Gawker is one of the most disgusting media outlets to ever exist, when you sit and think about it. I’m not saying I don’t get down in the dirt myself, because of course I do. But, I’ve yet to host someone’s sex tape against their will. Actually, I’ve yet to host a sextape at all, come to think of it. I don’t post articles about J-Law’s latest nip-slips, or any gutter trash about Reality TV no-counts. I don’t incorporate in the Caymans to avoid paying taxes. The list goes on and on, and would take 5 days to go through. Gawker is the absolute worst, for a whole host of reasons.

When one of my stories on Gawker made it to the /r/news subreddit (I’ll look for link later), I saw that plenty of people who didn’t give two shits about GamerGate, still wanted to see Gawker burn. They started sharing their favorite horror stories about the hellhole. Everybody hates the place! It was a special thing to see, in many ways, but also sobering. These people have been fucking us over for years with impunity. But at least the stories are finally starting to be told.

The incident I’m going to tell you about today, is one of those stories. Photographer Sarah E. Torrent has alleged that Gawker and Sam Biddle used her work without crediting her, and that Biddle in particular ignored her early pleas through Twitter’s direct messaging feature. We don’t have the DMs yet, as she hasn’t posted them. She has posted emails that she exchanged Gawker after the fact, though, showing that her work was inappropriately used without credit or payment of any kind.

This fits in with Gawker’s pattern of abuse. They have no respect for anyone, or anything. A legal boundary is just another taboo for them to violate. Hopefully, some enterprising attorney will make them pay for violating this one. I’ll also keep you updated on any further developments that may occur on Twitter, or elsewhere.