The site was running slow as hell there for thirty minutes or so due to maintenance. Everything seems to be back to normal now, thankfully. There’s really not much else to add here, BUT you can check out a new interview that Partisangirl did yesterday with Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson. We did some reporting on her back in the fall, when that sick fuck journo Robert Caruso was spreading vile hatred about her. So I’m already familiar with her advocacy. She’s a warrior and GamerGate is very lucky to have her on our side.

I’m honored that she mentioned our report on The Guardian from the fall around the 17:30 mark. Not only am I happy for the site, but that leak should be highlighted as much as possible, because it shows that they were biased from the start against GamerGate, and determined to spin in favor of the SJW narrative.

Here’s the video (thanks to Mr. Watson as well):

  1. Oh, great, mentioned on Prison Planet of all things. There’s the credibility we all finally needed. Right along with heirloom seeds and gold.

    Our problem is that the only people who give anyone on this side even a squeak of a voice at all are those from the must lambasted and easily dismissed media outlets (often wholeheartedly deserved, like Alex Jones and PP). This winds up as far more beneficial fodder to help SJWs “prove their point” than it does for us in any way. All they have to do is point out that “we” get support from the likes of BB and PP and AVFM and so on… and out the window goes any shred of hope anyone ever had for being taken seriously.

    1. You’re consistently the most negative out of all the posters I see, and this is no different. The more people who are exposed to our message, the better. PR is dead. There’s zero point in ever hoping for a fair shake from the mainstream and SJW media.

      So no, you’re dead wrong.

      1. Please keep highlighting good youtube videos. I’ve honestly wondered why you didn’t always do this. I youtube search feminism, debate, politics, etc. daily but often miss some of these videos that could be highlighted for a lot of people.

      2. PR is dead.

        Wrong buddy. Being associated in any way with crazy asshats like Jones and his cult of followers is about as damaging as an endorsement from the Westboro Baptist Church, especially anywhere outside the USA.

        If you want to battle the message parroted by the media and get the general public on board buddying up with extremist right wing conspiracy freaks is the wrong way to do it.

        1. You imply that there’s a choice and that there is a right way to do it. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that we are not going to get a fair battle. We will not get a fair shot. The SJWs already associate GamerGate with so called crazy asshats. That’s how they view ANY media that is pro GG. They have been doing what you and others fear for 8 months. Where have you been?

          Let’s not forget what we’re doing here. We’re not a group. We don’t need endorsements. GamerGate is a scandal. We are not “GamerGate” and we are not “GamerGaters” We are gamers. We are people. We are revolting. You’re making this out to be way more than it is, and so is lots of people that seem desperate for this entire thing to be a new identity for them or some damn thing.

          And last I checked, not a whole lot of people were drinking the SJW koolaid. I strongly doubt that is ever going to change. What will change eventually, is people in high places are going to get tired of giving in to them when they realize they are not their audience. Sometimes PR isn’t everything. Sometimes customers are everything.

          But you’re right. The last thing we need is for the Alex Jones seal of approval. But this isn’t Alex Jones, now is it? Because unlike the Alex Jones crowd, we actually have proof. We’re not speculating here for years on end of some grand hidden conspiracy. That’s exactly why this revolt didn’t end a few days after it started because people got bored.

          Let’s try to remember what we’re doing here, and remember that we’re not “gamergaters” It’s bad enough that the anti crowd tries to dismiss us with that smear campaign. We don’t need to be doing it too. So, you see, there is nothing here that is going to hurt us unless we let it hurt us. As far as I am concerned it’s another media outlet that is discussing the GG scandal, so let them. The only thing I worry about is Alex Jones himself jumping on board. The public is almost entirely against him and for good reason. The last thing we need is the GG scandal to be dismissed because of him…or is it? I’m not sure what good PR is going to do. I’m not sure why it
          matters that ‘civilians’ think warmly or frown of our crusade.

          If our fellow gamers weren’t pussies who still use certain websites to this day because they can’t do without being baited into clicking a link to polygon or because they can’t let go of Gamespot in favor of new media, this war would have been over long ago. They’re the ones we need to convince to care, not the viewership of Nightline.

        2. PR is dead. We’re all misogynist cishet entitled white neckbeards remember? SVU says we’re terrorists, etc. We’ve already been called conspiracy theorists well before now, simply for reporting the facts.

          I’d definitely balk at being associated with WBC, but this interview wasn’t done by Alex Jones, and was a pretty decent and fair coverage.

          The SJWs might say “look, GG is now being supported by crazy nutters” but then they will have to reference the video, and anyone who is reasonable will at least click play – and nothing too crazy is in it. (For those who only read titles, and don’t watch the video, it matters very little – they already believe the SJW narrative).

          1. The fact that it wasnt conducted by Jarhead himself is irrelevant. That spammy faced little prat is just one of Jarhead’s pet organ grinders monkeys.
            Its on Prison Planet – a Jarhead channel for Jarhead drones, NWO conspiracy freaks and fucking neo-nazi bunker dwelling ammosexual militia goons. And if Jarhead does see a way of twistin this to his own purposes, or to gain publicity, you can bet your ass he will jump on board.
            You dont stick your dick in the crazy, and you dont fucking dance the twostep with them either.
            So yeah, it is a disaster on the same scale as getting support from Rush Limbaugh, or getting an endorsement from WBC.

          2. ” And if Jarhead does see a way of twistin this to his own purposes, or to gain publicity, you can bet your ass he will jump on board.”

            And that worked out great for David Draiman, didn’t it?

            “So yeah, it is a disaster on the same scale as getting support from Rush Limbaugh, or getting an endorsement from WBC.”

            lol, if you say so.

    2. Sure, stupid people will just eat what mainstream media tells them, but smart people will check by themselves, even if it’s sites with low reputation (after all, we’re here despite what the mainstream media said about GG right?).

      In the end I’d rather have the smart people on our side, and I’m sure Ralph does too, so brighten up a bit and be glad that we’re getting the word out to more and more people.

    3. Keep swimming in that pool of bile, bitch. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Alex Jones may be a bit off the rails, but I subscribe to Paul’s PrisonPlanetLive YT channel because he’s NOT Alex Jones. Paul is a reasonable guy, and makes good content. He’s exactly the type of guy I’m glad to have reporting on this.

  2. Interestingly enough, it was actually the media’s pro-intervention propaganda about the Syrian Civil War that convinced me the MSM (including “respectable” center-left outlets) was not only biased, but would mislead and outright lie to push the desired agenda.

  3. Seriously Ralph? Prison Planet? Fuckin Alex Jarhead Jones AGAIN?
    Im fucking amazed those shitbubbles didnt try to link the aGGros to the NWO or FEMA death camps.
    Partisangirl, thank you for a fucking Seig Fail of epic fuckin proportions. Who are you going to be interviewed by next? Pat Robertson? Glenn Beck? David Icke perhaps?

    1. That guy actually is fantastic. He’s almost entirely separate from Alex Jones in terms of his content. Open your mind a bit and watch his feminism / sjw videos. He’s the most well spoken advocate we have besides Milo and Mercedes.

      He’s in the UK and has free reign to cover whatever topics he wants without input from Jones.

    2. Just watched the video, and it’s the most extensive interview/reporting done by a third-party that I have seen yet. Personally, the guilt by association bit is a little old, I’ll support anyone I know is telling the truth.

  4. The question about Prison Planet – and this particular correspondent is whether or not they are arguing rationally and not just more screaming monkeys. Deriding Alex Jones is not unlike the derision GamerGate gets – you don’t actually have to read anything or fact check because they are all misogynist geeks who live in their parent’s basement. Jones does have some excesses, but comparing him to the Main Stream Media, I prefer Jones.

    E.g. some redox:

  5. “Oh no! The WRONG kind of allies!”

    The horror! The horror! FFS, grow up ladies. If it bothers you (some of you) that much, be content to continue to provide virtual tug jobs to each other on your precious little boards. You’ll still be able to swoop in and take all the credit as the “right-thinking gamergaters”.

  6. Consider this instead:

    Hammer quote: “For five years, nobody on your side said a damned thing about tone when I was the one being labeled a hatemonger, or a “rape apologist” by disingenuous SFWA presidents, or they were using fabricated “scare quotes” to show I was a homophobic woman hater in the Guardian.”

    Correia put up with that shit for five years? He’s a better man than I.

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