As you may know from Twitter, trolls somehow got my email server put on spam lists a couple days ago . I’m sure they thought this was hilarious, and I guess it was sort of humorous. Still, I wasn’t laughing at the time. Long story short, it took me three hours to fix it. But, [email protected] works again, thanks to Google Apps. (Full Disclosure: I get money from Google AdSense). I had to get it fixed quickly, because many of the biggest stories in this site’s history, came to me via that address. In fact, the important story that I’m going to tell you about today, got to me in the same manner.A man named John Szczepaniak emailed me with a very compelling story. He claims that his book, The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers, Vol. 1 (I receive no money if you buy from that link.), has been blackballed by the gaming media because of the defamatory attacks of some Japanese interpreters. I can’t tell you if that’s the truth of the matter, or not. I would rather just let the man testify on his own behalf, and let you readers be the judge.

A crowdfunded project which reached £70,000 ($110,141.50), £20,000 over its goal, not getting much (if any) media coverage from the big outlets, is rather strange. The topic is very interesting, so that can’t be it. I would be interested to hear the reasoning behind their decision not to cover this book. By the way, I was offered a review e-copy, and I do intend to accept it. I think it might be a good article for the site, but (again, for the lawyers) that doesn’t mean I co-sign any allegations made by Mr. Szczepaniak. These are his words, and his story. The reason I’m running it, is because I’m tired of seeing people silenced by SJWs, and the media. I want to be the voice of those people, when the agenda media won’t listen.

I’m letting John tell his side of the story.  Let the chips fall where they may. 


Everything below this point, is written by John Szczepaniak. He speaks only for himself, and not any outlet he has ever been affiliated with. 

The mainstream games press has closed ranks against me in a deliberate attempt to kill my career. Despite all the hard work I have done researching primary sources and trying to be ethical, producing work of genuine value, the industry is now trying to ostracise me.

I write for numerous other websites and magazines, and I have zero interest in tainting my work with social politics. I document games and their history without the moral prejudice modern writers seem to wallow in.

I am also the author of “The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers” book. I was funded through Kickstarter and travelled to Japan, hiring interpreters to conduct interviews with numerous videogame legends.

My problem stems from the coordinator I hired in Japan, Hanako Kaku, who scammed me out of money, and her dangerously psychopathic sister, Agness Kaku. While in Japan my coordinator requested payment in advance for booking fees, which I paid, and then she supplied poor quality interpreters (her friends) who couldn’t handle the work provided. The exception was an outside interpreter named Maiko McKelvey, who I brought on board. Hanako described her as a “junior” and encouraged me to hire her friends instead, who turned out to be incompetent. I parted company with Hanako who immediately tried to sabotage my project by telling the outside interpreter, Maiko, not to show up for bookings I had already paid for. I made this public, and since then the sisters have stopped at nothing to destroy my career, my reputation, and my project.

Agness sent a defamatory email out using the IGDA’s mailing system. This would have been received by the thousands of paying IGDA members.

It was a gross abuse of her privileges as an IGDA member, for which she should have immediately been banned. Sadly she was not banned.

I was formerly an IGDA member too (you pay to subscribe and be a member), but given their lax attitude, I did not bother to renew my subscription.

As a result of the sisters contacting all games media outlets, lying about me, accusing me of misogyny, and maintaining a Twitter account dedicated solely to spreading hatred about me, no one in the press is willing to give coverage to my work.

There are a few exceptions, such as Ollie Barder of Forbes and Mecha Damashii, but otherwise I have been stonewalled by all the other websites and magazines. Rather than investigate this matter, or judge my book on its own merits, they would rather side with Kaku sisters in an attempt to end my career.

There are two aspects to this situation:

1) I produced what I think is a very compelling work, featuring more undocumented information than pretty much any other book on the subject. It has been completely ignored because of two lying sisters, who lie and use the word “misogyny” to attack anyone they do not like. They scammed me out of money. When I then presented the facts, they stopped at nothing to destroy me.

2) Agness Kaku, translator for Metal Gear Solid 2, is one of the most dangerous people in the games industry, resorting to blackmail, extortion, threats, doxxing, libel tourism, breaking NDAs, and every conceivable lie imaginable to damage others. It is no surprise she has been fired on multiple occasions from different companies. I have never come across someone as vindictive as her. Anyone who crosses her path is labelled “mentally ill” and a “misogynist”.

When I wrote the book I did so without any kind of leftist agenda. I documented facts as is. With interviewees I discussed adult games, hentai, and other controversial topics, without passing judgement or trying to moralise. In fact I’m quite proud of the fact that one reader complained online that he was pissed off with me for not condemning Japanese culture in the interviews.

Why would any decent journalist do that? My objective was to celebrate Japanese games and culture, not demonise or condemn anyone.

My only concern, and it’s a small one, is that I want to emphasise that I contacted you and the GG community as a free agent – not as a representative of any establishment I’ve written for.

I spoke the truth and have now been punished for it by the gatekeepers of the media, because I do not share their values.

For the limited edition cover I had Sega and Falcom artist Hitoshi Yoneda produce a piece of beautiful artwork, showing a powerful, attractive young woman on the cover, and… Yes, you guessed it, the Social Justice Warriors came out in force to condemn it for having a “sexist” cover. It’s easy to find if you Google the name of the book and the word “PLATINUM”. It’s a beautiful piece of art by a well known master of the work.

I think the GamerGate community, who appreciate honest journalism, would value my book. It’s all first hand research from primary sources, without any SJW moralising or condemnation. It’s an honest, heart-felt level of journalism which is rare today.

Unfortunately my ability to produce this work has been severely compromised because of a conceited effort by the mainstream to silence me.

I would be happy for some kind of coverage, if you feel it would be of interest to the GamerGate community. With most of the mainstream media stonewalling me, I’ve effectively been silenced and denied the opportunity for publicity for my work.

It’s sad, because I’ve written one of the largest and most significant game history books available, and because two sisters are angry with me for calling out their scamming business practices, they accuse me of misogyny and suddenly the press closes ranks to destroy my career.

That is dangerous behaviour.

  1. I just went to the amazon reviews of the book, It seens like it is really good. Ralph you better review it. =D

  2. Is this the “sexist” book cover? Used to be you had to have a midriff or cleavage shot to be a misogynist.

    1. I wouldn’t call it sexist. But it would make me question the professionalism of the author,

      This front cover is what i’d expect from Metroid Prime fanfic, not from a serious discussion of Gaming Culture.

          1. I should probably point out I’ve seen the same covers on non-fiction books from the same period, and including the early 00’s. So it’s kind of moot, the author makes the choice on a cover that they want to display.

          1. One of my favorite books as a teenager was modern physics and anti-physics by Baker(Pub: 1970 ISBN: 9780201004854). The cover art is complete crap, good book, very dated for 2014 not bad in the late 80’s and early 90’s though.

      1. It is a terrible choice of a cover but it actually came from a Sega 1st party video game that’s relatively well loved by the book’s target audience. (Panzer Dragoon.) It’s just another shirtstorm/shirtgate situation where the “offender” is so nerdy that they simply have bad or garish taste.

        1. This. A thousand times this. In fact, please, take it very, very carefully.

          Here is a list of ‘all’ communications, put online by @

          It paints a hugely messy situation.

          The only questionable thing I’ve found in their account so far is John saying:

          “In addition, your wife (Agness) sent me a disturbing racist email, preposterously accusing me of racism.” on the 21st March, 2014 – to Peter Duimstra, Agness’s husband. In all the subsequent emails, Peter never denies this email – yet it is not in the list of emails between Agness and John that Agness has listed – with the final email between them listed as 27th June, 2013.

          Any which ways – the whole thing is messy as hell. Wouldn’t touch with a 40 foot barge pole.

          1. I read the through the Google spreadsheet containing their communication. Frankly, I’m surprised they posted it, because it backs up John’s version of events, first detailed on a Kickstarter update:

            In the messages, he voices his displeasure immediately with the quality of one of the interpreters, and it seems from here their relationship often takes on a sour note. Another interpreter is sickly and complains about being overworked and not being given proper breaks (which he denies), and that’s backed up in his messages too. When things turn completely sour between the two and she resigns, she pushes him to sign an NDA agreement, ostensibly to protect *him*, though it’s obvious she is most likely concerned with her business and what he might say regarding his negative experience.

            Is there a single lie revealed in the messages on John’s part? I don’t see any.

          2. Did we read the same set of emails? Because what I see in them are the interpreters bending over backwards to accommodate Sczepaniak, while maintaining as much professionalism as possible, while Sczepaniak comes off as being if not paranoid or unhinged, at least unprofessional. Sczepaniak on the other hand, offers little to corroborate his version of events. Where is this defamatory IGDA email? Is there any evidence that games journalists are conspiring against him? Occam’s razor suggests a much simpler explanation, no? And isn’t it a bit rich to be throwing around arguably defamatory descriptions about others while complaining about defamation?

          3. Is it professional, when a client complains about the quality of a worker you provided and offers the audio to back it up, to say, “We should talk tomorrow, but I find most of your criticism very hard to believe. But you’ll get your money back, if it’s any consolation.”?

            A professional should have said, “I’m sorry you were upset with the quality of the interpreter. I would very much like to listen to the audio to hear what happened. I will refrain from booking Ms O** from all future interviews.”

            What he said happened is backed up in his messages. They pressured him to sign an NDA. Agness’s husband send him an email as somebody who “happened to know Agness” to pressure him into signing the NDA, without revealing that he was her husband. He has posted email she sent to his interviewees. I have no reason to believe he is lying about the other stuff.

          4. A professional, or anyone with sincerity, might have said so over the phone or in person. I read through hundreds of those emails and I didn’t see any pressuring from anyone other than Szczepaniak. He certainly claims to have been pressured, but all we have is his word against hers. In fact, that’s all we have for any of his other claims as well. Where’s this IDGA email? Where’s the conspiracy? If you’re going to be taking one side of the story on faith alone, can you be really said to be objective?

          5. I don’t know what the phone or in person has to do with anything with regards to taking a client’s concerns seriously and professionally. Seems like you’re just dodging the question. You also ignored the NDA they pushed him so heavily to sign, the duplicitous email from Agness’s husband Peter, and the letter John published that had been sent to his interviewees. Who is taking who’s story on faith? Who is being objective?

          6. It is disingenuous to 1) dodge questions yourself while claiming that I am dodging questions, 2) claim that I am dodging questions when you are shifting goalposts. No, I do not ignore the NDA or “duplicitous email” or the letter. The NDA looks reasonable to me, and it’s a common business practice. The contents of the “duplicitous email” (what exactly is duplicitous about it?) are reasonable, it is Szczepaniak’s response that is high strung. The letter John wrote, which one, and are the claims within it verifiable?

            I don’t take anything from the interpreters on faith, but they are not the ones making outlandish claims about a conspiracy. Szczepaniak is, and so the burden of proof falls on him. It’s not even a particularly heavy burden of proof either.

          7. dodge questions yourself

            Such as?

            you are shifting goalposts

            Such as?

            No, I do not ignore the NDA or “duplicitous email” or the letter.

            Then quote when you replied about it. You only replied in your latest post. And you again dodged another point: “I don’t know what the phone or in person has to do with anything with regards to taking a client’s concerns seriously and professionally.” Can you explain how her reply was professional versus the one I suggested? How is it appropriate to not give good faith to the client, be polite, and wait for further response until you can hear the audio for yourself? You have no answer for this, because you know I’m right. You just can’t admit it.

            The NDA looks reasonable to me, and it’s a common business practice.

            laugh Funny how this “common business practice” comes out immediately after she resigns, and she tries to pass it off as if it’s for his benefit, instead of protecting her own ass.

            what exactly is duplicitous about it

            You don’t send an email as someone who, “happened to know Agness” when you are, in fact, their husband. That’s misrepresentation. Any honest person trying to influence the situation would be upfront with their relationship.

            The letter John wrote, which one, and are the claims within it verifiable?

            I’m referring to the letter that Hanako sent to John’s interviewees. In their joint statement, Hanako and her family describe them as, “courtesy letters sent to people who might be inconvenienced by our legal action against John”. You can read excerpts here:

            It’s very obvious they are trying to sabotage his book at this point in retaliation. Describing them as “courtesy letters” is a joke.

          8. So 3 replies deep you got nothing on the purported IGDA conspiracy then? Which is the sole basis for this post on ralphreport?

          9. You’ve lost every point in this debate. Evidence has been shown in favor of John’s version of events. Unprofessional behavior has been shown by Hanako. The IDGA letter has been shown. The campaign by the sisters has been exposed. You lied when you said you responded to things when you hadn’t, and you never backed up your statements when you accused me of what you yourself were doing. And now you just drop all that, and say, “What evidence?” Fuck off.

          10. John, I really do want to believe you, but if you can’t prove the conspiracy you’ve claimed is going on, calling me names isn’t going to help your case. All you will do is alienate potential sympathizers.

          11. Pretending that I’m “John” while continuing to ignore the evidence after you’ve lost and abandoned every point in our little debate just further goes to show you’re an asshole.

          12. Hi Paul, nice to meet you. I’m currently adding the 10 or so email exchanges post-June 2013. As we noted in the VersusJS post, archiving everything while redacting personal info has been a huge undertaking, and we can’t thank the readers enough for their QA.

            The “email” Jon was referring to isn’t actually an email all but a cease-and-desist attachment (PDF). You’ll see it referenced in the very last email I sent Jon. He actually posted it it in one of his uphates but blacked out most of it for some reason. Will I release it? That’s hard to say. It’s part of the legal paperwork and is paired with my settlement offer to Jon (the other attachment), so I’d wait until the suit is resolved, if I ever release it at all.

            Regarding the issue of attachments in general, we just don’t have the manpower to go through the dozens (hundreds?) of Excel files exchanged by Hana and Jon that godawful summer and fall, scrub the personal info, and upload it. But you will see that for every email, we noted whether it had an attachment and how many.

          13. Hi Agness,

            Apologies for the delayed response – I’m new to Disqus, and to call it a slow, bloated pain in the ass is an understatement.

            I certainly appreciate your seemingly open discussion of what must be – whatever and whoever is in the wrong – a very difficult situation for you and your family.

            I maintain my original comment; that for any outside agency to determine with any certainty what is going on is virtually impossible. Your willingness to be as transparent as you are obviously paints a picture – but really, this is none of my business, beyond the “Big Brother” angle of curiously peering into someones disagreement.

            If it is as bad as you have painted (and I have no reason not to believe you – to repeat, I just don’t think it’s “my business”, or that you owe me any explanation) – I wish you every luck in a speedy resolution to this situation, if only that you may all move on with your lives as fast as possible.

          14. Hi Paul,

            I hear you re: Disqus. Just another way to turn a site visitor into monetizable chunk of data.

            I appreciate that you see this as “none of my business.” I would love it if everyone felt this way, because then, it would have been attempted libel. Instead, I have people who don’t know me at all repeating elaborate hearsay to the point that I’ve lost a great deal of my income. No curious peering, no money be disappearing.

            This is the thing: I’m 40 and been through some storms. Name-calling? Air through the engine. Death threats? Sing me a new one. But lie about my actions to the point that it affects my livelihood? I told Jon last year to knock it off or I’d sue, and I keep my promises.

            I’ve tweeted at Ralph a few times but it looks like a follow-up is not happening, so let me just bring everyone here TWO critical pieces of info.

            1) MY EMAIL TO THE IDGA WAS A REBUTTAL, NOT A SNITCHING. I’d never go asking for help from IGDA—I barely knew they existed. A guy posted a link to Jon’s libel on an IGDA mailing list, calling it “a nasty piece of work by the Kakus.” Defamation is against rules, but do they suspend him? No. Great professional organization, a real gem! I’ll take the Shriners. See the :

            2) I INTRODUCED MAIKO SHIMMURA TO JON. Yeah, we used to work at the same company. Also, she and Hana knew each other already. There they are on the same 4-person panel, from 1:30 to 2:30. They’ve worked together since “Untold,” as well.

            I’m also heartily in agreement, with you, Paul, about wanting a speedy resolution. The law is simple: Jon is required to show proof that he was indeed defrauded, assigned interpreters that misrepresented their qualifications, had his friends and backers harassed. That’s all he has to do; we’ve done the heavy lifting already. This could have been over months ago, if he hadn’t filed for two continuances. At least Jon agrees that the lawsuit exists. Let’s get it done, I say.

            I proly won’t be posting here again, but thanks for the civil convo. Best of luck with your life.

        2. AGREED. I will however say that on the blog was one piece of non-evidence that lends at least some credibility to John’s statement in a roundabout way.

          Look at the first post under “Is John Well?”. There are
          three links: One is to a Wikipedia article on Borderline Personality
          Disorder. Okay. Another to one on Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Okay. The third is…

          …a Kotaku article by Mike Fahey about an article by Geordie Tait
          called “An Eloquent Apology for Geek Misogyny to a Woman That Doesn’t Exist (Yet)”.

          Basically a woman wrote an article making fun of a guy for playing
          Magic: The Gathering, nerd media fought back against her, Geordie Tait condemns nerds. Mike Fahey says he’ll be a great dad. I cringe.

          …I…I do so LOVE how the same damn people keep showing up! It’s astonishing!

          But more importantly: THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH JOHN’S HEALTH?!

          Linking, of all things, THIS article in your serious argument against
          this guy? I dunno but that lends at least a little credibility to John’s story in my eye. Nothing that would hold up in court but enough to garner suspicion on Agness Kaku.

          1. In the Joint Statement Agnes writes this.

            “Will you be taking legal action against abusive project backers?
            This will depend in part on the outcome of the criminal case.”

            What criminal case is she referring to? This looks to me to be a civil matter.

    1. Thank you. This sounds like another case of… whathisname. The guy who claimed he was assaulted and kicked out of his home. On this very site, that lie was thoroughly debunked. There seems to be a lot of similarities here.

      1. There are similarities in that there’s a “he said / she said” story. The difference is that in this case, the more I look, the more “he said” is telling the true (or truest) version of events and is the injured party. I’ll detail more in response to Paul Shemmell’s post elsewhere in this thread, which contains links to online docs.

    2. Reading through that, they seem to have a very white-washed account where they were saints and JS was an abhorrent bastard. John’s account above seems mostly the same to me, which means the truth is certainly somewhere in between and they probably got on each others nerves.

  3. Animenewsnetwork could be bothered to cover this, despite it being just a Japanese games book. They do mention the lawsuit and an “ugly dispute” and I have not dug
    into the proceedings enough to figure out who’s telling the truth. Forbes thinks this worthy of note.

    Which is why it’s so strange that some major game sites don’t, and I’m very inclined to believe the blacklisting claim.

    Google news gives 17 articles. Polygon and Siliconera discuss the announcement but not the release, which is… strange for someone not being blacklisted. Eurogamer and Nintendo Life give actual coverage, along with (can’t read German, dunno what they said), Gamasutra mentions it but only in articles written by the author. Kotaku is silent, as is anyone else important enough for google news.

  4. Very interesting story here. I first became aware of Agness Kaku’s work on Metal Gear Solid 2 thanks to a Hardcoregaming101 interview. Interestingly, the interviewee was John Szczepaniak himself. I assume that’s how the two met. It was a pretty thorough interview, and to see both of their names be brought up again is pretty shocking. Even more shocking are his allegations of her unethical behavior. While the mainstream gaming media might not pick this up, we should look into the claims Szczepaniak brings up. Grill him for hard evidence of each his claims, and if he can deliver, she needs to be held accountable for what she’s done. Her side of the story also needs to be considered, as well as any hard evidence she can produce.

    Edit: Here’s a lead Ralph. Ollie Barder wrote a review of the book for Forbes. You should get into contact with him on Twitter and see what you can learn from him about this story.

    1. >Grill him for hard evidence of each his claims, and if he can deliver
      If he had hard evidence, surely he would have delivered already. This dispute has been ongoing for more than a year now.

  5. This is the person he’s talking about I believe:

    Currently suing him for libel?

    And here’s the coverage on his KS of the lawsuit/affair:

    Basically, from what I can tell, without third party confirmation they are both unverifiable.

    quote from one of his comments on his KS, which I don’t like:

    “Creator John Szczepaniak on September 12 @Per Kristian Brastad I did report her to twitter. I think everyone who backed this book, if they have a twitter account themselves, should also report her. Get some kind of movement going. Her harassment and libel against me on twitter, all lies, has been unending and daily since this whole fiasco started.”

    Comment from here:

    This isn’t open/shut by a long shot.

    Worth remembering: If this turns out to be true or John is lying: either way its good for GG if we get to the bottom of it.

  6. Is there a copy of the e-mails that were sent to IGDA members? I think this would be valuable and necessary for verification of at least one of their actions.

    Also with her e-mail (which I haven’t read) and any e-mail evidence, unless it’s in something like a msg format where you can extract the mail header it’s just too easy too fake.

  7. Is there any way to get in touch with John? I’m a bi-lingual Journalist at the Reaxxion and I’d be interested in writing an article on his book.

  8. It’s been reported on in Kotaku, Eurogamer, Forbes, Gamasutra. Hardly “blacklisted” ay? I mean Ralph, I know you’re not interested in the truth, you say so yourself: “I can’t tell you if that’s the truth of the matter, or not.” but some, even rudimentary research wouldn’t go unnoticed.

    1. The Eurogamer article was written before the alleged blacklisting happened and the Gamasutra article is written by Szczepaniak himself.

      Not being too honest yourself, ay?

      1. How many times are they supposed to write about the book? Constantly until comes out? Just repeat the same articles they had over and over? What more is there to write about? There’s no proof of the blacklist just “my book isn’t being written about: therefore conspiracy”

    2. Kotaku article = talks about the kickstarter, not the finished project.
      Forbes article = reviews the finished project
      Eurogamer article = hit piece, talks mostly about the low quality of the product but not the content itself.
      Gamasutra link = John himself.

      One honest review.

  9. This actually rather interesting to read, you would think that Kojima would be more careful when picking his staff. I guess you really don’t know some people. But I advise Ralph to look into this some more with Forbes.

  10. This should be sent to @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN over on Twitter. He probably won’t comment but I wonder if it’d get any of his immediate circle’s attention.

    I’m glad John Szczepaniak came to TheRalphRetort and the #GamerGate community with this story. You can’t even file this under him shilling his book either(though it does seem like it’d be an interesting read). What happened to him is directly related to what we’ve been dealing with the past three, almost four months.

    Agness Kaku’s Twitter is here:

    You can see she’s got a pinned tweet about John, a document from a pending suit(?) as her background and talked about him as recently as December 1st. I don’t know her, but that doesn’t give me a positive impression of her.

    Didn’t see an account for Hanako Kaku, but you never know.

    Agness is filing a libel suit but if John can prove his story or bring in character witnesses, he’s probably got a good case.

    John if you’re reading this, make yourself a Twitter account. There’s
    not doubt Agness will keep an eye on your though, so you’d have to be a
    little careful about whatever you choose to say because she WILL spin it
    if she’s even half as bad as you’ve said.

    1. Damn, she is supposed to be a media and game professional and she has less twitter followers than I do? I only created a twitter account to be involved in GG.

  11. The Amazon reviews of the book seem pretty positive, and they all occurred before this article. Maybe I’ll check it out for Kindle, the print book seems a little expensive.

  12. Thanks for letting John Szczepaniak’s story be known. Gaming journalism in its current state is well known and documented as a corrupt, but this whole GamerGate bullshit has allowed a radical group of feminists to hop on the bandwagon and cry “misogyny” while the few legitimate journalists get snubbed for daring to bring the ethics of a translator into question.

    It is clear that Szczepaniak cares about games; what is left to be discovered is how far these bullies will stretch the truth in order to have their way.

    – Cheers from The Global Marketeer.

  13. The whole post reads like an advert, “if you’re into GG then you’ll definitely be into my book! Scandalicious!”

    1. Isn’t it more “The mainstream media doesn’t cover my book because of a personal dispute, so i’m asking the opposition media of the GG movement to do it instead, since it’s very relevant to their agenda” ?

      Regardless of what the dispute is, censoring his book in the media is wrong, because the content has nothing to do with it.

      1. And he made it quite clear: he thinks his book is amazing (which is what you’re supposed to say about your own product when you’re plugging it) and that it conforms with the demands of GG for transparent and objective journalism with a social justice agenda prominent.
        He’s not wrong.
        Plenty of bits are somewhat irrelevant to “us” though.
        His disputes with a previous business associate are none of our business, the only point of contention there is the involvement of IGDA to blacklist him.
        GG is trying to build, not just destroy. If his work can stand on the merits, I don’t see why Ralph cant provide him a soap box to shout from for a while.

  14. It’s certainly believable that the IGDA are being utter pricks about the issue, but this whole mess clearly requires thorough investigation.

  15. I’m gonna go on Indiegogo and beg for money to create a game where you can knock off “journalists”. In fact, I’m gonna take suggestions from my donors on the various methods of putting these pieces of shit out of our misery.

    I’m gonna call it…Game Journo Pro. It just sort of works.

  16. Pyscho John Schizomaniak is a lying, libelous criminal, and has been even before his fallout with Agness, the Metal Gear Solid 2 translator and his Kickstarter project. I too was also a victim by this nutjob when he used his standing on Hardcare Gaming 101 to write a hit-piece on me with a completely fabricated story.

    He’s a sorry excuse for a journalist, with a massive ego the size of Jupiter. Any ethical journalist before printing a story/accusation would’ve at least bothered to do some rudimentary fact-checking beforehand. You know, maybe even contact the target, ask probing questions, get some idea what happened. Not John! The whole intent was to print something false, so why would he ?

    I wrote about my experiences with him and have been more than happy to provide moral support to Agness, her husband Pete, against John who instigated ALL of this with his threats and continued defamation to begin with! All he’s doing by having contacted this author/site is using it to fight back on a war which HE himself started.

    Anyway, here’s the details of my experiences with this nutjob:

    So yes, I’m more inclined to believe the MGS2 translator’s side. If this guy hates you, he is more than happy to spread completely fabricated stories about you, use his position in the media to intimidate you… He considers himself a “guerrilla journalist” after all!

    Here he is in action again, his latest rant update after getting slapped with a libel lawsuit for all of his threats/nastiness/lying, etc.:

    Luckily in my case, I contacted the owner of the HG101 website, Kurt Kalata, and explained that 2 of the main points in this failure of hit piece that John wrote was lies/incompetence. He deleted the whole thing and apologized, but Psycho John did nothing. He’s a menace, always has been, and I’m surprised he was trusted with $100,000 to send his sorry butt to Japan to write a book…

    He’s a drama queen, and like I said, he caused this situation just like other situations he’s caused in the past. I doubt his claims of getting blackballed or some other nonsense, (Agness, her husband aren’t that “powerful” – they just filed a lawsuit) it’s likely just a ploy to give him more air time along with him playing the victim (which I guess worked, it got him a favorable story) for a lawsuit he brought upon himself and DESERVES!

    Even so, I wouldn’t blame ANYONE for not wanting anything to do with this manchild, I mean, just looking at those Kickstarter updates tells you he’s not a professional and not someone you’d want an association with given the choice! Those Kickstarter updates are what got him hit with a libel lawsuit when he could’ve just *moved on* after leaving Japan, but instead wanted some sort of public rage war with Agness/her sister, etc.!!!!

    1. Here’s more about him from someone that called it right pretty much. Attached as a photo from

      And look, Psycho John continues to add to the libel while the libel lawsuit IS IN PROGRESS with what was reprinted on this site:

      “Agness Kaku, translator for Metal Gear Solid 2, is one of the most dangerous people in the games industry, resorting to blackmail, extortion, threats, doxxing, libel tourism, breaking NDAs, and every conceivable lie imaginable to damage others”

      He calls Agness “one of the most dangerous people in the games industry…”

      The guy’s a nut with a flair for the dramatica and probably deserves a spot on that site as well… Seriously, “the most dangerous” ????

    1. Agree. Thanks for this comment. I feel a little bit relieved. I thought that I was the only one who was thinking that way.

  17. What if not all the media knew about the book because the book did not have strong advertising? Or maybe the media didn’t get a review copy from the author? I mean, a new —and first— book from this Szczepaniak is not like the new book from Stephen King or something. So, the goal was accomplished, the kickstarter backers got their book, Szczepaniak don’t want nor need the money, and he wrote the book because he wanted to contribute with the history of video games… what career was destroyed? What’s the point about complaining about those women trying to diminish the sales of the book, and leading to the end of his career? By reading Szczepaniak’s side of the story, I think he’s just angry because at the begining of the project he imagined a very different —and easier— thing about the process and the result.

    Regarding the IGDA and its censorship power, I really don’t think that IGDA have enough power to silence every blog and webpage on the USA just to support the interest of two women. Ok, IGDA manipulates Kotaku, Destructoid, Polygon… and what happens with the tons of other sites and blogs in USA? What kind of threat IGDA threw to these thousands of site if they talk about Szczepaniak’s book? Not giving them access to E3? And I say ‘USA’ because I’m not from America (you can tell by reading my poor english) and there would be hundreds of sites from Europe and Latin America free from the IGDA whip that easily could cover the book story and publish a review. But didn’t happen. Why? I don’t know, but I like to read many video game sites in a daily basis, from America and a lot of other countries, and I knew about this book just yesterday! The book simply didn’t have advertising! What Mr. Szczepaniak expected? An instant best-seller and his face on TIME cover?

    I will try to get the book and read it. I can assume a lot of things by reading the Kaku’s side of this mess, Szczepaniak’s rants and the Forbe’s book review, but I prefer to keep that for myself. I will read the book and review it in my blog. I don’t care if nobody read my review or if IGDA send me an e-mail kicking me out from E3 for the rest of my life.

    The only thing I’m sure is that Szczepaniak seems to me like an uncultivated person, compared with the interpreters he hired. But this is just a feeling, nothing else.

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