William Shatner is a class act. He often slams radical feminists and their ideology on Twitter, as I’ve recounted here before. To be sure, he usually does it in a more understated way, or with some caveats. But still, even calling these cretins out in the first place is more than what 99% of celebrities would ever do. Hell, in most cases, the celebs are actually propping up poisonous modern feminist ideology.

The latest fight Shatner had is about misandry, which undoubtedly exists. Feminist ideologues spend an inordinate amount of time arguing it doesn’t exist, which I’m sure comes as a shock to you all. Dishonesty is not something that crew is normally associated with. Nope. Never.

Take this Mary Sue column about the Shatner episode, for example. Right at the top, the goon who wrote the piece describes misandry thusly…

William Shatner got involved in a discussion about misogyny and its imaginary counterpart, “misandry”…

But later on, the same author admits that misandry is in fact a real school of thought, but there’s reasons for the hatred, you see. The women who hate men simply must be cut some slack! After all, this hate doesn’t actually affect anyone. That’s insanity!

Are there women out there who hate men? Of course there are. But what does that hatred actually do to men, especially when you consider that a lot of that hatred is based in legitimate fear (women are more likely to face violence at the hands of men, be objectified by men, be paid more than men, be forced to deal with the consequences of having children in a way men will never be)? 

The Mary Sue author, Teresa Jusino.

So, misandry is fake…except it isn’t. Got it. That’s the kind of logical consistency that I’ve come to expect from feminists. The other thing I’ve come to expect? Planted stories in their media, like the next hit about Shatner, from Mic. The person who “made the news,” according to her tweet, is Mari Brighe.

That’s all well and good. I don’t begrudge outlets who want to promote a certain view featuring, well, people who support that view. But this person has actually written for the outlet in the past. It would be like Nora, or Christ Junior getting featured on this site and then bragging about “making the news.” Not really. You just got featured on a site you’ve been featured on in the past.

And, as expected, the Mic hit doesn’t actually mention the fact that Brighe has been featured on the site.

So here we have a transgendered individual whining about misogyny while also decrying misandry as a myth. I’ll leave the comment section with the task of dissecting the many multitudes of problems with the statement by Brighe. Oh, and Shatner. Shatner definitely had something to say…

Straight flame from the Captain. Keep it up please, good sir. Normal people with half a brain remain on your side.

    1. Until they try to bastardize his name in future star trek movies for the sake of political correctness to make up the “wrongs” of shatner.

  1. Based Shatner is based.

    By the order of the counsel of right-wing trannies, I hereby issue the following edict:

    This Mari Brighe woman is open season, let her have it.

  2. Hey, is that a direct quote from The Mary Sue? Please say yes: If it is, the author fessed up to something:

    “(women are more likely to face violence at the hands of men, be objectified by men, be paid more than men, be forced to” (emphasis mine)

    Edit: IT IS!! LMAO

    1. I think it might be both a physical and chemical reaction from Testosterone mixing in with a sudden flood of Estrogen.

  3. LOVE Bill Shatner. Today he still has more brains, looks and class than all the other Star Trek “stars” in the history of Star Trek put together.

  4. Celerity’s Law: The more a misandrist claims they will be targeted for rape, the more likely it is the only part they’d have is as the aggressor because no one would willingly tap that.

  5. Shatner is probably the ex-Trek star the least up his own ass at this point, let that sink in. Even Patrick Stewart embarrassed himself during the election.

    1. And the reason for that is because Shatner spent a LOT of time in the wilderness (metaphorically speaking), due to his Jupiter-sized ego pissing off a lot of people, particularly his costars on TOS.

      Thankfully, age has brought wisdom, and he managed to mend fences with most of them (he’s still on the outs with Takei). What’s charming about him nowadays is his intense self-depreciation; it’s like he’s trying to make up for being an egotistical ass all those years ago.

      And of course, there’s Denny Crane. 🙂

  6. Just as you can’t be racist against white people, you cannot act in misandry.

    Nothing new, but I can’t help but wonder what the next part of the progressive creed will be.

  7. “Imaginary counterpart”. If you can hate women for being women, then you can hate men for being men. Doesn’t matter who is or isn’t in power. These cultural marxists are just regurgitating the doctrine they learned in college – control language and you control thought.

    1. The arguments always boil down to: “It’s okay when we do it.” There’s a lot of obfuscatory verbiage spewed forth to mask that fact, but clear that away and you’re back to the good old double-standard. All in the name of “equality”, of course.

  8. The author wrote “be paid more than men”. Oops, I guess that gender wage gap (earnings gap, lying bastards) narrative is getting harder to maintain. Freudian slip.

  9. It doesn’t believe misandry exists, except it hated men so much it didn’t want to be one anymore?

  10. So there’s misogyny but not misandry, hmmm?

    Is that like saying only “white” people can be racists, and that “black” people are never racists?

    Reality check time!

    There’s hatred of others on ALL sides, and anyone who denies that is a blatant liar. People may have reasons for hating others, often they were hurt, exploited or abused by someone. But be honest about the fact that hatred doesn’t ever just flow all “one way.”

    That’s never true.

  11. LOL – I find it so humorous that the people who push the ‘misogyny’ diatribe the hardest will never have to worry about it affecting them because they are so literally and figuratively vile

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