The last couple days have been very interesting. People who I thought were my closest friends stabbed me in the back and released private chat logs, then took those logs out of context and invented meaning where none existed. They even accused my girlfriend of uploading child porn. This had nothing to do with so-called trolls in the group, like WildGoose and Teridax. No, this was orchestrated by “TheIvyClover1” and Nick Monroe of The Escapist (PressFartToContinue/Bandit), then implemented by one other leaker. This is 100% fact, not speculation. The trolls have more honor than any of those people, and folks who refuse to believe that are not worth my time. I will have one more article responding to it all. After that, I’m going to ignore this bullshit for the rest of my time on the internet.

Two YouTube channels of mine have been outright banned today over false reports, although that is being appealed. My latest AdSense appeal is in the works as well. I should learn more about that on Monday. Needless to say, it’s been a very rough week. My enemies are counting on me folding. They think I am made of stuff that will allow me to quit. I’m here to reassure you that isn’t going to happen. I’m working with other ad services now, and while they aren’t as lucrative, I’ll just have to make do with what I have. Other ventures might come into play as we move forward, but I will not give in to the hypocritical scumbags who want to see me gone. Idiots want me to apologize for publishing controversial things. I would rather die than beg these pieces of trash for forgiveness.

Make no mistake, they have hit me very hard over the last few days. I’m battered, but not broken. The operation is down, but it is not out. If these speech Nazis think they can take logs from a private chat, spin them inaccurately, libel me 100 different ways from Sunday, and that all that will make me quit…they have another thing coming. Tonight, I’m going to watch some Patrice O’Neal, then enjoy the Royal Rumble. Tomorrow, the site should return to normal. I might have some guest posts between now and then, but time will tell. I just wanted to come and give you readers a short upate on the future. Thank you all for sticking with me, and I promise you I will return the favor by working harder than I ever have before.

(Killstream from last night, which got brigaded with spam reports and was removed from my channel, which was then banned.)