I saw this story last week in the paper and I’ve been considering how I should address this it this entire time. You have already heard about it, but if so, that’s ok. The more average bullshit like this gets, the better.

Here’s an excerpt from the openings. It tells you pretty much all you need to know..

SAN FRANCISCO- Fired with a burgeoning with sexual harassment crisis, leaders in Silicon Valley have come up with a very Silicon Valley solution = Use technology to create a blacklist.

Ah yea, blacklists created by anonymous women who didn’t receive capital investment. What could go wrong? This whole article is disturbing. By the way, I’m not excusing real sexual harassment or other behaviors that harm female participation. However, I don’t think asking if a woman could babysit your kids should land you on some kind of blacklist. Is it bad form? Yes. But it’s likely not malicious.

In addition, the incubator is using its clot to shame investors who behave badly. “Investors at demo day asked a female founder to babysit his kids,” Y Combinator partner Adora Chevny tweeted in March. “He’s been uninvited from future events. Can’t make this stuff up. She also tweeted that Y Combinator had disinvited an investor who was trying to replace a female chief executive with a white male.

What the fuck? How dare this investor try to replace a female with a male? And not just any male, mind you. It was a WHITE MALE: clearly he is a misogynist piece of shit who needs to learn his place. This clown should just had his money over, no questions asked. What right does he have to control conditions under which it’s spent.

It’s sad that trash like this even gets printed, but it’s even more pathetic that it’s happening in the first place. It goes without saying that I think this blacklist is a terrible idea. Combining it with a public app is even worse, and I have to give them credit here, that’s hard to do. I’m starting to fully understand why Y Combinator blackballed Gab founder Andrew Torba. The only thing that’s missing is anonymous posts accusing him of sexual harassment.

I’m gripping the cheap ass pen, that I’m forced to write with, so hard that I think it’s about to give out. Most likely it’s a good time to wrap up.