People are really into labeling Donald Trump as some sort of insanely evil figure. He’s routinely compared to Adolf Hitler, despite having almost no similarities to the Fuhrer, and now, Salon has run a column explicitly calling him a domestic terrorist.

The media and his enemies aren’t content with trying to beat him with normal rhetoric. They want to ruin Trump for good and perhaps see him in prison. That’s how mad they are about him upending the established political order.

From Salon


Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist. That assertion rests on two pillars: a definition and a pattern of facts…

Trump’s active, aggressive tweets – and the applause they receive online from his supporters – are not calculated to dampen the animus toward his opponents.

If these new realities alter the perspective on what constitutes incitement, Mr. Trump has fortified the case by promising publicly and in advance to pay the legal fees for a supporter who carries out the violence blessed by the candidate…

Trump’s reckless, threatening rhetoric reached its peak in his intimation that – whether or not he enters the Republican convention with a majority of delegates – the nomination should be his or else there will be riots.

For a person in his position, to forecast a riot is to foment a riot..It is tantamount to telling delegates for other candidates “make me the nominee or my guys will break your heads!”

Incredibly, Trump’s longtime crony, Roger Stone, extended the intimidation, stating that the campaign will release delegates’ hotel room numbers during the convention if they consider switching to other candidates.

First off, citing aggressive tweets as a reason why someone should be classified as a domestic terrorist is pretty much insane. But take a look at the final part of that section. Roger Stone is not affiliated with the campaign, as the author claims. In fact, he was dismissed from the campaign last summer by Mr. Trump himself (or quit, depending on the version you believe). Then again, this is Salon, so we know that telling the truth is pretty low on the agenda.

After all, this is the same outlet that has been trying to mainstream pedophilia for the last year or so. I guess it should come as no surprise that their business is struggling in the wake of such editorial decisions.

Layoffs hit digital news site Salon today, POLITICO has learned.

A Salon spokeswoman said that six staffers were affected by the layoffs. Sources close to the company said that assistant managing editor Ruth Henrich and life editor Kim Brooks were among them.

Henrich and Brooks could not be reached for comment.

Henrich had been at the company since the late 1990s. Joan Walsh, Salon’s former editor in chief, told POLITICO that Henrich was “the heart and soul of Salon for the last 18 years.”

I realize Joan Walsh was trying to be complimentary there, but calling someone the “heart and soul of Salon” is one of the nastiest insults I can think of.

So, BuzzFeed is in trouble, Salon is getting rocked, and Cracked was also sold recently. What do all these outlets have in common?

    1. A loose relationship with the truth
    2. Strict adherence with the SJW narrative
    3. Rabidly Anti-Trump

I know there’s probably a few more commonalities, but those are the first ones that jump out at me. None of these companies are going out of business…yet. But the downward trend is heartening to see. We can only hope that the idiots in charge continue to steer their publications into the ditch. Columns like the one above show that they are nothing more than a boil on the ass of public discourse here in America.

May their demise be swift and brutal.