Mass Effect: Andromeda

How sweet it is…the last time Mass Effect: Andromeda was covered on TRR, it was due to BioWare and their SJW allies in the gaming media crying about an article in which Ralph exposed Andromeda’s self-proclaimed Lead Facial Animator as an incompetent misandrist. Apparently BioWare was going for the Ghostbusters 2016 strategy of covering up a shoddy product with cries of Muh Harassment (never mind that this approach failed horribly in the case of Ghostbusters) – and amazingly, they even got help from a number of frauds that are usually pretending to be Anti-SJW, but in this case openly white knighted BioWare’s SJW misandrist.

Well, it didn’t work. The game is out now, and the PlayStation 4 version (which most of the reviews are for) only has a Metascore of 74, which is quite bad for a long-anticipated AAA game. Looking at the other big releases just this month Horizon: Zero Dawn has a score of 89, as does Nier: Automata, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an amazing score of 97 (!), and this despite the Nintendo-hating fraud Jim Sterling somehow getting his garbage review added to the tally. By the way, both I and the owner/editor of this site can both confirm that Zelda really is THAT good. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Indeed.)

Meanwhile, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s underwhelming score actually still appears to dramatically overrate the game – at the time of writing the User Score for the game is an abysmal 4.5/10, based on 2275 ratings. And this isn’t just Metacritic users – the GameFAQs user rating is for example only 3.10/5, while the Amazon customer reviews have the game at only 3 stars, all remarkably low scores for such a big-budget game. It’s already clear, going by both the critics and the public, that this is by far the worst Mass Effect ever made – which I’m sure has nothing to do with the game also being the first Mass Effect made since BioWare went Full SJW

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for BioWare, they did, in the form of a viral video exposing their game as a hideous, broken mess:

The video, which was released just yesterday and already has almost 2 million views, defies belief – even if you think you know full well just how bad Mass Effect: Andromeda is, you won’t be prepared for the stuff shown in this video: Shamefully bad voice acting and writing, laughable action scenes, game-breaking glitches galore and of course, horrifyingly bad facial animation. Seriously, you need to give this a watch, it will probably be the funniest thing you’ll see all week – no wonder it’s going viral!

Additionally, there are two more reasons why I love this video. The first reason is the comment section, in which tons of top-rated comments early on explicitly identified SJWs as being to blame for essentially ruining the Mass Effect franchise. I’d imagine a lot of enraged Mass Effect fans are right now getting red pilled about just what SJWs are and why it’s so important to purge them from the gaming industry. Seriously, it warms my heart to see ordinary gamers in the thousands over and over again upvoting comments bashing SJWs, and mocking affirmative action, feminism, and fashionably “progressive” BioWare.

Second, at the rate the video is blowing up far more people will end up watching it than will ever play Mass Effect: Andromeda. That basically means that this vid, showing the game to undeniably be a steaming turd, will probably be the very thing that defines it in the mind of the average gamer. Just imagine the blow that this will be to BioWare’s reputation. What a spectacular case study it will provide of what happens when SJWs infiltrate your company, and of why going with a bunch of diversity hires instead of more experienced, more competent and more motivated white males is a mistake.

The SJWs have just suffered a significant self-inflicted wound in the ongoing Culture War, and I couldn’t be happier about it.