Here’s a follow-up to the Seinfeld column from the other day. There is nothing to read here, besides what you are obviously reading at this moment. I just wanted to share this video of him on Late Night with Seth Myers.

      1. Hey, I’m not a cheerleader for the Repulitards, but I get a little nervous seeing all the identity politics being thrown around by people who seem to otherwise think very rationally around here.

        1. Identity politics are pretty much unavoidable unfortunately. Given the fact that Carly herself is a feminist and I myself, and others, are very anti feminist and I’m just stunned that a feminist such as herself hasn’t been warped by the dogma taught by nowadays modern feminism. I’m curious to see how she plans to solve these issues.

          1. Identity politics are a tool to keep the intellectually lazy in line. There is nothing more terrifying to a politician than an informed voter, that’s why if you look at about every US election it’s usually a big single issue voter turnout, people are pushing the candidate’s views on one particular topic because they know 90% of people don’t bother to look at a candidates history or anything to make sure they aren’t electing a big liar.

          2. Yep. This causes a huge disparity between voters who can think intelligently about the issues and those who either don’t vote, or those who vote poorly due to pseudo-intellectualism validating irrational theories and values. Those are the kind of people who are easy targets to succumb to identity politics. IMHO I think that such people shouldn’t have the right to vote until they pass an assessment test to check that they’re capable of understanding such matters, but then the government would undoubtedly seize such an opportunity. It’s slippery slope either way. It’s quite a mess if you ask me.

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