As most of you know, on Friday we did a stream on the the fake gamedev who calls himself RogueStar (real name: Illian “Slade” Villena). I’d supported his crazy ass for over a year, but the ridiculous behavior had finally gotten to be too much. As I explained at the top of the show, he recently tagged me in a tweet talking about me supposedly self-harming. I decided after that to cut ties with the psycho (this is a method he has used to try to get people swatted in the past, by the way). That turned out to be a very good decision, since he seems to have fallen even further off the deep end since we last communicated.

I’d recently been given a tip that he would try to feed me false information in an effort to troll me. I’m not sure why he thought this would work, since not only am I not as stupid as he thinks, I also have real trolls consulting with me on this case. Here’s the original tip…


Followed by some more hilarious shit from RogueStar’s Facebook and Kickstarter…






So, Rogue thinks he’s a master prankster, huh? I guess that’s why he thought he could get away with sending me this story, which is so bizarre it’s hard to put into words just how bizarre it is. I think it’s better to just let you guys read it.


There is almost no doubt that Rogue wrote this entire thing himself. You would think that he would be more concerned with finishing the game he raised thousands of dollars to make, but that’s not in his character. He’s a scammer, so I guess behavior like this just comes naturally to him. This pastebin is a good place to start if you want to see more. Personally, I think I’ve wasted enough characters on the crazy fucker already. I’ll link the Shoot Stream below for those who missed it. Other than that, I think we can close the book on Mr. Villena. Even if he releases his game, it will be utter shit. At least you stole those thousands, though, Slade.