Last night, I had a full night’s sleep for the first time in two weeks. My focus was on GamerGate unity, and our other core strengths. Basically, I was basking in the glow. Our last week had been spectacular. But, the opponents we face have a way of bringing your mind back to battle. They never stop trying to tear us down, regardless of the cost to their basic human decency. They simply do not care how it looks. They’re on a mission to destroy, defame, and make destitute, all that go against their warped ideology.

While I was sleeping, the SJWs on 4chan were apparently busy doxxing one of our prominent supports, Kingofpol (KOP). This in and of itself is bad enough. But some of their number then took the extra step of accusing KOP of being behind his own doxxing. Think about that for a second.

Sure, Kingofpol could have doxxed himself. Maybe he did? It doesn’t make much sense to me, but, who knows? But the SJW sites don’t doubt Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian when they have a doxx claim. What then gives anyone the right to doubt one of our members? I even had people emailing me, saying Boogie2988 and Milo had doxxed themselves. Does that really make any sense? Personally, I was never one to question Anita or Zoe on their doxxings, either.

Therefore, I feel pretty comfortable standing behind all our members when they tell us they’ve been targeted by the SJW machine (or by 4chan, but these days, it’s basically the same thing). Like I said last night, we are a united force. Together, we can change this industry. A little lame ass doxxing campaign is not going to stop what we’re building.  

Full steam ahead. Believe in GamerGate.