What’s up, loyal readers? As you might be able to tell, I’ve changed WordPress themes this morning. I’ve been spending most of my time since on optimization. Speaking of that, lemme know what you think, and if you can think of any changes that can be made to the new look. I may or may not be able to implement them, but either way, I want to know what you guys think. Eek! That was misogynist #cyberviolence! Ladies, feel free to chime in as well. I think it’s a pretty big improvement over the last one, but maybe some of you don’t. Chime in down below with your thoughts on the change, or any other topic I’ve missed on this slow weekend. The site was almost unuable at certain points yesterday, and that was because I was being attacked. As always, I want to think my incredible webmaster, Buttermancer. He does a LOT of hard work to keep us online around here, and he deserves plaudits from us all.

As for this morning, I’m going to put out an update on the Derek Smart/Big Randi situation. There’s a lot going down on that front this week, and Brianna Wu ended up entering the fray. Why? Because no one’s been paying attention to her nasty as the last couple weeks. So, she had to weasel her way into another story yet again. I’ll talk about it all in just a minute. First, let me hit you with another edition of Skull Ralph. The last double shot of the cartoon is here.  

Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of this little storyline, and I’ll be back with another post in the next hour or so.


UPDATE: Comments are now working again.