SJW-Infested BioWare is Getting Ripped Apart by Gamers Over the Terrible Mass Effect: Andromeda

SJW-Infested BioWare is Getting Ripped Apart by Gamers Over the Terrible Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda

How sweet it is…the last time Mass Effect: Andromeda was covered on TRR, it was due to BioWare and their SJW allies in the gaming media crying about an article in which Ralph exposed Andromeda’s self-proclaimed Lead Facial Animator as an incompetent misandrist. Apparently BioWare was going for the Ghostbusters 2016 strategy of covering up a shoddy product with cries of Muh Harassment (never mind that this approach failed horribly in the case of Ghostbusters) – and amazingly, they even got help from a number of frauds that are usually pretending to be Anti-SJW, but in this case openly white knighted BioWare’s SJW misandrist.

Well, it didn’t work. The game is out now, and the PlayStation 4 version (which most of the reviews are for) only has a Metascore of 74, which is quite bad for a long-anticipated AAA game. Looking at the other big releases just this month Horizon: Zero Dawn has a score of 89, as does Nier: Automata, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an amazing score of 97 (!), and this despite the Nintendo-hating fraud Jim Sterling somehow getting his garbage review added to the tally. By the way, both I and the owner/editor of this site can both confirm that Zelda really is THAT good. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Indeed.)

Meanwhile, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s underwhelming score actually still appears to dramatically overrate the game – at the time of writing the User Score for the game is an abysmal 4.5/10, based on 2275 ratings. And this isn’t just Metacritic users – the GameFAQs user rating is for example only 3.10/5, while the Amazon customer reviews have the game at only 3 stars, all remarkably low scores for such a big-budget game. It’s already clear, going by both the critics and the public, that this is by far the worst Mass Effect ever made – which I’m sure has nothing to do with the game also being the first Mass Effect made since BioWare went Full SJW

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for BioWare, they did, in the form of a viral video exposing their game as a hideous, broken mess:

The video, which was released just yesterday and already has almost 2 million views, defies belief – even if you think you know full well just how bad Mass Effect: Andromeda is, you won’t be prepared for the stuff shown in this video: Shamefully bad voice acting and writing, laughable action scenes, game-breaking glitches galore and of course, horrifyingly bad facial animation. Seriously, you need to give this a watch, it will probably be the funniest thing you’ll see all week – no wonder it’s going viral!

Additionally, there are two more reasons why I love this video. The first reason is the comment section, in which tons of top-rated comments early on explicitly identified SJWs as being to blame for essentially ruining the Mass Effect franchise. I’d imagine a lot of enraged Mass Effect fans are right now getting red pilled about just what SJWs are and why it’s so important to purge them from the gaming industry. Seriously, it warms my heart to see ordinary gamers in the thousands over and over again upvoting comments bashing SJWs, and mocking affirmative action, feminism, and fashionably “progressive” BioWare.

Second, at the rate the video is blowing up far more people will end up watching it than will ever play Mass Effect: Andromeda. That basically means that this vid, showing the game to undeniably be a steaming turd, will probably be the very thing that defines it in the mind of the average gamer. Just imagine the blow that this will be to BioWare’s reputation. What a spectacular case study it will provide of what happens when SJWs infiltrate your company, and of why going with a bunch of diversity hires instead of more experienced, more competent and more motivated white males is a mistake.

The SJWs have just suffered a significant self-inflicted wound in the ongoing Culture War, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • Chicago Joe

    That Krogan female voice makes me fucking platinum mad. They literally hired a gay dude to pretend to be a female lizard-person. Holy shit.

    • masterninja


      • mosquitoedsloth


      • mosquitoedsloth

        Why would an alien lizard sound like a human woman though? They all should have had weird voices.

        You seem a little triggered

        • Invest

          Nice logical fallacy there. So since you never heard their voice, its supposed to be gay voice? Have you heard their voice in reality that you make such claim ? Also different voice than humans, does not equal to sounding human gay voice. So how you came to that conclusion based on what?

          • mosquitoedsloth

            how in the world do you get “gay voice” out of that

    • Maintenance Renegade

      There’s so many layers of cringe in that scene, apparently nobody involved in making Andromeda played any of the previous titles because if they did they’d know Krogan assert dominance by headbutting each other and not by slap fighting with their fruity little arms.

    • Neko Majin

      Dear hat of hell, that can’t be true…What kind of nut would do that?

      • TG Brown


    • Sabretruthtiger

      Are you sure it just wasn’t an SJW Dyke? I don’t mean the voice I mean the Krogan model itself.

      • KrakenFartz

        Too feminine to be a dyke. ‘She’ has that gay male ‘lilt’.

  • Feminism Is Cancer.

    • Grust

      Actually, it’s even worse. Cancer at least has the kindness to kill you. Feminism makes you want to die.

    • TG Brown

      I don’t think the basic ideals behind feminism are bad, it’s extremism in any form that corrupts shit. Just like religious extremism. And it’s that extremism that has caused this country to become so divisive. Everyone has a right to be treated equally and respectfully, but that right doesn’t trump the rights of the person standing next to you.

      • Evito

        The root of the problem isn’t extremism, every idea will some day go to the extreme. Root of the plague is the French revolution and egalitarianism. Todays version of Robespierres are just luckily not that well armed that they could go around and kill those that disagree.

  • M.Smith

    What a POS.

  • Shane Blackburn

    Its boggling to try and comprehend the sheer, idiotic decline of a once, seemingly fantastic developer, to somehow create this tightly coiled pile of shit, slap the name Mass Effect on it, and hope to god it won’t explode before it slips from the door.

    Even with all of its flaws, ME3 was still good, not great, not exceptional, but also not … this. HOW DO YOU FUCK UP THIS BAD?!

    • Because if they don’t tow the line, they don’t get into the SJW-feminist mainstream games media’s good books. They might even get labelled “sexists”, “misogynists” and “racists” for not doing so.

      That’s how the SJW games media are able to indirectly influence and intimidate Western developers. It’s basically a case of “if you dare make anything we disapprove of, we will give your game negative press, bad ratings and will shame you, the developer, for making it”. It’s nothing but indirect authoritarian censorship through fear-mongering.

      And yet these parasites have the gall to claim that they’re not censoring anything and that developers are “just making what they want”.

      • mosquitoedsloth

        Everything you just said is gibberish. No game has been through anything you just said. Games that become massively “controversial” and get “bad press” still do great if they’re good AS GAMES. Look how much discourse Skullgirls and Metal Gear caused, and still sold because they were quality games.

        What was a game that sold poorly because it offended people? I can’t think of any. Hatred? Hatred was genuinely a bad game. The recent Duke Nukem? Same.

        None of this “authoritarian censorship” exists. Anywhere. At all. No game has been forcibly made worse over controversial content, nor have any developers had their careers hurt through the “shaming” you describe. This is a fantasy scenario some people, like yourself, have been so afraid MIGHT happen you confused it as having already done so, but you can’t actually cite any games affected in this fashion.

        • Shane Blackburn

          You’ve already expressed, in previous areas, to not even have known that SJW was still an active word, as of several years…. So, either you’re simply a divisive troll, or you’re a shitposter.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            I certainly hadn’t seen very many people using “sjw” since around 2014. Seems as obsolete and meaningless to me as accusing everyone you dislike of wearing a fedora.

          • Shane Blackburn

            Nah, SJW tends to be pointed less at the fedora’d idiots, and more at people like those stupid ass college kids who require safe zones, and argue about the white man’s oppression of the black man, while being whiter than the fucking underside of my ass.

            Basically? This:
            An abbreviation of Social Justice Warrior, SJWs are people who believe or pretend to believe in “Social Justice” AKA ideas of white privilege, cis privilege, thin privilege, ableism, and patriarchy theory. This is often coupled by hatred for anyone who they consider “privileged” (cis people, white people, men, etc.) They’re usually (but not always) white/Asian, upper-middle class females with a sexuality you have never heard of before. They will repeat the same mantra over and over, and will never change their opinion unless whoever is teaching them those ideas opinion changes. Their favorite phrase is “check your privilege.” They use the website tumblr religiously.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            ….I’m willing to bet the majority of examples you think you’ve heard of this are actually just troll posts.

            I lost count of how often I’d see something circulate as “CRAZY TUMBLR SJW SHIT” and the actual original tumblr post was deliberate parody/trolling all along anyway.

            I mean, that’s why the “sjw” debate died in the first place. People realized most of it was fake and overblown. Even self-described social justice bloggers only used “check your privilege” in a serious context for about a week over there before it became a joke even to them. I have never seen someone use it since who wasn’t using it to spoof the idea of using it.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            You never seem to have responded? What’s up with you guys in these comments just suddenly giving up when I ask you why you feel these things?

            You do know “safe zones” aren’t what breitbart and redpill make them out to be, right?

          • Shane Blackburn

            I never responded because I’m not going to sit in here and hold F4, or constantly load the page again every time I open chrome lol. So when yahoo throws my mail from the same site together in the same ‘conversation’ mail thing, I don’t see it because I think its the old one. My bad.

            However, honestly, I could care less for arguing with a Devil’s Advocate. So, Its not you, its the topic and the entire debate in the first place. I don’t care enough about it to stay pressing the matter from any side.

            Have a good night, man.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Oh, alright then. I’m more used to people taking this topic WAY too seriously, but sometimes it’s fun to pick apart with them.

          • Shane Blackburn

            Lots of people on the nebs are like that, hyper serious, hyper obsessed…. I’m trying to break that argumentative part of me. Its a long process. b(^_^)

          • TG Brown

            They’re not what anyone makes them out to be because they don’t really exist out in the real world.

          • 18 comments 0 votes


          • mosquitoedsloth

            I’ve only been posting for a day? But you hardly get enough votes to warrant caring about them yourself (and your mommy’s don’t count, I’m sorry to say)

          • Grampy_Bone
    • mosquitoedsloth

      Mass effect was always a bad series.

      • Shane Blackburn

        sure, you go with that

        • mosquitoedsloth

          Bored the shit out of me from day one, sorry.

          • Shane Blackburn

            To each their own. So again, honestly, you go with that, I’ll rock with ‘the first three were better than this trite’

          • BB Scales

            No THEY were not. Mass Effect 3 was even worse. How quickly people forget now that a new installment is out. Infact Mass Effect 3 stripped all the rpg elements out of the game. It was Gears of War basically. This game atleast brought back the mechanics from 1 and then some. People only now try to pretend only the ending of Mass Effect 3 was bad lol. The entire game was ripped apart similarily to this. The animations, the dialogue, plot, using ign personalities as characters, sprite people, stock image for tally. Don’t try to rewrite history.

          • WitWolfy

            Give this man a Bells

          • This is the thread for fans of Mass Effect as originally envisoned and as mostly-successfully implemented over ME1, ME2, and most of ME3.

            Since mosquitoedsloth never cared about the series, xhe’s just here to troll.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            well, fair enough. I can concede that what I’ve seen of the latest is not nearly as good as the previous.

            I don’t know why you guys are framing it like an “sjw thing” though. The left-wing crowd is ripping on it too for its lazy animations.

            One thing -I- noticed is that even if you’re playing the female character, the animations in the sex scene are the same ones as the male protag, aren’t they? But their bodies are different sizes (and the female char doesn’t have a penis) and it throws the “sex scenes” animations off even more. Nobody seemed to adjust anything between the two.

  • Brian Ball

    On one hand, I’ve very sad because a great game series has suffered. On the other-hand…

  • Rikko

    LOL! Bioware’s fall from greatness will be studied for years to come…

    • And as usual, the mainstream SJW games media will soften their fall and make Bioware out to be some kind of “victims” in all this, and further exaggerate how those awful “sexist” and “misogynistic” male gamers are “attacking” and “harassing” Allie-Rose Marie.

      • Rikko

        The blue haired brigade are fast losing their grip on the cultural narrative. Trump was just a shot across the bow – a harbinger of things to come. SJW’s are in retreat just about everywhere and the their end approaches.

        • I’ll only believe it when I see it.

          Because right now though, the Western mainstream games media are still infested with and controlled by SJWs, and the vast majority of Western developers have completely cucked themselves out to SJWs.

          • Rikko

            Mass media will always lag behind cultural trends; money moves slowly in the cultural milieu. The battle has not been won but there is no doubt that the extreme left are in retreat. Stay tuned, watch this space and vote wisely – both with your ballot and your wallet.

        • TG Brown

          Unfortunately they all retreat to these big city bubbles where mainstream media operates and games like these are developed.

      • BB Scales

        Well they’re right. You guys have been on Bioware’s balls ever since the gamergate nonsense and Mass Effect 3. Likewise then you were making videos about their decline and how it was over for them. You did the same for Inquisition despite the critical acclaim it recieved. The only difference is. This one scored lowered and has given trolls more ammo.

  • Toastrider

    It’s not JUST the animations. The lighting has looked weirdly off as well — it reminded me of the alpha gameplay videos for Injustice 2 (wow, did that look bad).

    Except that, y’know, Injustice 2 hasn’t gone full release yet. And most of those issues have been fixed.

    • JasonC5

      Affirmative action has been the requirements for tech jobs for the past few years so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more inexperienced shitbags working at Bioware like that supposed “lead animator”

      • mosquitoedsloth

        Affirmative action has been going on for decades, not “the past few years,” and it does not work the way you think it works. People hypothetically hired through it are still qualified and experienced.

        • JJ13

          Affirmative action means there is a good chance that the better person for the job will not get the job because of some bullshit quota.

          This shit is only going to get worse.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Diversity has yet to make anything worse. Name me an example. It seems more like you’re just annoyed by the presence of a variety of different people because you associate that with a political ideology, which is ridiculous.

          • JJ13

            Has nothing to do with politics.

            Where exactly did I say diversity made anything worse?? Then again, this game would be a pretty damn good example.

          • ccdan

            That’s false. Most people don’t want physically ugly characters or anything related to sexual minorities, for the sake of “diversity”

          • Dan Sword

            1 Example: Bioware

          • mosquitoedsloth

            How was it “diversity” that made any bioware game worse and not simply poor writing and programming? What an absurd claim to make.

            The race and gender of the characters somehow made the writing that bad, like magic?

  • Grust

    I think I have enough to work with to put this on Crappy Games Wiki. I’ll make a link when I’m done.

    • ThatGuy

      Since when do cavemen make articles on video games. Hmm? HMMM!?

      Love PoE. XD

  • TheWanderer
  • Blake Donohoo

    Dat drink pouring…..

    This is the worst $hit I’ve seen in a while. Funny as f***!!!

    • Jay Sirois

      To be fair, drink pouring is one of the hardest thing to animate, and seeing as they can’t do basic face animations…

      • Blake Donohoo

        lol it looked like the 3D successor to CDI Zelda

  • Tetsuo

    I was going to buy this game but i will not support a company who will hire degenerate SJW feminists such as Sam Maggs.
    Any company who is willing to sell their soul for the, media perpetuated political correctness machine deserves to suffer!

    • mosquitoedsloth

      There is no political correctness machine. Games get away with edgier content than ever before.

      • Shane Blackburn

        Actually, not always, not in the eyes of publishers. Sure, we’ve got plenty of big ass games who can, but thats because their publisher doesn’t care. Plenty of them are obsessed with ‘representing everything’, that they will stifle, or full on choke out, their writers, and developers, to ham-fist some weird ass narrative, or hamper some section of the game to include something that makes no sense within it.

        • mosquitoedsloth

          Where has this happened? I ask all the time and never get an answer. What game has been made worse, as a gaming experience, because someone was forced to add representation?

          • Dan Sword

            Mass Effect Andromeda.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Nothing wrong with that game can be pinned on “diversity.” It has poor acting and animation. None of this is due to the ethnicities of fictional characters.

            Please try to answer for real.

  • Mr0303

    Even PewDiePie made fun of this dumpster fire, which was a bit of a death sentence with the normies.

  • Typical

    Good, let them die.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Hopefully the AAA industry in the west reaches the same point as comics right now and realize SJW’s are not their consumers.

    • One-Eye

      Social Justice doesn’t sell. How many more movies, books and games have to fail before that sinks in?

      • TheOnceAndFutureKing

        It took comic books about a decade before realizing that, so hopefully it doesn’t take as long for games.

        • Well it’s already been 4-5 years and from I can see so far, SJW control over the mainstream games media and Western developers are still as strong as ever.

          So we’re probably looking at another 4-5 years minimum to rid the SJW cancer, and that’s assuming that we keep up the anti.

          Once the whining and crying over sexy female characters showing skin stops and men can express themselves and make jokes about female characters without criticism, that’s when you’ll know we’ve won. That day appears to be very very far away unfortunately.

          • TheOnceAndFutureKing

            I think it has to reach a point where the SJWs start to cripple the industry and really alienate consumers, even the apolitical ones. Mass Effect: Androgynous is the perfect prelude to what the industry standard might become if these guys are still around, and judging by the backlash towards its shitty quality, its very clear SJWs don’t have the skill to keep the industry alive on their own.

            Fortunately for games, there are tons of pocket markets to escape to, like the Japanese market or the vast sea of retro games.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            There has never been this “sjw control” over anything at all. Where? How?

          • they exclusively just suggest that they’d like to see more variety and that the “sexy” ones can go on existing.

            So why the need for the fear-mongering atmosphere by the mainstream games media?

            And I don’t believe what you said for one second

            Because SJWs/feminists have always been advocating for “muh bettah reprezentation of wymmin” for the last years, and they clearly trying to force/influence developers and artists to stop the “sexy” female characters, you not seen what Anita Sarkeesian, her followers, Kotaku, Polygon, NeoGAF, the mainstream media, etc. have been spewing about this issue for the last 5 years?

            Oh wait I get it, you’re an SJW, you don’t notice things like this of course

            Do you honestly think that if Blizzard made an alternative Tracer costume in Overwatch with her wearing nothing but a bikini the games media would have nothing to say about it? The artist/developer who did that would be fired in less than a week

            And Blizzard, being the SJW leaning retards they are, wouldn’t even allow it anyway

          • Grampy_Bone


          • mosquitoedsloth

            Do explain how anything I said here is untrue. I’ll wait. You’ll have either no sources at all or your sources will be laughably flimsy.

    • Nephilim

      Seriously, I use my game as an escape from the world. My game doesn’t need to lecture me about social justices too. I had no problem with SJWs until they fuckin force fed me their agenda.

      • TheOnceAndFutureKing

        Theoretically I don’t have a problem with SJWs if they want to be game developers, its just fucking annoying when they feel entitled to major established franchises by forcing their agenda everywhere, and demonizing anyone who’s opinions don’t resonate with theirs.

        The only reason why they force their garbage is because they know in an open free market no normal person would buy their shit.

      • I had no problem with SJWs until they fuckin force fed me their agenda.

        See the “I had no problem with SJWs” part you said?

        That’s precisely the reason why leftists/SJWs have been able to take over and control mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government, entertainment media, movies, TV, magazines, etc.

        People ignored them because they either:

        A) thought that SJWs were just crazy nutcases and won’t change anything


        B) knew about SJWs but didn’t care or had no problems with them because it didn’t affect them personally

        You fall into category B.

        Maybe now you’ll realize that SJWs cannot be ignored any longer regardless of which sector/medium they’re in and no matter whether it affects you or not.

        • Nephilim

          If this is your recruitment speech, I’m not interested. SJWs starting to get to my games are not a problem when it’s balanced by a great story like Inquisition or great gameplay like Dishonored 2. Even Horizon Zero Dawn had an SJW message in it but it was delivered masterfully.

          Watching the anti-SJWs hasn’t been a picnic either, so no, I don’t really give a shit about either one of them. Shout your SJW message or don’t, at least do it masterfully and tactfully without ruining my experiences. I’m smart enough to filter the messages and which one I want to keep. and I’m smart enough not to purchase the game that is littered with inclusivity just for the sake of inclusivity.

          I didn’t give a shit when Anders were gay, because he actually had a great story behind it. He didn’t need to fuckin say that he’s gay every dialogues like the shit we seen in Andromeda.

          Show, don’t tell.

          Andromeda is a garbage game, with or without SJWs messages in it.

          • Don’t worry, it’s not a recruitment speech, just letting you know that ignorance of these people has caused the problem.

            And judging from the half-pro-feminist tripe you’ve written, I wouldn’t want to recruit you anyway.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            What does “sjw message” even fucking mean to you, dude? Like, can there never, never, ever be a gay character without you deciding it’s “an sjw thing?”

            Aren’t the “strong independent wymmyn” even something feminists agree is hackneyed? The point is to avoid stereotyping and cliche, including THAT cliche. That’s all people seem to want.

          • My knees are fine

            Your knees however have already hit the ceiling the moment you saw this article and the comments, so much that you had to create a Disqus account to teach us all a lesson and set the record straight

          • Nephilim

            What pro-feminist stuff? or are you just so blinded by your vitriol hatred about feminism and SJW in general that you no longer capable of differentiating anything about anything?

            SJW is damaging yes, but people like you is even worse. Clearly you don’t have even the tiny amount of brain cell to have a decent discussion about this. Maybe you stopped evolving down the line, who knows.

            Maybe read a book once a while, try being informed instead of opinionated. The emptiest brain is always the loudest these days.

            I’m done with you, you’re not worth my time.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Yeah, that’s all this guy does. In his mind, nobody is ever allowed to have any opinion on female characters that isn’t his own exact view, to the letter, or they’re a “feminazi” or something.

          • Nephilim

            Anti-SJW keyboard warriors who don’t even know half the shit they’re complaining are even worse than those SJWs. Disgusting human being.

          • If resisting against censorship and authoritarianism makes a “disgusting human being” then so be it

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Popping in at lunch break to say this is a pretty classic attitude of your ilk (to use your own favorite word) and as fallacious as ever.

            The kind of “social critique” you fear so much doesn’t really call for censorship, or “force” anyone to change anything.

            But as soon as someone even lightly or constructively discusses how they feel about the presentation of race, or sex, or anything “touchy” in a piece of entertainment, you and your like-minded side of things go positively rabid screaming at them, calling them an SJW and feminazi and “libtard,” and ultimately, you end up being the ones actually practicing authoritarian censorship. You won’t allow discussion of certain topics, PERIOD, because you act like they’re inherently a slippery slope to some fanaticism you mostly imagined from troll posts.

          • I’m nothing like that, because as I said in my previous posts I’m for both sides getting what they want, hence my idea about a Safe Mode in video games

            But well done, you’ve just described yourself and SJWs, just replace “SJW” “feminazi” and “libtard” with “sexists” “racists” and “misogynists” and what you described is exactly SJWs in a nutshell

            Getting touchy about the presentation of race and sex? stuff like “theres no black characters wah wah”, “theres no gay/trans people wah wah”, “there’s no female characters wah wah” “shes sexually objectified wah wah”, “theres too many white people wah wah” is again all coming for your side, not mine. And if anyone even criticises this behaviour, we get “sexist!”/”racist!”/”homophobe!” screamed down at us. So who are the touchy ones again?

            You won’t allow discussion of certain topics, PERIOD

            I allow for SJWs to say what they want, however I also have the right to reply and criticise

            I operate by the logic whereby I might think what you say is complete bullshit, but I will defend your right to say it

            If this was NeoGAF forums or any other SJW platform, your ilk would’ve censored and banned me ages ago because I’m saying the “wrong” things

            SJWs/feminists/race baiters on the other hand censor, shut down and attack people who speak up about censorship, mens issues, racism towards Caucasians, the dangerous ideals of Islam, etc. Again your side are the ones who won’t allow discussion of certain topics or differing opinions

            you end up being the ones actually practicing authoritarian censorship.

            nope, I’m defending against the censorship, again I’m for both sides getting what they want, already told you this numerous times

            I’ve already told you that SJWs are the ones who want to censor, ban and replace existing material with their own ideals, therefore they are the ones practising authoritarian censorship

            “no gay characters? omg muh homophobe!”
            “no female characters? omg muh sexism!”
            “no asians/blacks/etc.? omg muh racism!”

            so again your side

            don’t let me stop you choking down your lunch though

          • mosquitoedsloth

            I have never once seen people actually going as far as you describe. This idea you have that creators get “lynched” for just not including female characters or gay characters is a construct you’ve built purely to justify your own zealotry.

            And how can you not SEE that zealotry? From your every comment, it’s clear you’ve divided the entire world into “your side” and “their side,” “you” vs. the “sjw’s,” and anyone who smells to you like they might even be moderate is thrust straight into the “sjw” camp. You are completely black and white, “with me or against me” about this and it makes you look ridiculous.

            A normal person would have a mix of relatively “grey” views between yours and sjw’s. There’s nothing abnormal about feeling like female characters or black characters get stereotyped to some degree, and being glad when you start seeing more characters who go against those trends. You don’t have to be an “sjw” to feel that way at all, just any human who enjoys fiction for any reason.

            But your brand of internet whatsit have turned these harmless issues into the most absurdly politicized and divisive shit I’ve ever seen, and you ONLY focus on the most extreme, radical minority of your “opposition,” lumping all the regular neutral people in with them the moment they don’t side perfectly with your own polar-opposite extremism.

            Can’t you see that? At all?

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Awww….you were responding so virogously and I was really getting interesting. I thought I almost saw some new ideas brewing between your words! You didn’t crap out on me did you?!

          • why would i need to crap out on you, I’ve served you multiple times already

            you’re the one who keeps coming back and is the one unable to let go dude

            the argument has already been won and I’ve already collected my trophy

            just go and make another desperate anonymous Disqus account and try again

          • mosquitoedsloth

            When in the world was anything “won?” And when in the world did you “serve” me? For one thing, conversations don’t get “won” or “lost.” Second, we were barely getting started and you had barely begun to answer or explain anything about your views.

            If you can’t answer these simple recent questions and have no rebuttals then I’m going to have to assume you don’t have answers to them because, perhaps, you never thought as deeply as I’m asking you to? Hmmm? Maybe you’re unable to think about what I’ve just said without realizing your values have gone far too extreme?

          • mosquitoedsloth

            LOL, what??? We only just barely started having a conversation, you and I. It hasn’t reached a point at which it can be concluded, let alone “won” or “lost,” though conversations don’t GET “won” or “lost.” It’s not a contest to see who’s right, it’s a sharing of thoughts.

            I don’t know at what point you could have decided you finished with me when you only sort-of started to address anything I was saying and then abruptly went silent.

            You’re making it look more like you don’t actually have responses to my recent points because you’ve never actually thought that deeply into your ideology. Seems like you’re unable to answer what I’m asking without perhaps taking a look at yourself and realizing you’re completely off the deep end into nonsensical fanaticism over imagined problems.

            You were responding so well, I thought I might get something more interesting out of you than you just fleeing in apparent panic at the slightest challenge. Nobody is judging you or punishing you, you’re just being asked to rationalize your interpretation of the world. It should be fairly easy, and it should also be fairly important that you’re able to do so, considering how much of your time you seem to spend raving about these things like they’re your very life.

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Just checking up to see if you’re healing from all the burns I left you. You can come back, you know, you don’t have to keep hiding from me 🙂

          • No problems with people having opinions on female characters

            It’s the ones who want them censored, butchered and banned because of idealogical agendas I have a problem with

          • mosquitoedsloth

            But your definition of “butchering” or “censoring” is probably so much as one pixel getting changed, for any reason you don’t agree with.

            I bet it only goes one way with you, too. You would probably defend to the death a character getting dressed more sexy, but never ever less again, am I right? One is “creative freedom” to you and the other is “censorship,” even if the first one were imposed by a corporate higher up and the second were just the artist’s own decision.

          • “creative freedom”
            “imposed by a corporate higher up”
            “artist’s own decision”

            So that’s after your ilk attacks, harasses, lynch-mobs and shames developers for making female characters showing a little bit of cleavage, creating the fear-mongering atmosphere which forcing them to restrict their creativity

            Look up what indirect censorship means

          • mosquitoedsloth


            Is that why Quiet was covered up last minute so the game wouldn’t tank? OH, WAIT!

            The situation you posit here doesn’t actually happen. It’s a hypothetical dystopian future your own “ilk” invent as part of a slippery-slope fallacy. Nobody’s losing jobs or sales or living in fear because some virtual titties got critiqued. It ain’t even new critique, or AT ALL on the rise; you guys just get angrier about it than you used to, making it appear to be more serious to newcomers and the ignorant.

          • yeah of course the fear-mongering atmosphere doesn’t happen


            And let’s not forget THAT review of OneeChanBara. You know which one I’m talking about, the one that caused the short Twitter storm

          • mosquitoedsloth

            So your definition of “indirect censorship” is when many people criticize the same thing, and it causes trends to shift?

            Isn’t that just generally what any and all criticism can do?

            What about the critic’s free speech? Are consumers not allowed to criticize anything they want, for any reason they feel?

            At the end of the day, aren’t you basically saying you want to stop opinions that differ from yours?

          • if it forces the artist/creator to restrict it because of a political agenda (which is clearly is), yes

            my solution to all this has always been the avocation for a Safe Mode option in games that allows weeping snowflakes/white-knights like you to play the game with all the “problematic” content censored, while the rest of us normal folk can enjoy the titties

            but of course, we already know that the SJWs/feminists do not like this idea (it was an idea that was banded around shortly after GamerGate begun), so if anything that proves your ilk to be nothing more than a bunch of authoritarian bigots and who have no interest in free expression/creativity

          • mosquitoedsloth

            “Weeping snowflakes like you”…..I have never once in my life been offended by something enough that I couldn’t play it.

            I haven’t heard of many people who ever have felt that way, either. Only people who advocate for slightly more effort in content.

            What about when an artist is “forced to restrict” something because it’s just plain not popular? Like if everyone hates clowns, so they don’t make games about clowns?

            All human taste influences creators. I don’t see why it’s different to you only as soon as it’s ” ” ” political ” ” ” …..though that’s another word you use with no meaning. Is it truly “politics” for someone to say “I’m gay and I’d really enjoy more gay characters?”

            The parameters you run on are just so completely arbitrary.

            I have to get some sleep for work, but I’ll have fun reading your further rationalizations later, if you’ll continue to humor me.

          • I’ve said this before, have all the clowns and gay characters you want, add them in as extras and material on top

            But don’t try and completely censor, get rid of and replace existing characters just to have this clown character and gay character in

          • I bet it only goes one way with you, I know your type. If a corporate
            higher-up demanded their artist change a character to be sexier, you
            wouldn’t care.

            There’s a difference because when a new female character is created and revealed for the first time, no-one argues for or demands them to be “more uncensored” or “more sexy”, because there’s nothing to “uncensor” in the first place (unless there was some kind of an almost-finished prior-to-release version of her revealed beforehand), therefore technically no creative freedom would be being restricted

            (there’s of course the issue of SJW media fear-mongering which leads to in-house developer censoring without the public’s knowledge, but that’s a whole other can of worms)

            The only demands of censoring and changes are coming from moralfags, SJWs and feminists, see Anita Sakeesian and her followers

          • mosquitoedsloth

            you live in one weird-ass world of yours.

          • no rebuttal? I’ll chalk this down as yet another loss for you then : )

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Rational people don’t think of conversations as competitions with “wins” and “losses.” They’re exchanges of ideas and information….are games really so much of your life that you can’t imagine anything not working like a game?

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Here’s a conundrum for you, though:

            I find tall, buff women sexier than the skinny petite women who make up 99% of “sexy” female characters. Does it bother you that this basically means I want more diversity?

            Or is it okay, strictly because my reasons for wanting it aren’t the same as the “sjw’s” you hate so much?

            Does the difference really matter??

          • that’s not a difficult conundrum

            have all the tall, buff women you want (I sometimes like the athletic, strong women as well)

            the problem is when SJWs try to make EVERY female character that to replace the skinny sexy petite female characters, and then shaming any developer/artist who does not conform to the obnoxious and non-sexy Mary Sues

          • All you’ve done in your post is try to character assassinate me with semi-ad hominems without actually addressing the point I made about you (because you know I’m right) ; )

            So let me get this straight:

            You think SJW ideology is a problem in games, BUT if it’s done subtlety it’s perfectly fine

            Make your mind up

          • mosquitoedsloth

            The problem is that your definition of “sjw” and “sjw ideology” is outrageously, mind-bogglingly broad to the point of having no meaning to anyone but yourself, and the degree to which it angers you is just sad.

            Never seen anybody triggered by anything harder than you are by “feminism” you even straight-up just imagine is there.

          • Not triggered at pal

            The only one that’s triggered here is you by this article and me

            Thanks for the targeted attention though by the way, even better if you were sent by Bioware or if you’re actual Bioware staff. I’m truly honoured

            At least just have the balls to admit that you’re an SJW, at least you’ll get an ounce of credit for it instead of hiding behind that Moderate/Neutral mask

          • mosquitoedsloth

            Surprised you’re delicate enough to even respond to the triggered joke.

            Of course by YOUR definition I’m an “sjw.” You think everybody is.

            Nobody ever seriously called themselves that, though. It was always a sarcastic term.

          • and yet you’re the one who’s here being triggered by the article, myself and anyone with a differing viewpoint

            so much that you had to make a new account just to teach us a lesson and set the record straight rite? : )

          • mosquitoedsloth

            You’re half-right. I never had a disqus account until I got fed up with the anti-GMO, anti-vaxx hippie crowd and felt like trolling a few of their hangouts.

            They deleted all my comments and banned me and I have nothing else to use my account for now!

            You’re pretty much just as wacky as they are, though.

          • No, I’m not just “half-right”, I’m fully right : )

            You’re pretty much just as wacky as they are, though.

            I’m all good. But you’re just as deluded and dishonest as any SJW or feminist

            Man, at least have the balls to admit that you’re an SJW, I mean I make no secret of the fact that I’m anti-SJW and anti-feminist, I take insults on the chin for fun

  • Botiemaster

    Just got caught up with this topic reading previous post and now this one. yeeeeeehaaawwww! #GamerGate2 LET’S DO THIS!

    • #GamerGate2 eh? Hopefully this time they’ll finally open their eyes and go beyond “muh ethics-only”.

  • One-Eye

    I knew Casey Hudson leaving Bioware would result in a regressive liberal mess.

    It was in the cards after DRAGON AGE:INQUISITION already began the force-feeding of liberal gender politics into their games.

    as for the game itself, it looks like the only graphical improvements in the past half a decade have been slightly better draw distance.

    Epic fail, Bioware.

    • mosquitoedsloth

      “Force feeding of liberal gender politics?” You mean like, a couple of optional bits of text? Why are you so fragile and sensitive over such a thing?

  • One-Eye

    Unsurprisingly, Kotaku has a thinkpiece up about how the game is not gay enough.

    But let’s face it, only a mid-game felching orgy would satisfy those cretins.

  • ThatGuy

    Alright Christi, low blow man. I love ya to death, but I find it patently unfair to have you taking swipes at me and some of the others over the idiot lead animator. I can’t speak for everyone who defended her, but on my end, that defense came from obtaining knowledge on the way the studio command structure works. Mark Kern was no more fond of Ralph’s article on the lady than I ended up being. Now that’s not to say that she’s guilt free of anything she was accused of. Rather, our motley crew here leveled way too much blame on a single person who is really not that high up the studio chain of command. Bioware as a whole has gone full SJW and employs open racists while also doing short term diversity hires for no good reason. I’m sure there are many more people than that one woman who are to blame for this fiasco.

    That being said, holy shit this game is a colossal fuck up.

  • Nephilim

    SJW or not, did they actually forget how a female Krogan (hell Krogan in general) should sound like.

    We had Eve in ME3 and we had several female Krogans in ME2, none of them sounds like they just took a midnight train from Brooklyn and had a sex change.

    Can someone fix this game’s entry on Wikipedia too? make sure that everyone knows this game is garbage.

  • Adam James Osborne

    I wonder how many openly conservative or libertarians worked on the project- I mean, if we’re all about diversity, is it really only skin deep?

    Don’t answer that- to SJWs, of course it is.

    • mosquitoedsloth

      Diversity tends to be about race and gender – things that define you as a human and aren’t easily changed.

      There’s no reason it would apply to political ideology. “Liberal,” “conservative,” “libertarian,” whatever….those are just sets of mutable opinions.

  • This is what happens when your hiring is not merit based.

  • Andy Diluvian

    sorry, Jim Sterling is a god among men. the weapons breaking in zelda is shit.

    • Agreed. When I heard about the egregious weapons-breaking, that was a deal-breaker for me, screw that game. I dunno about Sterling’s claim to demigodhood; that’s between his mom and Zeus. I do know that Sterling eloquently explained in his followup where weapons-breaking can work – survival horror – and where it doesn’t, like f***ing Zelda.

  • Mr. Privilege

    The madness of these leftist maniacs just never ends.

  • Toxic International Agenda

    You gotta demoralize whitey if you want a world government. Otherwise, a confident, self-sufficient whitey be tellin’ you to, “Go f*** yourself.”

    Welcome to the globalist (Transnational Progressivism) agenda, gamers.

  • mosquitoedsloth

    I just want to say that even as a gamer and someone who uses the internet almost daily, I never heard of you in my entire life until today, and I’m laughing my ass off that a grown man actually goes on and on about “SJW’s.” I thought that was something only teenagers did, and only for a brief period about three years ago.

    It’s not even a meaningful term. Even back then it was just a nonsense label for anyone you thought was too “liberal” about anything. How is Bioware “infested” with them? They seem like ordinary people.

    I guess when you’re a hyper-extreme radical, normal people look like something else.

    • 11 Comments 0 Votes


      • mosquitoedsloth

        Ooh, I was wondering when I’d hear from you. So far, you’re the most outlandish AND most frequent commenter I’ve seen. It’s like you have no life outside your terror of this imaginary social justice bogeyman you’ve constructed.

        • Not fond of people like me exposing the truth about your ilk pal?

          • mosquitoedsloth

            What ilk? You mean people who aren’t reactionary psychos?

            You’re worse than your own worst stereotype of a feminist, that’s clear as day. You’re incapable of seeing any middle ground or grey area on any issue I’ve seen you comment on and your emotions are absolutely out of control over all of it. Utterly hysterical and irrational the instant one word sounds vaguely like something you don’t totally agree with or understand.

            And it all comes back to your delusion that everyone more left-wing than you is damaging video games in some way, without any examples you can cite.

          • I’m all for a middle-ground, preferably one that consists of a solution that BOTH sides can get the medium they want

            It’s your lot that wants to censor, shut down and ban anyone with differing views and forcefully inject your ideology into existing material, not to mention get triggered over anything you deem “offensive”

            I think that makes your ilk the reactionary psychos, not me

  • Mizzmo Freethinker

    EA has been a terrible company for more than a decade. Don’t blame bioware. Bioware IS EA. Duh. There is no Bioware, only EA. Let’s go to canada and make some turds! WOOOOO! EA! YEAYAH! I hope that “Lead Animation” girl gets no other jobs ever. Just because you are pretty, sweat pea, doesn’t mean you deserve a job. Who’s snatch did she have to eat?

  • Rush Gorden

    Remember people, this is what happens when people with a Gender Studies degree trying to get STEM jobs they are not qualified for. SJWs have ruined video games, comic books, movies, tv shows because they think with emotions and don’t follow logic, reason, and critical thinking.

  • one50

    I could spend hours ranting about this shit show of a game….but since that’s another waste of my time, I’ll just add my two cents and say I’m thoroughly disappointed and pissed off with this. I work for a government agency so I do see first hand the damage that hiring for diversity VS. quality can do….every day. Anyway fuck Bioware and fuck EA for selling this amateur garbage. Fucking Sims 3 bullshit.

  • TG Brown

    I consider myself right leaning but I also know not everyone agrees with my political views. Heck, I even read liberal blogs from time-to-time but when your political views take precedence over quality, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. If I pushed that at my work, or hired based on it, I would be fired, and rightfully so. Hell, most of the people that work directly for me, and even people that I’ve hired and/or promoted, I know for a fact share the exact opposite of my political views. Work is work.

  • Pseudo Nym

    Excellent article!

  • hector

    the Game is good this article is shit by a reviewer with an agenda. Is the game perfect? lastI checked none is.. are movie sequels perfect? never, are game sequels perfect? a bit more than movies but almost never perfect.

    People saying animations are bad yes some where, who cares combat and exploration is amazingly detailed, I have 1070 gtx and the game is right down amazing in lighting and shadows, colors ect. The textures look great Battlefield 1 great.

    But this guy has some weird ass enfatuation with whatever the hell SJW crap argument.

  • lil platinum


  • Kastrenzo

    Vetra and Drack are the only thing good about this game,

    the rest of it was just a dissapointing shit pile.

  • Clog Schiffer

    crap ton of people only playing this pirated w/o the fixes, or pc’s you shouldn’t be gaming on in the first place I.E that first pic is clearly shit pc and not the game.

  • ReyHawk

    I absolutely hate Bioware’s gender progressive agenda. But what I hate even more are the gamers who pretend it isn’t happening.

  • Dan Sword

    This is an excellent article. However, I sincerely doubt that Bioware learned their lesson. At least, not the lesson they should have learned.

  • GMAN

    Cannot believe they have a f4gg0t voicing a Krogan. Bioware is full of SJW Diversity loving LGBTQ freaks I reallt hope Anthem bombs.