I’m getting lucky every time I step back to the desk lately. There’s big happenings on several fronts pertaining to new Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the controversy surrounding it, which was of course cooked up by the radical SJWs. What’s the issue, you ask? Well, in the preview trailer shown at E3, the term “mechanical apartheid” was used. I know if you’re like me, you think this is nothing more than the idiots on the other side getting riled up again…over nothing. But people involved with the game, including the voice of Deus Ex protagonist Adam Jensen, have come out swinging today. It’s a very beautiful thing. 

Let’s start with the guy who came up with the apartheid term, Gilles Matouba. He went over to KotakuInAction and put up a long-ass thread answering the critics. If you’ll notice, people are going to KiA to air their grievances with the SJWs a lot more often lately. It’s because we’ve created a “safe place” (lol) for them to speak their minds. It’s almost like they don’t feel comfortable with the likes of Kotaku and Polygon. They know it will get spun into some bullshit if they take it to those jabronis.

Let me go ahead  hand it over to more than capable Mr. Matouba:

Hi KiA

Sorry for the typos and weird syntax, english is not my mother tongue. I am Gilles Matouba and there is a thin chance of you knowing me. Still, I am a veteran french game developer with 15 years of experience in the industry. Mostly at Ubisoft and Eidos Montreal. Until september 2014 I was the Game Director of DXMD at Eidos Montreal. 3 years ago Andre Vu, the Brand Director of the DX franchise, and I coined the term ‘Mechanical Apartheid’. Thing is… I am Black (& French…). And Andre is Asian (& French).

When we decided to go all-in on delivering the experience to play as Adam Jensen, an Augmented, in a world agressively segragating his own kind, we actually wanted to offer to our audience something unique. Something that was close and very personal to us: The experience of being torn between 2 worlds and 2 identities. Augs calling you the ‘uncle Tom’ of the non-augs, non-augs always insecure when you’re around, always deeply being scared or appaled by your mechanical body. Somehow, it was our own individual stories… We wanted to share a little part of our own life experience (on a super dramatized degree, of course) as visible minorities in a world of prejudices sometimes not well tailored for us. We also used the reference of south africa, israel, even brasil, french and american ghettos and any country ressorting to walls in order to segratgate a part of their own population. We meant it. This was important to us to not half-ass these analogies. BECAUSE THIS IS DEUS EX.

Deus Ex is a very mature and thoughtful franchise that wants to hook gamers on essential questions and considerations: power, control, species, science, sociology, singularity, etc.

Racism is a dark part of our human nature and we wanted to treat this subject. It was especially important for ME to treat this. So it makes me sad and angry that these ignorant people just ASSUME that everyone behind this game is ill-spirited, stupid, and more importantly for me, that they that they are all WHITE. (For them devs==white, gamers==white)

What these bloggers and tweeters did to me here is beyond mere insults: They have degraded me and have literally erased my identity as a black developer and as a black creator that just wanted to share a piece of himself with this game. I wish that they will feel bad about it. I wish they will have the decency to apologize of their gross false assumptions and accusations. To apologize to all the people back in Quebec that have been working hard FOR YEARS to make this game to happen. But since they have no spine, no shame and no self respect they will simply ignore this post (once again denying me voice, legitimacy and identity) and will at best move on another AAA target to toss their freshly defecated shit at. They don’t deserve anyone’s attention. They don’t deserve our industry, our games and the dedication we put into them. They disgust me.

TL : DR Asian guy and black guy came up with the term Mechanical Apartheid 3 years ago. Black guy not happy about the SJW shit tweets and wants to call them out and expose their stupidity. Black guy is not their shield.

I could see how this would be frustrating for someone like Gilles. Simpletons who think they know better constantly shit on your work, when they don’t even know the first thing about you, or your colleagues. They never learn, do they?

People like this loser (who writes for Leigh Alexander’s Offworld):UlK719Q0ipi44FCHvFyTyWUAAt4kG

Or this psycho:

(He did claim NotYourShield, but still. This is a misrepresentation, in my opinion.)

Or these shining examples of idiocy:iwIHuyE KBLlEeT BiAAJ0l

But Matouba wasn’t the only one to speak out today. The voice of Adam Jensen also weighed in. It’s getting hard out there for a rad fem, isn’t it?

(archive link)

All-in-all, it was another banner day for those of us who support artistic freedom. Our totalitarian opponents simply can’t understand why they keep getting their asses handed to them. Well, it becuase game devs don’t like you, or your whack ideas. It also has a lot to do with how you present those your odious agenda, let’s face it. You thugs are always trying to shame and ostracize, and people are sick of that shit. So, please continue along this same path. It’s working out swimmingly.

  1. Morons.

    South Africans don’t care if somebody uses the term “apartheid”.

    It was a shitty thing that went down. Sweeping it under the rug and never using the term ever because fee fee’s does nobody any good.

    1. That’s what gets me. Nowhere is it stated or implied that apartheid IS A GOOD THING.

      PC idiots have lost their god-damned minds…

      1. But that’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be stated or implied to be good, to these people the simple use of it is bad, even if it’s used in a negative context. Context means nothing to SJWs and Rad Fems, if they don’t like it, it shouldn’t be there, no matter what it is or how it’s used.

          1. Dude, there are people asking for trigger warnings on GREEK MYTHOLOGY. So of course it is traumatic for them.

          2. No, it isn’t. They’re lying. These are people who are most outraged on behalf of others.

          3. Lol, the fucking Tumblr generation is hitting college, wait till they realize that not all tenured faculty is a snowflake loving instructor on intersectionality. They’ll just give them a D and move on. They may be able to bully the sessionals a bit more effectively though.

            I seriously look at blue and purple haired GIRLS with muffin tops and feel like triggering some self diagnosed PTSD, usually with mock stare rape, and fart rape whenever possible.

            Or I will just talk real loudly about how dumb I was, dying my hair green when I was a kid.

          4. They tried to get an anthropology course that could be counted as a history course that left out both World Wars. They actually tried to make a course that is less triggering to them

        1. That’s right. If context matters, they can’t freak out every time a white person uses a “forbidden” word.

        2. Next they’ll be banning certain books from college classrooms….

          …too late – already happened.

          Is book burning next? Or did that already happen as well?


          1. already happened a group of rad-fems burned a shipment of one of Christina Hoffe Summers’ books up in Canada.

        3. It’s like the same behaviour exhibited by the extreme religious right that wanted to expunge books like “Huckleberry Finn” and “To Kill A Mockingbird” from schools and libraries. The context of the books didn’t matter – all that mattered is that they had “bad words” and “adult themes” in them.

          Only now, it’s the extreme left doing the same thing. “You can’t talk about racism! It’s offensive to blacks!”. “How dare this TV show about incest, murder, and sex have any rape in it! IT MIGHT TRIGGER SOMEONE!” If were up to these idiots, they would ban Schindler’s List from schools because it might trigger someone (which isn’t how triggering works, unless somehow high school students lived through the Holocaust)

          1. mockingbird was already removed from certain curriculi
            EDIT: cos TRIGGERED btw

    2. But they think pretending a thing doesn’t exist means it never happened. Indeed, because feels > reason/facts in their twisted minds.

    3. It’s wrong because it makes them feel bad, that’s all there is to it.
      A playing card has more depth than an SJW.

      1. making that generalisation is retarded honestly.
        You don’t know afrikaners. I do.

        Source for charlize saying that or it didn’t happen.

    1. Seconded. The Deus Ex series is by nature antithetical to SJW values: It demonstrates the dangers of extremism of all stripes, asks questions about moral values that can’t be answered by a set ideology, and I’m damn proud that the developers of such a series would stick by their artistry and the philosophical questioning that is Deus Ex.

  2. Game devs are speaking up, Josh and Anita’s followers are starting to question them, we gain new allies seemingly every day. This is good, we’re not just winning now, we’re kicking some serious fucking ass.

    You have to remember, though, this isn’t just gaming. If we win this, they will retreat and do their work destroying other hobbies and communities, but they will be back. We must always be on guard and we must be willing to support any other similar situation (MetalGate, etc)

  3. A banner day indeed. They even got Mark Kern to come out fully as pro GamerGate. Keep winning us converts, fuckwads!

  4. I don’t understand. You can’t use a term that means a systematic (usually racial) segregation of society to describe a game about the segregation of society? So these whining pussies complain about how games are “immature” and then when they tackle more mature subjects, they complain that they’re using language regarding the more mature subject?

    It’s not okay to use these words in or about games unless you are ATTACKING AND CRITICIZING THEM apparently.

    1. I for one would like to know who decreed that vidya games had to “mature”???

      I for one never voted for that… I guess opinions of ACTUAL GAMERS don’t matter anymore?
      (Sorry – dumb question)

  5. By the way, you know else has a degree in cinema/media studies? Actually, just about to receive their DOCTORATE in it? GiantBomb’s new super SJW higher… whatever his name is (I just watched him for like ten hours in the GB E3 streams this week, but fuck if I can remember his name… he’s the guy who can’t show up on any podcast without bringing up SJW issues and is a weekly guest/co-host of that Social Justice Points podcast).

  6. Mechanical apartheid makes total sense grammar wise. It’s associated with racism, but it means apart-hood, not necessarily because of race.

    Also, figures that an idolmasterfag be an SJW.

    1. seeing anime fans being SJWs always cringes me.
      Like, I just feel that’s two opposed things that arent mean to be put together.


  8. The fires rose so high today that I have just been roasting marshmallows over my monitor all day. It’s like camping but instead of firewood we use SJW logic.

    1. Thar the land whale has reached land. Yarrrgh, this will be a mighty battle greater than the sea kraken.

    2. With the hair colors again. Every time I’ve seen someone with colored hair in the last few weeks, especially of the blue variety, I just avoid them for fear of having to overhear some stupid uptight narcissistic shit. This what they’ve done to colored hair. I’m sure there are some pretty normal sane people with colored hair, but they’ve pretty much made me wary of all of them.

      1. There’s the tumblr colored hair, which is the kind where you don’t even want to hear her speak, and then there’s the SuicideGirls type which is more than fine.

      2. I genuinely stopped dying my hair weird colors because of this shit even tho I never wanted to go back to being a soulless ginger.

        1. Gingers are not soulless, they are just generally hotter than everyone else and everyone else is jealous.

    3. i have a degree in cinema studies and i use to it write about videogames i guess
      >i use to it write about videogames
      >i use to it write

      1. First thing I noticed when I read that.
        Then I realized she was probably dyslexic/dysgraphic and proud of it.
        It makes her special.
        True SJW-style!

  9. Of course they are going to be finding something to bitch about. It’s E3, they have a plethera of options to explore to make themselves relevant again. Also did anyone notice the amount of female characters this year? Granted that’s not a bad thing but I’m waiting for this to backfire and them get bitched at again like they did last year.

  10. Am I the only one that sees a stab at SJWs in the trailer? “It begins with demonizing us. Treating us as less than human. Exiling us until we are forgotten. And then exterminating us.” I can’t be the only one that caught that.

    1. That’s probably not about SJWs specifically, just the general path genocidal totalitarians do.

  11. These people want maximum exposure, so they target the big names. Of course if they’re wrong they would never back down. ANY concession is a sign of weakness, rather than an adult admission of error.

    Good on this dev.

  12. Look at these people. “I was all interested to play until they said Mechanical Apartheid!”

    Chances are, if an accurate depiction of racial oppression in a game’s story offends you, then you’re not the kind of person who plays games like Deus Ex. Maybe spare the world and don’t huff your fucking chest when a game you’ll never play decides to use words that make you feel like grow folk don’t deserve jobs.

    Mechanical Apartheid describing an apartheid shouldn’t be offensive. Anti-gamers, your feelings are shit, you’re shit, and your rhetoric is grossly racist, sexist, and oppressive.

    1. I saw a tweet about someone saying that they (a long time fan of the Doom series) were going to check out the new Doom game, but the “over the top violence” turned them away from ever playing it. My response: Seriously?!..have you even played ANY of the old Doom games?

      These people are posers at their best. That Fake-Gamer Grill/Boi bullsh!t finally applies to someone lol.

      1. No kidding. It’s like saying, “I’ve been a long time fan of strip clubs, but when I went to Hooters I was appalled at the skimpy uniforms the waitresses wear! Patriarchy!” O_o

        I wonder how many of the snowflakes soiling themselves over “mechanical apartheid” are fans of Ghost in the Shell and cyberpunk books about augmented people?

      2. What about all of those Fallout “fans” that were surprised to see that you could play as a woman?

        You could play as a woman in every Fallout game ever made, even Brotherhood of Steel which isn’t much of a Fallout game.

        1. SOMEONE LIKE YOU HAS A VERIFIED ACCOUNT?! *Cue William Shatner Ego Whining*.

          In all seriousness, yeah. It is kind of sad. These people aren’t gamers. If they were, they’d realize that violence had been apart of Doom since the very beginning. You literally go to hell for fuck’s sake.

    2. If I had a dollar for every time an SJW pretended he was going to buy a game, I would be very rich by now.

    3. I can’t understand how these idiots are getting all assblasted about this. This isn’t so much an allegory for racism, as it is for handicapped people, who also face discrimination and oppression. Adam Jensen isn’t that far removed from people who have prosthetic limbs or visibly obvious disfigurements. You’d think SJWs would be glad to have a game that shows the plight of handicapped and disabled people, but I guess they’d rather just cry like toddlers instead.

      1. crying like toddlers is what they’re all about. No one in the really real grownup world takes their shit seriously, so they do the ultimate goalpost moving move, and attempt to pain the ordinary as stone age thinking.

      2. Well, he was pretty much dead when they saved him. He’d be crippled if it weren’t for the augmentations.

    4. Conversely, hearing a term like “Mechanical Apartheid” makes me almost stand up and fucking cheer. The feeling that comes to mind is that we might get some nuance and intellectual depth to the story beyond, “the bad guys are evil!”

        1. Well, I was speaking more generally. I think Deus Ex has always done pretty well with presenting its story.

    1. I went to clown school. Thems fighting words. [Slap Slap] Honour needs to be served. I demand Squirt flowers at two meters.

  13. The stupidity of this outrage culture hits new heights daily …. just stand back and let it implode good gamers.

  14. French of Cambodian ancestry here.

    “We want the video games to be adult!” *proceed to shit on Deux EX: Humankind Divided for trying to deal with the issue of racism*

    Those imbeciles will NEVER be pleased.

    Using the word apartheid was meant to bring strong memories of a terrible thing done because of a slight difference between people: their skin color. But look, there were no way to make them happy, the french guys who came up with it in Deus EX would still be accused of cultural appropriation if they used “segregation”.

    And what Gita Jackson know about France and especially of French people descended from people who were colonized by France? You’d think that zero would be interested in OUR (French Africans or French Asians, exactly what the Eidos guys are!) perspective on racism? But no, that cunt stopped at the French part and decided there were no dialogue to be had.

    Cunt, cunt cunt CUNT!

  15. While I agree completely with the sentiment of this article, I’m willing to give LudwigK a pass. I follow him and he rarely if ever speaks SJW. Plus, he actually is from South Africa, so I’m sure he has a more complicated relationship with the term.

  16. “wrongheaded”

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was a term straight out of 1984.

  17. This will be long, so bear with me.

    First of all, many of those calling out Mechanical Apartheid also seem to think their Apple iWatch and iPads are cybernetic devices. They are not. A cybernetic device is one that blends both organic and mechanical. A pacemaker, or surgical implants, or a mechanical prosthetic, are all cybernetic devices. Goggles, iPads, smart watches, and VR goggles are NOT cybernetic devices. Cybernetic devices are a *blend* of man and machine.

    Which means that these reviewers and those screaming have no idea what cyberware is, much less what the cyberpunk genre is about.

    When Neuromancer came out, and later Mona Lisa Overdrive, and many of the other cyberpunk books, one theme that was constantly explored was: At what point do we give up our humanity for cyberware? What happens when corporations gain the powers that normally are given over to governments? When superiority in the physical world and intellectual world can be purchased, what happens with income classism?

    Many cyberpunk novels, RPG’s, and movies explore fear of cybernetics, with everything from it being outlawed to celebrated to being part of counter-culture. (The Honor Harrington series makes mention of cybernetic augments being feared by governments and cultures) There are moral and ethical explorations in these works. (Shadowrun had a novel where a corporation is paying low income marginalized people in order to perform bioware experiments in order to eliminate that very human sub-species) Cyberpunk often warns of technology out of control (not tech is evil, but it can end up being used for evil or harm despite intentions) and what could happen. Cyberpunk 2020 had the Nanite Plague, where people lost their biological ‘meat’ and the world almost collapsed.

    Seeing “mechanical apartheid” being explored in HR: MD is a time honored exploration. Now that we’ve considered the genre, which often has explored this theme, now we should look at the setting.

    The augmented were basically hacked with a firmware update to perform acts of violence with the goal of performing societal and political change. IE: Terrorist actions. Yes, Adam Jensen stopped it, but it did occur. To ignore the reactions that would occur is, well, unrealistic and genre ignorant.

    The augmented in DX range from those injured in warfare to those born with congenital defects to those injured in industrial accidents to those who got hit crossing the street. It crosses the racial and economic boundary (welfare augs aren’t exactly good augs, but they’re augs) so when the terrorist actions crossed boundaries, you can bet that politicians jumped on the Human Purist side. You can be legislation was put in place that not only stripped these people (who had done nothing wrong with any intent, which is part of actually committing a crime that is not a negligent crime) of their legal rights, but stripped them of human rights.

    They were moved into reservations or, let’s be honest, concentration camps, for no other reason than having augs. Now, you can bet the rich and powerful got around it, since the wealth disparity of the DX:HR world was even more obscene than our own, but still, millions of augmented people were moved into these camps.

    You can bet that the DX universe had their own version of Shadowrun’s Night of Rage, and plenty of augmented were murdered simply for having augs, and more than a few people were accused of having augs and murdered.

    Those with augs were stripped of their property, their legal rights, and moved into concentration camps, after a crime was committed UPON THEM, which is the ultimate in victim blaming right there. Those with augs became the ultimate in disenfranchised, stripped of everything but life. As “apartheid” literally means: “the state of being apart” the phrase “mechanical apartheid” is quite accurate. They are being put in a state of being apart because of mechanical implants. Their cybernetic augmentations. This gives an entire mental image of shanty-towns, easily exploitable workers, demonization in the press and politics, and a easy subject for scare mongers.

    In many ways apartheid brings about certain mental images.

    As you can see, these are all valid social issues to explore.

    As I said, cyberpunk has long explored these issues.

    For DX: MD to explore ‘mechanical apartheid” is entirely within the long standing theme of the cyberpunk genre.

    For people to protest this shows a deep ignorance of the game and its setting, as well as a deep ignorance of the cyberpunk genre.

    They cry for games to “mature” but when a mature subject, transcending racial lines, is brought up in a game, which, by genre, asks: “What is it to be human?” the same people crying out for maturation in games immediately, through willful or blind ignorance, lambast the same game as evil.

    Mechanical apartheid is well established within the genre, and is a mature topic.

    But those who do not understand beyond vague ideas of what a word might mean, cry out against a subject they do not understand.

    Like the wage-slave of the cyberpunk genre, they only know what their masters have told them.

    1. The Honor Harrington series makes mention of cybernetic augments being feared by governments and cultures

      That’s “Genies” or genetic modification, due to the aftermath of the Final War that devastated Earth to the point of requiring centuries to rebuild.

      Mechanical modification is A-OK, probably because it’s only to the point of being slightly better then regular limbs and the only offense abilities able to be stuck in there being a single-shot Pulser.

      1. There was some mention about different planets felt differently about it. It was more a throwaway line, but I thought it was interesting that Honor was glad that Manticore was fine with inobvious cybernetics.

        But, wish I’d remembered the Genie arguement, because that actually fits into the whole ‘designer children’ stuff going on now.

        1. As I recall (it’s been a while since the last book, and even longer since I’ve read any HH), the Genie thing is primarily a result of the genetically modified “supersoldiers” used in Earth’s “Final War” (which was, like just about all other “final” or “last” wars, not very final), combined with genetically engineered diseases used by other world powers to combat said supersoldiers.

          1. Yup, which came back around to Manpower and the rest of “The Alignment” and everything else. But the Genie thing is still developing.

      2. It varies from world to world in the Honorverse. Some planets happily embrace augmentation, others prefer not to.

        I think you might be mistaken about the levels of augmentation though. Honor’s arm incorporated a fully-functional pulser with a thirty-round internal magazine. The only downside is that firing it blows off the tip of her index finger.

  18. Isn’t it weird how South Africa coincidentally went to shit pretty much right when apartheid ended? Weird.

    1. It was shit the whole time, it was just hidden because the regime put most of the wealth into the 20% of the populace that was White and only showed that part to the world.

      And of course Mbeki sold the nation to the World Bank/IMF.

  19. The “France did colonization in the past therefore the devs’ opinions are invalid” argument essentially renders all US-based SJWs null and void

    1. Maybe that’s why they’re so batshit: colonial guilt and rootless cosmopolitanism combined makes for a noxious brew >~<

      1. Let me revise my statement, it makes ALL SJWs null and void because they’re ALL from countries that participated in colonization.

        1. Take note that these people tend to be the useful idiots who take Osama and/or Putin’s “anti-imperialist” machismo at face value(notwithstanding the sordid history of jihad and russification), so expecting any sort of self-awareness on colonialism from them is like chasing an invisible unicorn

          Granted, yankees seem to have it the worst, which is where my “rootless cosmopolitans” comment comes from.

  20. The wisest thing to do now is hunker down and weather their assaults. They will eventually begin little Operation Barbarossas on each other to cover their failures to gain ground.

    While they get ensnared in their own little eastern fronts(which, no doubt, will be an even bigger clusterfuck than the original), we begin our own D-day. We just have to avoid a Faustian Pact with a former Axis member this time.

  21. Well, let’s see. They’ve shit on Doom, Fallout 4, now Deus Ex. Fable Legends? (since they pretty much included a female antagonist and a female majority hero party) ?

    1. Well, they bitched a bit about Dishonored 2 (God knows why, since you have the option to play as Emily or Corvo, and interestingly the story differs depending on who you play).

      1. Because you have the option to play as Emily or Corvo.

        Instead of the progressive solution of removing Corvo and making Emily the only PC.

    2. They’ll probably turn on the new Final Fantasy as that has primarily all male cast… they did make some noise about it months back but after E3 I’m guessing there will be more…

  22. Doesn’t it strike to anyone that these morons are using the same justification that Holocaust Deniers use to deny one of the most tragic events in recent human history?

  23. JFC. Even when you give SJWs what they demand, instead of thanking you, they’ll keep whining and complaining

    Example 1:

    AC Devs: “We already did that in AC: Liberation, but we’re making one for AC: Syndicate”


    Example 2:

    Overwatch Devs: “OK, here’s Zarya, a woman who isn’t stick thin with big tits”


    Example 3:

    Deus Ex devs: “OK, here you go!”


    1. It’s like being an american. Can’t get away with the things that turn 3rd world despots into campus celebs.

    1. (by “savage” i mean “he totally fucking blasted them”. get your mind out of the gutter!)

  24. So… that means District 9 is now an evil film because it used an Alien apartheid theme? Its difficult to keep up nowadays

  25. These SJW most lake a huge amount of IQ. They keep shooting themselves in the foot and thinks its smart xD

  26. Whats the big deal? “Apartheid” means different in Dutch…
    Scared cus of a foreign word that’s being used to express something?

  27. Is Gita too thick to know that French Canadians are not France French? Judging by Gilles’ family name, he’s not a Quebecois ‘pure laine’ either.

    Like the rest of them, Gita’s an absolute fraud at cultural analysis.

  28. This just proves how based Eidos/Gilles Matouba are. While other devs are turning into cucks the moment SJWs bitch about something, they stand firm and just tell them no. Also, Elias BTFOing like it’s casual. I love it.

  29. I sincerely hope this man isn’t deterred.

    These “Gamers” don’t represent the populous that actually are gamers.

    The people who want worlds, depth, and ties to reality in games.

    The people who want games to suck you in with their stories until the wee hours of the morning, making you abhor the thought of sleep, lest you stop indulging, but remaining torn because you’re so darn tired.

    Keep on Developers.

  30. “I’m not saying we don’t want to censor video games… but we totally want to censor video games!” Seriously? Mr. Matouba hit it right on the fucking head. Dues Ex is a MATURE game and deals with MATURE subject matter. These SJW morons want games to be utterly sanitized of anything “difficult” to deal with (and like any of them have any fucking measure of relatability to Apartheid – I have a Masters in history and that probably gives ME more grounds to relate to it than some privileged twat of mixed race heritage who lives with mommy and daddy and complains about how HARD it is.

    I do so love how they get outraged on behalf of others… hmm, you know there’s a name for that, oh, right, it’s called “Appropriation,” odd, I thought SJWs were supposed to be against that sort of thing? Well, hypocrisy is their bread and butter, so I’m not surprised. It’s funny how you have idiots like McIntosh and Sarkeesian going on and on about “making games more mature” (they really mean they don’t want icky violence in it and they want it to be about feelz and socialist/marxist propaganda, because that shit totally works, right?) when in fact games are already quite mature and, dare I say, “edgy.”

    This “outrage” just smacks of DiGRA manipulation if you ask me.

  31. Oh tough fucking shit. If a word that was never applied as good messes with your fee fees, then fuck off. Gamers don’t need you, and neither does the game you were never gonna buy anyways.

  32. So a game who’s story has been crafted to deliver a social message, is being criticized for trying to deliver a social message?

    Are SJW only appeased by games which ignore social problems? They’re suppose to have been magically solved somehow?

  33. Well, fuckbag SJWs who are “no longer interested in this game” I just want to let you know, I’ve bought DE1 3 times, 2 twice and just bought Human revelation on the steam sale for the second time (the first being preordering it at full price) so I’m fairly those few people who were ACTUALLY going to buy it and won’t now (as opposed to pretending they were real customers to give the impression of being anything more than whining cunts) are pretty much inconsequential to the sales to us rabid super fans.

  34. I always love it how they like to remove peoples individuality. They boil things down to Race, gender, country and so on. “you are french there for every bad thing the french have ever done you are now somehow linked too thus discrediting anything you ever do”

    though this only applies to anyone not them of course.

  35. It’s bad enough that SJWs lost their shit during the Pre-E3 conferences. This is just beyond retarded how they’ behaving

  36. That’s it, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a day one purchase… then again I did the same when Human Revolution was released. Sure I waited a couple of weeks to purchase Invisible War but I still enjoyed every minute of it and I still go back and play the original Deus Ex.

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