As many of you know, I’ve been planning a piece on Onision ever since the stuff with Evalion went down. I guess I better go ahead and do it, before Milo Yiannopoulos ends up beating me to the punch. Then again, I’m not sure that he will bother after the epic beatdown that he just gave him over on Twitter. It was one of the most thorough that I’ve seen in quite some time.

Onision. Talking about others not knowing how to research a topic. OK.

Ouch, it doesn’t get much more brutal than this. I would argue that a person who was (allegedly) dishonorably discharged from the military, who has definitely abused women in the past (by filming their mental breakdowns, for one), and who is also just a generally creepy and scummy dude deserves a lot, lot worse. He’s used to picking on people who don’t have the same sort of following, but tonight he got his ass handed to him.

    1. onion son? a popular idiot attempting to be a “male” laci green you know a pretty face, “feminist”, lots of fast talking, and nothing in between the ears. however i think he’s in his late 30’s (or i think it was even older like in his 50’s) which makes it sort of creepy that the bulk of his fans are tweens that he likes to use as a brainless zombie army.

  1. Milo follows this jerkoff but he won’t follow me? Yes, I know he followed to troll him but still where’s the love? 😀

  2. Who is Onision

    Such a simple question triggered this person enough to get this salty, dear god.

    Who IS him btw ? I mean, besides the burn ward’s newest resident of course.

    1. think laci green, same mental capabilities, same cult, similar fan base, but with less emotional control. loves to use his fans to swarm people he doesn’t like.

  3. “Onision. Talking about others not knowing how to research a topic. OK.”

    That’s just Onision being Onision. A professional hypocrite.

    1. I’m not so sure I would call his responses classy, but you know, there is no classy way to take out the trash, and he certainly did it majestically.

  4. If I don’t know who Onision is by now then they are not important enough to care, but I will say that picture on their account, whoever it is, sure looks like a solid 8.7 on the faggot scale.

  5. Why is it that every time Milo roasts a complete asshole for their assholish behavior, my ovaries asplode?

  6. Pretty sure the first time I heard of this guy was watching a video of Amazing Atheist and Mercedes Carrera bashing him. He had this super faggy emo hairstyle (which apparently got even worse since then), and talked in a pseudo-edgy nasal valley girl voice. Absolute lolcow.

  7. Onision is such a little bitch, this couldn’t happen to a nicer piece of shit.

  8. Onision is just or a bigger scam artist than Anita Scamkesian. He’s done a lot of bogus shit in the past about himself and his girlfriend. Surprised he’s not in jail. Onision is such a fag that he makes Milo ashamed to get fucked in the ass.

  9. Unrelated, but Milo always strikes me as he could kill a dude if he had to. Like he’d be that dyed blonde somewhat effeminate looking gangster chilling in the back of a Turkish hookah opium den and he runs that shit.

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