I got my computer put up last night and damn, there’s a world of difference. My shit no longer sounds like a small aircraft. It actually runs Tweetdeck without slowing down. I’m going to try some gaming on it later with Rome Total War II. I have the “Emperor Edition,” so I’m hoping that a lot of the bugs are gone. I’m also wondering about updating to Windows 10. If anyone has, let me know if there’s any big bugs. Some folks on Twitter told me it was pretty much bug-free right now.

By the way, If you want a reminder of what we’re fighting against, why some have dedicated 8 months of their life to the struggle, here it is (from the fall):


I’m going to go look into the stories for today and get back with you. I also have a unique guest editorial from a blind gamer that I’ll be running later. So I hope you all enjoy that. I also have some interesting stuff from Janet Bloomfield that I might get into. Stay tuned haha! Also, just in case you think that was an aberration for Randi…it wasn’t (h/t @TheIvyClover1).

If you have some shit you want me to see, or questions you want to ask, post it all below. Consider this an open thread.

  1. Randi is a sad excuse for a human being. That’s it. I’ve nothing more to say on the subject. Just let her have the echo chamber, and if she does stupid shit(And she will…) – point and laugh.

    1. Yea, I’d agree with you there. Not much chance for engagement with people like her. After I saw what she did to Chris on the day he was diagnosed with MS I knew there were no redeeming qualities there.

      1. ,,,in related news, th’ Japanese whaling fleet just dropped anchor in th’ San Francisco Bay on th’ East side nearest Oakland…th’ captain of th’ lead ship said something over th’ radio about a brew whale? Lotta static, hard to make it out…

  2. I wouldn’t go for W10 just yet, with the latest build I’ve heard reports of a buttload of hardlocking, blue screens, and a lot of hardware drivers are incompatible due to the bump in the kernel version. It’s not ready for mainstream use yet.

      1. Just install classic shell and you’ll get the familiarity back quickly enough. I hate the “metro” interface but the OS itself is actually pretty solid.

      2. Generally a good idea to take the ‘old’ OS option when there’s two or more in play. Fewer issues.

  3. #Stupidquestion: what’s the extent to which Harper has “influence” (if we can call it that) over Twitter? I’ve seen allegations she has friends who work for it, but I’m unclear on the reality.

          1. Checked it out. Sigh. I guess Twitter being a private company can hire to report (Women Action Media) or give a pass (L Alex) however, whenever it wants. Derp.

          2. I got the impression that in the end WAM didn’t have as much power as people thought, I think it was Harper behind the suspensions all along. Internet Aristocrat, before he went Full Mac and quit was sitting on twitter verbally reaming people connected to WAM for hours and they did nothing.

          3. Agreed. At first I was a li’l scared of WAM, but they seemed to just go away.

            See, I love IA. His Tumblrisms made me laugh out loud. Especially the “Ableism” one (near and dear to me).

            I never knew quite what went down with him, and never cared. Full Mac, you say?

          4. Well what I meant by that was that he seemed a bit unhappy with the fact that some people in GG were making money from their work and went off on one about it, that’s what caused him to quit I think. Now obviously I’d be completely against using GG to shill but I’ve got no problem with people making money from their work.

            Sargon of Akkad made a good video about it, RE: Dramatic Faggotry I think was the title.

          5. Eh, even as a pro-GGer, I don’t give a fuck what people do because, unlike a “movement” or a “brand,” no one owns it. I feel like iam8bit is the bigger shill with “#GamerGate is hate” shirts. But even them, whatever. Let ’em sell their dumb shirts.

          6. I’m no fan of shills but I don’t care about it whatsoever. Anyone that thinks GG was about not making money is an idiot anyway, you’re perfectly entitled to make money from your work, it was about the dishonesty of the games press.

  4. i wonder what the traffic is like over at leighs new site… id look into it but im working… i bet its fucking abysmal

    1. She’s like most fat munters, when she takes a photo she centres it so that only her head shows and the flab doesn’t. Dishonest creativity.

      Still, there are plenty of unmarried manatees. She might have a chance.

  5. Boo fucking hoo, Randi. You lost your job because of the toxic shit you posted on Twitter and because you didn’t contribute anything but drama. You used to believe that women should make it in the programming business based on merit and hard work, not simply for having a vagina – but then you decided that it was much more lucrative to blame everything on “misogyny” and GamerGate, rather than your inability to program competently or to shut your damn mouth. The only thing GG is doing is archiving your hypocritical harassment and laughing at your lame attempts to paint yourself as some kind of hero.

  6. I know I’m one of many people who’s contacted the IRS about Randi, if she actually gets non-profit status after all the shit that’s been sent to them regarding her bullshit then the government is even more retarded than even I ever gave it credit for.

    1. Yup


      “If you have been harassed by Randi Harper and/or would like to voice your opinions on her eligibility for a 501c3 you can fill out this form http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f13909.pdf and send it to [email protected] . This is a serious matter, please only submit a form if you can prove your reasoning with facts and sources.”

      Form is short and easy to fill out, can file anonymously, fill the email with evidence against her!

  7. The only thing more pathetic than Harper is her followers. She’s a disgusting piece of radioactively toxic shit who brings nothing of value to the world, but those beta fucks hang around and suck her dick all the same. It’s…disheartening to say the least.

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