Ryan Lochte made some mistakes when he told his story about being robbed at gunpoint to the media. First off, there was no gun pointed directly in his face and it wasn’t a classical robbery. But given the details that have since come out, I think the media and many commentators owe this man an apology. He for damn sure should not be facing discipline from the United States Olympic Committee. Why? Because much of what he said stands up.

Guns were drawn and he was forced (again, at gunpoint) to pay for damage to a Shell poster that the gas station got for free in the first place. How can you owe damages on a free fucking sign? And what kind of civilized country holds someone at gunpoint and forces them to pay for a free sign? That is, in fact, a robbery. And yes, I realize that Brazil is in no way civilized. They should have never had these games anyway, and millions of Brazilians agree with me.

You’ve seen what the media did to people who supported GamerGate. You see what they’re in the process of doing to people who support the alt-right or find themselves associated with the alt-right. They need boogeymen to sell their shit blogs and newspapers and asinine conventional wisdom. Given how shitty the Brazilians were when it came to putting on the Olympics, they needed a foil as well. Who better than some cocky white dude from the USA? And the sad thing is, his own countrymen sold him down the river when he needed them most.

So, I stand by the dude and I hope he comes back with a vengeance. Will he? Who knows. Lochte will be 36 or so when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics roll around and that’s kinda ancient for a swimmer. I’m really hoping this can be the fuel for his fire, though. I want to see everyone of these shithead media devils eat shit for what they did to this champion. Is he perfect? No. Could he stand some criticism for all this? Yes, of course. But these bastards turned him into a pariah and it’s not right.

Fuck the mainstream media.