On June 29th, I posted a column here on the site. It’s title? BURNED OUT: Leigh Begs Media to Stop Talking About GamerGate. Here’s a snippet:

Would you want people to keep talking about us if you were Leigh Alexander? Maybe she figures everyone will forget what a piece of shit she is if the volume dies down. I’m pretty sure she’s wrong, and that she’s fucked regardless. Still, it’s not a bad thought if you’re her.

Now, I thought Ms. Alexander was at least being rational about her plea…and maybe she was. Or maybe it was just another drunken Twitter outburst from one of the most legendary performers in that genre. Of course, I suppose she could have been liquored up when she wrote her post from this morning. Seems likely, in fact. That’s right, one week after imploring her colleagues in the SJW infected media to stop talking about GamerGate, Leigh Alexander decided to talk about GamerGate. That’s our Megaphone, logically coherent until the end!

Here’s some of what she wrote this morning about the interview Kotkau’s Stephen Totilo conducted with Based Daniel Vavra:

Sometimes Offworld receives transmissions from back on Earth, from those that are still left living. Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo decided to talk to Daniel Vavra, a “pro-Gamergate” (yes, there’s such a thing among actual grown-ups) video game maker whose primary contribution to the canon of game development seems to be joining angry kids in complaining about how “social justice warriors” are stifling his creativity. Here he is grinning with famous knob Adam Baldwin, boasting that they do not at all understand the phrase they are making fun of…

Totilo had close to the seed of something interesting with his Vavra interview: Reading it, it’s like, oh, obviously this guy has a mortal terror of censorship, he grew up under actual communism. I see what he was trying to do. But Totilo allows Vavra to repeatedly insist that “he just wants a conversation”, when he joins a group that literally harasses people at their jobs constantly for trying to have conversations about representation, or women, or anything outside the status quo…

The editorializing, the “I see his point” and other obeisances to neutrality Totilo makes in the piece actually seem to make it less neutral, and more the sort of placating “let’s hear from both the sexist harassers and ‘the other side'” rhetoric that’s been so damaging.

She has some more, but I think you get the picture. Basically, she’s pissed off that Totilo presented a halfway decent picture of Vavra. He resisted the temptation to completely slime the guy. For Liquored Up Leigh, this was a cardinal sin. Totilo’s Pizza Rolls had the perfect opportunity to chalk up a big PR win, and he tried to be somewhat fair instead. After (an Irish) breakfast this morning, Leigh decided to sound off, going against the advice she offered last week. Although to be fair, consistency was never one of her strong suits.

Drink up, Leigh. You’re the biggest supporter of TheRalphRetort.com…by far.