On June 29th, I posted a column here on the site. It’s title? BURNED OUT: Leigh Begs Media to Stop Talking About GamerGate. Here’s a snippet:

Would you want people to keep talking about us if you were Leigh Alexander? Maybe she figures everyone will forget what a piece of shit she is if the volume dies down. I’m pretty sure she’s wrong, and that she’s fucked regardless. Still, it’s not a bad thought if you’re her.

Now, I thought Ms. Alexander was at least being rational about her plea…and maybe she was. Or maybe it was just another drunken Twitter outburst from one of the most legendary performers in that genre. Of course, I suppose she could have been liquored up when she wrote her post from this morning. Seems likely, in fact. That’s right, one week after imploring her colleagues in the SJW infected media to stop talking about GamerGate, Leigh Alexander decided to talk about GamerGate. That’s our Megaphone, logically coherent until the end!

Here’s some of what she wrote this morning about the interview Kotkau’s Stephen Totilo conducted with Based Daniel Vavra:

Sometimes Offworld receives transmissions from back on Earth, from those that are still left living. Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo decided to talk to Daniel Vavra, a “pro-Gamergate” (yes, there’s such a thing among actual grown-ups) video game maker whose primary contribution to the canon of game development seems to be joining angry kids in complaining about how “social justice warriors” are stifling his creativity. Here he is grinning with famous knob Adam Baldwin, boasting that they do not at all understand the phrase they are making fun of…

Totilo had close to the seed of something interesting with his Vavra interview: Reading it, it’s like, oh, obviously this guy has a mortal terror of censorship, he grew up under actual communism. I see what he was trying to do. But Totilo allows Vavra to repeatedly insist that “he just wants a conversation”, when he joins a group that literally harasses people at their jobs constantly for trying to have conversations about representation, or women, or anything outside the status quo…

The editorializing, the “I see his point” and other obeisances to neutrality Totilo makes in the piece actually seem to make it less neutral, and more the sort of placating “let’s hear from both the sexist harassers and ‘the other side'” rhetoric that’s been so damaging.

She has some more, but I think you get the picture. Basically, she’s pissed off that Totilo presented a halfway decent picture of Vavra. He resisted the temptation to completely slime the guy. For Liquored Up Leigh, this was a cardinal sin. Totilo’s Pizza Rolls had the perfect opportunity to chalk up a big PR win, and he tried to be somewhat fair instead. After (an Irish) breakfast this morning, Leigh decided to sound off, going against the advice she offered last week. Although to be fair, consistency was never one of her strong suits.

Drink up, Leigh. You’re the biggest supporter of TheRalphRetort.com…by far.

  1. If striving for objectivity is “damaging” then what you are trying to maintain the structural integrity of is inherently untrue.

  2. A single death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic-Josef Stalin

    Marxists hate videogames because they see in it the grotesque reflections of their inner soul.

    When you guys go for a round of Team Fortress, remember; that is how Marxists literally see the world 🙁

  3. Yep. Even kotaku at their worst is not as bad as polygon, gamasutra and rock paper shotgun. Theyre still awful but that has always been true.

    1. Gawker has an absurd number of SJWs on staff but the overall corporate culture is one of mercenary clickbait, push comes to shove they’ll drop social justice rather than let it take them down with it. This is where they differ from the likes of polygon, gamasutra or rockpapershotgun whose cultures are clearly ideologically driven.

      Fuck ’em all the same though. I hope the Hulkster puts them out of business.

      1. Basically, they’re just in it for the money, and they’ll back off and go back to normal sleaze by the end of the year, maybe abandon games coverage entirely since it seems they’re not welcome anymore…

  4. Totilo has always worked in Totilos best interest, Leigh has nothing to threaten on bribe him with anymore

    1. Totilo can’t demonize Vavra even if he wanted to, because then no developer vould talk to him again. Leigh does not have that problem anymore, since no one in the industry will be in the same room as her.

  5. It must burn Liquored up Leigh real bad that excellent game developers like Vavra are for ethical game journalism, anti-censorship and anti-corruption and also making actual, awesome games instead of the trash “game” Sunset she did “PR” for.

    If Leigh actually wanted to kill gamers, she would have made a drinking game where you take a shot every time her and one of her ilk losses against gamers. That would have killed all of us.

  6. These guys are too “great” to practice anything they preach. I don’t like saying this, but these people have proven they are jokes, and really bad ones at that.

  7. ‘Literally harasses’ just with no proof, eh ?

    Amusing to see her talking about grown ups, the spoilt brat belongs on her obscure little site, I’d be happy to see coverage of her dropped.

  8. …. The way she seems to write is like a teenager writing angry rants, instead of a profesional who has been in the so called.. video game journalism for a few years. Bitch is salty as hell, unable to behave professionaly in her writing. I mean, hell. Your writing is more professional then hers. Especialy considering you yourself called your writing like a … what was it… tabloid or… gossip writing. You keep calling her a drunk, which she is, its also definitly the way she does her writing, get ass packed drunk, as a friend of mine always calls it, then do her writing. Whille she, a professional, calls Adam Baldwin a knob, gamergate Angry Kids, keeps refusing to accept that people want a conversation that they have been refused cus they have been blocked by preaty much all of the news media infected by the sjw and their… oh… must have inclusion.. even when that inclusion doesnt really fit the time, location and theme. And still gets to criticise Totilo for trying to have a conversation and listening a litle. She doesnt seem to understand that REAL professional journos must have a talk with both sides. Or else the story can be scewed in the wrong direction, the one that is full of bias and lies. Like she kept mentioning in those blue parts, where she used the words sexist and harassers. Which keeps geting thrown around. Even when that thing with Sunset hapened. Gamers are scum, gamers are sexist, harrasers….when most people never heard of Sunset untill it was said that…. the studio is shuting down cus of… lack of sales… Even tho it was ment to be… marketed by Miss Alchoholic hersel.. that she seemed to have… not known that SHE and her… “Agency” were ment to do the marketing. You would seriously think that a person her age, and time spent working in the industry, that she would be able to act professional, and not like a …. hormone imbalanced teenager that cant do anything without her feeling taking over.

  9. Leigh getting all bent out of shape when a site… Especially kotaku shows pro gg as something that isn’t villainous slime. Too bad Leigh because most of us are just average people standing up against corruption and censorship about our preferred entertainment medium.

    We have zero issue with new people coming to gaming, the more the better. The problem is these people have shown up to the party with a chainsaw and want to cut everything down to suit them. Sorry that’s not how it works. Gaming is a business. If you want that business to cater to you then you need to spend money on things you like. If those things whatever they may be are shown to be big enough to support a market then you will get more of them. If the market can’t support it then you don’t get it. That doesn’t mean you attack what works because you don’t like it.

    I don’t like figure skating or ballet you don’t see me protesting it and never will. It exists for those who enjoy it. I don’t see I just ignore its existence entirely. Pretty fucking simple.

  10. So she wrote an article because she is not happy another journo interview. Her article is litterally a complaint about another journo job. And why the fuck we (or everyone with a working brain) should care?When she stop pretending to be a writer/journo and finally start search a job that fit more?(for example at mcdonalds)

  11. You call that article neutral? It was anything but neutral, he still slammed GG’ers all over, just not Varva because they stroked each others cocks on the topic of video game violence.

    1. That just proves that alcohol have muddled Leigh Alexander’s reading comprehension, while Totilo will find that there is no way to please those imbeciles. Now that Leigh have said that Totilo have shown signs of dissent (there is not any), there are chances that he’d get thrown under the bus. Because Listen And Believe. Especially if it is a woman.

  12. Dear Ms Alexander
    As a life choice, being a fat ugly loudmouthed drunk whose once stellar career is now a distant memory only works when your name is Oliver Reed or Rip Torn. Both of those fine gents carried the act off till they drank themselves six feet under. You, on the other hand, are just a sad fucking failure and constant butt of jokes about what a socially poisonous omnishambles you are.
    For your crimes against gaming journalism, continued slanders of anyone you disagree with, and for bringing the species name “humanity” into disrepute you have been exiled into The Phantom Zone, which is what the real name of your shitty little weblog is.
    Do everyone else on earth a favor. Go buy a one way ticket to Tijuana, find some sleazy backstreet hole bar, buy a crate of cheap home made tequila, and drink yourself to death.Live blog it or stream it so we can all have a good laugh as you breathe your last.

      1. Bloody Jimmy Dore…..on his show they keep saying he drank himself to death. Bastards! “Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank” was one of the best segments of his show tho.

        1. Glad to hear Rip is still around. I finally found Beastmaster on DVD so i will drink to Mr.Torns health tonight.

  13. How the fuck does this woman still have a fucking job? She comes across as the most unprofessional douche bag imaginable. Her writing screams of the angry 15 year old ranting on a blog as opposed to an actual professional journalist. If I were an employee I’d be ashamed to have this unprofessional douche bag on my staff.

  14. The problem with SJWs or anyone else basing your thoughts and actions on irrational feelings is that you then have the tendency to, well, act irrationally.
    Then get triggered and upset when your clear, irrational stupidity comes back to haunt you.

  15. Ralph, you’re just jealous because Leigh has 18 entries on Deepfreeze and you don’t have any. :p

  16. I’d like to point out that an Irish breakfast is not what the Ralph is implying it to be

  17. Leigh, darling, that first line about Earth and Offworld. You weren’t sent “Offworld” to survive, we just wanted you off of Earth. We’re fine here, we just wanted you gone and far away.

  18. Oh hi, Leigh! How’s rough bottom tratin’ ya?

    I’ve heard it’s awful this time of year, as is every other day. But what would I know, I’m not one of the cool cats such as yourself and your little journo buddies over-there.

  19. The feminist flounce is a publicity stunt, they storm out in outrage and indignation vowing never to return until somehow they get convinced to come back. this shit has been going on for years.
    It’s the professional victim version of a hot girl saying she looks like crap on facebook.

  20. It’s such a good thing that she is in such a strong position to comment on who is a harassers and sexist and what behaviour is harassment and sexist.

    I men she never tried to get people fired, never harassed anyone and was never bigoted, right?

    Otherwise she’d be a stinky hypocrite

  21. She can’t quit #gamergate. Its what made her famous. A lot of people didn’t know her before. Me included.

    1. Unfortunately, I did. Long before Giant Bomb went to the Dark Side, Leigh embarrassed herself on the Bombcast a few times while guest appearing on E3. People hated her even then.

  22. An alcohol accusing someone she’s never met of being immature over social media. This is fun!

  23. She also fails to even remotely understand what Sarkeesian has been marketing her brand as.

  24. From the full article: “the rhetorical tools Anita Sarkeesian’s videos offer” – – I didn’t realize strawman fallacies, false equivalencies, and outright lies were considered rhetorical tools. Of course, Leigh wrote this on her Tumblr blog, so it is doubtful anyone else read it other than Ralph and myself.

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