Guest Editorial by Maintenance Renegade

Anybody remember remember the Mizzou Saga? As in the University of Missouri? As in the place where idiocy transpired in 2015, catapulting revolting SJWs like Melissa Click and Jonathan Butler into the national spotlight as the school became an epicenter of BLM retardation? If you’re a regular of this blog, I’m sure you do.

It turned out that the prospect of enrolling in a college that not only allowed, but in some cases encouraged, so many insufferable hooligans to constantly run amok wasn’t very appealing to prospective students. In 2016, freshmen enrollment declined by 20% and the school faced a $32 million deficit as a result. What remained to be seen was whether the worst of the damage was done or if it simply marked the beginning of a downward trend toward a total implosion.

As of May 2017, it seems safe to say it’s turning out to be the latter. This year, Mizzou is facing another $31 million in budget cuts and they’ve already announced they’re laying off twenty administrative personnel, as well as eliminating the positions previously held by five more who are “retiring” this year. Some of this shortfall is apparently as a result of Missouri’s new Republican governor, Eric Greitens, withholding funds from the institution in the hardball approach he’s taking as he attempts to clean the place up.

Greitens had this to say about Mizzou a few months ago:

“Our state has excellent students, talented teachers, and a people committed to education. There are also many areas where higher education can be improved. We can encourage more intellectual diversity and become the best state in the country at preparing students for rewarding careers.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like he intends to demolish the hugbox and make the place an effective institution of higher learning, thereby making a Mizzou diploma respectable once again. With most of the gubernatorial appointees in the school’s power structure having reached their term limits or having resigned following the shitstorm the school’s faculty brought upon themselves through their enabling of various crybullies, Governor Greitens has been in the position to completely stack the Mizzou Board of Curators.

However, even with necessary reforms, salvaging the school will still be an uphill battle. Enrollment dropped once again this year, this time by 24%. The announced layoffs in the administration are expected to only be the the first in multiple rounds. And because the budgetary shortfalls are cutting into the institution’s core functionality, tuition hikes are being pursued as a solution. At the same time, dormitories with a total combined capacity for housing about 1,500 students are being closed this year. Layoffs are expected in areas regarding the university’s powerplant, “sustainability operations”, parking, transportation, laboratory chemical handling and the campus police.

It all paints a pretty bleak picture when you think about it. If you go to Mizzou now, you’ll supposedly pay higher than market tuition to arrive at a place where you can’t park, where you can’t get a bus to class, where you therefore have to walk past dormant dormitories likely to attract vandals and squatters, where you then get stabbed by a hidden hobo in the dark and bleed to death because the street lamp was off from having no electricity and no police were around to shoot the hobo. Oh well, your classroom already burned down anyway because there was nobody in the laboratory who knew not to mix the alodine and isopropyl alcohol in the same hazmat container or keep organic compounds away from the oxygen fittings.

The problem Mizzou faces at this point is obvious. Their brand has been horribly tarnished through the aggressive stupidity and malice of both it’s faculty and student body. Mizzou will struggle to make enough money to function, let alone fix itself, even if the new regime handles things properly. For now, Mizzou still represents another sad lesson in how SJWs will infiltrate, subvert, and destroy your business or institution if you allow them to….as the invisible hand of the market inevitably forms a fist and then repeatedly rams that fist right into your face.