There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter the last couple days about a young Steven Universe fan artist who was allegedly bullied into a suicide attempt by psychotic SJW thugs on Tumblr. Originally, I didn’t want to talk much about it, but I’ve since been handed enough info to bring it to you. I still can’t verify it 100%, but I was told by trusted sources that they talked to the girl’s father and he told them that she is resting comfortably now and trying to recover. Also, we have a video from the girl herself, in hospital garb. That’s a lot of circumstantial evidence, so here we are.

I’ve seen her alleged real name and her father business website, and all that. It looks a lot more solid now that it did originally, is what I’m getting at. Now, the people saying she killed herself are still fucking wrong, but whatever. Let’s move on to the story, starting with the info I was relayed about the her current condition. I’m withholding his name, obviously:

Her father said he was touched that people cared enough to reach out. Also, she is recovering in hospital.

Let’s take a look at her original post. As I said, I held back from running this story until I learned more…


To further show that she’s alright, Zamii put out this video late yesterday evening:

While Zamii being alive and healthy is certainly the most important detail of this story, the depravity of the SJW community on Tumblr is what is truly disgusting. Rather than feel any sort of sympathy for this young girl, they refused to take blame or even reflect on their actions. Even worse than that, some of them gloated about supposedly making her kill herself. Talk about fucked up. I can’t think of anything worse over my last year here at the site. Some evidence is forthcoming…



They also wanna bring Zamii’s personal life into this. I have no idea if that allegation is true, of course. Most likely it isn’t, knowing these lying pieces of shit…


I’m going to go get ready for the Killstream, which is tonight at 6PM EST. I will update this story if more comes in, however. It’s just another illustration of how insane SJWs have become. Say what you want about me, but I’ve never once thought to take it this fucking far. These people are legit crazy. How could you participate is some insane shit like this? The people quoted talking shit about this poor girl are scum, there’s no other way to put it. Anyway, lemme know what you think, as always, and check out the show tonight if you are so inclined.

  1. Things Gamergate has been accused by SJW’s:
    -driving women to suicide
    -driving women out of the industry
    -wanting video games to be a boys club
    -driving transwomen to suicide
    -transmisogyny (you gotta love tumblr language)
    -threaten women with rape and murder
    -violence of every kind
    -bullying feminists for shits and giggles
    -being worse than Isis
    -being nazis

    and so on…

    “It’s okay when we do it. No matter what it is!” -Social Justice Wankers

    1. SJWs are so good at projection, they’d be naturals working in movie theaters.

      If they didn’t get the vapors from even the thought of an honest day’s work, that is.

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        1. You clearly don’t know your cars bot, Mclaren F1’s stopped being produced in ’98….and people are worried about SKYNET!

    2. You are undoubtedly a fat, ugly neckbeard, to care about shit like this so much. And ALL of the likes on your comment are from other fat, neckbearded men like yourself. In fact, I doubt you have any interaction with women (or non-fat men) in your life whatsoever. PS, I’m not an SJW so feel free to insult me right back… I’d like to see you try.

  2. Hey Ralph. Very few things fill me with legit anger and most of the time I can shrug things off. But pure shameless stupidity out of people is the one thing that does infuriate me. Here is the thing. I’m also a fan of Steven Universe and an ex /b/tard from 2004. I’m not saying I’m perfect. In fact, I’m surprised 1200+ people even follow my shenanigans on Twitter. Maybe It’s because I write for TechRaptor and don’t get off to attacking GamerGate? -shrug-

    Regardless, I’ve never had very positive impressions of Tumblr, especially now in the peak of mock outrage culture. But when someone comes from /b/ of all places–a legitimate hellhole–is calling you done goofed.

    No idea who Zamii is beyond this and personally I don’t care. From an outsider perspective, I see a talented artist being bullied by assholes offended at their own shadow. I mean damn, man. There are lots of assholes I didn’t know existed before GG and I’d never wish them to be bullied to a suicide attempt no matter how obnoxious of a human being I find them. This includes FullMcIntosh, Kluweless and “It ends tonight” Bombchu. It’s perfectly possible to not like someone without them trying to kill themselves.

  3. Can we arrange a way so all the SJW, PC people, Steven universe fans, cultural appropiation and fat shaming activist ust kill themselves, or held them in concentration camps and put them to do something useful?

    1. Every fandom has is trash side
      Every. Single. Fandom.
      Steven Universe isn’t free from this curse.
      But, like Garnet sings in Jailbreak, “We Are So Much Better” than those trash piles.

  4. You’ll notice that in some of these posts the SJWs are trying to shame people for going after “minors.” They’ll throw this out there as a shield whenever they possibly can. You can’t say this to a minor, you can’t expose this person for the fucked up shit they’ve done because they’re a minor. This is a quick and easy way to try to deflect criticism from themselves and their friends. It’s an excuse for them being irredeemable fucking cunts and getting away with it.

    You can’t talk about how they drove someone to attempted suicide because being under 18 years old absolves them from any responsibility or blame.

    Fucking disgusting.

    1. After about the age of 13 you should be considered responsible and should be held accountable for your actions. A 13+ year old should know right from wrong, if they do something this disgusting and evil then they have every right to get crap for getting someone to almost kill themselves.

      1. In most cases that already holds true. In Canada we call it the mens rea fairy, or a point where under law you’re responsible for your own actions.

      1. Or they’ll stay silent because there’s no money to be made in justifying what could be considered attempted murder.

        1. Absolutely. These SJWs have all manner of plausible deniability, you will never pin them down and make them denounce obviously terrible acts because they will ignore you. You need a reporter with a microphone in their face on live TV, but that’s never happening.

          1. unfortunately you’re right. Part of that problem is that the concept of cyber bullying and social networking just go right over the heads of people working for the Police or even the FBI.

            And its honestly terrible that these people who are supposed to be protecting us from the harmful elements of society, don’t understand or say they can’t help when things come to this point….

            Whats worse is that they’re playing catch-up, and are YEARS behind the technology and movements of these people….If anything they should be AHEAD of the curve.

            Seriously, how many people need to be hurt before Parents and Law Enforcement are willing to shoulder their fair share of responsibility?

          2. actually the police and the FBI encourage this behaviour, it helps create chaos, which is what they want.

  5. Almost the same kind of shit they pulled on Matt Taylor. Because SJWs see their ‘targets’ as in the “wrong” or “problematic”, they think this justifies and gives them the right to shame, bully, harass and hound them off the site or to suicide. AND ruin their target’s life. AND bring their personal life and family into it.

    Yet they continuously get away with this absolute cuntish behviour. Like someone else mentioned, ‘being a minor’ is just an excuse for them to get away with being intolerant obnoxious little pricks behind a monitor.

    Social networking/media is the cause yet again. Just burn this entire shit down so these little twats don’t get to have a platform to spew their hatred. They’ll then have to express their ‘views’ by saying it direct to people’s faces. Which they’ll then be having to pick their teeth off the pavement afterwards.

    It’s not only for cases like this though. You see this exact kind of thing when stuff like advertising, Page 3, posters, etc. gets removed/banned because a bunch of bitter and insecure little pricks cried about it on Twitter/FaceBook/Tumblr.

    I’ve said it before – social networking/media have made it so that these feminist maggots (who were previously wallowing and writhing in their own hatred, bitterness and self-loathing) get to unite and spew their hatred in huge numbers.

    1. Well said The internet as offered the freaks and fucktards an outlet for their freakery which they use to influence young minds into turning queer and transgender etc.

  6. This was my response to the fuckwit linked to by @_watsu (

    What the actual fuck is wrong with you fucking retards? You sick bastards think you’re justified into bullying someone because you don’t like what the fuck they do? Take a long hard look in the fucking mirror. You know what you’ll see there? A fucking moron who is too stupid to know when they’ve done something shitty.

    I don’t care if someone has painted Connie as an Asian, black-facing wearing gay Nazi zombie, if you don’t like their work, don’t fucking look for it. Simple. Who the fuck named you shitheads King Shit of Turd Fucking Mountain?

    Cosplaying as an Asian character, someone who only exists on fucking paper, is none of your goddamned business. Once more, since it is so hard for you retards to comprehend, If you don’t like it, DON”T FUCKING LOOK FOR IT!

    I swear, you fucking SJW idiots make me wish y’all had one collective set of teeth so I could kick them down your fucking throats.)

  7. This is the second fail by morally bankrupt SJWs in a week. Earlier this week, Thunderf00t documented how an SJW fangirl of Anita tried to get him fired (failed) and arrested (also failed), then he used one of her own videos that used her real name and likness, which other users crosslinked to a business she co-owned with her husband, so she can’t be retaliated against in the same way…but then not only did a few of Thunderf00t’s fans go over and drop negative reviews on her business, they pointed out that one of the good reviews was by her, under her YouTube name. She, of course, is crying foul, deleting her YouTube, and getting her GoFundMe ready because one of her “enemies” dared use her own tactics against her.

    1. As I understand it, that shitstorm has really picked up. A whole wave of people buried her business in terrible reviews, and they’re still doing so. She’s evidently freaking out because she’s concerned this will break her business.

  8. This is good reporting,m8. I’m simply happy to know the person being bullied is safe and recovering. The sjws who “gloated” over driving someone to suicide fail at life. Yes, I’m not always against trolling but there’s a point where mischief crosses the line into true apathy and true maliciousness. (Very “unusual traits” for people who “claim” to be so sincerely concerned about social issues and how those issues effect all human beings.) Regardless,this is better than standard click-baity stuff,at least in my opinion! Every once in a blue moon you truly hit the sky,Ralph!

    1. “Yes, I’m not always against trolling but there’s a point where mischief
      crosses the line into true apathy and true maliciousness.”

      That’s exactly right. It’s okay to troll by joking and bantering here and there, afterwards everyone forgets and moves on.

      SJWs and feminists are different. When they attack/troll their target they make it an eternal personal vendetta to try and completely ruin and destroy that person’s life, using the most despicable tactics to do it. They would happily use excuses like false rape accusations to do the job if it meant screwing up someone they hated. And then gloat about it. That’s the maliciousness of these feminists/SJWs.

      And there are no consequences for them. In real life, Mattress Girl and “Jacky” of the UVA scandal are examples of this. Both should’ve been put to jail for at least 2 years.

    1. its an sjw show made by sjws to cater to sjw parents who want to indoctrinate their kids with unnatural behaviour.

  9. She’s part Filipina, part Latina, in sjw terminology, she can’t be racist, her people’s history is that of oppression. The Philippines was extremely mistreated by the Japanese and occupied by them for quite some time. Although she shouldn’t need any of these excuses for her art, sjws, no matter what age, can go fuck themselves, because she has more oppression points than them by default. As for trans girl vs real girl, how about they ask someone with a medical degree if there’s a difference? How about they find out what happens when lab reference ranges are based on the female gender for a trans person, and they discover that normal or abnormal results for a female might be the opposite for a trans person.

  10. It’s a fucking travesty to hear about people doing this to themselves over…what…bullshit henpecking and bullying? Looking through one of the blogs criticizing her is just fucking pathetically sad. Who the fuck cares what some random fan artist does? WHO THE FUCK CARES IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT? Only you do. And you can easily fucking ignore it and go watch Steven Universe with no problems.
    Zamii needs to ignore this shit and do what she likes doing. If she can’t handle the bullshit then she needs to reevaluate things. Is it worth continuing doing art online? I say yes, but maybe not right now until she gets a hold of herself. Is there someone she can vent to when she gets in over her head?
    Someone could contact her and offer up some Twitter accounts to vent to. Mine’s Charliewhistle. She can talk shit to me all day long and I’ll remind her that what’s important is to take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and let us all laugh at the pathetic negativity being tossed around about her. Fuck all of that nonsense.

  11. Can’t wait until these preteens leave school and realize bullying isn’t a
    profession – then come down with depression, and try to kill themselves.

    The ultimate karmic reality check.

  12. So if you aren’t asian, you can’t cosplay an asian character. I wish these keyboard warriors would actually try this shit in real life where they would get a swift kick in the balls and a punch in the mouth. They are so ridiculously racist and eager to jump on the “color-face” argument, which is tired as fuck.

    1. She’s actually half Filipino but they moved the goalposts to “she’s not Japanese” so it’s still racist. Here’s a couple of Cammy cosplayers they should also shame into suicide for whitefacing /derp

      1. That doesn’t count. You have to be WHITE to be capable of cultural appropriation. White people are all literally Nazis and solely responsible for everything wrong with the world, and minorities are holy and blameless — didn’t you know that?

        1. My bad, my white cis male privilege briefly fell out of my pocket but I’ve now checked it and will say 3 Hail Anita’s as penitence.

      2. I love how they so blindly fixate on race, completely missing the fact that to criticize or exclude someone based on racial criteria is the definition of racism. They are blind to the fact that we are to confront ideas, not identity.

        1. It’s almost like they’re addicted to the anger that comes from being outraged constantly and when you’re looking for a fix I guess any target will do.

          They’re getting worse and starting to lose all focus, unleashing their insanity for the sake of it, incapable of inward reflection and without thought of the consequences. If they continue this escalation there will be no need for a counter movement at all, they’ll be their own undoing.

          In the meantime I hope Zamii has a good support network to help her move past this.

  13. I noticed the guy above, named “Pax” or something, said when you’re called out for your bullshit, you should own up the mistake and not cry victim. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, HE JUST DESCRIBED ANITA FUCKING SARKEESIAN!

  14. So the Internet hurt someone? Good grief. If you can’t deal with nutcases and assholes, shut off the computer and go outside. YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET. YOU’RE CONNECTED TO THE WHOLE WORLD. THE WORLD CONTAINS NUTCASES AND ASSHOLES. GET IT???

    1. As a person who got bullied, though for me it was IRL, and trust me the stuff they say worms it’s way into your head, especially if you are fortunate enough to dodge that shit for a long while. Plus you know what they say about what goes on the net…

        1. Mate everyone has limits. say something enough times and the wall breaks. and especially when your a kid and/or haven’t experienced something to that degree, your barrier ain’t much.

          1. Then you get up from your chair and go do something else for a while. It’s just that simple. These are nothing but pixels.

          2. Again mine was IRL, specifically elementary school, way back then, as for the internet thing, remember what I said about a certain wisdom of on the net.

          3. There were over 40 hate blogs attacking her for a year, and among them were people who accused her of being a pedophile because she did an art commission ages ago for some guy who later turned out to be a sex offender. Some of the stuff they said could have gotten her thrown in prison. Maybe ten years ago when the biggest threat to a person was some whiny teens on myspace or trolls on /b/, I would have agreed with you. However, we now live during a time where there is very little separation between a kid’s life offline and online. Their friends at school are most likely also their friends on tumblr/facebook/etc. and everybody knows everybody and everybody else’s business. Add to the mix that sjw culture is very popular among teens today and just, wow. I’m very glad I didn’t have to grow up with this crap, but the point is that it’s not as easy as simply blocking people or leaving your computer anymore. Even plebcomics got fired because of SJWs doxxing and defaming her, and all she ever did was ignore her harassers.

    2. the problem is that this time it was the people who always whine about bullying doing the bullying


  15. These little scum sucking sjw bastards on Tumblr have the balls to defend what they did to this girl while constantly complain about the “harassment” Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkesian supposedly gets. These people have no shame.

  16. As a guy who got bullied for being a weird kid this makes me absolutly livid! Dear god, I question if these…things…are even fucking human!

    1. now its the weirs kids doing the bullying, see how things change? Their freakery has been validated by the establishment.

      1. first it’s weird ,not weirs. Second, this is sort of a backlash thing. Think Russia going from communist atheist/Stalin worship country to Right Wing Christian one, The Situation of Hotel Rwanda, or even this recent election.

  17. Social Justice Warrior? Where is the justice in pushing someone into suicide because they created controversial work and/or have interests different from what is approved by Tumblr? They’re such idiots.

  18. thunderf00t, totalbiscuit and now zamii being or have been targeted by these ‘social justice’ morons. and these are just the people I know have been attacked by the sjm’s. I can already tell many have been targeted in various ways by these ‘people’. they need to be dealt with, because by the looks of things they are trying to control the internet and make people think like them, and if you disagree with them even a little, your dead to them.

  19. Attempting to get an artist to kill themselves over anger at their portrayal of your devout fandumb is no different to the terrorists who killed Charlie Hebdo over his portrayal of Islam.

    I have no sympathy for those trying to harm artists and personally I have no remorse for anything that happens to bullies in retaliation in general.

  20. So “social justice warriors” (or trolls pretending to be them) criticize or mock some tumblr artist and they’re supposed to take responsibility for her suicide attempt? Are we also to believe that people who didn’t like van Gogh’s art in his lifetime are responsible for his mental illness and suicide? To quote another recent article on this website: If you can’t handle the free and open exchange of ideas, all ideas, then you need to get the fuck out. But I guess double standards are a requisite of a self-respecting rag like The Ralph Report.

  21. Thank God I never have Tumblr, Tried to do one but I never knew what’s going on. But after the shitestorm of the SJW and insane shites.

  22. Ok. So I share opinions on both sides, but let me start out by saying that driving her that far was an awful thing to do. Her are was very cutesy, very happy. I think that suggests that that’s what she’s aiming for, and didn’t mean to cause so much trouble. Although I do find it kind of… weird… that she’d draw a pudgy character skinny, it’s definitely not something to freak out about. You could maybe state your concern with a “Hey look, the character was portrayed kinda different than what we expected, how did you get that idea?” or a “What made you draw her this way, I’m a little curious” type of thing. Now another thing, that kinda opposes the side I just argued, is that you shouldn’t blame her death on people. Suicide is bad, it’s awful, and it hurts a lot of people, but pinning it on some 11-12 year olds who really didn’t mean to do it isn’t going to help the case. She didn’t blame it on them. There was a lot of bullying, and although that probably had some to do with it, it probably didn’t have EVERYTHING to do with it. Anyways, I’m really glad that she’s alive. I’ve had a (fake) suicide pinned on me (and trust me, it was fake, he had faked it online like 7 times before and he was just trying to get people to hate me) and it isn’t fun. I really did enjoy her cosplay and art and I think she’s a really good addition to the world and the art community.

  23. question

    how to get revenge on SJW?
    i mean they’re so proud of it right?
    why there is no witch hunt and reverse bully?

    are sane people extinct and outnumbered by those creatures?

    1. Sane people don’t indulge these fools, sadly (but understandably). Instead, intelligent people showcase their hypocrisy and utter retardation, realizing that engaging in arguments with people who have the mental maturity of five year old children is pointless and bound to come full-circle at any point. Although, some do. Those times are pretty neat.

  24. just cause i think it should be said. just cause you are underage does not mean you are not responsible. believe it or not kiddies you can be tried as an adult and telling a person to kill themselves can be considered assisted suicide and people have gone to prison for pushing people to suicide and they are minors. also a plus parents can be held responsible for not monitoring you “minors”. honestly these people are sickening. this is why i hate PC and SJWs.

  25. I can’t believe some of those obnoxious brats used their age as an excuse for their actions.
    Just because you are 15 doesn’t mean you don’t know what the hell you are doing, you aren’t a child, you are a fucking teenager and you know what you did is wrong. You aren’t learning still, you were taught right from wrong, so don’t act like a child. Hell, children act better than they did.

  26. There’s a difference between social justice and being a cunt. These people are cunts. No fucking “social justice” is being done.

  27. To hell with “cultural appropriation”, it’s just thinly veiled race nationalistic BS

    No one “owns” a culture by virtue of their skin color, idiots…

    Also, do these people not understand the concept of cosplay? It’s a FREAKING TRIBUTE.

  28. there were some assholes who drove me off DeviantART because they couldn’t accept the fact that I hate a certain show on Adult Swim. It’s about a family effected by toxic waste and it’s just awful. A bald head kid gets beat up by these two fucking assholes bullies and that’s supposed to pass as comedy? Yeah, I fucking hate bullies so much that if a purge were to happen, I’d kill them all in very gruesome ways nobody would like to imagine how gruesome they would be!

  29. You sjw types are a fu_kin joke . A bigger group of pansies could not be found anywhere . You should ALL be forced into the military . Too bad time travel wasn’t possible ,because it would have been great to see you shipped to the Vietnam War .

  30. SJW=Sick Jew Wannabes. Yeah that’s right. all this progressive bs comes directly from the jew school of Frankfurt in Germany. It’s no good blaming the indoctrinated progressives, you need to aim your anger at those that create this mentality amongst the population, and those people are mostly jewish, a big lot of em run Hwood and the cartoon networks like Nick and CN. Until you learn to name the actual culprits, nothing will change. And accusing me of anti semitism for pointing out that the jews are mostly behind this sjw movement is the equivalent of an sjw using the race card to silence criticism of islam, or using the “islamofober” card.

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