TRR staff writer WildGoose joins me to talk about the news of’s demise. We also talk a little bit about Donald Trump’s rhetorical and strategic shift as of late.


Trump’s shift:



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  1. What’s stopping this scoundrel from coming back under Univisions wing with another mask on and resuming his crimes from somewhere that doesn’t view America’s laws as worthy of deporting someone? like he becomes the next Julian Assange and hides out somewhere and still continues this vitriol?

    1. Well, if Gawker ends up winning their appeal, then he will get the majority of the money from the sale ($145 million, Denton is/was the majority shareholder of Gawker Media). So, theoretically he could start up a new site with some of that cash. We’ll see if that happens or if he’s just so happy to get his cash that he retires. He could also lose the appeal and get nothing haha.

      1. Aye, don’t get me wrong that i am glad to see him go but there will always be those that want him to come back. Gutter press and such draws a lot of attention. (It’s been awhile since I been to America but I still believe there is a cult following for those sleazy gossip mags at the end of the tills and such) I shall have to watch the video when I finish my night shift!

    2. One can only hope that after the sale is completed, Peter Thiel pops up from the shadows and tells Denton, “AH-HAH! The trap is sprung! I secret bought Univision via shell corporations months ago, so that makes me your new boss! BWAH-HAH-HAH!”

  2. Posted this originally elsewhere:

    Ding Dong Gawker’s Gone
    For showing pics of Hogan’s Schlong
    Ding Dong Gawker’s finally Gone.

    Ding Dong Denton’s screwed
    Without the benefit of any lube
    Ding Dong Denton’s really screwed

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