I wrote a couple articles about Salon and their attempted justification of pedophilia. They ran posts from a guy named Todd Nickerson that tried to put a happy face on the depravity. Well, guess what? Now those articles have been removed. This is why you should always archive controversial articles from the mainstream media. Because one day, they will just disappear that shit and act like they never happened.


Old posts by yours truly…

DISGUSTING: SJW Media Trying to Normalize Pedophilia, With Salon Leading The Way

DISGUSTING: Salon Goes Back to the Pro-Pedophile Well (UPDATE)

Links to the original Salon articles…

Link 1

Link 2

I also downloaded their interview with Nickerson from the second post.


I checked both entries and can confirm that they have been removed. The author appears to have been scrubbed from their website altogether.

I know you all will be just as surprised as I was to see that Salon is not only morally bankrupt, but that they’re also fraudulent.

  1. Maybe they are trying to be “Whiter then white” with the Milo hit going on? Trying to make sure nothing comes back at them and unlike a few people around like you Ralph, they won’t do their research and therefore be like: “Look at us, we are awesome.”

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  2. Well at least they are back to pedophilia being bad. That will be good as the FBI and NYPD roll up their pizzagate busts!

    1. They’re wanting to play as though they’re anti-pedophilia since they’re labeling Milo as a pedophile. Keeping these articles up would make it too easy for people to throw the hypocrisy in their face.

    2. The timing makes perfect sense. Milo had tons of social and political capital following the Berkeley riot which seriously upped his profile and got him on Maher where they generally came to a public agreement regarding the cancerousness of Islam thus compounding the prog butthurt.

      So they hit him with an aimed shot they’d obviously had prepared and waiting for a very long time because the material in question is a year old. It’s just like when the MSM dug up that pussy grabbing hot mic and waited to release it just prior to the second debate when it’s effect against Trump could be maximized and most effectively leveraged.

      The corporate media are liars and propagandists, regardless of any faults of Milo’s the media are the enemy and never forget it.

  3. Didn’t one or two other outlets jump on the normalize pedophilia bandwagon? I thought I remember the NY Times running an article about the same time. How the SJWs were trying to put the “P” in LGBTQ.

  4. It’s an obvious strategy to cover their arse now that paedophilia is used to smear a conservative. Salon are cancer.

  5. Now that pizzagate is in the open and Trump, the fucking president of the united states, is railing against the media hard, they’ve likely realized they’re up shit creek and don’t want filth like this around when the RWDS come knocking on their doors.

  6. the legacy media have figured out a title that still can cut: pedo, but give them a bit and they will wear that one down like racist, sexist, islamophobic, think of the children/women

  7. Great post and wise decision to archive the propaganda media’s past support for pedophilia. They are so predictable and this is also no surprise.
    If you really want to understand and connect the dots between their support of pedophilia, the horror and reality show playing out across this country via protesters, rioters, the interference run by the same propaganda media in its selected reporting, our political leadership and politicians and more you really must understand that the shadow government and Deep State are not only lashing out against those of us not having supported and voted for Hillary but also the DT administration.
    To start gaining some insight what we are seeing go to http://www.themilleniumreport.com and read what is at stake and it involves the entrenched powers and Deep State, their planned coup or overthrow of the DT administration. It also involves the trafficking of our children and sick actions via organized pedophilia by the entrenched powers that began to enter the public domain by WikiLeaks: Pizzagate. This is no joke because it is dark, twisted and demonic what is taking place right under our noses while these scheisters smile on cameras giving their speeches. Start at that link and you begin to connect the dots!
    We have leaders, judges, moguls, politicians and more are running very scared about being exposed and it is no wonder that Salon removed their support of pedophilia which they now try to hide.

  8. It’s about time there is absolutely no justification for molesting nor abusing or murdering of small children and infants for adult sexual “pleasure.” Sex as punishment is cruel and is a crime where no justification nor rationale can be given. The acts are psychotic.

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