SHIA GETS REKT FOR THE FOURTH TIME: #HWNDU Season 4 Ends With Flag Being Abducted

SHIA GETS REKT FOR THE FOURTH TIME: #HWNDU Season 4 Ends With Flag Being Abducted

Yesterday, it was revealed that Shia LaBeouf’s He Will Not Divide Us (#HWNDU) “art exhibit” had been moved to the Liverpool, England based Foundation for Art and Creative Technology. As you can imagine, 4chan and 8chan /pol/ devotees immediately began formulating their plans of attack. Like last time, I thought this operation might take a few days.

Also like last time, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

They got the flag in one day. Yes, Season 4 of #HWNDU ended just like Season 3…with the flag in the hands of /pol/.

This was the flag yesterday…

And this is the scene from earlier today…

Shia, isn’t it just time to give up on the project at this point? Then again, please don’t. The memes coming out of this are way too fucking dank.

As of now, Mr. LaBeouf has a digital representation of the flag available here. Yes, it’s gotten that sad.

If I were him, I wouldn’t count against that flag getting jacked as well.

Ethan Ralph

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  • GuitarAnthony
    • Yuno Gasai


  • Mr0303

    That was quick. GG, Shia! Try again. Your flag is another castle.

  • Someone needs to make a movie trailer based on the HWNDU Saga, this is absolutely amazing.

    • Lost Question

      pepe team 6.
      He will not keep the flag.

  • Lost Question

    if only shia wasn’t so imbedded in his ideology stuff wouldn’t be slowly driving him crazy … well crazier.

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    too bad there’s no actual footage of the flag coming down. guess someone was watching and stopped the stream

  • Silence Dogood

    YESSSSSS! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Glory to our ethnic Kekistani brethren in the U.K. 😀

  • Blake Donohoo

    Lol this needs to be an fps game!

  • Mad Vandal

    Praise Kek! This is glorious!

  • grayjohn

    He will not divide us, because Obama already did.

  • D-Bone

    This is starting to feel like an international game of capture the flag. Chan is clearly winning as well.

  • Jimbo

    Major LULZ!

  • Audrius Kliukas

    Why he insists flying the flag in the open? Put it in some basement somewhere. Though I wish he keeps this stupid game going, because it is hilarious and I’m still amazed by people’s ingenuity at the same time.

  • Dindu McNothin

    So when do we start the deadpool?

    Does Shia an hero? Does he murder someone on the set of a movie shoot? Does he murder someone playing capture the flag? I’m guessing after 2 more flag captures he finally snaps and kills someone who asks for his autograph. This is all filmed by paparazzi. He goes on the lam. A countrywide manhunt ensues. It only ends on a lonely farm in Iowa when Shia jumps into a giant threshing machine. His final words, “I am divided.”

  • Typical

    I just want to know where are all the feminists out defending him, because people are picking on a rape victim….

  • Celerity

    Shia deserves our respect. By merely planting a flag in a random location, he has united MURICA in glorious trolling and shitposting. Proud Kekistani refugees from all walks of life throw their pale, sun starved hands in in unison for the noble goal of LULZ.

  • Flowey

    Wonder when the site with the HWNDU flag will get /pol/’ed

  • Grust

    I said it on Breitbart and I’ll say it here.

    Four times a loser. Suck it, Lebouf!

  • Herrmds

    Shia needs to move his stupid flag to Syria or North Korea… only place his “art” will be safe.