Well, score another one for SJW stupidity. Lately, they’ve been busy on Twitter. What’s kept them preoccupied, is an attack on Pro-GamerGate developers, and their financial interests. One of the main targets of this harassment, has been Jennifer D’aww, a very talented female supporter of our cause. You see, she has a game that’s pretty awesome, called SeedScape, and she had recently put it up on Steam Greenlight. I guess the braindead SJWs thought this was going to hurt her somehow, but, it actually spurred her game into “greenlit” status, which is a huge achievement for any developer. The screen below describes the Greenlight process, and how things get greenlit, for those unaware of how it works. 



So, the SJW loons figured the would harm D’aww’s chances by running her down on Twitter, and distributing lists among their demented circle of Kool Aid drinkers. Too bad GamerGate rolls a lot fucking thicker than they do. You see, we have legions of members who are will to put in time, money, and all the effort required to complete this mission. Like I just said on Twitter, the cause is bigger than any one of us. If you have faith in our passion, which is games, and the creators that support the games and ideals you like, SJW nonsense goes nowhere. It’s just another fail.

The SJW attempt:



And the GamerGate Win!

We congratulate Jennifer, and encourage any other neutral or pro-GamerGate devs to step forward and enjoy the benefits of our support. SJWs talk the talk, but they don’t have the quality we do. Look at Depression Quest, their Steam Greenlight success, and then examine SeedScape. I’m sure Jennifer might not go there, but I will. Depression Quest is garbage, and I can assure you that more work has gone into running this modest website, than some trifling effort like that.  I know nothing about game development, but I know quality craftsmanship when I see. I’ll be excited to play SeedScape myself when it’s released. Thanks again, anti-GamerGate idiots. You once again spotlighted your incompetence, in more ways than one.

  1. Depression Quest was a twine game. You know, for people who can’t handle the complexities of html there’s a tool to make things even easier. A choose your own adventure is not even slightly difficult from a technical standpoint. So I’d say you’re correct, it is more work to run this site than it was to make that game.

    1. I think the next thing GamerGate needs to co-opt is Twine. There has to be a way to make something interesting out of that.

      1. I’m sure many people will have different opinions, and mine is that interactive fiction can be interesting if it has really good writing. Twine doesn’t require much technical skill, so I stand by my previous statement, but a talented writer could definitely make something a lot of people find interesting. If people want to co-opt Twine for GamerGate, that would be pretty cool.

        1. While I definitely agree with you that IF is a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment, there’s better versions of IF out there over Twine. Purely text based ones give you the options to type and often have more variety of choices and more freedom, and visual novels have the bonus of art to help along with the story and setting. Twine feels like it’s lacking in multiple departments.

  2. We are the change that will influence the world, one step at a time. No matter what kind of censorship, blocklist, or trashtalking that the Antis try, we will not be stopped: we will be heard. And creators and businessmen that have faith in their audience over the self-righteous fanatics will always be welcome in any industry. Think about that before you declare gamers and #GamerGate dead, corrupt video games journalism, you might learn something from this.

  3. lol I do love their “SJW Vivian” – just like their patron saints Anita and McIntosh – everything they have, they’ve stolen.

    1. speaking of ‘stolen’ I remember Wu make a Guardians of the Game Industry… I mean Galaxy poster with all of her “friends”.. ripping off GG’s versions.

    2. The biggest irony is that SJWs want to be inclusive to minorities, then makes their Vivian rip off a blue-eyed blonde white girl.

      1. You mean Aryan.

        Which fits their world view perfectly. Riding the thin line between the totalitarianism of the right – and of the left.

      2. Has anyone pointed this out to them? It seems like a perfect opportunity to direct them to a up close and personal look at their loathsome hypocrisy.

          1. I’m sorry, a malcontent would be someone who agitates for the sake of agitation, usually against a status quo that isn’t even harmful. That would be Anita, with her spurious and frankly disgusting claims – all done in the quest to make her money. You’re all lucky I have a conscience or I’d be out there shilling you for all you’ve got, defending the poor womynz and the poor muslims and every other “oppressed” group in the first world. haha

          2. You love to define things for yourself and just proclaim them universal. That therein is the problem,

            You make drastic generalizations in your posts while attacking others for making similar offenses.

            Its as if you don’t proofread your own drivel…

          3. For the record. A malcontent does not need to agitate. They could just be the guy who says GET OFF MY LAWN… with no internet… Again you love to redefine the english language and assume everyone is on the same page…

          4. Wow you are delusional. No serious group would have someone so poorly spoken as yourself as a shill.

  4. You only have to look at the retweet numbers to see how much effort SJW’s put in. 4 retweets, while the GG post got 394 retweets. This is why the SJW’s will never win, they expect everyone else to do everything for them. Bunch of middle class whiners who think it should all be done for them.

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