In case you were wondering if longtime joke Sarah Butts had any credibility whatsoever, she doesn’t. Although, let’s face it, if you’re here on my site, you’re probably already well aware of her disgusting life story. She’s alleged to have engaged in depraved acts of animal abuse and has spoken in favor of pedophilia in the past. Somehow, this shining beacon has become a mouthpiece for the SJWs on Twitter.

She’s long claimed that Encyclopedia Dramatica outed her as being transsexual. As it turns out, she’s lying about that (SHOCKER, I know). But she also has some interesting views on the abuse that our supporters have received these last seven months (h/t@JosueCeja1) :


She acted like GamerGate deserves all the abuse thrown our way back in fall. But now she says no one deserves abuse. So which is it, Sarah? Did your tone change once you decided to get in on some of that sweet cash Zoe and Randi are about to make off with? Sounds about like you. Also, one could say that nutcases like Sarah Butts deserve abuse for being out and proud ignorant radical feminists, but I’ve never said that. I talk about facts, and your lack of character.

Too bad you can’t say the same about your attacks on gamers. Anti-gamers continuing to stand beside you is abhorrent.

  1. I really enjoyed when many anti’s changed their names to Butts in a show of unity. It was too hilarious seeing all these people support bestiality and pedophilia (remember they believe in guilt by association so what Sarah loves they love).


    I hear knitting is quite calming. Knit a scarf. Have a nice scarf. More productive than screencapping out of context and fucking dogs.

    1. Being productive is just a myth perpetrated by the patriarchy to harass and oppress wymen. Also dog fucking is the fastest growing sport in the Bay Area, so stop sea lioning them you sockpuppet!

  3. I look at Butts and Harper and I find it extremely difficult to decide which one is the worst offender of harassment. Maybe my knowledge isn’t wide spread enough, but from where I am standing after 7 months, Butts and Harper are pretty exclusively in a league of their own at how far they’ve crossed lines.

    I wonder how that makes them feel, to know they more than anyone have gotten their hands bloody, yet Anita Sarkeesian walks away with all the reward. Think about that, you two glorious fucks, the next time you yet again put your own heads on the chopping block only for some loathsome cunt to stand in the back and take all the money for doing nothing. No matter how many tweets you send, what connections you make with websites, you will never be in Anita’s shoes for payout. You do all of the dirty work, yet you’re third wavers as far as the grand scheme of things goes.

    Holy shit it must eat you alive to know that.

    1. I just can’t wait for the day when Anita finally makes as much money as she is going to make then does what every con artist does, disappear. Then the “journalists” (i’m sure not all but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few) that actually believed her bullshit are left standing there looking like complete morons.

  4. Your a genuine genuine class-A cyber stalker butts. You block people from viewing your twitter account, then stalk they’re twitter feed afterwards 24/7. What a shitty way to live out your sad, miserable, short pointless existence. If anything I wouldn’t say that you deserve to be harassed (although you brought it upon yourself thb), but I’d recommend that you need a lobotomy ASAP.

  5. “Having sex with a child doesn’t create a pedophile. What you’re thinking of is a child molester.”

    …..Did…….Did she actually say that? Ever since I first became aware of the terms and their meanings, I’ve been under the assumption that they were not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    1. “Pedophile” means someone sexual attracted to children, “child molester” means someone who molests children.

      The first is only potentially harmful, the second is definitely harmful.

      1. After reading the NAMBLA talking point that The Deuce and many others have pointed out, I’m convinced that Butts is a child molester who was never arrested/convicted…

        1. I’m convinced that Butts is a child molester who was never arrested/convicted…

          I lean more towards being a wannabe child molester, who was too lazy to get a child to molest and just sent dick pics to kids over the internet.

    2. Yes, and he also said “Couldn’t it be that children who had a positive, fulfilling, non-abusive sexual relationship with an adult as a child are more likely to realize such relationships are not inherently abusive…?”

  6. Something tells me his transexual-ness is actual a cover for pedophilia – becoming what you fantasize about and all that

  7. comments to butts’ comments on pedophilia

    1. true

    2. true

    3. It’s true, we’ve outlawed it for a good reason

    4. ..l.. yes it’s a reason, most kids aren’t ready at 12, mentally too.

    5. This is true as well

    Do not forget that pedophilia is not illegal, you don’t decide if you’re attracted to the opposite sex, same sex, both sexes, trees or children, it’s the action (child molesting) that is illegal and despicable. Being a pedophile (not a child molester, mind you) would fucking suck, you don’t chose you’re attracted to children but you’ll never experience true sex or love,food for thought:
    Heterosexuel men are attracted to women
    Feminists cry rape when a man is attracted to a woman
    Do feminists want heterosexual males to be viewed upon as a moral wrong

    1. Answer to your last question: Yes. They also want it to be a crime to be visually attracted to a woman – See “Male Gaze”.

  8. There has been a wierd vibe among the SJW types about pedophilles, neogaf seems sympathetic towards them and butts obviously is one. Does no one on their side find this disturbing?

    1. It seems most on the aGG side are okay with it, yet they still try and paint pro-GG as pedos what with the “plant CP on 8chan” thing that FoldableBenisMan and the person from SJW Wiki took part in.

    2. And outside aGG, among the SJWs in the world of sci-fi literature, there’s the infamous case of Marion Zimmerman Bradley and her husband, Samuel Delaney, and probably some more. The others mostly just sort of ignore it, explain it away, or even excuse it when it comes up, rather than condemn it.

    3. That thought has crossed my mind too~wtf is with the large numbers of pedo-based issues in their camp in comparison to % in the general population? It seems oddly high in here. /shrug

      Made me think of something that was posted not long ago~not exactly gaming-related but another strangely high % of abusive/pedo/perverse sexual issues w/in a community (this seems to be feminists/activists/authors/academia).

      EDIT~shoot, sorry I didn’t see The Deuce had replied with basically the same info. If it’s ok I’ll leave the image link up?

  9. That “Is srhbutts a pedophile?” graphic leaves out what is imo the creepiest thing she said in that forum post: “Couldn’t it be that children who had a positive, fulfilling, non-abusive sexual relationship with an adult as a child are more likely to realize such relationships are not inherently abusive…

    That’s rhetoric straight out of NAMBLA talking points right there. Sorry, nobody talks like that unless they’re a pedophile themselves and are trying to rationalize it. And, of course, the gigantic pedo hypocrite was a big part of trying to get 8chan shut down over trumped-up accusations of “hosting child porn.”

    1. She was probably just pissed off that, despite the rumors, she couldn’t actually find herself any cp there

  10. GamerGate bullies the voices of women, people! Because there’s only about five or six women in gaming, and three of them started out as men. And criticism is magically bullying for some reason.

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