I’ve been away from home all day and I still am. I’m sitting in a hotel in northern Virginia just outside the nation’s capital, in fact. But this one was just too big to indulge in laziness. Plus, I finally figured out how to make the WiFi work so I have no excuse not to shout about this one from the mountaintops. What’s the story about, you ask? Well, you already know assuming you read the headline, but I’m supposed to employ the explaining conceit anyway, so here goes.

Billionaire Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has just put out word that he’s interested in buying the recently struggling 4chan. This comes after he went on one of the boards himself and started shitposting. I don’t have an archive of that thread at the moment, but I will update the post later assuming I receive it (here’s one of the subsequent threads, courtesy of @TheGatorGamer). Thankfully for all of us, Notch has been tweeting out screens from the discussion on his massive Twitter account.













More on this story as it develops…


UPDATE: Notch completely sperged out, backed off the claim that he was going to buy 4chan, then he started deleting his entire Twitter history. It was into July the last I looked. I think he’s taking WildGoose’s advice and deleting fucking everything.

Luckily, I saved a few of his tweets. the ones that are in the story above have been nuked, but I’ll look for some archives later. I’m not sure what;s going on with this stupid fucker. Perhaps he’s on some kind of cocaine high at the moment. Either way, this is not a good look at all. I’m sure he’ll be alright with that boatload of money, though.


Here’s a couple tweets we managed to save:



2016-10-03_22-53-02 2016-10-03_22-53-39

Notch’s tweet count keeps going down. It’s at 41.9K at the time of writing. As you can see, it’s higher in this photo. He’s using a mass deletion tool.




  1. With Brianna Wu crowing about the downfall of 4chan, having Notch purchase it would drive him insane, especially since Persson a straight white man who made billions from creating a video game, which is what the former Mr. Flynt wasted 1/2 a million trying to do.

    Also, if Notch wants nudes, i’ll give him plenty for free. Chunky and hairy geeks with more money than god are my fetish. I’d wife-up Notch real good.

  2. notch is a good troll, but you take what he says as absolute truth, then the joke goes sour and he has to delete his stuff so people stops demanding him to “fulfill his promise” of buying 4chan.

      1. good troll = makes people fall for the bait hook, line and sinker. See this article for example.

        He’s also rich and doesn’t give a fuck about the world, so he’ rather delete everything than getting bothered, so yeah… He was scared when people started to ask him to buy 4chan again.

          1. If you say so… I follow the guy since the time he started bashing some feminist nonsense thrown against him. He pisses on every single side and when in doubt he just press the “fuck this shit, i’m rich” button.

            I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously. He himself probably don’t, too

  3. I doubt anyone took his offer too seriously. Him deleting his Twitter is a strange reaction to all of this. Plus wasn’t 4chan as censorious as all the other places like Reddit and Facebook?

  4. I too own a website that I use to post articles that include my own tweets! I’m a real journalist!

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