I didn’t actually realize that there was a movement afoot to decriminalize knowingly infecting your partner with HIV/AIDS, but apparently, there is. I should always learn to expect the most degenerate action whenever possible. I like how this writer talks about tolerance and compassion in relation to knowingly infecting your partner with a potentially deadly disease. And yes, I realize things have gotten better on the HIV treatment front, but that doesn’t mean I want to test the shit out.

Apparently, HIV is now progressive. Only bigots get upset if their partner gives it to them on purpose. 

The article itself is full of cringe…

These laws aren’t “compassionate,” “caring” or “tolerant” toward people with HIV or AIDS. They’re fear-based holdovers from the days of the “gay plague,” which in many ways, the Reagan administration callously let happen by ignoring the disease and its victims for far too long…

So it’s telling that it’s a gay man from San Francisco, Sen. Scott Wiener, who is pushing the bill that would greatly reduce the penalties for transmitting HIV.

Where California now has four felony offenses on the books for people who deliberately pass along the virus, Senate Bill 239 would repeal two of them and reduce two others to a misdemeanor, just like the intentional transmission of every other infectious or communicable disease.

Today I Learned: Knowingly spreading HIV is an act of love.