SHOCKER: AntiFa Thugs Become Violent At Berkeley

SHOCKER: AntiFa Thugs Become Violent At Berkeley

Yesterday, AntiFa crashed a right-wing rally. The Berkeley police seemed to be more prepared than last time. They prohibited just about anything that could be used as a weapons. And that included dogs, this will be more important later on in the article.

The police had also set up barricades and check-points to check everyone’s bag.

With all these safety measures, you’d think everyone would just play nice? Nope.

AntiFa came at the police like the thugs they are, and the police then fired tear gas. That didn’t seem to do much. The ‘anti-racist counter-protesters’ were allowed to push their way into MLK park. Then AntiFa did what AntiFa does best, and attacked the people attending the ring-wing rally.

I want to point the guy whose tweets I’m sharing writes for Mother Jones so take the captions with a pinch of salt. The guy had pepper spray and AntiFa had homemade shields. As far as I can tell, AntiFa had been attacking the guys before the pepper spray came out.

In the first second of this video, you can see the guy on the right hit the ‘alt-right’ guy with a poll. And then about 5 guys beat up a guy who’s already down.

The past week AntiFa has done some disgusting and abhorrent shit, but this takes the cake. Everyone had such a big deal about Charlottesville, and rightfully so as a woman got killed, but I’ve yet to see celebrities make a video denouncing this. It’s only cool to denounce white-supremacists and neo-nazis.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin issued a statement yesterday regarding the rally.

I applaud the more than 7,000 people who came out today to peacefully oppose bigotry, hatred and racism that we saw on display in Charlottesville. They gave impassioned speeches, they played music and they showed that Berkeley and the Bay Area will always stand for tolerance, diversity and justice.

The music was beautiful.

But lets carry on.

However, the violence that a small group of protesters engaged in against residents and the police, including throwing smoke bombs, is unacceptable. Fighting hate with hate does not work and only makes each side more entrenched in their ideological camps.

This is the first time I’ve heard him acknowledge left-wing violence. However, the Major still seemed to hesitant to name the organisation the ‘small group of protesters’ belonged to.

So far 13 arrested have been made and ‘6 people were injured’, 2 that have been hospitalized. I highly doubt only 6 people were injured but that’s what the media tells me.

Oh and going back to dogs being prohibited, one lady was arrested for bringing her ‘service animal’ to the rally.

Screaming ‘fuck you, pigs’ while begging for your ‘service animal’ isn’t gonna help you, dear.


Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.

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    Watching that fat bitch with hideous lipstick and fashion sense scream for her “service animal” was music to my ears. Also I’m surprised the police did anything. I guess without actual “neo-Nazis” to use as a smoke screen it’s harder to push the “counter-protesters working against bigotry” false narrative that cunt of a mayor is trying to push.

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      The service the animal provides is being less of a bitch than her.