Some idiot who I never heard of left GamerGate. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before! No, seriously, let me talk about this nonentity for one second. She left and then wrote a column about it on a pro-GamerGate website. Why they published this trash, I will never know. But, they did, and it set off a firestorm for the small number of people who read it. Movie Bob was one of those people. Sargon decided to call him out, and instead of debating like a man, he went to sleep like a pussy. Well, this gave Sargon some material to work with, which is the only reason I’m even talking about the whole affair. The latest This Week in Stupid that he’d already put out is also included below. 


  1. Unrelated to article, but I’ve been curious as to why Sargon pulled the Sarkeesian Effect video on his channel? I’ve been hearing bits and pieces, but haven’t found a straight forward answer as to why.

      1. Speaking as someone who donated to the Sarkeesian Effect, I have this to say to Jordan’s critics.

        Stop acting as if you’re fighting the GamerGate Madoff. How much money do you think people donated anyway? I donated a total of 18$ You think I give a shit if I lost that amount of money? Do you think I at any point expected them to produce a Hollywood production?

        I knew from the start these people were amateurs, and that there was a good chance the project would come to nothing. No one donated thousands of dollars to these people. I donated hoping it would go to a good cause, and if it turns out it was spend on hookers and booze, then I lost 18$. Not exactly the end of the world.

        1. “How much money do you think people donated anyway?”

          Did you just ask that? Are you kidding me? I think people donated right around $158,922. Just because you don’t care about your $18 doesn’t mean other people don’t care about their money.

          A liar and a fraud shouldn’t need to face repercussions as long as they only steal a little bit from a lot of people? Good to know. I’ll just launch a kickstarter to fund the space elevator I will be building in my backyard. I’ll limit the maximum donation to $10 and sleep well at night knowing that there is nothing morally wrong with never finishing the project and delivering everyone’s tickets.

          EDIT : Whoops, I read your original post wrong. I thought you were defending Anita and talking about donating to femfreq (which did seem peculiar because I wasn’t sure why you’d be on here.)

          As for Jordan and his movie, I haven’t been following that saga close enough to comment. Some of what I said may (or may not) apply to him. 3 people upvoted my comment so I’m guessing something does or else they misread your comment as well.

  2. Bob is the kind of “man” god himself yould talk too and he would be like: “NO I AM IN THE RIGHT, I AM SO SMART!!!”

  3. Sargon didn’t put out this TWIS episode, sh0eonhead did 😉
    Just a little correction!

  4. Captain Privilege seems to have nailed Kendra Hale down good and proper – she appears, from her Twitter activity, to have been aGG and solidly so.
    So Blob has posted an easily debunked fake story…… what a surprise.

    MovieBlob….proving that being fat and stupid is a profession since whenever.

    1. I remember someone saying that the only accounts of her’s that could be located looked like aGGro fodder.

  5. At least Sargon managed to escape from Movie Blobs basement where he was being held captive. Now I can rest easy.

  6. That Kendra really doesn’t know that we know the signs of a steaming bullshit is quite telling… who does she thinks she’s bullshitting?

  7. A little bit of info for the youngster SJW, Elviras bit has always been playing up the brainless bimbo for humor. Imagine that, a gorgeous woman who engages in self depreciating humor

  8. Hey Ralph You seen the Bullshit video channel awesome did or I should say some of the members of that site? Mainly Nostalgia Chick and Pedo Dan Olson saying dumb shit.

    1. I second what the guy above me said.

      *edit* I am referring to sevuz, I forgot how format worked for the comments section.

  9. In Sh0eonhead’s video I am astounded the lengths these people go to remain children. This is precisely what the problem is with people. They don’t want to be adults but have the world sanitised for them.

    Stiff shit. If you can’t cope with the pressures of being an adult then that’s the reason you fall behind. Not patriarchy. Not oppression. Not whatever fucking buzzword you’ve created in the faint hope that it’ll catch on.

    I like how she called out the “internalised misogyny” catchcry.

    Good vid, sh0e. It’s better than anything I could do as a man. Whoops there I go with my internalised misandry thing that apparently don’t real.

  10. I loved sh0e’s hosting on Sargon’s ‘This Week in Stupid’ a lot. She should do it more often.

    Sidenote: GG gets tons of ‘converts’ from aGGro side. aGGros are desperate so they make up their own ‘covert’. Sad.

  11. SJWs being outraged at women wearing dresses on public restroom signs is hilarious. “Wearing dresses has nothing to do with womanhood! Unless you’re a man who wears dresses; then that just proves you really are a woman inside!” Ah, the pretzels they twist themselves into to find everything and its opposite oppressive.

  12. Movie Bob: A true nerd and geek in every sense of the word. His downfall; he wanted so bad to be accepted by the “cool kids.”

  13. I still love Blobs “Gamergate is really a Republican front to keep Hillary outta the White House” routine and other assorted tin foil theories lol

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