Most of you know that I’ve always been a fan of Carl Benjamin’s, aka Sargon of Akkad. I’ve known him since the early days of GamerGate. We’ve been on shows together on his channel and mine, I used to talk to him on Twitter often (he’s no longer on Twitter), etc. He’s a nice guy, and while I wouldn’t say we are great friends, we’ve always been friendly and respectful of each other. I just wanted to preface this post with that disclaimer so that what I’m about to share with you is not taken as an attack on him. But the tirade he unleashed was so noteworthy that I need to cover it. Also, I’m just now getting back to work after my long vacation and we need some juicy material around here.

I think Sargon calling a stream chat full of alt-righters a bunch of “white n*gg*rs” qualifies as juicy, don’t you?

Here’s the full link:

I’m still catching up on what all transpired in my absence, but I have read and listened to a much of material about Sargon’s whole “Liberalist” initiative. I guess he’s trying to start a political party, or at least a movement. I mean, it’s cool if you want to do something like that, but it strikes me as a bit of an overreach. People with billions of dollars would have a hard time starting a formidable political movement, so I don’t think it’s going to be easy for YouTube shittalkers to just ramp things up. I think a tour was also mentioned, sort of like Milo Yiannopoulos did, and something like that could have value for Sargon’s personal brand. But as far as starting a potent political movement goes, that’s very hard to do. It’s much easier to join one of the current parties and influence them from within (take Donald Trump, for example).

Sargon’s gambit was also made exponentially harder after he decided to drop the n-word a bunch of time and call someone a f*gg*t. That sort of stuff is fine if you’re just talking trash online, but it’s not the best PR when you go into politics mode. I do have to agree that the alt-right seems to have really gotten under Sargon’s skin. The commenters on the above clip, who to be fair were almost all anti-Sargon to begin with, pointed to his debate with Richard Spencer as the catalyst. I wasn’t here to see him in the days following that, and I’ve yet to see the entire debate, so I can’t really say. This is the moment they linked to, though.

A couple of my followers on Twitter thought Sargon was right in the original clip and that this whole thing was being overblown.

Yea, I guess you could say he had some kind of point, but anything of value is going to be lost because he got worked up and called everyone a bunch of n*gg*rs. Lemme know what you guys think about this episode.I have a few more thoughts myself, but I’m going to cut it short.