I tweeted out Ron Paul’s recent message to the Democratic Party just a few minutes ago, but it’s so good that I think it deserves its own post here on the site.

Read it all. It’s potent and spot-on..

Progressives bear direct responsibility for Trump’s victory. They grossly miscalculated in nominating Mrs. Clinton, an avaricious and humorless technocrat who utterly failed to engage ordinary people. They abandoned populist economic themes and union halls in favor of global trade deals. They stayed silent while the Obama administration spent two full terms at war. They excused Obama’s NSA scandals. They cheered the growth of an imperial presidency and an activist judiciary, both of which they are now shocked to imagine outside their control.

But worst of all, progressives have poisoned America with vicious identity politics and a deeply false narrative of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and privilege. How could a backlash not result? By demonizing history, religion, traditional families, and middle America, they deliberately politicized whole areas of life that should be off limits to government. Politics is war, but it is also sales. 

He excerpted the message from a post on his site. The whole piece is a lot more negative than I am about things, but then again, I’m not a conservative. I’m an independent. And the reason for me declaring my independence from the left is spelled out above. They abandoned their principles in favor of “free market” globalism and unhinged greed. They made excuse after excuse for former President Obama. Imagine if the NSA revelations had happened on George W. Bush’s watch? Or if Donald Trump had been the one to ramp up droning to an incredible level? Obama didn’t even end our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan like he repeatedly promised to do on the campaign trail. Even his signature accomplishment, Obamacare, was a giveaway to Big Pharma and the insurance industry.

Time and time again over the last 8 years, Obama and the Democrats have ditched their promises and twisted their own professed principles. The media did nothing but make excuses for them while slandering anyone who dared to say anything was amiss. Now, they are all reaping their reward: President Donald Trump.