As you know, over the last couple days, we have taken a look at some ethical controversies surrounding Steve Tom Sawyer. I’ve withheld judgement on him so far, and I will do so again today. The reader can decide for themselves. I’ve spoken with one of the women in the video, and her story is very compelling. I will leave it for you to judge. I have 100% proof that this is from the women in question. I’ll leave this as to why they are not shown. If someone wants to question whether it’s from them or not, be my guest. You’re going to get embarrassed. Here’s a short quote from the woman in question:

“If this does escalate, we will have no problem stepping forward and revealing ourselves. But for the time being, we would like to stay anonymous. Thanks so much!”

Here is the rebuttal they provided. It could not possibly be more different that Sawyer’s account.

UPDATE: Sawyer DMCA’d the video in question off YouTube right before publication. I re-uploaded it on Daily Motion.B3mT5gcCMAASbWE



“Just to give some background on Steve’s relationship with said “girl.” Less than 3 weeks ago, Steve and GIRL met online through a dating
website. GIRL is a nurse and works long hours at a hospital, making dating very difficult. She meets Steve and is excited at the potential of a relationship. They hit it off on their first date. She then learns that Steve is in a sticky situation. He has been kicked out of his previous living situation where cops were involved.

GIRL is willing to help him with a temporary place to stay while he gets back on his feet. 3 days is all he said he would need, but ended up emotionally manipulating her into staying longer. He spoke of suicide, made her feel guilty, and said he “loved HER” (Again, at this point they have only known each other for a week). She knew something was not right and began seeing his true motives. GIRL asked him to give her space and leave her apartment peacefully. He repeatedly refused to leave. She has asked him multiple times to leave with no success.

Saturday night, GIRL was at her best friends apartment and vocalized to 3 of her closest friends that she is really worried for her safety with a guy she met online and who refuses to leave her apartment. She doesn’t want to involve the cops because he is a danger to himself and her safety, has suicidal thoughts, and is already down on his luck. She asked her friends for help and to devise a plan to get him out without involving authorities.

GIRL’s friends decided to go to the apartment and say they were having a sleepover there. They all asked him nicely to leave since it would be very uncomfortable for him to be there. He got extremely defensive, upset, and said that none of the girls had no right to ask him to leave.  Steve was refusing to leave, being uncooperative even after GIRL wanted him out, so the girlfriends stepped in to help.

Because Steve was being uncooperative, visibly outraged, defensive, he was beginning to pose a threat to the girls. He is an unwelcomed person that GIRL has just met online, and he WILL NOT leave. The girlfriends used reasonable force to get him out. No fists, no hitting, no slapping, no punching, no kicking, no weapons, no scratching. No physical harm was made. Assault? GIRL has the right to ask you to leave her apartment, which she has been doing, and Steve has repeatedly refused to.

Like she demanded, were you gone by the end of the day? No. You were still on her property with no intention to leave.

Nope. GIRL invited her best friends into her apartment to help remove Steve. The police were not involved because GIRL didn’t want to involve authorities because 1) Steve has tried to physically harm himself and refused to let GIRL call the cops and 2) Steve was already down on his luck and hit rock bottom, and she didn’t want to get him in trouble with the law.Selection_138

Steve does not pay rent there. The place is exclusively the GIRL’S apartment. She only offered him a temporary living situation (3 days) until he got back on his feet. And yes, the girlfriends did feel uncomfortable with Steve there. They were going to stay the night, and he is a strange man who GIRL met online and refused to leave.


Steve is homeless and helpless. He has preyed on a nice girl for shelter and continuously refused to leave. He does not have the competency or ability to support himself or put a roof over his own head.He has not been able to provide anything to their “relationship” besides drama. Moving on.


Absolutely. The girlfriends used reasonable force to get him to leave off the property where he was no longer welcomed. Again, no physical harm was done to Steve. He is a 6’2-6’3. He was extremely upset, defensive, uncooperative, and physically dominated the space. No fists or kicks were thrown. There was no intent to cause physical harm, just to remove an unwelcomed trespasser from the home that he DOES NOT PAY RENT AT.Selection_141

Steve, if your life was in real danger you should have called the cops. In fact, at one point you did say “I’m calling the cops” in which the girls insisted you do (since they were asked by GIRL to not). But interesting thing, Steve doesn’t. Even though he was being supposedly “assaulted.” Steve starts filming instead with his camera phone and flipped the “victim switch” on falsely pleading “Stop hurting me. Please. Stop.” He was lying for the camera.Selection_142

Precisely. He is homeless and his natural survival instinct is making him act out of desperation and fear. He was fighting to stay at the apartment that HE DOES NOT LIVE AT.




Again, this is not his home. He does not live there. It was a temporary housing situation that was not supposed to extend past THREE DAYS until Steve got back on his face and figured things out. He does not own furniture there, pay rent/bills, have mail sent there, receive any services there, own a copy of the key, own a parking spot, or have anything there that would indicate he lives there.


If he had evidence of the video assault, he should have taken that to the police immediately. He did not. He held on to the video and used it as leverage to stay there longer. To say at the SCENE OF ASSAULT where his safety was in danger. He threatened GIRL that he would release the video to NBC and press charges. He also asked the girl for additional money to keep silent.


What is “GG”?

Ok, now that we established that “GG” stands for “#GamerGate”…what is #GamerGate? Online poker? Jumanji? Fantasy Football? Whatever game it is, the girls can assure you it is not “GG” related. Steve, how did you confirm this information?


First off, get over yourself. They did not know there was anything worth googling. They didn’t even know your full name or about your Twitter until you started making threats to GIRL.Selection_149

Where is he getting this idea that the GIRL’s friends were Googling him? Is he someone famous? And why does he keep saying he is a misogynist? After multiple threats, the girls did in fact Google him, and discovered his Twitter! Which lead to discovering “itaniknight’s” extremely helpful chronological list of Steve’s tweets. Thank goodness for his list because Twitter is difficult to read!Selection_150

YESSS! EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!! HE FINALLY GETS THE IDEA!!! Steve, you are unwelcomed at the GIRL’S apartment. In fact, you were trespassing after you refused to leave when asked multiple times. Why didn’t you? That’s right– you are homeless and are too busy working on blackmailing the GIRL and her friends, and getting hush money.Selection_151

Steve, you don’t have to wait until she gets off work to leave. You are at the scene of the alleged assault where you need to “get the fuck out…fast” (refer to previous tweet) because you are in danger. Go to a safe place– coffee shop, bus station, restaurant, police station, etc. You can “figure this out” there. But you never intended on leaving. You were working on manipulating GIRL with blackmail and threats.Selection_152

OK seriously. Stop with the #GamerGate. These stories are completely not related, and none of the girls have any idea what/who GamerGate is. Excuse their ignorance. Why does he keep tying the “assault” to GG? Is this a publicity stunt to get more attention to your story?Selection_153

KingofPOL, the video that you verified IS real? Then it should have been taken to the police immediately. Not used as leverage and blackmail to extend Steve’s stay at GIRL’s house where he was “assaulted.” You don’t know enough about the story to understand how “real” the situation is. You know Steve’s side, and I’m not sure he has been very honest with you, or with the entire Twitter universe for that matter.

Bottom line: Steve is homeless. He met GIRL on OKC two weeks prior. GIRL made a very poor and stupid judgement call to trust Steve and help him out. She needed help getting him to leave after he ignored her many times. She asked her friends for help because she didn’t to get cops involved again (Cops were involved when he was kicked out of his previous housing arrangement). He is faking an “assault” to get extended housing. He is confirming the incident is GG related to get attention.Selection_154

What is he talking about? What beliefs?!?! This is completely absurd.Selection_155

This is extremely frustrating. What is #GamerGate? What does it/he/she have to do with this situation? The girls didn’t see your Twitter until Monday (2 days after the “assault” What did they make up their mind about?Selection_156

Why does he keep bringing up misogyny?!?!? The girls don’t care!!!! The only concern they have is to get him out of HER place. He is an unwelcome trespasser who refuses to leave after many attempts to get him out.Selection_157

SO.EXTREMELY.FRUSTRATING. Why does he keep talking about GG?! That is not the issue here. And he knows it.Selection_158

EXACTLY. This is very good advice. Don’t play martyr. If you are in the right (which is not the case) the truth will come out, and justice will be served. If your “assault video” has real proof then you don’t need to worry, right? You can’t get bullied out of calling the police if you have real evidence.Selection_160

You were lying about being hurt in the video. They did the same. You had the camera out and were pretending to be a victim. They mimicked exactly what you were doing.Selection_161

Steve didn’t need donations because he was working on “hush money.”Selection_162

#GamerGatePros!!! “GG” is that you? We heard a lot about you. Nice to know that you actually exist.Selection_163

Steve, did you ever intend to file your statement to the LAPD? You were working on cutting a deal with the GIRL.Selection_164

On Monday night, the GIRL went straight to the police station and eventually Steve was removed from the apartment.Selection_165

Update: GIRL went to the Police Station on Monday after work to consult with an officer on next steps. A total of 5 officers had to come on site to finally get Steve to leave. He showed the officers the “assault” video with his legal advisor present, and the cops did not side with him. He has no case. Steve continued to contact GIRL, and even had his legal advisor/fake lawyer (no Bar number on record) repeatedly call/text GIRL. On Tuesday, GIRL filed for a restraining order and it was approved later that day.

The GIRL and friends filed a case but are not pressing charges. They understand that Steve is in a difficult situation and is homeless. Pressing charges on a homeless man won’t solve anything. They are just relieved that he is off the property and can’t get near GIRL within 100 feet without arrest.”


UPDATE: The woman in question absolutely did not want to share this document. She told me so several times, although she always end each email with the clause that, if I thought it was necessary, they would give it to me, and let me release it. I told them that, unfortunately, I believed it was needed. The reason for that is, Steve Tom Sawyer is too much of a coward to come out, and admit that he deceived all of GamerGate with his original story. He continued to try to smear these women, and sent surrogates out to do his dirty work, because he’s too weak to come in here, and defend himself. Well, here it is. We welcome your response.