You know, sometimes we see some crazy shit around here. You would think that these anti-GamerGate hacks would have learned not to talk crazy shit on Facebook by now. Remember Leigh Alexander’s “Fuck ethics, get money” quote? Well, this one is even more idiotic. Mark Serrels, the editor of Kotaku Australia, just said that he wants to “physically fight” GamerGate. That’s kinda funny coming from a wet noodle like him, but he seemed to be serious about it. Here’s the screenshots:1 a5wdBqX

Our friend Mike Cernovich already has a video out offering to take this unprofessional clown up on his offer:

I don’t think well see Serrels step up to the plate. Like all these pussies, he talks a big game but never backs it up. I mean look at the guy. Does this pencil-neck look like he strikes fear into anyone, besides maybe his dog?hqdefault

We all shaking in out boots over here lol. The thing is, pros aren’t supposed to talking about fighting their audience. Even if it was a joke, it’s bullshit. Why? Because they wouldn’t let us get away with some shit like that. Imagine if Sargon said he wanted to square-up with Arthur Chu or some shit. Actually, that would be pretty fucking funny, now that I think about it. But still, he would catch shit for it, and rightfully so. Why should a guy who’s supposed to be an actual journalist be exempt from the rules of decorum?

In my view, they shouldn’t be. But, as always, I would like to know what the #BasedCommentSection thinks. I’m pretty sure most of you will agree with me, although I’ve been surprised before. I have so much more stuff to write about today, it’s ridiculous. By the way, speaking of Chu, I’ve gotten word that he’s going to be on Jeopardy tonight. If he is, I will be live with it on my Streamup channel. So be on guard for that, just in case.

  1. The only plausible explanation for such a thing to be said by someone like that is the intent to test the theory of “Everything from Australia will kill you”.
    I’ll give him credit though, he could probably beat me easily. But then, is beating someone with a defective spine really that much of an accomplishment?

    1. Additionally, KotakuAu is Allure Media run which was bought up by Fairfax…. Or FauxFacts Australia’s leading “independent always” far left wing rag.

      Currently labelling anyone who boos an indigenous footballer (but not 100’s of other indigenous players) as racist. Sounds like games journos broad brushing gamers at sexist yeah?

  2. LOL, this twig looks likes like he can’t rip through a piece of toilet paper! Let alone fight a GG supporter. Just like that lanky ass bitch Richard Staton!

  3. They could run a aGGro tag team vs Cernovich. He would just end up beating the snot out of them one after the other.
    Now there is something I would pay to watch.

  4. Isn’t this the 2nd or 3rd anti that wants to be in a physical altercation with GG?

    Talk about a blowhard hiding behind a keyboard in a country far far away…

    1. 2nd time. And yes, these twats are all bark and no bite. Especially when they’re the other side of the globe sitting on their boney asses typing shit from their keyboard.

        1. I know Diddle made that “Bring Back Bullying” tweet to slander gamers, but I wasn’t aware he made direct approach to physically fight GG’s. Guess I overlooked something.

          1. There was also that Black from I think a UK outlet that wanted to attack any of us he found at a convention.

    2. The thing that leave me baffled is that these people can’t beat an average Joe but they still talk shit on “physically fight GG” a fucking worldwide movement. They don’t understand that a lot of GG can take on them with a hand tied behind the back…It’s really funny!

      I’m kinda tired of these human failures considering we started 10 months ago with that sack of lard of Sam Biddle and we’re still here with physical threat against us.

      1. What the antis don’t realize is that Gamers are not interchangeable like the Antis are. They are always projecting. I’m pretty old. I grew up as a military brat during a time when fighting at school was a given. Every time my father would get a new duty assignment, I’d have to walk the gauntlet at a new school. This occurred roughly every 2 to 3 years. The likes of Serrel and Biddle would not have lasted.

      2. What baffles me is that the antis are the sort of people that decry the “toxic, white male masculinity” thingy where what they really don’t like is white men to be tough guys. Yet, once again one of their white male supporters is showcasing exactly what they claim to be against and they rally around him… Do they just copy/paste their same rambling speaking points and not read them?

      1. I’m a ~10 hour drive away, if you need someone in your corner/a second I’ll gladly make the trip. Been a while since I’ve stepped onto the mat for a serious match, I have however kept training.

        1. As I was saying to the fella up above, I would be stoked but may If there were two of us, we could split into two one-one-one fights.
          That’d work

  5. I’ve heard women tell me that every time we talk to them/about them women suffer


  6. ,,,he looks like he can’t even beat his meat without spraining his wrist or ripping th’ foreskin of his substandard pecker,,,

  7. Ralph hi I talk to you several times in the last stream on the chat.I have a question. Why GamerGate leaders hate each other or maybe not leaders ot maybe not even GamerGaters, but why all our side always are fighting? I mean why so many factions? Why the hit piece against Sargon from others GamerGaters that helped SJW with ammo to go after him? Whats going on?

    1. Every group of more than 1 person have inside fights, even political parties have their inside disagreements…only group without infight I know: authoritarians political parties (fascists, nazi, communists) and SJWs.

      1. You can have inside fights all the time. What cant you have is people exposing their own people. In a movement, in a political party, in a company, etc. you need ONE clear message against their opposition in the public eye, and all the inside battles in our home. You dont go and investigate your own people, doing the dirty for the opposition, and expose your own brothers and sisters. Much less the leaders!!! What is the purpose of doing this?

        1. Actually, this is completely incorrect. Any group that so values its political consistency and attempts to remain aloof from any sort of internal fractioning is a group that eventually falls apart because it has chosen an appearance of strength over actual strength.

          This is one of the key reasons that Democrats lose so often to Republicans in American politics. Democrats favor the model you mention. They rarely, if ever, cut at each other, and they demand from their ranks a public show of support for whatever the “mission statement” is. It has alienated the blue dog democrats, left wing libertarians, and the independents from the party because the singular message, the vouched upon identity politics, and the monolithic cultural elitism of their singular public profile has pushed so very many people away from them.

          The Republicans, on the other hand, constantly chop at each other. Their leadership can and will readily engage each other. This process is both self culling and alliance building. It allows them to constantly measure their own ideas, test the validity of their own leadership, and gives them the ability to air grievances with one another.

          Then, when voting time comes? Well, all the republicans who were fighting with each other all knuckle down and actually vote along a unified party line.. and the democrats constantly fracture into votes for their public party line, and votes for the “Republican” way of things.

          Infighting and self policing is healthy. It’s exactly what prevents people from becoming an uppity hugbox full of one track ideas dominated by those who can best play the popularity game.

          I for one am glad we have the infighting that we do. It keeps us honest, because it keeps is in a state of constant self evaluation.

        2. The problem here’s two-fold. One is that there is no way we can police thebidiots among us and secondly you are asking us like we all sat down and came to a unanimous agreement. You know that isn’t true, so why ask?

          Isn’t it better to ask the individual that did the action?

    2. It’s just people being unbearable faggots. Unfortunately our side has it’s own share of them, with ego’s expanding beyond capacity, and such people think their opinions or their beliefs are more important or more right than the next person.

      The moment we start following the mindset of one individual is the same moment we become a group. A cult. A whatever, with a leader. The only reason the revolt continues is because we have resisted turning it into anything more than what it is, a revolt. The moment that changes is the moment the industry can legitimately dismiss us for all the things they accuse us of, and when that happens people will start to give up and eventually all of this becomes history written by the loathsome cunts we lost to. There are merits to uniting under one banner, but it can be a double edge sword on the battlefield we’re fighting on.

      What separates us from them is that we are made up of many ideologies and beliefs, men and women, gays and straights, blacks and whites and yellows and reds. We are diversity. They are not. They are a bunch of white boys and girls who feel guilty and ashamed of their skin color and have taken it upon themselves to fight for everyone not white skinned that also happens to be on our side, just for the record. So naturally, we are the ones who have all the in fighting. Their beliefs are well documented, or at least, their narrative for ching ching ching is.

    3. My Grandfather taught me that “Opinions are like Assholes, Everyone has one and they all stink differently”

      It’s pretty much the only answer, we all have differing opinions and we all voice them, but some of us need validation from others and so its pretty much that need for validation that drives us crazy. It’s not enough to hold an individual thought, nope we need everyone else to hold it as well. In essence, humanity is like being in high school, all these separate cliques and the conflicts that arise when said cliques clash,

      There is no such thing as a widely held singular thought, for better or worse that’s what makes humanity. That’s why such a thing as a utopian society is completely implausible because not all humans will ever see eye to eye.

      My Grandfather was a wise man 🙂

  8. Damn this scrawny fucker has the eyes of a man twice beaten, he doesn’t want to physically fight anyone who’s won even a single fight.

    I’m not normally into internet bravado but this prick wouldn’t last 5 seconds with me. It’d be like beating a child though so winning wouldn’t be anything to brag about, just a lesson to reign in the shit talk.

    I’m in Australia too if he’s really interested.

  9. Seriously? LOL! He must assume we’re carbon copies of him and other SJW beta phaggots. The only thing this guy knows about fighting either getting his ass kicked or running like hell to avoid ass kicking.

  10. I live nearish to Sydney (a coach ride). Both he and his Kotaku Australia mate , Adam Hollingsworth want to fight a pro-gamergate supporter. I AM a supporter and though it has been near on ten years since I had a dust up. I am happy to do a charity MMA style match in the name of charity. I am sure with their media connections they could organise the filming and we could GoFundMe fund raise. If they want to organise this and do it right, they have a genuine opponent to beat up. I will fight Serrel first and then if I am still on my feet, I will take Hollingsworth.
    I am a middle age man 5’9″ and 200lbs. Surely it could not be too hard for these pugilistic hard men right?
    Spread the word to them and see if they are genuine or all talk. I think we know don’t we.

    1. Ross, Do you need a second? I’m pro gg, 6’3″, 105kg middle aged but still play sport. not had a blue in a long time but willing. would have to fly from bris though.

    2. I’d pay money to a charity to see the “scrawny pencil neck geek” take a few rounds in a boxing ring 🙂 Of course it would never happen though (Gawker and charity? Haaa), but hey, if it were for a good cause then I’d be there 🙂

  11. He probably thinks his ability at fighting games somehow translates into real life and watching UFC somehow gives him MMA skills.

  12. “I hear this” “I hear that” “I’ve been told this”

    Doesn’t this guy ever think for himself?

    Nope, just wants to be a mindless enforcer.

    So much for breaking traditional gender roles.

  13. IIRC he’s a rock climber so there might be some muscle there. I’m no fighter so can’t really weigh in on anyone’s fighting chops, but will say that trying to physically intimidate someone is the kind of violence you’d think these people would oppose.

    Toxic masculinity indeed

  14. Say what you will but I support GamerGate and I DON’T want to see harm come to ANYONE. Sure, I don’t like these people (corrupt journos), I don’t agree with their views, but I don’t want to hurt them (unless you count wanting Gawker to burn financially, then maybe I’m hurting them, but hey, a job is a job and there is other ways to make a living). Instead, I want them to realize they’re not demi-god’s who are above criticism like they all seem to think they are. I want to have a debate, not just a “hide behind walls and tell them how evil they are before blocking them” interaction.

    Seriously, I denounce people who send threats of actual violence as being flat out idiots. I did it back in the day when Jack Thompson used to receive death threats. Sure, I thought Jack Thompson was full of shit, but I never thought “hey, he deserves all these death threats.” No, I thought that if you did that then its the mark of a true fucking moron who is just proving the moral police correct.

    Serrels you are no better than those you mock or denounce. You despise threats but here you are pro-actively making threats? Fuck you, Serrels, you don’t have a moral high ground in this, instead you’re no fucking better than those other morons I denounce on a regular basis, be-it pro-gamergate or anti-gamergate, if you’re sending threats of violence then I’m going to call you a douchebag. No matter if you are pro or anti or neutral. Sending threats is not the answer and it is the mark of a moron, End of story.

    But hey, I live in Australia…just saying 😉

  15. I love Mike Cernovich…im hoping one day that senpai will notice me and grace me with all of his based-ness and manliness

  16. Apparently they’re now in full damage control deleting comments.
    Too bad archive is here to save the day –

    Remember kids, if you want to act like you’re mentally challenged in the very public space that is the internet, there’s no taking it back.

  17. “I’ve heard from women that everytime we talk to them it makes women suffer”

    Yeah, and what about all those female GamerGate supporters who you denounce and call sock puppets. Who cares about them, right? The only people that matter are you and your cronies. Fuck anyone else who doesn’t agree, am I right, Serrels?

    Also, in what fucking world does talking or interacting with someone equal making others suffer? Are they that fragile that they can’t even handle a small interaction like talking?

    Oh no wait, what am I saying. Of course they are. I know this from personal experience when I was told by IGN writer Lucy O’Brien that I was apart of the problem and that I supported the “status quo” all because I dared to say on my Facebook page that her MGS 5: Ground Zeroes opinion piece about the mistreatment of Paz and how she had no character development was a crock of shit (originally in kinder words). She didn’t want to engage in a debate, no she just jumped straight to the tired old argument of “you support the status quo” because she had no argument to go against what I said originally.

    See, this is the problem Serrels, moments like this where you hide behind something because you simply cannot take criticism. You can’t handle being in debates so instead, like children, you hide behind genders to protect yourselves. Serrels, you don’t really care about women, you’re just using them to hide behind. Case in point, you ignore and denounce those who oppose you even if they happen to be female, isn’t that making them suffer by your own twisted world view? Aren’t you being oppressive? Because you’re pretty much telling them that they’re meaningless and they don’t matter because they’re not the “right type of woman.”

    You fucking shit lord Serrels, you’re another mindless drone who is more than pleased to “listen and believe” instead of “think for himself”

  18. What is this, like the 12th time some scrawny man-child tried to pick a fight with a hashtag in order to convince some blue-haired hipster-ettes to sleep with him?

  19. I love how they keep begging for fights. They think that gamers are out of shape. I have several gamer friends that a ripped as hell. I saw we send our strongest fighter. Trial by combat!

  20. Despite the rightful mockery this guy deserves, I’d like to point out the obvious. Why would a journalist want to cause physical harm to anyone in gamergate? The fact that KIA would want an AMA with this person means that they would like to wage a battle of ideas rather than step in the boxing ring. This is commendable and this is how we should resolve our problems and our conflicts. This shows how intellectually stunted Serrels and his ilk at Gawker really are. They bully people via their medium and when people fight back, they can’t hold their own in the intellectual area, so they try to be tough physically. Serrels doesn’t deserve to be fought; he deserves our pity. What a sad little man.

        1. I posted on KotakuAu on a follow up when absolutely nothing happened when Adam Baldwin attended. That post was subsequently deleted by a mod.

      1. Airports law: ‘Every day another goony beard-man gets the impression that a rainbow-haired she-twink might let him cum in her if he attacks Gamergate.’

  21. Not the first time. Remember the skinny Scottish guy from a few months back? Lol even Hotwheels would kick the crap out of Serrels.

  22. My name is Yuji Nakajima, 100% GamerGate, purple and green flow in my blood, please dox me, find where I live, come to my house, I annihilate you. I will give you special fatality move: Boobality! Sleeper hold, then smack you in face with pair of big boob. Do you even lift bro? No, I see you dont. Stupid guy.

  23. He does realize that we have Mike fucking Cernovich on our side right? He wants to fight Gamergate? He fights Mike, and we can already see that Mike has responded with a hearty “Bring it on you little twat.”

    It would be a breath of fresh air if one of these loudmouths would actually stand by their words and commit to their challenge.

  24. The White knighting cuck doesn’t know he’s talking about himself and his buddies when he says
    “The truth is they’re like f***ing cockraoches. I feel their impact has been reduced and they’ve lost all legitimacy”

  25. Another article about Gawker, have another in progress panel from my comic. Might be complete over this weekend.

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