I told you the other day that we would have more on IGF corruption. When I said we, I really meant RogueStar. You see, even though he got suspended from Twitter the other day, you guys should know by now that nothing is gonna slow him down. His IGF operation was always planned for today, so he set up another account, and released the info. Here’s the tweet, along with some more explanation, below: 


(From RogueStar’s Tumblr)

I can’t do this alone #GamerGate.

We have to inform indie gamedevs directly about the corruption of the IGF and IndieCade.

I have all the contacts ready; twitters, facebooks, emails.

These are independent gamedevs still participating in the IGF this year.

Its time to inform them; the same way you’ve been informing advertisers for the past few months.

Don’t get mad at them. Be polite, be courteous.


We can do a way better job of promoting their work than the IGF or IndieCade.

I trust you all. Please use http://solution6.org/indie-corruption/ it’s all right there when it launches.

All the research is compiled right herehttp://roguestarslade.tumblr.com/post/104633458705/a-call-for-reformation-to-all-independent-game

Rogue is right, he can’t do this alone. If you follow those links, they have all the info you need to contact these members and inform them of the culture of corruption that surrounds the IGF. It’s going to take some email sending, and word of mouth. But there’s a good chance that we can at least peel some of these developers away. And if we don’t? Nothing was lost either way.


UPDATE: Here’s a short update…Rogue’s original Twitter account is back! As usual, phonies like Brianna Wu abused the report system.