You may be familiar with a pattern that has kept reoccurring over the past 12 months. It goes a little something like this: murders happen, media/SJW spin begins, and then eventually GamerGate gets added to the mix somehow. Anita tried it last fall, and there’s several other examples. Dylann Roof comes to mind. But today’s bullshit has possible set a new record when it comes to tossing GG into some murderous shit…despite the fact that zero acts of violence have ever been carried out under our banner. The rad fems and media hacks never let facts get in the way of their narrative, though. 

Here’s the latest attempt to smear peaceful gamers, and it comes from someplace called the Camel City Dispatch. I wish this particular motherfucker would get trampled by a pack of camels, now that I think about it. Look at how this bastard throws us into an article about the WDBJ shooter:

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I guess I’m not even that surprised at things like this anymore. Still, this assclown set a new speed record. How can you be thinking about politicizing this tragedy before the bodies are even cold? I guess that’s just the SJW mentality. It’s not just the rank and file supporters, though. Prominent activists like DeRay McKesson help set the tone:

The Twitter mobs have become so quick to capitalize on the news that all sense of human decency has been lost. I won’t lie, I’ve jumped the gun myself in the past. Never has it been on some shit like this, though. At least wait one fucking day before you start trying to score political points of dead people. Is that too fucking much to ask? It seems like in they year 2015, it really is.


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