The site was running slow as hell there for thirty minutes or so due to maintenance. Everything seems to be back to normal now, thankfully. There’s really not much else to add here, BUT you can check out a new interview that Partisangirl did yesterday with Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson. We did some reporting on her back in the fall, when that sick fuck journo Robert Caruso was spreading vile hatred about her. So I’m already familiar with her advocacy. She’s a warrior and GamerGate is very lucky to have her on our side.

I’m honored that she mentioned our report on The Guardian from the fall around the 17:30 mark. Not only am I happy for the site, but that leak should be highlighted as much as possible, because it shows that they were biased from the start against GamerGate, and determined to spin in favor of the SJW narrative.

Here’s the video (thanks to Mr. Watson as well):