dial because much like a Chernobyl tech he’s bored and feels like running an unauthorized experiment.

  3. Good lawdy-loo, the political landscape has gone completely batshit crazy since 2015 and I’m loving every second of it. Please let this continue, and culminate in a hilarious defeat with her whining about oppression at the end.

  4. the motorcycle and everything, man this is great! “Im gonna gatekeep gamergate from congress” lol, and then paste calls her a white feminists, lol fun times! thx brianna!

  5. What even is this Paste publication? It’s writing reminds me of that time I found a partial copy of The Stranger in a bus station and started reading an article about how Christmas is evil and it had a picture of Trump as the Grinch on it. Exactly how much of a fringe lunatic do you have to be if you think the MSM isn’t quite fanatically “progressive” enough for you and resort to reading shit like these?

    This Stephen Lynch guy is somewhat intriguing. How do you win democratic primaries let alone get elected is MA while being anti-abortion and anti-Obamacare? What demonic pact did this guy make? There must be some quirk of his district that accounts for this, probably full of reasonably well off Catholics I’d wager.

    1. Wikipedia has some good info on the 8th district, and how it has changed over the years. Chauncey L. Knapp was a member of the Know-Nothing Party in 1855-1857, which was an explicitly anti-Catholic nativist party. That might give you an idea of the district’s former demographics. This apparently changed over time, since Joe Kennedy got the job in 1986.

      Stephen Lynch was representing the 9th district until the 2013 redistricting (i.e., gerrymandering) when he got transferred to the 8th. People in rural Mass. are more conservative than those in greater Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, so occasionally one gets a Republican elected, though the party is nearly moribund. We had, for example, Republican governors Bill Weld and Mitt Romney.

      But Wu lives in the 5th district (in greater Boston, though I won’t name the town – unless she’s recently been “driven from her home by Gamergate”), whose rep is Katherine Clark, a Wu ally. While it’s perfectly legal to run for rep of a district you don’t live in, the political motivations of such a move are obvious, and the residents tend to regard such a politician as a carpet-bagger.

      It’s possible she could pick up a few votes from transphilic virtue-signalers, which aren’t exactly thin on the ground in Our Benighted Commonwealth, but if she’s foolish enough to go through with this charade – and I’d never bet against her general batshittyness – she’ll probably have her ass handed to her, in a most lollercoastrian manner.

      1. As I said on twitter I think her entire run is just a deliberate Springtime for Hitler gambit in any case, soak up primary donations from whoever will give them, skim from the campaign’s finances, get stomped before the general election, profit.

        Obviously there’s the bonus of more talk shows, more interviews, more media exposure etc. More attention and more opportunities to try and insert wuself as some sort of official representative of trannydom.

    2. Jerry mandering is also a possibility, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in upstate New York and my familial dealings in Connecticut, it’s that the greater New England/Northern East coast district of the US does not have your run of the mill liberal politics, even in its hard cast blue states.

  6. That “grab them by the pussy” shit from ages ago will never die, will it? I don’t get what is the idea behind including that. Like, now that Trump is the president, will he be personally travelling the country grabbing women by their pussies or will he make a law that allows people to do that or what? How stupid comment from years ago will destroy women’s rights? Just fucking stupid as all hell.

    1. the cockiness it took for a trans person to rock this get up so soon after trying to become a woman is astounding.

  7. I cannot quite remember but didn’t he buy that motorcycle with some of the funds that he was given to make a game with?

  8. She’s just doing it to raise money from the campaign that she can sink into tangible items that she can keep when it’s all over. There’s a lot of money to be made just from campaigning.

  9. Lynch does a good job of reflecting the politics of his district–which I find it hard to believe this person can pull off. On the other hand, Lynch has not really accomplished anything of relevance and has no clear leadership or vision especially as a member of the minority party. I think the only way to replace him with someone who will make a difference is for an independent to run on a platform of realism and compromise…protect the rights of marginalized groups, stand up to bigotry and hate, but admit that Obamacare was flawed and work to find rational Republicans who will create a 2.0 instead of a 0.0. The question for Steven Lynch, in the next year, is what will you do to become relevant? Standing up at rallies is great, but someone has to lead a way out of the partisan morass.

  10. I actually hope she wins just for the fucking lulz that ensue if she actually ends up in office. Remember all of the gamergate lulz that happened for like a year straight? Imagine what 3 full years of it would be like. I personally would laugh myself to death most likely.

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