It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Sam Biddle. He got moved up to the main Gawker site (or banished from Valleywag, depending on your take), and has been writing the same sort of trash that he wrote before. The only difference is, now he writes about general interest stuff, instead of tech. It hasn’t made him any less insufferable, that’s for sure. As a matter of fact, the last article I did about Biddle, concerned him stealing a photog’s work without proper credit or remuneration. That’s bad, but not as bad as his recent post.

I know we’ve been talking a lot about jihad lately, but it just seems to keep coming up. Biddle’s new post deals with it as well. It’s called: The ISIS Babies Are Freaking Adorable, and it’s written in a supposedly snarky way. The only problem is, you can’t really tell it’s snark. It seems to be more admiration and enjoyment, rather than derision and sarcasm. Here’s a section:

“One of the things you learn when you spend any time reading ISIS Twitter is that ISIS Twitter is filled with the cutest darn jihadis you’ve ever seen.

There’s basically no context provided for any of these images, popular among Twitter’s thriving ISIS and ISIS sympathizer community—mostly just tots posing before the increasingly iconic al-rāya black flag. Most of these come from Twitter user Osman Iraqi, who maintains a feed consisting mostly of beheading video stills, Islamist cartoons, and combat photos. And… babies!”

There is a paragraph at the end of the piece that’s a little bit better, but I would argue that ISIS getting to broadcast their propaganda on a platform like Gawker is a huge win, regardless. It’s an even bigger win when an idiot (I won’t throw him in with #FullMcIntosh yet) like Same Biddle is on the case. How fucking dumb can you be? Many readers were about as amused as I am:Selection_636


Gawker, disgusting decent people everywhere, as usual. Every time I think they can’t get any lower, they always do. I’m not sure what they have planned next, but hopefully it’s not more gifted propaganda victories for terrorists.