The last couple days have been very interesting. People who I thought were my closest friends stabbed me in the back and released private chat logs, then took those logs out of context and invented meaning where none existed. They even accused my girlfriend of uploading child porn. This had nothing to do with so-called trolls in the group, like WildGoose and Teridax. No, this was orchestrated by “TheIvyClover1” and Nick Monroe of The Escapist (PressFartToContinue/Bandit), then implemented by one other leaker. This is 100% fact, not speculation. The trolls have more honor than any of those people, and folks who refuse to believe that are not worth my time. I will have one more article responding to it all. After that, I’m going to ignore this bullshit for the rest of my time on the internet.

Two YouTube channels of mine have been outright banned today over false reports, although that is being appealed. My latest AdSense appeal is in the works as well. I should learn more about that on Monday. Needless to say, it’s been a very rough week. My enemies are counting on me folding. They think I am made of stuff that will allow me to quit. I’m here to reassure you that isn’t going to happen. I’m working with other ad services now, and while they aren’t as lucrative, I’ll just have to make do with what I have. Other ventures might come into play as we move forward, but I will not give in to the hypocritical scumbags who want to see me gone. Idiots want me to apologize for publishing controversial things. I would rather die than beg these pieces of trash for forgiveness.

Make no mistake, they have hit me very hard over the last few days. I’m battered, but not broken. The operation is down, but it is not out. If these speech Nazis think they can take logs from a private chat, spin them inaccurately, libel me 100 different ways from Sunday, and that all that will make me quit…they have another thing coming. Tonight, I’m going to watch some Patrice O’Neal, then enjoy the Royal Rumble. Tomorrow, the site should return to normal. I might have some guest posts between now and then, but time will tell. I just wanted to come and give you readers a short upate on the future. Thank you all for sticking with me, and I promise you I will return the favor by working harder than I ever have before.

(Killstream from last night, which got brigaded with spam reports and was removed from my channel, which was then banned.)

  1. PressFartToContinue? Say, isn’t that the same guy who’s persona non grata around Polaris for stalking Dodger?

      1. Jesus, that thread. Such excuses, much spin. Although I don’t blame the mod for locking it; it WAS in violation of their own code of conduct.

        But still, has this guy ever apologized for his behavior? Tried to make amends?

      2. wow. someone linked to dodger’s twitlonger on that thread and i never knew she made a comment about it. i used to watch her years ago and the guy would be all up in the comments with people telling him that he needed to calm down and step away for a bit.

  2. Great job for sticking with your gut, Ralph. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that after everything that’s happened. Sure, I’ve been called shit and have been labeled all types of crap by some of my closest friends and relatives in person, but I haven’t ever had my accounts taken down, and had the feeling that there’s not a lot of people I can trust. Hang in there, man.

  3. Not commented for a while, but just here to say that i feel sorry for you, with the shit coming your way at the moment. Now if you’ll excuse me for a second, just gonna click on a advert on your site. Good luck Ralphy boy

    1. Yes, that’s confirmed by your’s truly. I’ve known it the whole time, I just didn’t publicize it cause I thought he was my friend. He’s a snake who obsesses over women, I should have talked about it a lot sooner.

      1. Yes, too many people understood the real fart and let his past slide for the cause.

        With that said, after I rebuild my life after the house fire, specifically a house rebuild and a new PC build, I’ll look you up and see if you could use some reliable help. Until then, I’m just a reader in the GG scene. Smartphone are great, but are no rep for desktop PC.

      2. I just want to make it clear that this Bandit was @istheguy on twitter. That’s how I knew of him. I wondered what happened with his account as it wasn’t suspended but appeared to be self-deleted. He was an absolute stalker of Lizzy Finnegan so I’m not surprised that he stalked others too. What I can’t believe is that The Escapist hired this guy – that’s insane!

  4. I really can’t believe the SJW-lites of modern GG are still doubling down on suppressing free speech.
    You should start a new hastag #gamercucks
    They are using every SJW tactic in the book to suppress free speech and alienate any right leaning GamerGater.

    1. I’m surprised that this is even happening myself. A persons political beliefs should not matter one way or the other. Just glad to see Ralph isn’t folding to those ass holes.

      1. It was disappointing when GamerGaters started implying that people with right wing beliefs were authoritarian and didn’t belong in GG. I honestly think that the SJW-lite takeover of GG has been planned for a while.
        They even say it’s okay to get Ralph’s ad revenue destroyed because it doesn’t take away his free speech. They say you are not entitled to ad income or a job.
        They are word for word giving the same arguments SJWs give when they get someone fired for politically incorrect comments.

        1. Because they were always sleeper SJWs from the beginning. The very first tone policing should have gotten people blown the fuck out, but they just keep falling for the same shit over and over.

          1. They weren’t sleepers. These assholes are full-blown totalitarian SJW’s in the same vein as Sarkeesian who, btw, were only in GamerGate because they saw the tactics they use against others was affecting THEM and not some obscure “evil right-winger.” The instant things stop affecting them so much is when they will fully return to their authoritarian selves. You’re already seeing it. They won’t learn from this. At all.

          2. Maybe sleeper was the wrong word. Whatever the case the typical basement dweller virgin moniker won’t go away until dumb fucks are able to see past someone’s tits when making character judgement, I lost interest in GG right about the time these fags started tone policing and the ones I thought weren’t idiots were listening to them.

          1. They are “moderates” who believe that being lukewarm to sjws will result in victory rather than sjws doubling down and spreading more bullshit in the near future. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire but that’s too extreme… Until it’s your house on the line when raging wildfires grow large enough.

          2. They are “moderates” who believe that being lukewarm to sjws will result in victory rather

            Jesus wept. How on earth can “being lukewarm to sjws” result in victory?

            Being “lukewarm” to them basically means listening to and accepting some of the SJW’s/feminist’s bigoted ideologies, such as censorship, restriction of creativity/expression and anti-free speech.

            That itself is ALREADY a loss, even before the result.

            Unless there’s some kind of super awesome master-plan whereby once the GG+ Moderates gain the trust and platforms of SJWs/feminists, they immediately turn around and stab them in the back?

  5. It’s just despicable. So GamerGate Plus are basically almost the same as the Anti’s now in that respect of shutting down free speech? It’s getting that it’s becoming like a sitcom. I hope you continue to fight Ralph, you got a lot of respect from people like me.

      1. The sjw lites over at KIA are really crucifying you for Goose’s post and are treating you as if you were the SJW. I guess it was bound to happen considering it’s reddit and how GG wanted to be moderate and ‘understanding.’

          1. You said it just look at sargon of akkad he has trading his previous “beliefs” such as complete freedom of speech/expression, that he even posted and did a video on him fully supported that mustaffa or whatever chick’s right to say anything she wants etc for youtube $$$$. He is singing a completely dif tune now. Hypocrites come out of the woodwork eventually.

      2. dont trust anyone dude gamergate was/is full of backstabbers and hypocrites. This shit was a eventuality and I called it a year ago lol.

      1. Especially after the infamous Atheism+ debacle. The funny thing is the cucked bitches who make up GamerGatePlus weren’t even the ones to coin the name; that was from people who were critical of the behavior of theses SJWLite faggots and pointed out the bad ideas of Atheism+ which, of course, the SJWLite retards missed the point of entirely and fell in love with it.

        1. Wow, I had no idea they actually started calling themselves Gamergate+. Everytime I saw the term I figured it was being used to mock them..Now I learn that they are unknowingly mocking themselves. I guess that’s what happens when you go full-SJW-retard.

    1. Uh, yeah, and if you didn’t catch on to the tone policing and “we need to make a new hashtag” shenanigan from the beginning, well, sorry, but you’re kind of stupid. The people who had been crying that GG “Needed Leaders” and “have to be nice” despite the letter campaigns and everything else providing results were really just looking for efame themselves and were willing to throw anyone else under the bus to get it. It started when they shit on KOP and IA and that’s when I decided GG can fuck itself.

      1. To be honest, I’ve not actually seen any twitter mentioning of GamerGate+ nor have come across any sites apart from Ralphs articles about them and how it’s just a SJW lite possessed version, so my apologies.

        1. I didn’t mean you specifically. I was speaking in the general sense. It was probably a year ago these twats started whining about people being too mean in GG and wanting to tone police their supposed allies. It’s when piece of shit frauds like LK and CoV “joined” GG and the dumb bitches that most PC folk are, couldn’t see past their tits to gauge their real intentions.

        2. I still don’t know what gg+ is and I’ve kept an eye out. I still go to kia but their constant use of sjw tactics and censorship piss me off and I keep calling of out and get down voted into oblivion but I dont give a shit what my “karma” rating is if I see a shithead I call them out.

      2. yup…as soon as the tone policing started with that dumb ass ex marine cook “game developer” slade, glade, bengay, whatever the fuck his name was and that black “journalist” dude I left. fk that bs it was the beginning of the end for gg. the tone policing continues with the “big” e celebs …pfft e celebs…

  6. I don’t even understand what any of these retards have got against you? Are they pissed off about the people you have writing on the site now, or is this something else?

    1. Because some people have an addiction to outrage. At least, that’s my theory. It’s not enough to shrug, say ‘WildGoose is an ass’ and move on. They gotta break out pitchforks and torches and DESTROY everyone involved!

      Pfft. The best test of free speech is when you have to face speech you disagree with.

    2. The silly thing is Goose ended up apologising anyway, but I guess some people aren’t worth trying to appease.

      I’ve actually been interested at trying to do a bit of writing myself, though I’m not sure what the hell I’d write about. My biggest areas of interest are in gaming (obviously, hehe), IT and F1. It seems like a pretty fulfilling thing to do.

      1. F1? I used to be right into it but it’s become so sterile and predictable, whoever wins the first race will win the championship. Also the sound’s been killed by the new regs, the cars used to scream now they just buzz, it’s like they’ve been emasculated!

        It’s just WRC and V8 Supercars for me now.

        1. I don’t really care about that. F1 is a technology sport not a noise sport. Naturally aspirated piston engines are dinosaur technology, the new engines bring it into the future.

  7. Ralph glad to see that you are still going strong. It’s very disgusting that those assholes betrayed you like that. Keep strong mate ^^

  8. Your resilience is admirable Ralph.
    Observing and calling out the actions & behaviour of insidious GG+ authoritarians is important work. Please keep it up with appreciation to you and your contributors.

  9. Reading KiA is depressing now…can’t believe how many pansy ass hypocrites infest it now. Ignoring the URL you might think you’re reading a GamerGhazi thread. Morons can’t even discern the difference between a journalism news site, a blog, and a satire/tabloid news site. One person was even triggered by “blowey zoe”…are you kidding me?!

    Blah…blah…blah “Ralph is cancer from the start” blah blah “I hate Ralph” blah…blah…blah. None of these fools have done anything near what Ralph has done in exposing anti-GG. The Leigh Alexander media manipulation email, Cait Lowry’s femdom operation, TheFirstPaige, the Nyberg logs etc. etc. all exposed here.

  10. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    Sounds pretty fucking familiar. You, Ralph, hosted a forum for unpopular opinions and no self-respecting SJW can sit idly by while dissent is being preached. Even now on Twitter entire accounts and countless hours are being spent dissecting chat logs and putting them into meme form. They’re slanderous and reckless in their righteousness. Willing to ruin lives and reputations. The ultimate goal, you gone and anyone around you put in their place.

    Keep moving forward…not one single half measure…not an inch of ground given. They want you to falter. Stay up!

    GamerGate, I hope some of you are paying attention. Like Ralph or not…should he really be subjected to this kind of treatment for merely hosting an article some might consider tasteless? How the hell are you ever going to be resolute in our opinions if their never challenged? Personal growth doesn’t rank very high for the SJW, apparently.

    1. CoV, LK and a dead girl are “institutions”? Wrong. Gawker is an institution. The Dept. of Education is an institution. Intel is an institution. Manchester U, The U of Missouri, the Oscars, the Nebulas, the Hugos, the U of VA, The Guardian, the N.Y. Times are institutions.

      1. Must it really be pointed out the they are “people”? Or that substituting “ideology” with “institution” and the principle still stands.

  11. I get the feeling this has a lot more to do with Icze4r than I previously thought. Also that schizophrenic retard Sean has been trying to start this fight for a while with some subtweeting. I think they had a good chunk of it planned out and want you gone. Also there has been a lot of hate for you generally lately from the GG+ types. Just stay in there and they will stay mad. Never give up.

  12. So a bunch of GamerGate supporters lied, harassed you, and went after your livelihood? Who would have thought that was possible?

  13. Let’s try and put this in some kind of larger context. Were I to write a book about Gamergate I’d write about the war that started in May, 2012 and represented the entry of Third Wave Feminism into the gaming community. Since petty feuds and personality conflicts are human nature and existed before and after, that would be left out. The book would only be a chronological record as it happened of journalistic conflicts of interest and inflammatory racist and sexist attacks by Third Wave Feminists defaming straight white men as an entire group.

    Since some people look up to Milo so much, notice how his entire campaign is organized around taking down Third Wave Feminists. The reason for that is obvious: there is moral high ground there. People are being fired, men kicked out of colleges in kangaroo courts, being discriminated against and prosecuted for mere disagreement with feminists. If Milo doesn’t like someone who’s a possible or wishy-washy “ally” he launches a shot or two but mostly ignores them. What he does not do is go after them and make more enemies.

    If you want to start petty feuds by writing inflammatory pieces about individuals who are only nominally feminists or just people you don’t like, go ahead. But look what it’s bought you. Your friend is banned from Twitter and you have 2 channels down. And for what? You’re taking worse damage than you did from feminists. The reason why is obvious: you not only have more enemies but people placed in a way to do you damage feminists cannot. And it doesn’t help aligning yourself with Jew-baiting white supremacists attempting to infiltrate the movement under the cover of whining about “free speech.” They have free speech: it’s still hate speech, and indistinguishable in principle from TWF.

    Over in science fiction, during Sad Puppies 3 last year, a lot of the Puppies disagreed with how the overall campaign was run but never went after one another, though they were constantly encouraged to and even had it demanded of them by TWFs. The reason the Puppies didn’t do that is because there was no profit in it, and a considerable downside. If you think you’re in a war then think strategically and tactically. If you’re in it for giggles to burn everything down, then expect to be abandoned and burnt in return. Your tube chats need to be more academic in tone and less cursing out people you don’t like who had nothing to do with the entry of TWF. So you don’t like someone. So what? Nobody cares if LK is the “bane” of someone’s existence. What’s that compared to college Star Chambers for men that are the equivalent of extra-legal Jim Crow poll taxes and literacy tests pushed by no less than the Dept. of Education?

    And by the way, why aren’t one of you writing the definitive book on Gamergate? You have all the names, the quotes, the events. It’d be a lot of work but no more so than the attention to detail you put in keeping track of nobodies like CoV and LK. I’d elect Mr. Mekotur to write such a book but I don’t think he cares.

    1. Are you aware that you’ve made Ralph’s case for him here?

      If “GG supporters” (or GG+) are employing SJW tactics, doesn’t that tell you something about their mindset, beliefs and lack of principles?
      Should GG supporters give a pass to anyone engaging in SJW behaviour just because they identify with GG?
      Who are any of us to lecture Ralph on how he chooses expose them?
      Consider the elevation you’ve established for yourself with your lecture, analysis (poor as it is) and recommendations (misguided as they are). Why do you think you’re entitled to such a position if you can’t understand the simple discordance of the SJW virus spreading within the GG community?
      The fact that you invoke “hate speech” and extreme mischaracterisations is also telling.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t realize mentioning someone’s suicide is an “SJW virus” or Jew-baiting and white greatness the cure for it. That all makes perfect sense.

        1. What does “Jew-baiting” or “white greatness” have anything to do with the current discussion.
          See, you reddit left-leaning cucks you chose to identify with GG, but have absolutely none of the values of it.
          You just accused him of being racist with NO proof, because all racist are bad in SJW circles.
          You literally use SJW tactics. Smearing someone with character assassinations without proof, just because you disagree with them.
          If you EVER thought you were a part of a movement that fought against SJWs, then take a hard look at your actions.
          You are doing EXACTLY, what SJWs do, word for word you ater using their arguments ans their tactics, such as silencing an opponent for “wrong think”.
          And even worse, your kind are so deluded you actually think you are somehow the “good guys” in this, and ralph is just an evil person that needs to be silenced.
          With people like you in GG, then SJWs will sleep easily at night. That is why we need modern GG to be destroyed or replaced.

          1. I was referring to the interview with Ricky Vaughan. Try and keep up instead of going all hysterical like an 80 yr. old Cornish fish-wife. Everything else you wrote is bullshit. Go outside or get used to writing blog articles about the time you never hiked the Inca Trail. It’s obvious the internet is driving some of you people nuts.

          2. Blameshifting for poorly communicated reference: Check.
            Implying a superior intellect: Check
            Y’know, most of us have engaged your kind so often before, your pattern has become just so boring. You even seem to think that resorting to petty insults is going to help you “win” an argument, but only leaves you looking pathetic.

          3. Why do I get the feeling you’re going to be writing a book 20 years from now titled “My Life Trolling Cosplayers Alive and Dead No One’s Ever Heard Of 2016-36”?

          4. Well, if I were to speculate, I think it might have something to do with a lack of emotional intelligence, allowing feelz to lead your mind and behaviour in bizarre directions, rather than giving due weight to facts, logic and reason.

        2. Avoid answering uncomfortable questions with specifics: Check
          Misrepresent participants comments and invent strawman: Check
          Rhetorical emotional manipulation by invoking a tragic incident: Check
          Failure at both logic and reason: Check
          Bad faith: Check

          1. Wow, you’re a faggot. Just wanted to give you the impression people who know your shit tactics get. You’re not winning any converts here, move the fuck along.

  14. That awkward moment when AlisonPrime/Steve had more fucking balls than Ivy and Fart. Fucking weak ass jabronis man.

  15. I don’t even remember, know or care how this all started but shutting down communication and dialogue is not cool.

    If they got something they want to say they’re free to argue it all they want.
    But using deception, lies and abuse of power to shut down other’s chance to talk is not cool.

    You guys say some interesting stuff sometimes and even though I don’t agree with all of it I do often appreciate what you’ve got to say. So keep it up.

  16. Hope we catch the people who are doing this and expose them. They are basically SJWs or on par with them.

  17. bro team pill, the unfunny faggot that issued a DMCA takedown because someone used a fragment of his twitter icon from a pro-GG Twitter meme in a video and he went full fucking autistic about it.

  18. At least if anything, you’ve unmasked a lot of snakes. The genuine GG supporters (like myself) can now know who to be aware of and treat with suspicion, and call them out on their SJW-like behavior.

    Regarding GG+, it really is time that people stopped referring to them as ‘GamerGatePlus’. They should be instantly dismissed and classified as SJWs / feminists without a second thought. Because that is what they are behind that GG mask.

    Because of the high risk of corruption in these types of free/open movements (and it’s happened already), it is the reason why I’ve always advocated for GG to stick to it’s set of core principles if one is to be considered a GamerGate supporter, such as the following:

    1) To stand against censorship of any kind
    2) Advocation of freedom of artistic creativity and expression
    3) Advocation of free speech
    4) Advocation of ethics in journalism
    5) To stand against Political Correctness and Feminist ideology

    Basically if one cannot meet all of those points above, then in my opinion he/she should not be considered a GG supporter. It sounds “authoritarian” I know, but it would be one of the ways to help prevent and stop the corruption.

    Internet Aristocrat / Jim / MisterMetokur was right all along. What GG needed to do was attack, attack and attack. Instead the morons decided to take the other option of going “ethics-only” and taking the moral high ground, which has resulted in the infestation of SJW-lites and Moderates. Which means that it’s completely failed.

    SJWs and feminists do not and never will operate on reason, logic and facts. You have to attack them to get the message through.

    … and before the Ethics-Only brigade accuse me of advocating “SJW-behaviour” above, let me say this – the difference is that GG would be attacking through truth, logic and reason. Unlike SJWs/feminists who attack through lies, slander and personal feelings.

    Stay strong, Ralph. As I’ve always said many times, you and Milo Yiannopulous are probably the only two people I trust in GamerGate now.

    1. “Basically if one cannot meet all of those points above, then in my opinion he/she should not be considered a GG supporter. It sounds “authoritarian” I know.”

      It actually doesn’t sound authoritarian to me. Demanding people adhere to those points would be authoritarian. But using those points to determine whether someone meets your personal criteria? That’s just submitting a definition.

      Coherent, objective definitions aren’t authoritarian.

  19. Et tu Fart, what the fucks is wrong with these people thought they were meant to be anti sjw.what is his angle

  20. TheIvyClover1 is a rampant conspiracy theorist and PressFartToContinue is a filthy stalker, so I’m not terribly surprised by their hell face turns to be honest. GamerGatePlus is just full of e-fags who are buttmad about “e-celebs” who are more sociable and possess a wider reach than themselves, they making the “e-celebs” more useful/notable to the cause. It’s all jealousy, and childish jealousy at that.

  21. It would be a shame if you do get taken down by whatever means. For one thing Nero’s blessing would be a waste.

    But seriously, stick around. Things are about to get even more intense in a few weeks, mark my words. (You have my permission to screencap this as evidence when shit will eventually go down. Not that I’m that big of an e-celeb to get noticed. Until it’s too late to matter.)

    Incidentally, slightly off-topic, but I think it’s high time to ditch the Santa hat and put on something more topical for your avatar. Maybe a soldier’s helmet?

    Once more into the breach, friends.

  22. Ralph, please take me off of this article.

    >No, this was orchestrated by “TheIvyClover1” and Nick Monroe of The Escapist (PressFartToContinue/Bandit), then implemented by @SportzPunz and one other leaker.
    >This is 100% fact, not speculation.

    I woke up one morning and you just blocked me without saying anything, then you post this without even presenting any evidence or even asking my side.

    I don’t talk to the fags you listed there, and I’m not autistic enough to have recorded all of your chats and then leak them. I don’t care enough to do all that.

    Whether you respond or not, I know you’ll see this:
    You backed the wrong horse. Whoever convinced you I leaked anything is probably the real person fucking with you, either that or you’re just off with your theory (or I guess “100% fact” as you put it). Of course you’re probably set in your opinion, but I’m calling it now. Best of luck to you.

  23. Keep on hating the haters. That why we come to this website. I get some good laughs too. If I wanted PC calm talk about SJWs ~ I would lurk KIA all day.

  24. I prefer to be on the side currently being ostracized…then be one of those people revealing themselves to be exactly what we fought against…

  25. Ralph, don’t bitch out like the rest of them. You got people who want to hear what you have to say and are on your side, no matter what SJW faggot tactics those bitches employ. They only win when you stop fighting back, that’s the one lesson that GG should have learned, but those very bitches were the ones crying for us to stop fighting so hard, and thus ruined the movement.

  26. I was neutral until today and began reading the horrible things Vivian’s cult was saying about Shannon, and then I was done. I’ll visit your site as much as possible now. I have no time, patience, or sympathy for people who think that making fun of the partially paralyzed is not worse than speaking ill of the dead. The dead can’t hear you. Living people can.

  27. Kind of curious what they’re trying to spin about you. Are they trying to make you look like a baby hater?

  28. I’m disappointed in Ivy and Bandit. I knew Ivy was a dude, but didn’t care because he didn’t use it to mess with people (far as I know), long suspected Bandit of being Fart due to his support of Lizzy.

    I guess once he got hired by The Escapist he decided to throw us to the wall. Nice

  29. I got told because i wouldn’t condemn Ralph and friends that i was unethical and should leave GamerGate. I laughed my ass off and mocked the shit out of the idiot who told me this. Told them unlike others who have been run off i wasn’t going anywhere. GamerGate as it was started died a while back. Between the ethics only cucks and the SJW’s pretending to be GamerGate. I consider the thing dead. I only stick around to check out all the game dev stuff, talk with people i get along with, and mock the stupid SJW’s (including GG+ who decided to go full retard)

    I have been dumping any on twitter who show the symptoms of the SJW disease. And will mock and block those that do show it. They’re going to have to ban me to shut me up and even then i will do what most trolls do and have backups so i keep coming back for more.

  30. It doesn’t matter if you say sugar coated lies or shit covered truths. You still deserve a opportunity to say it. as everyone does.

    beside that, e-celeb are shit.

    Most of GG just don’t care about this petty e-celeb war that’s going on and simply focus on the SJW , PC or Feminist ideology censoring-mania threats and the likes.

  31. I’ve been watching the whole “gang” from the very beginning and I have to give kudos to ralph for not caving. Even the great free speech “ideologue” Sargon of Akkad caved and is now a gamergate+ groupie it seems. Not only is he actively banning for “hate” posts or what he deems hate posts but he is also actively shadow banning or “ghosting” comments it seems that are not hate related just truth related lol. never cave ralph and never allow yourself to get owned by sjw’s like sargon did. He has seemingly traded his “ethics” for that youtube $$$$

  32. “then took those logs out of context and invented meaning where none existed”

    Hey, that sounds familiar . . .

    I suppose the appropo quote is about fighting monsters lest you become them et cetera.

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